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Country: Thailand (The Kingdom of Thailand)National Day: December 5 (1927, King Bhumibol Adulyadej's birthday)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.By the red, white and blue colors of the five parallel with a horizontal rectangle.On the bottom in red, blue center, blue on the bottom is white.Equivalent to the width of two blue red or white rectangle the width of the two.Red symbolizes the people of all ethnic groups and the strength of spirit and dedication.Thailand to Buddhism as state religion, white religious representatives, religious symbol of purity.Thailand is a constitutional monarchy form of government, the king is the supreme, blue behalf of the royal family.Blue symbol of the royal family in the middle people of all nationalities and religions are pure.National Emblem: symbol is a Da Pengniao, the birds back Dunzuozhuona Levin Wang.Da Pengniao is a legend in the wings with the gods, that legend Loi Wang is the patron saint.National flower: the water lilyState tree: laurelNational political figures: King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Bhumibol Adulyadej), 1946年enthronement, in May 1950 coronation; Thai caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra (Thaksin Shinawatra), 2001年2, he was appointed Prime Minister.March 2005 reelection as prime minister.Physical Geography: more than 513,000 square kilometers.Indochina peninsula south-central Asia, the Gulf of Thailand southeast of the Council (Pacific), Southwest Bin Andaman Sea (Indian Ocean), West and North-West border with Myanmar, Laos and the junction of the northeast, southeast and Cambodia are neighbors, the territory extending southward along the isthmus carats to Ma To the peninsula, and Malaysia phase grounding, the narrow part of the Habitat between the Pacific and Indian Ocean.Tropical monsoon climate.The whole year is divided into heat, rain, drought three quarters.Average annual temperature of 24 ~ 30 ℃.Population: 63.08 million (2006).Thailand is a nation composed of more than 30 multi-ethnic country, which Taizu of 40 per cent of the total population, old people account for 35 percent, accounting for 3.5 percent Malay, Khmer people account for two percent, and so on.There is also the Miao, Yao, Guangxi, Timor, the Karen, Shan and other aboriginal peoples.Thai for Mandarin.Buddhism is the state religion of Thailand, more than 90 percent of the residents of the Buddhist faith, Malay Muslim, the minority Christian Protestant, Catholic, Hindu and Sikh.For many centuries, Thailand's customs, literature, art and architecture, such as Buddhism and almost all have close relations.Tourism to Thailand, everywhere wearing yellow Jiasha the monks, and the magnificent temple.Therefore, Thailand has "Huang Pao Buddha" credited.Buddhist Thai people to shape the moral standards, so that it formed a advocating patience, tranquility and peace-loving spirit of style.Capital: Bangkok (Bangkok) is the national political, economic and cultural center and blend of traditional and modern metropolis, still retains the glorious tradition of the sites marked.The magnificent big palace, Lou Jin-impregnated jade Buddhist temple, the solemn silence of the Jinfosi and Simian Fo and other sites attracted a large number of visitors to the tourism, so that visitors Liulianwangfan.Has a population of about 5.84 million (2006).Administrative Division: National sub-central, southern, eastern, northern and north-east of the five regions, the existing 76 House.House under the county, district and village.Bangkok is the only government-level municipalities.Name of the House are as follows: Bangkok (municipalities), warm Buri, Pathum Thani, the largest city, North superscript, North Lan, Buddhist reunification and night work Nakhon Nayok, Hung EC Sing Buri, in Suphan Buri, Ukraine Thai Thani, guess it, Lop Buri, Longzi house, Kamphaeng Pitt, the North Slope rugby, Pago, shoot Yao, Phi sets, Chiang Rai Hong Son Lampang, Nan Ben, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai, Uttaradit, Phitsanulok, Pik Timor poor, difficult, uh, Lak, four-color-ju, Kalasin, color Army, Khon Kaen, Buri Ram, Yasothon, Ubon Ratchathani, Wulong, Surin, air Pago Agriculture, and also Ben guess, modafinil Han, Nong Khai, Li Yi, Maha Sarakham, Pakistan true, the North Yoo, a sharp bamboo Timor, Chonburi, Rayong, to Lak, Bashu, Le Pi, Kanchanaburi, the Buddha Pi-to, Krabi, Pattani, Songkhla, Satun, Yala, Ranong, Luo Kun, Chumphon, Narathiwat, in Lak, Phuket, Bo Dalun, Dong, Phang Nga Sa Kaeo, Amnat Charoen, Gallery Mona Pu.Thai soldiersHistory: Thailand 700 years of history and culture, formerly known as Siam.Year 1238 to establish the Sukhothai dynasty, began to take shape a more unified country.Has gone through the Sukhothai dynasty, the city of Dynasty, swallowing Buri Dynasty and Bangkok dynasty.From 16th century onwards, has been Portugal, the Netherlands, Britain and France, the colonialist invasion.End of the 19th century, Bangkok Dynasty V, Wang absorb a large number of Western experience and social reforms.1896, Britain and France signed the treaty, the provisions of Siam Myanmar for the British and French Indo-China buffer between the countries, so that Siam to become the only Southeast Asian country does not become a colony.June 1932, the People's Party to power after a coup, the establishment of constitutional monarchy form of government.1938, Luan Phi