Dalian City in Liaoning Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewTotal area of square kilometres.Total population of 5.62 million (2004).Municipal People's Government in that Zip code:.Administrative division code:.Code:.Pinyin:.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005,Square km area, population 5.62 million (2004).* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryIn 2000, according to the fifth national census data: total population of people.Of which: (based on past administrative divisions, people.)-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------[Alphabet - Location: Dalian Shi at the southern tip of Liaodong Peninsula, northwest verge of the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea for the southeast, south and the Bohai Sea in Shandong Peninsula across the Taiwan Strait.North latitude and 38 ° 43'-40 ° 10 ', longitude 120 ° 58'-123 ° 31'.North and Yingkou City of Gaizhou, and the northeast of Xiuyan in Anshan City, the city of Dandong bordering Donggang City.1906 km long coastline, the coastline of Liaoning Province, the total length of 73 percent, of which 1,288 km shoreline land, an island 618 km shoreline.[Area] [population of 13,238 square kilometres - 5580000 (2003) [Zip code: 116011 [0411] [the code] 210,200 [resident] Xigang Qu People's Square on the 1st [division] exempted six City area, a County, hosted three county-level city.Xigang Qu area of 26 square kilometres, population 320,000.ZIP code 116011.District People's Government in Beijing Street 77.In the mountain area of 43 square kilometres, population 360,000.ZIP code 116001.District People's Government in the Tak Street, a 83.Shahekou area of 49 square kilometres, population 630,000.ZIP code 116021.District People's Government in the same Tai Street No. 120.Ganjingzi District area of 491 square kilometres, population 590,000.ZIP code 116033.District People's Government in Dalian Square on the 1st.Lushunkou area of 506 square kilometres, population 210,000.ZIP code 116041.District People's Government in the Yellow River Road on the 24th.Jinzhou Qu area of 1390 square kilometres, population 680,000.ZIP code 116100.Wafangdian City area of 3,791 square kilometres, population 1.02 million.ZIP code 116300.Pulandian City area of 2923 square kilometres, population 820,000.ZIP code 116200.Municipal People's Government in the House the way forward on the 12th.Zhuanghe City area of 3900 square kilometres, population 900,000.ZIP code 116400.Municipal People's Government in the Red Rock Road, No. 461.Changhai County area of 119 square kilometres, population 90,000.ZIP code 116500.County People's Government in the long mountain town of Dongshan Island communities.* The above size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)"[History: Dalian names ", due to" turn the sound."Amounted to, because" in Russian, was "far away" was conveyed.", Because of" the origin is in Dalian into Russia after the concession, according to the Czar Nicholas to make this name up, because, at the same time as a free trading port open.After the sound to Dalian.Dalian name, derived from Dalian Bay, started in modern times.2006-Guangxu (1880) Northern Minister Li Hongzhang in the Dalian Bay Naval Base on the programme of building memorials Shanghai, referred to "the Dalian Bay."Japanese imperialist invasion, in February 1905 before the Dalian said.After the liberation, April 1, 1949, Dalian and Lushun are known as Luda City.1981 2 menstrual approval of the State Council renamed the city of Dalian.The late Warring States period, the Yan-guo in Dalian Liaodong County.Qin unified the country after the passage of Yan-guo the old system, still in the Liaodong County.Han Dynasty period of Liaodong County's Da, Guo and Wu Ping, County.At the beginning of the Western Han Dynasty set up the county government, the Da's (the three countries, said Dong Da), the Timorese County, Guo Ping, and other counties.Three Kingdoms period of Liaodong County Da Wei, Guo-Ping and the West Anping.Western Jin Dynasty when the Liaodong States, the Eastern Jin Dynasty when the Former Yan, Qian Qin, Hou-yan, the North-yan to Sui to Koguryo possession.Jin Dynasty, Former Yan during the gun belonged to Liaodong and Guo Xian-ping-ping of the county.Qianqin the Liaodong Guo and Wu Ping-gun, two counties.Hou-yan is a county-Guo Liaodong County.Tang Anton is a benefit for the state House plot.Liao is a Tokyo Road in Suzhou, rehabilitation, and the city of Nanjing, Hwasun, metal-Tokyo routes into the state owned, Yongkang two counties (after the formation was promoted to the Golden State) (1: Liao Dynasty, a Tokyo-state Liaoyang House, Suzhou Hemu state. Jin is a complex, and Golden State).Liaoyang Road, the yuan is a 10,000-House.Secretary of the Liaodong Duzhihuishi the Golden State, Wei Wei and rehabilitation.Liao Ming early in the South has established the Golden State (Golden State Wei), rehabilitation, (state-Wei), the implementation of the state-parallel system.1395 repeal of the state-line system.Feng-ching is the Tianfu Ninghai County (later upgraded to the state Office), covered County (later upgraded to separate the state Office), Xiuyan County (later