Lishui City, Zhejiang Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewLishui City geographical coordinates for latitude 27 ° 25'-28 ° 57 ', longitude 118 ° 42'-120 ° 25'.Total area of 17,928 square kilometres.Total population of 2.52 million (2004).Municipal People's Government in the Liandu Qu Chengdong Lu, 99, Zip code: 323000.Administrative division code: 331100.Code: 0578.Pinyin: Lishui Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------* List of township administrative divisions streets information as at December 31, 2005; area, the population according to "Jane List (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.Lishui City area of 17,928 square kilometres, population 2.52 million people.Exempted a city area, six counties and one county, hosted a county-level city.Lian Douqu area of 1502 square kilometres, population 370,000 people.Zip code 323000.District People's Government in the liberation Street No. 51.Longquan City area of 3,059 square kilometres, population 280,000 people.Zip code 323700.Zhongshan Municipal People's Government in the West Road on the 1st.Jin Yun Xian area of 1482 square kilometres, population 440,000 people.Zip code 321400.County People's Government in the five-town Huanglong Road 38.Qingtian County area of 2484 square kilometres, population 480,000 people.Zip code 323900.Crane County People's Government in the town Hecheng, 109 East Road.Cloud County area and 978 square kilometres, population 110,000 people.Zip code 323600.County People's Government in the Cloud City and the town of North Road on the 6th.Suichang Xian area of 2539 square kilometres, population 230,000 people.Zip code 323300.County People's Government in the county town of Qian Jie Miao high on the 1st.Pine County area of 1406 square kilometres, population 230,000 people.Zip code 323400.County People's Government in the western town of Ping Fu Qianjie on the 1st.Qingyuan County area of 1898 square kilometres, population 200,000 people.Zip code 323800.County People's Government in the town of Long Pine Street source No. 32.Jingning She Nationality Autonomous County area of 1950 square kilometres, population 180,000 people.Zip code 323500.Crane County People's Government in the former West Road Town, on the 19th.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryMay 20, 2000, the State Council (the letter [2000] 46) agreed to withdraw approval to set up the level of Lishui in Lishui City: revocation of Lishui region and the county level in Lishui City, the establishment level in Lishui City, in the introduction of the new Lian Douqu .Lian Douqu in Lishui City set up to the original county-level administrative region in Lishui City for the Liandu Qu administrative region, the Government's Liberation Street.Lishui Shixia the Lishui region of Qingtian County, Chongqing Yunxian, Sui Changxian, Pine County, cloud and county, Qingyuan County, Jingning She Nationality Autonomous County and the Liandu Qu.Longquan county-level cities directly under the province.June 6, 2000, Zhejiang governance of the [2000] No. 112 notice: the county level directly under the provincial city of Longquan, the administration commissioned the Lishui Municipal People's Government hosted.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population in Lishui City 2162113 people.Of which: Lian Douqu 348,241 people, 361,062 of Qingtian County, Chongqing Yunxian 362,252 people, Sui Changxian 207,087 people, 197,340 Pine County, Cloud County, and 103,273 people, Qingyuan County, 179,449, 153,011 people in Jingning She Nationality Autonomous County, Longquan City, 250,398 people.In 2002, the administrative division tables (based on "Practical Handbook of Zhejiang Province Quhuadiming" rendering, Quhuadiming information as of September 2002)The total area (square meters)Built-up areas (square meters)The total population (000)Non-farming population (000)StreetTownRuralCommunityNeighbourhoodAdministrative villagesResidentZipLian DouquFiveFive1.3FourLiberation Street No. 51Longquan CityThreeAugustAugustNovemberZhongshan Road on the 1stJin YunxianSeptemberSixSix5-38, Road Town, HuanglongQingtian CountySeptemberHe towns Hecheng, 109 East RoadCloud County, andFourSixCloud City and the town of North Road on the 6thSui ChangxianSeptemberNovemberJulyFiveMiao Qian Jie county town high on the 1stPine CountyFiveSixSixPing Fu Qianjie West town on the 1stQingyuan CountyJuly1.3FiveYuen Long town of Pine Street, No. 32Jingning She Nationality Autonomous CountyFiveFourFourCrane Town, the former West Road on the 19th(Total)17,300AugustChengdong Lu Lian Douqu 99According to this table, "Zhejiang Quhuadiming practical manual" rendering, Quhuadiming information as of September 2002.As at December 31, 2005, a total of eight city streets, 62 towns, 125 townships (including four nationality townships).

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