Timor ruling, in June 1939 changed its name to Thailand, which means "place of freedom."1941 was occupied by Japan, Thailand announced to join the Axis.1945 restoration of Siam Luo.May 1949 and renamed Thailand.Chiang Mai in northern Thailand Pakistan letter in front of the Temple DiaolongPolitics: the existing "constitution" in the September 27, 1997 by the Legislative Assembly passed, the same year on October 11 promulgation and implementation of Article 16 of Thailand is the Constitution.New "constitution" provides for the King of Thailand to implement the heads of state of the democratic political system; King as Head of State and Supreme Commander of the Royal Armed Forces, the sacred can not be offended, no one shall be accused or charged with the king.King through Congress, the Cabinet and the Court were to exercise legislative, executive and judicial powers.Congress is a bicameral system, the upper house and lower house, by direct elections, the legislature and the consideration of the Government policy objectives of the national budget and supervise government work for its main functions.From the Government under the Prime Minister, by not less than 2 / 5 under for nominations, the House of Commons vote and more than half of the votes to pass, by the Congress President was appointed king.Prime Minister to dissolve the parliament before the need to be approved by the Cabinet's approval and they shall be reported in the no-confidence debate shall not dissolve the parliament.A total of 36 cabinet members, members of the cabinet must resign from the post-qualification, cabinet took office, retiring to declare and publish the personal property.Members on the membership of any political party shall not, must not serve as cabinet members.September 19, 2006, the Thai military launched the coup, announced that caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra dissolved the government led by a group called the National Commission on management reform the military organization to take over full state power.National Committee then announced that management reform, enacted in 1997 to repeal the Thai Constitution, the dissolution of the Thai Constitutional Court, the dissolution of the Thai Parliament and the upper and lower houses by the Thaksin-led cabinet.20, the military coup that command the Thai army commander-in-chief coup Sonthi will replace caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand, the post of interim prime minister.>> Thailand revision of the interim constitution completedLike the back of the weddingEconomy: As a traditional agricultural country, agricultural products is the main source of foreign exchange earnings of the major producers of rice, maize, cassava, rubber, sugar cane, mung bean, Ma, tobacco, coffee beans, cotton, palm oil, coconut and other fruit.The cultivated land area of 20.7 million hectares, the country's total land area of 38%.Thailand is the world's leading rice producing and exporting countries, Thai rice exports are the main source of foreign exchange earnings of one of the world market its rice exports accounting for about one-third of the volume of transactions.Thailand is second only to Japan, China, the Asia-third of the sea, as the world's largest shrimp producing countries.Thailand has abundant natural resources, mainly potash, tin, brown coal, shale oil, natural gas, zinc, lead, tungsten, iron, antimony, chromium, barite, precious stones and oil.Sylvite reserves of the 40.7 million tons, ranking first in the world, tin reserves are approximately 1.2 million tons, the reserves of the world's total reserves of 12 percent, oil shale reserves amounted to 1.87 million tons, lignite reserves of about 2 billion tons, rubber Output ranked first in the world, with an annual output of 2.1 million tons, accounting for one third of world output, of which 90 percent are for export.Forest resources, fisheries resources, oil, natural gas, is also the basis of its economic development and natural gas reserves of about 16.4 trillion cubic feet and oil reserves of 15 million tons, the forest coverage rate of 25%.In addition, Thailand also abounds respectively as the "king of fruits" and "after the fruit of" the Durian and Shan Zhu.Litchi, longan, rambutan, and other tropical fruits in the same Mingyangtianxia.Thai economic structure with rapid economic development has significantly changed.Although agriculture in the national economy still occupy an important position, but the manufacturing sector in the proportion of its national economy has been growing.Has become the largest manufacturing industries, and become one of the major export industries.Thailand's industrialization process is a feature of the full use of its abundant agricultural resources development, food processing and related manufacturing, the main industry categories are: mining, textiles, electronics, plastics, food processing, toys, car assembly, construction materials, petrochemicals, etc. .Since the 1980s, exports of agricultural products from the past, mainly to industrial products gradually to the main, major export products include: automatic data processors, integrated circuit boards, motor vehicles and parts, garments, fresh Dongxia, precious stones And jewellery, primary chemical fiber, rice, radios and television sets, rubber, etc.; major import products are: electronic and industrial machinery, integrated circuits, chemicals, computer accessories, steel, jewelry, metal