was placed under the Office of Zhuanghe) (a:-a Shengjing Fengtian State House complex, and Ninghai County of Xiuyan in).1843 shift XIONG Yue Fu Doutong Amun for the Golden State Fudu Tong Amun, the unified management of the state, Lushun Shuishi camps, rehabilitation, and built-ping (now Gaizhou Shi), XIONG Yue Eight Banners military and political affairs.The same year, or Ninghai County Office for Golden State, a coastal defense Tongzhi Amun, under the Bong Tianfu, head of the state Gosha an island of public affairs.In 1894, China and Japan after the Sino-Japanese War, Lushun and Dalian, the state and its coastal islands belong to Japan and Russia occupied the turn of the Kanto state.March 1898, tsarist Russia-rent Luda.The following year, in Pulandian LD region located south of the Kanto, which consists of Golden State, PI-Waterloo, a shop-liang, Lushun, the island five Administrative Region and the Golden State, Lushun, PI-3 in Waterloo.September 1899, located in Dalian City.August 1903, Lushun home in the Far East of Russia Government House.January 1905, after the end of the Russo-Japanese war, Japan occupied Dalian replaced by tsarist Russia.The colonial authorities in this military and political establishment in Dalian Department, renamed after the Kanto, the Home Department, and then renamed the Kanto Government House.September 1906 home Kanto Dudu Fu, 1919 to the Office of Commissioner of the East, 1934 East again to the state Office of the Commissioner.To April 1938, the state Office of the Kanto After changing bodies, located Lushun, Golden State, Pulandian, PI-Waterloo four Home Affairs Department (64) and Dalian, Lushun City 2 (132, Town) until 1945 Japan's surrender in August.1945 "on September 3," after the victory, all counties, have established a people's democratic regime.November 8, 1945 the establishment of the Dalian municipal government.To January 1946, Lushun City, the counties and county government have been established in Dalian.1946-1947, the new payment, rehabilitation County, Zhuanghe once occupied by the KMT.October 1946, the LD set up joint offices, 1947 to the Kanto Corruption, for the highest executive authorities in Dalian.1949 to Luda Civil Administration, under the Northeast People's Government.1949 Dalian, Lushun, Golden State and the three cities of Dalian, the county, and three long-Xianzhu Luda District Administrative Office.October 1950 revocation of the District Administrative Office, Luda, Luda City to set up for the central municipalities, led by the Northeast People's Government.December, the revocation of Dalian city, Dalian County formed, built Luda Municipal People's Government, administered Zhongshan, West Kong, Ling, Shahekou, Ganjingzi, Yingchengzi, seven Xiaoping island directly under the Central and Lushun City, the county, Long County (renamed in January 1953 Changhai County).1952 to the Executive Committee leaders from the north-east.March 1953, Luda city from the north-east region to the central city municipalities.August 1954 Luda changed by the City of Liaoning Province Territory., The SAR unchanged.1955 ~ 1980, the name of the Dalian municipal government has said Luda City People's Committee, the Revolutionary Committee of the city Luda, Luda Municipal People's Government.Fu County, the new King County, Zhuanghe County in 1959 was placed under Luda City, 1966 draw, the 1968 re-classified as Luda City.February 9, 1981, approved by the State Council, Luda City, renamed Dalian City, the same year on March 5, Dalian Municipal People's Government officially listed office.April 1984, the State Planning Commission approval of Dalian City in 1985 from a planned separate from the same year in July, the State Council agreed to give Dalian, the provincial-level economic management authority.May 1994, Dalian City, was promoted from deputy to the provincial-level city.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population of Dalian City 58936922; 378,004 people in the mountains, Xigang Qu 345,098 people, Shahekou District 638,366 people, 785,131 Ganjingzi District, Lushunkou District 264,998 people, the Golden State District 833,594 people, 99,532 people in Changhai County, Wafangdian City, 956063, 757844 Pulandian City, Zhuanghe City, 835,062 people.[Map] link 1Appendix 1: Dalian division »Exempted jurisdiction in Zhongshan, West Kong, Shahekou, Ganjingzi, Lushunkou and the five urban counties, the new, rehabilitation County, Zhuanghe, the five-county.14 points exempted the town.Municipal People's Government in Dalian, Shenyang, the provincial capital from 359 km.Area of 12,660 square kilometres.»Jurisdiction in Zhongshan, West Kong, Shahekou, Ganjingzi, Lushunkou, Golden State 6; Wafangdian, Pulandian, Zhuanghe and three county-level city and Changhai County of Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone.Area of 12,574 square km and the urban area of 2414 square kilometres.Xigang Qu Stalin Square in the city.Population of 5.177 million (2.396 million urban population).Located in Dalian City in late 1990 in Zhongshan, West Kong, Shahekou, Ganjingzi, Lushunkou, Golden State 6; Wafangdian (county level) and one of the city, Zhuanghe, the three-county.Administered 