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OverviewJingmen City in central Hubei Province, Han River West Bank.Geographical coordinates of longitude 111 ° 51'-113 ° 29 ', north latitude and 30 ° 32'-31 ° 36'.The biggest things transverse from 155 kilometres north-south's largest vertical distance of 131 km.Area of 11,884 square kilometres / 12,404 square kilometres / 12,045 square kilometres.The end of 2003, the city's total population of 3.006 million people.Municipal People's Government in Dongbao area.Zip code: 448000.Administrative division code: 420800.Code: 0724.Pinyin: Jingmen Shi.Jingshan the transition to the Jianghan Plain area.To the northwest and central hilly, with an elevation more than 200 to 500 meters; eastern and southern Plains to the Great Lakes region, the ground elevation in more than 30 to 50 meters.Hanjiang river and its tributaries to the east, north-west of Zhanghe River, south of Zhanghe River Reservoir are south of the lake is a long, long into both South Lake.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, two Shixia Jingmen City area, two counties, hosted a county-level cities, namely, Dongbao, District 2 Duo knife and Shayang, 2 in Jingshan County and Zhongxiang City.A total of 57 city-level units (five streets, 50 towns and two rural).Jingmen City area of 12,100 square kilometres, population 2.98 million (2004).Dongbao area of 1645 square kilometres, population 370,000 people.Zip code 448004.District People's Government in the shrimp Road on the 9th.Duo knife area of 639 square kilometres, population 360,000 people.Zip code 448124.District People's Government in the knife-street Duo Longjing Road 99.Zhongxiang City area of 4488 square kilometres, population 1.03 million people.Zip code 431900.Municipal People's Government in the Ying in the streets.Shayang County area of 2044 square kilometres, population 600,000 people.Zip code 448200.Shayang County People's Government in the town.Jingshan county area of 3284 square kilometres, population 650,000 people.Zip code 431800.County People's Government in the new towns.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History- When County home.Tang Zhen yuan 21 years (AD 805) Jingmen County home.Jingmen Army Song, Ming-Jingmen County, the state-of Jingmen Zhili, the drop in the state for the county.Section 1949 of Jingzhou, a Jingzhou in 1970.1979 Analysis of Chengguan Town of Jingmen county and suburban home in Jingmen City, a district in Jingzhou.August 19, 1983, the State Council for approval in Jingmen City, was promoted to level cities.Revocation of Jingmen County, Jingmen County administrative regions into the Jingmen City.1985, the establishment of Jingmen City, Dongbao, Shayang area.May 20, 1992, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (awarded to the [1992] 48) revocation of Zhongxiang County, the establishment of Zhongxiang City.December 2, 1996, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1996] No. 111) in Jingzhou City, Jingshan County, was placed under the jurisdiction of Jingmen City jurisdiction and will be hosted in Jingzhou City in Zhongxiang city of Jingmen City, was placed under the escrow.December 9, 1998, the State Council approved the revocation of Shayang Jingmen City, the establishment of Shayang County.People's Government in Shayang County resident for the town.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Jingmen City, the total population 2970848 people.Of which: Dongbao 583,373 Jingshan County District 696,008 Shayang County 669,469 Zhongxiang City, 1021998 (at that administrative division; units:)March 17, 2001, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2001] 25) the establishment of Jingmen City Duo knife area.Jingmen City, Dongbao will be the DR market rural areas, Ma towns, Tuanlin Puzhen, Duo knife stone streets and Baimiao streets Duo knife was placed under the jurisdiction area.District People's Government in Shenzhen Avenue.March 2001, the province approved by the Home Office: Feng Yang Jingshan County revoked the town was placed under the jurisdiction Wing Lung town, removed classified Luo Ma Dianzhen Dianzhen jurisdiction.Shayang County revocation of grassland five rural town was placed under the jurisdiction to revoke Kau Gangzhen after the end of the town was placed under the jurisdiction to revoke Miaoxiang Cai town was placed under the jurisdiction has, smoke fouling the town changed its name to high-Yang Zhen.Zhongxiang city in the revocation of Town Yangzi town was placed under the jurisdiction to revoke Lu fenglezhen town was placed under the jurisdiction to revoke He Jixiang Shipai town was placed under the jurisdiction to revoke Luo Jizhen Old Town, was placed under the jurisdiction to revoke the establishment of phosphate rock Jieban Phosphate rock the town, removed to fight the town and the establishment of Huji Jieban Hu Jizhen.Dongbao District revoked the Mission Township, Zhanghe River town was placed under the jurisdiction to revoke he Xiang Yao Li town was placed under the jurisdiction to revoke the Heung Yee Ho field, the original town from Yandun assigned to the nine village was placed under the jurisdiction of Zhanghe River town, From the Puzhen Tuanlin assigned to the village was placed under 15 Tuanlin Puzhen jurisdiction.April 2001, approved by the State Council, the establishment of Duo knife area.Jingmen City, the provincial government on the administrative divisions were adjusted accordingly, the original Dongbao area owned Duo knife Jieban, Baimiao Jieban, Tuanlin Puzhen, Ma Tei district town was placed under the jurisdiction Duo knife.The deadline for June 2001, all four streets Shixia, 49 towns and four townships, and 1,536 village committees.The city has 1,536 village committees, groups of villagers 10,906.The city's land area of 12,404 square kilometers, accounting for 6.67 percent of the province territory.Of which:Jingshan County jurisdiction Xinshi, Yongxing, CAO Wu, Luodian, Song River, Pingba, Sanyang, GURURIN, Sunqiao, Wing Lung, wild geese and the door, money market, Shilong, Yang Zhen-14; area of 3284 square kilometres , The city's land area of 26.48 percent.Shayang County jurisdiction Shayang, WULIPU, Shi Lipu, Ji Hill, Shihui Bridge, after Hong Kong, Mao Li, when the official, Li City, Ma Liang, Gao Yang, Shen set, the town has set 13; area of 1999 Square kilometers, accounting for 16.12 percent the city's land area.Zhongxiang Shixia Ying, Yangzi, longevity, Fung Lok, Huji, Shuanghe, phosphate rock, Collected Works, cold water, Shipai, the old mouth, diesel-Lake, Long Beach, the East Bridge, Kedian, Zhang Zhen-16 9, and Hui Township; area of 4488 square kilometres, accounting for 36.18 percent the city's land area.Dongbao area exempted Li River, Ma River, Ziling shop, the town of Zhanghe River 4, Xianju, Ishibashi Station, the ceremonial arches and three rural Longquan, mouth-chuen, two neighborhood offices; area of 1528 square kilometres of the city's Homeland Area of 12.32 percent.Duo knife district exempted Tuanlin shop, Macheng two towns, Duo knives, Baimiao two neighborhood offices; area of 643 square kilometres, accounting for 5.18 percent the city's land area.Qujialing management area of 220 square kilometres, accounting for 1.77 percent the city's land area; Shayang Prison Authority area of 242 square kilometres, accounting for 1.95 percent the city's land area.The end of 2004, the entire Shixia five streets, 50 towns and two townships, and 153 neighborhood committees, 1,501 village committees.Area of 12,045 square km and the total population of 2848410 people.

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