products.Thailand is rich in resources, has always been "land of smiles" world-famous, more than 500 scenic spots, major tourist spots in addition to Bangkok, Phuket, Ba Diya, Chiang Mai and Pattaya, Chiang Rai, Hua Hin, Samui A new group of islands, such as tourism developed rapidly.Attracted many foreign tourists.Thailand to free economic policies.1996 was classified as middle-income countries.1997 Asian financial crisis, Thailand's economy into a recession, the 1999 recovery.In recent years, the Thai government advocates both inside and outside the development, promotion of "dual-track" economic development model, the internal implementation of expansionary fiscal policy, strengthening the economic basis; external vigorously promote multilateral and bilateral free trade cooperation, expand the international market, so obviously the economic situation in Thailand Turn for the better.At present, the per capita gross national product of Thailand, about 2,525 U.S. dollars.Thai currency>>>Culture: Buddhism is the state religion of Thailand, 90 percent of people believe in Buddhism.For many centuries, whether it is customs, literature, art and architecture, and other areas, almost all of Buddhism and has close relations.In Thailand, where the boys to Buddhism, to a certain age, must once Qiaofa for the monks, and even the royal family and nobility is no exception.Tourism to Thailand, everywhere wearing yellow Jiasha the monks, and the magnificent temple.Therefore, Thailand has "Huang Pao Buddha" credited.Buddhist Thai people to shape the moral standards, so that it formed a advocating patience, tranquility and peace-loving spirit of style.Thailand is well-known institutions of higher learning: Chulalongkorn University, Hosei University, Maxi Dun University, the University of poetry Naka Lin Wei Luo, such as the Asian Institute of Technology.Press and Publications: Thailand-based media to the private sector, according to market rules of operation.Thailand, Thai media is the mainstream media, English, Chinese media Habitat auxiliary status.Major Thai newspaper "Thai Rath", "public opinion", "Daily News" and "national" and "siam rath", "manager" and so on.Main language newspaper "New Chinese Daily News," "China Daily", "Siam Star Daily", "Asian Journal," "World Journal" and "Beijing Daily Central Plains".Major English-language newspaper: "Bangkok Post", "national newspaper".There are more than 230 radio stations, of which the public by the Government Liaison Office in charge of a 59.Thai state radio stations for the country, with Foreign Ministry, with Thailand, Britain, France, China, Malay, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, Burma, Japan, and other language broadcasting.Wireless television stations a total of six, are located in Bangkok, most television programs via satellite broadcast.86 local cable companies.National television coverage.Farming Festival is Thailand's major festivals, an annual festival to farming in Bangkok, Thailand to the Royal Palace next to the ceremony at Sanam Luang.Farming Festival ceremony at the 13th century the Sukhothai dynasty.Zhan Bushi chosen by the festival in May each year (Thailand Lunar June) a really good time in accordance with the auspicious days of practices Brahmanism held.The main official in the horn sounds plow pulled by two white in the Bulls pull the wooden plow till the fields six gold ring, two gold pick Tam Tam silver and two pick the girl with the wooden plow behind, the main official from time to time from the plough Tam and banks in the Valley and produce a kind of eat in the fields.Till the fields planting ceremony, around the square around the tens of thousands of people poured into Tanaka, dig out seeds from the soil, even the soil stuffed into plastic bags, to take home.They believe that these seeds and Wang Tian's "St. territories" will bring success and good luck.Li Tian, the managers of cattle sent two officials to feed the rich, including rice, maize, mung beans, sesame, grass, water and rice wine.Two cattle selected the grass and maize, Zhanbo Shi announced that the two cows eat feed the election indicate that this year Wugufengdeng.>>> Thailand GuijieAttractions: Bangkok, Thailand, the Royal Palace (Grand Palace in Bangkok) also known as the Forbidden City, is in Bangkok, Thailand Dynasty I to VIII Wang Wang of the Royal Palace.The total area of the palace for the 218,400 square meters, located in downtown Bangkok, Yiwei the banks of the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok is the city's most spectacular ancient buildings.1782, Bangkok dynasty Rama I Papu Ta Yu, Zhu La Luodeng the construction of the palace.1784 E Malin first palace built Palace, Rama I move into the palace that is the conduct of public affairs.After successive monarchs of Thailand set the best architectural art, the expansion of the Royal Palace, decoration has become more macro-gorgeous, it has now reached the scale.Large palace built around a white Gongqiang, about five meters high, the chief of 1,900 meters.Construction mainly to white color and style to the major-Siam.Garden, green grass, blooming flowers, Shuyingposuo, Fangfeiyuan everywhere.The main palace from a number of palaces and temples composition.King of the palace temple, the famous jade Buddhist temple complex.Jade Buddha Temple (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) in the northeast corner of the Bangkok Palace, is