74 neighborhood offices, urban neighborhood committees, 1,600, 23,267 residents group and 73 towns and 54 townships (of which 11 ethnic townships), 1,486 village committees, 10,248 villagers group.The city's total population of 5262721 people, a total area of 12573.85 square kilometres.One Dalian urban area (6 District Economic Development Zone) to 2414.96 square kilometres.1999, Dalian Shixia Zhongshan, West Kong, Shahekou, Ganjingzi, Lushunkou, Golden State 6, Wafangdian, Pulandian, three Zhuanghe City (county level), one of the county.District 80 cities and counties have exempted the town, 35 townships and 85 neighborhood offices.Compared with the previous year, reducing the town of two, four rural reduction, neighborhood offices to increase 2.Towns, townships and neighborhood offices exempted a total of 1,435 village committees, five more than the previous year; neighborhood committees in 1607 from the previous year to 937.The end of 1999, the total population of Dalian City 5453064 people in 2000, Dalian Shixia six areas: Zhongshan, West Kong, Shahekou, Ganjingzi, Lushunkou and Jinzhou Qu; three county-level city: Wafangdian, Pulandian, Zhuanghe City; one county: Changhai County.District 76 cities and counties have exempted the town, 28 townships and 85 neighborhood offices.Towns, townships and neighborhood offices exempted a total of 1,434 village committees, one less than the previous year; neighborhood committees, 567, 370 less than the previous year.The end of 2000, the total population of Dalian City residence 5514721 people.The end of 2001, Dalian Shixia six areas: Zhongshan, West Kong, Shahekou, Ganjingzi, Lushunkou, Golden State; three county-level city: Wafangdian, Pulandian, Zhuanghe, a county: Chang-hai.District 73 cities and counties have exempted the town, 25 townships and 85 neighborhood offices.Compared with the previous year, towns and villages reduced to three, the Office of the same street.Towns, townships and neighborhood offices exempted a total of 1,292 village committees, a decline of 142, 572 neighborhood committees, increasing 5.The end of 2001, the total population of Dalian City residence 5546137 people.(Provenance is not clear, with the following data slightly different)The end of 2001, the Dalian City area 12573.85 square kilometres, population 5 546 137 people, exempted 85 streets and 73 towns and 26 townships, and 563 neighborhood committees, 1,290 village committees.Among them, five city area of 414.96 square km 2, population 2 706 768 people, exempted 71 streets and 26 towns and two townships, and 454 neighborhood committees and 332 village committees.In mountainous areas: area of 40.10 square kilometres, population 131,270, exempted 13 streets and 70 neighborhood committees.Xigang Qu: area of 23.94 square kilometres, population 119,627, exempted 13 streets and 69 neighborhood committees.Shahekou District: area of 34.71 square kilometres, population 198,330, exempted 16 streets and 128 neighborhood committees.Ganjingzi District: area of 451.52 square kilometres, population 184,890, exempted 13 streets, six towns and 96 neighborhood committees and 49 village committees.Lushunkou District: area of 512.15 square kilometres, population 77,732, exempted six streets, seven towns and 24 neighborhood committees and 71 village committees.Jinzhou Qu: 1352.54 square km area, population 236,495, exempted 10 streets and 13 towns and two townships, and 67 neighborhood committees and 212 village committees.Wafangdian City: 3576.40 square km area, population 346,154, exempted seven streets, 15 towns and 10 townships, and 54 neighborhood committees and 387 village committees.Pulandian City: 2769.90 square km area, population 270,150, exempted four streets, 14 towns and three townships, and 12 neighborhood committees and 181 village committees.Zhuanghe City: 3655.70 square km area, population 27 l293, exempted three streets, 15 towns, seven townships, and 35 neighborhood committees and 348 village committees.Changhai County: area of 156.89 square kilometres, population 28,923, exempted three towns and four townships, and eight neighborhood committees and 42 village committees.(According to "Dalian Yearbook 2002")»Jurisdiction in six cities area, the three county-level city, a county, and 93 neighborhood offices, 67 towns and 23 townships (six nationality townships), 572 community neighborhood committees, 1,292 village committees, area 12573.85 square kilometres, population 5583000.Appendix 2: Dalian History of the Warring States period, this region under the Yan-guo Dalian Liaodong County (now the site of the old city, Liaoyang City), a result Qin.Western Han Dynasty, this area south of Dalian Da Liaodong County's county (now the site of Pulandian City Zhangdian Seoul), the northern part of the Liaodong county-Guo County (now the site of the ancient city of Gaizhou Shi Han Dynasty) and force the counties (cities today Liu Feng - Fort Seoul site).Eastern Han Dynasty, this area south of Dalian is still fill the Liaodong County's County, north of the Liaodong county-Guo Anping County and the West.Eastern Han Dynasty at the end of the Liaodong Gongsun's regime separatism, this is in Dalian, Liaodong