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Administrative divisions above the county level in Qinghai Province List (2006)2006 exemptions: a prefecture-level city, a region, six autonomous prefectures; four City area, two county-level cities, 30 counties and seven autonomous counties.Shixia four Xining City area, two counties and one county.Municipal People's Government in the city area.District Joto town west district Cheng Beiqu Huangyuan Xian (Chengguan town) in Huangzhong County (Lu Shaer town) Chase Turkish Hui Autonomous County (Qiaotou town)Haidong exempted two counties, four autonomous counties.Corruption in the Pingan Xian.Pingan Xian (Green Town) Ledu County (roller Bo town) the Turkish public and Hui Autonomous County (Kawaguchi town)Turkish County Mutual Aid (Weiyuan town) and Long Hui Autonomous County (Pakistan-yan town) Xunhua Salar Autonomous County (Stone Town)Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture exempted three counties and one county.Autonomous Region People's Government in the West Sea town of Haiyan County.Haiyan County (1.30 towns) Qilian County (Babao town) Gangcha County (Salix psammophila town) door source Hui Autonomous County (Ho Mun Town)Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture exempted three counties, autonomous counties hosting one.Autonomous Region People's Government in Tongren Prefecture.Tongren County (Longwu town) Zeku County (Ze song town) Jianzha County (Mark Town) Mongolian Autonomous County of Henan Province (gifted stem-town)Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture exempted five counties.Autonomous Region People's Government in Republican counties.Republican County (Qia Boqia town) Tongde County (GA Basong more towns) Guide County (He Yin town)-county (sub-branches Tan Zhen)Your County (Mang Qu town)Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture exempted six counties.Autonomous Region People's Government in the Maqin.Maqin County, the county (big-town) classes Plumas (赛to Town) Gander County (KE Qu town) of the county (Jimai town)Jiuzhi County (Ching Chung-chi and more towns) Maduo County (Mt investigations town)Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture exempted six counties.People's Government in the Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu County.Yushu County (guitar town) miscellaneous more counties (Savimbi called Teng town) said that more counties (Wen said the town) Zhidoi County (Jia Jibo Kellogg town)Nangqian County (incense of town) Qu Ma Lai County (about to town)Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Haixi Mongolian exempted two county-level cities, three counties.Autonomous Region People's Government in the Delhi city.Delhi City Golmud City Wulan County (Greek, Gou Zhen) Tianjun County (new source of town) Dulan County (Chahanwusu town)Overview of Qinghai ProvinceLocation: area in Qinghai Province in Northwest China central, eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.North and east and Gansu Province phase grounding, adjacent to southwestern Tibet Autonomous Region, south-east neighbouring Sichuan Province, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and adjacent to the northwest.Geographical coordinates, longitude 89 ° 20'-103 ° 05 ', north latitude and 31 ° 40'-39 ° 15'.East and West cross-1200 km, 800 km north-south longitudinal, a total area of 722,000 square kilometres, China's total area of about 7.5 percent, ranking the country fourth.[2000] national population total population of the province population of 5.18 million people.The province at the end of 2004 the total population 5.386 million, of which the urban population 2075100 people.The province a total of 55 ethnic composition.Native minorities in Qinghai are Tibetan, Hui, Tu and Salar, Mongolians, etc..One Turkish, Salar is the only minority in the Qinghai-specific.The end of 2002, the province's total ethnic minority population of 2405130 people, the province's total population of about 45.5 percent minority population and the proportion of the population of the province are: 1157105 Tibetan people, 21.89 percent; Hui 839,945 people, 15.89 percent; Turkish 203,511 people, 3.85 percent; Salar 97,791 people, 1.85 percent; Mongolian 90,391 people, 1.71 percent; 16,915 other ethnic minority people, 0.32 percent.[Climate] is located in terrain northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the province is within the scope of the plateau, the province an average elevation of over 3,000 meters, the highest point of 6,860 meters, the lowest point of 1,650 meters.In total area, 3,000 meters above sea level in the following area of 26.3%, 3,000 m -5000 meters 67 percent of the area, 5,000 meters above 5 per cent, the water area accounting for 1.7 percent.Can be divided into the Qilian Mountains, the Qaidam Basin and Green southern plateau three natural areas.The province of the plateau continental climate, the average temperature in the minus 5.7 ℃ ~ 8.5 ℃, and most of the precipitation in the region following 400 mm.[Resident] Provincial People's Government in China: the city of Xining City area.Zip code: 810000.Administrative division code: 630000.Qinghai Province HistoryQinghai Lake in Qinghai to the name.Tang and Song Dynasties are Tubo; yuan Xuanzheng homes their land is governed that the duo are willing Division; possession of the early Qing Dynasty for the Guardian, after separate acting Minister of Xining, Qinghai also known as the acting minister, named for the Qinghai beginning in the early located in Qinghai Acting Chief Executive, after a while 315600 Zhenshou Shi Gan, after the construction of Qinghai Province, the province name has not changed.

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