Thailand's most famous Buddhist temples, Thailand is also one of the three national treasures.Built in 1784-the largest Buddhist temple in Thailand is part of the Royal Palace, the royal palace area of about 1 / 4.Jade Buddhist temple in Thailand where jade Buddha and the royal family held religious ceremonies in places, the temple houses Yufo named.Temple-Fodian a first WANG Dian-, Fogu Hall, Cangjing Ge, the clock tower and the urn.Yu Yu-Fodian is the main Buddhist temple construction, the great hall in the center of the shrine houses the memorial tablets of Thailand was regarded as national treasures of jade Buddha.Yufo high 66 centimeters, width of 48 cm, by a piece carved out of jasper.Whenever Huanji season, Thai King personally for the Yufo are changing to ensure国泰民安.Whenever the change of the Thai Cabinet, the new government's all-Buddhist temple in the cabinet to be sworn in King.The annual May Day farming, the king also held here in a religious ceremony, prayers for good harvests.Temple is about one kilometer around the promenade murals, painted above are 178 Indian classical literature to "Ramayana" epic theme of exquisite color comics, with a Thai Yishi.Yufo Temple of a few large porcelain painted on the wall of China's "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," the story.Pakistan really bodhi tree in Thailand Pakistan House poetry really Mahathir PU Bi-hu County District 000 test Village, is Thailand's oldest, largest bodhi tree.This strain bodhi tree is very tall, thick trunk of 16 meters, 10 people can Hebao, about six meters high, the upper branches of the trunk height is about three times, lush foliage, shade the vast, long-radius of 52 meters.Sakya Muni in India under the bodhi tree Wudao Buddha, the bodhi tree has become a sacred symbol of Buddhism.According to research, the tree is transplanted from India, has been the history in 1100.Prachinburi in the city to the tree as a city emblem.Poetry Mahathir PU County also so named after the tree, "Bodhisattva" is Thai, "Lime", "Mahathir poetry" is very beautiful great noble adjectives.From the tree near a Buddhist temple, the poetry of the PU PU Mahathir Temple, are held annually in May Lifo event.Ancient City Museum is located at the north of Thailand rugby House (also translated: Sand did not stem the Palestinian government) in, is the world's largest open-air museum.This is an artificial city, a blend of Thailand throughout the history of representative buildings, through imitation, or removal from raw, tourists as "Thailand Disney."The ancient city was founded in 1956, the construction works very voluminous, which lasted 20 years, covers an area of 200 acres.Surrounded by brick walls of the ancient city of Wai, to imitate the contours of the territory of Thailand, a hatchet-type, there is "little Thailand," said.Thailand around the city are the 75 most famous temples, pagodas, monuments and other buildings imitation, but also the establishment of a seat in the lake, from tall structures composed of small markets.These are all according to their original location layout in the Library.Some of the monument had disappeared, after archaeologists and artists of the research efforts, according to their original appearance with a further now people's eyes.Within the city there are more than 10 groups in accordance with traditional Buddhist and Thailand to manufacture large-scale sculpture group.In the northeast corner of the city are keeping a lot of tropical wildlife safari park.Here visitors can generally understand Thailand since the 1238 establishment of Sukhothai dynasty since the general picture of the history and art.GuihetaiqiaoMasters history: shoot-Kun Lan Ganheng: Thailand's third World famous kings, he creates the Thailand today's text.Wang Lan Ganheng Thailand is an outstanding statesman, diplomat and writer, by the Thai people respect and love, as the "Father of Thailand."He has five Qianshi China, in 1294-1300 he visited China twice in the period (Yuan Dynasty), in the history of friendly relations between the two countries to upload Meitan.October 2003, President Hu Jintao's visit to ThailandDiplomacy: pursuing an independent foreign policy and all-round foreign policy, to further strengthen economic diplomacy, the ASEAN countries with the political, economic, diplomatic relations as a cornerstone.Relations with China: Sino-Thai friendship between the two peoples date back to ancient times.Several hundred years ago, many Chinese people began to travel on the sea to settle in Thailand and Thai society has gradually become an important part of.July 1, 1975, China and Thailand established diplomatic relations.February 1999, China and Thailand in Bangkok formally signed the "People's Republic of China and the Kingdom of Thailand on cooperation in the 21st century plan a joint statement."In September, President Jiang Zemin paid a state visit to Thailand.May 2001, Premier Zhu Rongji's visit to Thailand.August 2001, Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra an official visit to China.September 2002, Chairman Li Peng to visit Thailand.February 2003, Prime Minister of Thailand, his petition.October 2003, President Hu Jintao paid a state visit to Thailand and held in Bangkok to attend the 11th APEC informal leadership meeting.June 2005, Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra an official visit to China.Reproduced:

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