county-Da's County, Ping Guo Anping County and the West.Three Kingdoms period of this southern region of Dalian You Zhou Wei Dong Da Liaodong County County (now Dalian Jinzhou Qu Tai Ling site of the former Seoul), the northern part of a Ping Guo Anping County and the West.Western Jin Dynasty when this southern region of Dalian is a state-of the Liaodong (later changed Liaodong County)-Ping Guo County, north of the West Anping.Dalian Eastern Jin Dynasty when this region is the southern county-ping-ping, Guo Liaodong County, north of the West Anping.16 period of this southern region of Dalian Former Yan, Qianqin the Liaodong county-state-Guo County, north of Anping (Xi'an-to Anping).Hou-yan today in Dalian, a county-ping-ping, Guo Liaodong County.Yanguang after only four years (AD 404) Koguryo separatism Liaodong County, this is in Dalian Liaodong County (City) Belcher Shacheng (now the mountain city of Jinzhou Qu big Montenegro), profit temple town (now in Wafangdian City) Fortress Hill and the City (this Zhuanghe City Mountain Fortress).Tang chapter of the first year (668 AD), Tang recovered Liaodong.Anton today in Dalian have a benefit for the state House plot.Liao Dynasty, this area south of Tokyo, Dalian, Suzhou (in the old city, this Jinzhou Qu)-An Army Jiedu jurisdiction to the Soviet Union County (now the Old City Jinzhou Qu) and Huaihua County; rehabilitation of the northern section, with the German military Jurisdiction of the Yongning County (now fuzhoucheng) and Ruby County.This Zhuanghe Xian Zhu Muzhi, Tokyo Road.Dalian Jin Dynasty when this is a region south of Tokyo, the Golden State House Road Liaoyang (that early into the county, the state-ting).Fu Yong, a northern Kangxian and to the Town.This Zhuanghe Xian Zhu Xiuyan County.Dalian in the Yuan Dynasty when this is a Liaoyang, etc. Executive Secretariat of the Liaoyang Road Complex, 10000 House.South of the Golden State by 1000 and 1000 by Hasi Han; rehabilitation of the northern state by 1000.Zhuanghe Xianzhu Zhuanghe this coastal Guard 100.Ming Dynasty when this is the beginning of Dalian in southern Shandong Buzheng Shi Secretary Golden State, the northern part of a complex state, this Zhuanghe Xianshugaizhou.Hongwu 20 years (1395) of the waste, rehabilitation, Gaizhou, the line-system.Dalian is in this southern Liaodong Douzhihuishi Division (built in the early states, said the all-Berlioz)-Golden State, the northern part of a rehabilitation, health, and this Zhuanghe Xianzhugaizhou Wei.Dalian beginning of the Qing Dynasty in the south of this Bong Tianfu Ninghai County, the northern part of a complex state, this Zhuanghe Xian Zhu Xiuyan-contractors.Dalian end of the Ching dynasty in this southern and northern parts of the Fengtian Sheng Feng Tianfu Golden State and the Office of complex state, the northeast winds subordinates Hing Road, Zhuanghe Office.Rent a period of tsarist Russia in Dalian, this region belong to Lushun in Dalian, Golden State, PI-Waterloo City; Lushun, Golden State, a shop-liang, PI island of Waterloo and Kundalini Special Administrative Region and the City.Japanese occupation period in Dalian, the Dalian City in Dalian, Lushun City Hall and Lushun, Golden State, Pulandian, PI-Waterloo Home Affairs Department.In early today in Dalian, east of Feng Tiansheng Zhuanghe County, Liaoning Province, Shen Fu County, the county (Japanese).Northeast during the fall, this is part of Dalian in North County and Feng Tiansheng-Anton in Zhuanghe County.National Liberation War period, the new payment, Zhuanghe, the beginning of an Antonov-county province, after the transfer of Liaoning Province, eastern Liaoning Province.Luda Shihe Station south of the region for the Soviet military control under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the special liberated areas.Home Luda Civil Administration, administered Dalian, Lushun City, the county, Dalian County.August 1949 under the leadership of the Northeast People's Government.After the founding of People's Republic of China, Luda City for the Northeast region and municipalities, in March 1953 to the municipalities.August 1954 to cities in Liaoning Province so far.To the end of 1990, Dalian Shixia 6 County District 1 City 3: Zhongshan, West Kong, Shahekou, Ganjingzi, Golden State, Lushunkou District; Wafangdian City, the new King County, Changhai County, Zhuanghe County.End of the Ming Dynasty to the late Qing Ming Tianqi first year (1621) in March, after Jin-jun Gongqu Shenyang after another Huibing south.Sea, covered, rehabilitation, the 40 states or the people of Shandong have to avoid the islands.In May, after the fall Jinbing Golden State, Rotary retreat.The following year, that the transfer or MAO Lung-ping Liao Zongbing official, Zhunbing islands, and the set-all for the Golden State Secretary Shou Lushun.Soon after Jin-jun once again took the Golden State, rehabilitation state.After Jin-jun to prevent the army Xirao, the Golden State area residents moved to rehabilitation, Jinshu strong.So far, only Lushun from the Army control.1633, in addition to this long-Dalian Islands, were occupied after Jin-jun.Huangtaiji Zonta first year (1636), after the reform of State-for.The early Qing