The Republic of Vanuatu (Oceania countries) Satellite maps

The name: the Republic of Vanuatu (The Republic of Vanuatu)Independence Day: July 30 (1980)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide as the ratio of 18:11.By the red, green, black and yellow four-color composition.With a black-yellow Hengzhi "Y" flag of the font will be divided into three, on the side of the pin for the black isosceles triangle, a double loop in the pig teeth and "Na Mili" of the logo; under the red on the right side for the Green Two equal rectangular ladder.Hengzhi "Y" Font said the shape of the island; sunny yellow symbol of the country; behalf of the people of black colour red symbolizes the blood; green symbol of fertile land on the lush growth of plants.Pig teeth traditional symbol of the country's wealth, the people of pig farming is widespread, pork is important in the daily lives of the people food, "Na Mili" of the local people believe is a sacred tree leaves, the symbol of the sacred and auspicious.National Emblem: The theme of thinking patterns is always prepared to defend the independence and freedom of Vanuatu and dedication.One of the Melanesian warrior wearing a local traditional clothing, Shouzhi weapons, the Warriors standing symbol of the country's highest mountain - Tabu Wei-feng Ma Sana, the Warriors are behind the pig teeth and "Na Mili" of the logo.At the bottom of the Shoudai with Vanuatu on the text read, "God and our coexistence."Physical Geography: an area of 11,000 square kilometers.In Sydney, Australia, 2,250 kilometers northeast of the southwest Pacific, Fiji Dongju about 1,000 kilometers southwest from New Caledonia 400 km.Northwest south-easterly direction from a Y-shaped over 80 islands, of which 66 islands are inhabited.One larger islands are: Espirito Santo plans (also known as Santoyo), Malaikula, special Egyptian law, Aipi, Peng Tekesite and Aoba.National political figures: President Kailai Kai Lai Kaer Scott Matas (Kelekele Kalkot Matas), 2004年8 Hadley.Prime Minister Hamulini (Ham Lini), 2004年12月representation.Population: 200,000 (2004), of which 95 percent are people of Vanuatu, a Melanesian race; Ms for the French, British, Chinese and some people nearby island.The official language is English, French and Bislama, GM Bislama.84% of the Christian people.Vanuatu's a submarine shoal, several diving submarine underwater in the post office work.In this one the world's first underwater post office, diving enthusiasts can use special postcards, stamps affixed with waterproof sent to the rest of the world.Capital: Port Vila (Port Vila), population 40,000 (2004), the mean temperature of 25.3 ℃.A brief history: several years ago that the Vanuatu people in this home.In 1825 after Britain, France and other countries of the missionaries, businessmen and farmers have come to this place.October 1906, Britain signed the Convention on the condo, to become the British and French colonial condominium.Qiaoenfulun campaign in 1940, openly opposed the Church, against the whites and oppose the government slogans.1963 in the first political party ─ ─ village party, to reclaim land and achieve independence.Because of the rapid development of the national movement, Britain, France agree to the region in January 1978 implementation of internal self-government.July 30, 1980 independence, the country called the Republic of Vanuatu.Politics: President is the head of state, from the electoral college elected by secret ballot.A unicameral parliament as a legislative body.Economy: Tourism is the main economic pillars.Diplomacy: pursue safeguard national independence of the Non-Aligned policy and oppose foreign interference and control of major countries, External Relations stressed that the "extensive" and called for the establishment of a new order of international relations.Attach importance to developing relations with South Pacific countries.Relations with China: March 26, 1982, Vanuatu established diplomatic relations with China.February 2005, Hamulini Prime Minister to China for an official visit, the two countries signed a joint statement.In December, Hamulini Prime Minister to visit China again.Reproduced:

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