Dynasty, this area because of years of war in Dalian, the population scattered,城池abandoned, Woye Baili, no soil.1644, the abolition of Ching Ming Zhu Wei, the House implemented, the county system.As sparsely populated southern Liaodong Peninsula, State and County do not have set the basic conditions, the Dalian region this ting-County.Kangxi North Korea, the Ching court practice strokes the reclamation policy, Qiren can enclosure of production, and incentives to field Henman Liaodong Reclamation.Golden State, rehabilitation, the population gradually increased.Shunzhi 10 years (1653) are complex, Inspection Division, in 1661 established the Golden State Patrol Division, ting-County.1664 transfer covered County.Kangxi 20 years (1681) established the Zhou Cheng Shou Zhang Jing.26 years of Emperor Kangxi (1687) established the Zhou Cheng Shou-Wei.Kangxi 52 years (1713) before a Lushun Shuishi camp.Yongzheng five years (1727)-covered plains home-state-contractor, the exemptions, rehabilitation of the two states.Yongzheng 12 years (1734) or complex state-of-state contractor; dismantling the Golden State Secretary for Home Inspection Ninghai County, are attached to Bong Tianfu.Zhuanghe attached to this Xiuyan County-contractors.At this point, this is a complex area, Dalian state, Ninghai County of Xiuyan-and-a part of.Daoguang 23 years (1843) shift XIONG Yue Fu Doutong Amun for the Golden State Fudu Tong Amun (also known as the flag Amun), Zhou Cheng in the East.Unification of Golden State, rehabilitation, and built-ping, XIONG Yue Eight Banners such as military and political affairs.Ninghai County, the same year and up to the Golden State Office, located Haiphong Tongzhi Amun (Man Amun), in the Zhoucheng West Street, under the Fengtian Fuyin, head of the state Gosha an island of Henman affairs.2006-Guangxu (1880) Abolition of Lushun Shuishi camp, a former Northern Diying Treasury Department, the Home Office, members of the class, attached to the Northern Minister.Guangxu 32 years (1906)-Phoenix Chamber, Xiuyan, home to the Office of Zhuanghe, Li Feng Tiansheng Eastern Road, administered Gushan, Shicheng Inspection Division.At this point, this is a complex area, Dalian state, the state Office, the Office of Zhuanghe.Eight Banners Administration and the Dalian region by the military in charge of the Golden State Fudu Tong Amun.Implementation of the Qing Dynasty flag, the sub-rule policy.Into the national flag "Qiren," this area is full of Dalian Eight Banners, Mongolia Barr tiger flag and flag-3, its military and political affairs by the Department of Manpower flag arguments; not included in the national flag of "the people", by the state , The Office of the county Amun (also known as the Amun) EC arguments.The early Qing Dynasty, the government adopted a series of policies to encourage cultivation, and promoting economic development.Shunzhi 10 years (1651) "Reclamation of the Liaodong strokes while", there are bills to 100 Rending, the county magistrate granted the text, Wu delegate garrison; have 60 celebrities small strokes, with the state, delegate, delegate-general 1000 .By the strokes of the monthly food a bucket.Each cultivated a Shang, officials distributed to seed six liters.Rending distributed to every 100 cattle 26.Move people from the first strokes Rending name, the number of households reported to the Ministry, then in command of the Liaodong households in the county to settle, the original Biluan in Dengzhou and long-islands residents to return to their homes, only to the state of origin There are more than 700.Thus, the population gradually increased in Dalian.Qianlong to 18 years (1753), rehabilitation, the amount of the new line is far from satisfactory for the 2074 Ding Ding (excluding Ninghai County to add the amount of the original 1167 d).46 to Qianlong (1781) Ren Ding Ding for 4502 (excluding the Office of Xiuyan Qianlong 37 years to 674 d), refers to both the Rending Qiren.1957 to Qianlong (1781) Dingda 6,088 people, male and female population of 40,555 people.National flag, the national population of 80,000 people.Ninghai County in 2643 Qianlong 1957 flag Ding Ding, male and female population of 2 million population, the 2715 Ding Ding, male and female population of 17,795 people.National flag, the national population of 3.7 million people.At this point, complex state, Ninghai County, a total of 110,000 population.To the late Qing Dynasty, there are today in Dalian 317 million mu of arable land.October 24, 1894, Japanese invaders more than 24,000 people in Zhuanghe Huayuankou landing, opened in the 1894 war, the prelude to the campaign trip.Golden State and the fall of Lushun in succession.November 22, the Japanese army captured Lushun.Dalian after the Japanese occupation, implementation of military rule.April 17, 1895, Japan forced the Qing government to sign Sangquanruguo the "Treaty of Shimonoseki", Liaodong Peninsula was ceded to Japan.Japan forced Russia, Germany and France pressure, returned to the Liaodong, but to the Chinese blackmail 30 million taels of silver as ransom before the December 25, 1895 to withdraw from the Dalian Bay last batch of Japanese troops.In January the following year, the Qing Jun-yi army was ordered to Tidu SONG Qing-led troops to receive the Golden State, Lushun, rehabilitation, and Zhuanghe Office.Late Qing Dynasty government in a region of Dalian, the state Office (Ninghai County)Yongzheng 12 years (1734), Ninghai County home, the rule of the Golden State, Fu Yin-ting Fengtian.Ninghai County, the area around the Biliuhe River Pulandian Bay to the east coast south of the Liaodong Peninsula in full (also known as the Golden State Peninsula).Zhou Cheng as the center to the east, the hill town 40 km and sea border; west to the Bay of 1.5 km and sea border; south willow Tuen (now the Dalian Bay) 12 km and sea border; southwest to Lushun Old Tieshan 65 km, the sea; North sector from west to east, along the East Fork Pulandian Bay, the North Tian Pulandian to Chengzihe Tuan, Biliuhe River line, and complex states, Xiuyan adjacent to the state.District also includes the long Island, Long Island small, Guanglu Island (now widely Kashima), Zhang Zi Island, Sea Island and its affiliated islands and the waters of the Bohai Sea coastal islands, the total land area of 3,300 square kilometres.Daoguang 23 years (1843) Ninghai County, was promoted to the Office of the State.Their area and with the Ninghai County.Interesting, the Office of the Tongzhi Amun (also known as the Amun) and Golden State's leading Amun (also known as the flag Amun), with a jurisdiction, all of the people.Tongzhi Amun zone "Gosha an Island", that is the social heap, the MPFA's, the rain and Social Council, the South's, the brigade's area and an island.Gosha the region is: Albert Li River (now the Biliuhe River) to the West Bank Shahe (Dasha) to the east coast of the social heap; Shahe the West Bank to Shihe Station for the MPFA's; Shihe Station to the West Sea (Bohai) to the rain and Social Council ; Laoheishan (now the largest Montenegro) for the South East of the community; governance City (the Zhoucheng) southwest of the brigade's (now Lushun and Dalian).She set up under the guarantee, under a security.Island District of Changhai County in addition to this big long Island, Long Island small, widely Kashima, Zhang Zi Island, Sea Island, and so their respective islands, yet with this new King County-the island, Ma teeth Island, the County and Island, 16 of the island, the island district of the rule-Kashima.Golden State's leading Amun in the Golden State Office area features 12 flags, that is, the Eight Banners Manchuria (now Huang Qi, is white flag, the red flag is, Zhenglan Banner, Xiang Huangqi, inserts white flag, red flag inserts, inserts Blue Flag), Mongolia Barr tiger Being white flag, the flag of the three Han Army (Huang Qi is, is white flag, Xiang Huangqi).Its regional garrison is: Manmeng nine points in the flag in the Golden State Chengdong (this is roughly the Jinxian County and the southern region).Hanjun three points in the flag on the Zhoucheng Southwest (now the city of Dalian 4 and Lushunkou District).12 flags were in the Department of Zhoucheng.It was 29 years Qianlong (1764) statistics, the total military garrison Eight Banners, 940, of which eight flag 545 Manchuria, Mongolia Barr Tiger a flag 154, Hanjun three flags 241.Each set Zuoling a flag (at the four goods), a Xiaoqi school (at the six goods).1900 (Guangxu 26 years) on July 27, the army raided the tsarist Russia Zhoucheng, tore up the "land-lease renewal Luda Treaty" in the Zhoucheng by China itself in terms of governance, the state Office of exile arrest of local officials .Golden State Office of the establishment, from tsarist Russia was forcibly abandoned.Second, rehabilitation, five-year-Yongzheng (1727) to Xuantong Period 2003 (1911), this Wafangdian City, the district administration formed as "complex," and governance of the complex Zhoucheng, Li Feng Tianfu Iraq.1898 Russia, Japan forcibly occupied Fengming, West middle island, zoned "Kanto state concession."At this point, the state-administrative regions: the east to the service at Fort (now the new Jincheng of Tanzania) 75 km, XIONG Yue Cheng Shou; 15 km west of Redcliffe, the sea; kiln south-cylinder (in this complex Wan) 42.5 km and sea border; supervisor to the north Kong 25 km, XIONG Yue Cheng Shou; Wang Tau River to the southeast of 42.5 km, the state Office (now the Jinzhou Qu) Cheng Shou; southwest to Changxing Island 20 km and sea border, 25 kilometers northeast Tai Longkou, XIONG Yue Cheng Shou; northwest to the old island 20 km and sea border.Total area of 7,819 square kilometres.1906 (Guangxu 32 years), rehabilitation, the new home of the East and Zhuanghe Office for the sector.The total area at 7,819 square kilometres.Third, Zhuanghe Office 1906 (Qing Guangxu 32 years) in October, since Xiuyan, precipitation, set up the Office of Zhuanghe.Rule of Zhuanghe City, east belong at Xunbing by Road.East River to the ocean (this DONGGOU County) and the Phoenix Office for the sector, with the West to resume Biliuhe River, (now the new King County), "Kanto," Concession connected to the Northwest mountain ranges and covered Buyun County (now Cover County) adjacent to the north and north-eastern mountains to kaolinite, and Xiuyan (this Xiuyan County) border, the South Yellow Sea Bin exempted Shicheng, the Royal Ocean islands.Total area of 6562.5 square kilometres.A rule in early 1906 to take administrative districts "designated areas for the police", that is a designated Zhuanghe City, Dagushan, qingduizi two areas in particular to the town, 33 police areas and rural self-government, throughout the 6-way Area 33: Chengxiang for Central; are exempted on to Fort Road, Tsing pile, Fort Wo Fung, melon-East, Dagushan, Xiao Miao son, WEN Jia House, fungus Hill, shuangshanzi 9; Northeast Road Chengzihe jurisdiction Korea, Yokogawa son, pearl bubble, Funing Tuen, Dalian bubble, the top-six; are exempted Shicheng South Island; are exempted Zhengjiatun West Road, the steep ditch son, Gao Yang Temple, Xiaojiayingzi Park 4; are exempted Pacific Ridge Road, Chagou, Kou-ditch, Dayingzi, Toudaogou, Yu-Shan 6; Northwest exempted Lamu Tuen Mun Road, Gadao son, Yu Huangge, Mountain City, Guiyun spent, Xu Tai Ling six areas.1908 (Guangxu 34 years), 6 Road 33, 33 can easily be used for rural.1910 (Xuantong Period 2002) Autumn, 33 townships, and rezoned to five areas.In winter, the founder of autonomy, is zoned for a city-wide 2 autonomy rural town 12.City 1: Zhuanghe City; town: the town of Green reactor, Dagushan town, 12 autonomous townships: Chengxiang self-government offices, in Zhuanghe City under the Street; Funing rural self-government offices, in the town of Green reactor; Dagushan rural self-government offices , In Dagushan town; Lingxiang peaceful self-government offices, in Xianren Dong Temple; Gao Yang Temple rural self-government offices, in the Royal Ranfang; Xiaojiayingzi parked rural self-government offices, in Ma Jiamiao; side of self-government Shan Hall, in the long Ling-Temple; Guiyun Huaxiang self-government offices, in Guiyun flowers on the autonomy of Fort Hall, to reach the Fort; Fung Waterloo Baoxiang autonomy Hall, in Fort Wo Fung; fungus Shan autonomy Hall, the fungus Hill; Shicheng Island township of autonomy Hall, the fortress island.Tsarist Russia occupied Dalian and political institutions during the colonial rule areas on March 27, 1898, tsarist Russia forced the Qing government signed in Beijing "Luda rent to the treaty."March 28, the Russian army from Lushunkou and Dalian Bay landing, and held-occupied.Treaty provisions: Rent Lushunkou tsarist Russia, Dalian Bay, the term of 25 years, Lushunkou for the military port, the Chinese and Russian ships can only use the full concession, management officials from tsarist Russia; tsarist Russia to build a rail extension to the Middle East privileges.May 7, tsarist Russia and in St. Petersburg forced the Qing government to sign a "land-lease renewal Luda Treaty.""Renewal" provides rental sector from the Liaodong Peninsula to the North West Bank Adam Beach (Pulandian Bay) from the north and east to the northern part of a uniform PI-Waterloo line, south of Russia for the concession, the total area of 3,200 square km and a population of nearly 30 000.The time, the state-social rehabilitation of the South Island Fengming, 20, of West Island in the South 2 (two small village) and the southern West Wing's date from the body, east of the junction of state-Yanghe only, with two Pandaoling, Jiangjialiang furnace, Chen Jiatun, the cottage, Chang stores, such as Cunzhun Sanguanmiao, and Xidi in the soil of South Jiang Jiatun, a total of about 10 East and West, North and South 2-4, is assigned Russia Concession.Gaizhou concession boundary to the north of the estuary, the North Xiuyan, Tai Yanghe the left bank of the estuary south of the region as "Xide" (neutral zone)."Xide" Although the executive power under the auspices of the Chinese officials, but the Chinese armed forces must be approved by the Russian officials agreed that before the entry.The treaty also provides for: the Zhoucheng by the Qing government to control the Middle East Rail Extension end identified as Lushunkou and Dalian Bay.Through this two treaties, the Dalian region of Russia was completely occupied.Tsarist Russia after the occupation of Dalian, Lushun in Dalian Bay (now the willow Tuen) the establishment of the Police Department, the implementation of military rule.August 1899, the tsar issued the "Interim Rules of the Kanto state rule."Dalian set up in this eastern region, the state Office is in Lushun, under the Home Office, Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other governing institutions.Tsarist Russia established by the Kanto, the five district and three cities: Golden State Administrative Region, PI Administrative Region of Waterloo, a shop-Administrative Region (rule of Mr Kwok Ka Ling), Lushun Administrative Region (governance of the Shuishi camp), island SAR, the City, PI City of Waterloo, Lushun City.August 11, 1899, tsarist Russia will be changed to Green Niwa Kundalini City (Russian "Kundalini", intended for remote).July 27, 1900, tsarist Russia to send troops raided the Zhoucheng.Since then, this was completely in Dalian occupation of tsarist Russia.August 1903, Lushun home in the Far East of Russia Government House.Kanto, the three cities still under the five District.Kundalini administered in three areas: & Tiger Beach, Shahekou District, the city streets.May 5, 1904, the Far East moved to Government House from Lushun Fengtian (now Shenyang), the withdrawal of the Russian October the same year.February 1904 to September 1905 Japan and tsarist Russia for hegemony in Northeast China, on the land in China was a war, Shicheng Russo-Japanese War.Finally the Russian military in the January 2, 1905 surrender.After the war, Dalian also become Japan's colonial imperialism.1, 5 Administrative Region SAR also known as the "ask the House" or "by the Treasury."Village under the Joint Mission (also known as the Township), and village corporations under the village, the village will be set up under the Cuntun.(A) Golden State Administrative Region of the Golden State Administrative Region in the Golden State (not including the Zhou Cheng), five joint jurisdiction Mission Village, 15 village, 378 Cuntun.(B) PI-PI Administrative Region of Waterloo in Waterloo Administrative Region of Waterloo PI, four joint jurisdiction Mission Village, 12 village, 326 Cuntun.(C)-A shop-a shop Administrative Region SAR in Mr Kwok Ka Ling, four joint jurisdiction Mission Village, 12 village, 395 Cunzhun.(D) island Administrative Region SAR island in the early Dalian Bay, two joint jurisdiction the village corporations, 29 Cuntun.August 1900 after 1, the Yellow Sea offshore islands including the long Island, Long Island small, widely Kashima, Zhang Zi Island, Sea Island, and other classified PI Administrative Region of Waterloo.The Bohai Sea coastal island was placed under the state Administrative Region.1901, the island SAR exercise their functions and powers (5) Lushun SAR.Lushun SAR in Shuishi camp, four joint jurisdiction Mission Village, 12 village, 374 Cuntun.2, 4 in (a) of Dalian City on August 11, 1899, the Russian city built on Green Niwa, in the city.Russia promulgated "Interim Rules of the Kanto state rule", Dalian, identified as Russia's special city directly under the Ministry of Finance (when the "Kundalini" City), and as a free port.Shixia Street, & Tiger Beach, Shahekou District, and other three.Nanshan district in the northwest city of the plains, the city exempted Europa (from business and public areas, a three-part Dizhai District, east of Park Ji Jin labor, all railway lines south of the city), the city (west of the current labor Park), the Street (This bridge north of victory).& Tiger Beach area exempted & Tiger Beach, Fu Jinjiazhuang, Bangchui Island, to the mountain top, Temple infants ditch, Tai Ling ago.Shahekou District exempted North Shahekou, three Chunliu, Xianglu Jiao, North Dianzi, Taishan, Li Jiatun, under Dianzi, Andrew shop, Wang Jiatun, Liu Jiatun, Huang Jiatun, yet Jiatun, Malange Tuen, MA Home kits, xigangzi, of North Kong, nangangzi, car Jiatun.(B) Lushun City in 1898, Lushun has been under the Golden State.Located in the Golden State by the left, the Qing Dynasty is the Golden State's Office of the trip; Shuishi late Qing Dynasty set up camp.Lushun city is divided into five streets in the Qing Dynasty, namely Chengzihe Strand, Chengzihe West Street, East Street, in New Street and West Street.Russia's lease, built Lushun City, to this Garonne as the center and east of the city designated as the old, west of the city zoned for the new.Russia, the Office of Commissioner of the East, the Far East at the Governor House in the Lushun City, Lushun City became the capital of Russia's Far East region.(C) The City under the "land-lease renewal Luda Treaty," Zhou Cheng from the Chinese on their own governance.July 27, 1900, Kanto, Chief Executive Eliekese also husband to the Qing Dynasty officials may "set off the riots" as an excuse to send troops to raid the Zhoucheng, arrest the Golden State Fudu Tong, the state Office of Tongzhi, and other civil and military officials, Exile Sakhalin, a breach of contract cancellation of the Zhoucheng autonomy.Since then, Russia established the city, in which the head of the state Administrative Region Jianguan.The City area for the Zhoucheng of 20 Street, Tuen Mun.: Shi-Street, Cao Street, Mr Jia Street, flag Wharf Street, Fan Jia Street, Hall Street front of the temple, the temple Backstreet, Jiangjialiang Street, the Wharf Street, Huo Shenmiao Street, Chenghuang Temple Street, St. Temple Street, Zhao Street, Yan Jia Street, Zhenwu Miao Street, New Street, Tuen outside the east gate, outside the West Tuen Mun, South Tuen outside, outside North Tuen.(D) PI-Waterloo City Rent tsarist Russia, this new sub-regions of the north and south of two parts.Tsarist Russia to the southern part of Shan flowers, Paozai Township, the town of Tam, Jiahe Miaozhen, Paper Town, Tsan-he Xiang, Biliuhe southeast of the waterfront before he Xiang and Wang Tuen Poding on a total of 31 Tuen Huo Shenmiao Zoned "Kanto," concession, a PI jurisdiction of the city of Waterloo, Waterloo resident of PI.By the PI-long Jianguan Administrative Region of Waterloo...1937年6月1日,关东州厅由旅顺迁至大连新址(今市政府址),同年12月,废除了大连民政署,原大连民政署管辖区,大部分(5个会)划归大连市,使大连市的职能范围进一步扩大;一部分划归临近的旅顺(革镇堡、岔沟、小平岛、栾家屯4个会一带)和金州民政署(南关岭、大连湾会) .辽南行政公署第五专区辖庄河县、新金县、复县、万福县(1946年5月由复县、新金、庄河县划出部分地区成立万福县,1948年12月撤销) .1984年9月25日,经国务院批准,大连市于金县大孤山乡开始兴建大连市经济技术开发区,选址金县大孤山乡马桥子村一带,远景规划为20平方千米.

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