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OverviewQianjiang District in Chongqing City, south-east, east longitude 108 ° 28'-108 ° 56 ', north latitude and 29 ° 4'-29 ° 52'.Hubei Province east of Xian Fengxian, the West sector of Pengshui County, south Youyang County, north Lichuan City of Hubei.Something the whole region 45 kilometers wide, about 90 km north-south, a total area of 2397 square kilometres.The end of 2004, the total population of the region residence 502,400 people, including non-agricultural population of 73,500 people; resident population of 439,900 people; minority of 366,200 people, of the total population of 72.83 percent.District People's Government in the street west Xinhua West Road, Zip code: 409700.Administrative division code: 500114.Code: 023.Pinyin: Qianjiang Qu.Mountain, hilly area of the size of more than 96 percent.The highest point for the grey 1000 Liangzi, 1938.5 meters above sea level, the lowest point for the Black River Valley Maas mouth, elevation 320 meters.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionQianjiang District exempted three streets, 15 towns and 12 townships: Chengdong streets, south of the street, west streets, two town, Stone Town Council, the black town, Huang Town, Lebanon Township, the town, MA La town, Zhuo Township, stone home town, the town of goose pond, is Yang Zhen, Zhou white town, small town of the South China Sea, Fung Ka town, the town adjacent Hubei Province, Tang Xiang, Peng Dongxiang, sand BA Xiang, Whitehead township, Shan Ling Xiang, tai chi rural, rural paddy fields, clay township, the township-dong, Wuli Rural, Urban Rural water, Xinhua Township.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryQianjiang, Shang and Zhou for Pakistan to.Qin is a Bajun.Early Han Dynasty, Fuling County.Jian'an year (201), Liu Yi Zhang Zhou Mu On Fuling County home Fuling, Yongning, Dan-hing, Han Jia four counties.Dan Xingxian rule for this Qianjiang District in the town (Gucheng nanmuping).Western Jin Dynasty (280)-Gun County implemented the three-tier system, under the Fuling County of Fuling, Han Jia, Hsia Han, Han equal four counties, Dan Xing Fei, and the Fuling, two county-summer.Yongjia (306), the current unitary, Sau, Guizhou, Peng and other places "not in quite Liao."Northern Zhou Baoding four years (564), Fuling minority leader defected to the Central Plains dynasty, which home in Pengshui, Bong (renamed Guizhou, Jiande 2003), this Qianjiang District Habitat for territoriality.Suikai Huang five years (585) Purchase Shicheng Xian, home of the state yung, Zhisuo are located in this county BA Xiang Bacun.The great cause of 2003 (607), Waste yung, Dan Chengxian attached to the Palestinian Dongjun.Tang Takenori first year (618) Qian Shi Chengxian to the state, the county government moved without Cicheng (now the County Commissioner dam Hawks).Zhenguan 2004 (630) moved to the town today.The first year of Tianbao (742) renamed Qianjiang, the Guizhou-gun (in Guizhou).Five Dynasties and Ten States period, Guizhou, the Qianjiang."Later Tang Dynasty Changxing five years (935), according to Shu Meng Zhixiang, Guizhou, and is to." Song and Yuan at (960 -1368), Qianjiang "not in the semi-razed."(Note: the town has been re-established neighborhood offices, county BA Xiang has been merge in a boat white town.)Hong-five years (1372), Qianjiang in the Pengshui County.Hongwu 10 years (1378), Qianjiang Shouyu home by 1000.Hongwu 14 years, rehabilitation home Qianjiang County, the county living side by side.Qianjiang 1000 by Li Shouyu, Sichuan, Chongqing is the Secretary-owned.The early Qing Dynasty, Xian Zhu Chongqing Qianjiang Prefecture.The first year of Emperor Kangxi (1662), to Qianjiang Shouyu 1000 by Qian Peng camp, guarding Qianjiang, such as County of Pengshui, and exempted Youyang, Shiye, tea-and town-five Tusi.Yongzheng four years (1726), to Qianjiang County for the Qianjiang million.12 years (1734), Pengshui County of Guizhou promoted Peng Zhili million.Million for governance.13 years (1735) Youyang Chieftain "soil improvement to the flow", You Yang Zhili home state, Peng Qian waste Zhili million, rehabilitation home Qianjiang County, the state of Youyang Zhili.In the first year (1912) Waste House, state and offices directly under the provincial Qianjiang.In Sichuan, "defense zone" period, Liu Xiang Qianjiang is a standoff.24 years (1935)-G after reunification, Qianjiang is the eighth Chief Inspector of the District of Sichuan Province, Youyang area.1946, Chuanqian border region of Hunan, Hubei, Sui-Corruption (exempted 56-Jun) in Qianjiang County, to control the Enshi, Youyang, Tongren, Wing Shun, Fuling, Zhijiang, and other six counties in the area and its.November 12, 1949, the Qianjiang liberation.November 25, the establishment of Qianjiang County People's Government, under the Chuandong the area.January 23, 1950, Youyang area home, from Youyang and Xiushan, Qianjiang three counties.September 1952, Youyang area into zones Fuling, Qianjiang is a Fuling area.November 1983, approved by the State Council, the revocation of Qianjiang county, and the establishment of Qianjiang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County.November 13, 1984 County official was set up.May 18, 1988, the State Council approved the establishment of Qianjiang, the original jurisdiction of the Fuling district Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County, Tujia and Miao Autonomous County of Pengshui, Qianjiang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, Youyang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, Tujia and Miao Autonomous County of Xiushan.In November listing office.1997, the Chongqing municipality.The same year on March 17 approved by the State Council to revoke the original Qianjiang region of Sichuan Province, Chongqing Municipality set up Qianjiang Development Zone.June 2000 State Council approved the revocation of Qianjiang Development Zone in Chongqing Municipality.(Note: According to the website from the above data compilation.)June 25, 2000, the State Council approved the revocation of Qianjiang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, the establishment of Qianjiang District in Chongqing Municipality.November 27, 1998, the Qianjiang Tujia and Miao Autonomous County People's Government BA Xiang County resident from the kiln moved to the Village Road East Village (Chongqing House [1998] 200).2000, the Qianjiang district jurisdiction, fengjiaba, Zhuo water, Ma La, the two rivers five towns; Kowloon, a white, black river, the West bubble, Shaba, the worker-peasant, stone, after the dam, the South China Sea, in the Pool , Cascade Mountains, Cyclobalanopsis, white boat, County dam, Zhuo West, city water, plow bend, Wuli, John, goose pond, Hall, willow, Xin'an, Xinhua, Shi Jia river, the Po flowers, Jinxi, the new flower Lebanon's water, Shan Ling, Xinmin, Whitehead, yellow river, the hole early, Pinghsi, Shi Zhong, paddy fields, clay, tai chi, o-E, Peng East, Zhaizi, Zhengyang, seepage dam 45 townships.According to the fifth census data: the region's total population of 442,385 people, including the township population (people): joint town of 77,346 Fengjiashan坝镇14059 2 11320 Township town 15,287 Zhuo Ma La County town of 10,050 rural BA Xiang 10,046 boat since 8369 Rural Cyclobalanopsis 9722 Shan Tangxiang 14,619 in 7745 after BA Xiang 3284 the South China Sea Rural 4814 Zhengyang township 10,431 Zhaizi Rural Peng Dongxiang 7106 o 6972 E 9787 Rural 10,998 small rural Wuli Township as early as 3879 of the Rural 3578-5857-Township Council 8296 rural workers and peasants bubble Rural Township 8872 West Sand BA Xiang 3953 and 9498 Xixiang 10,695 white 6907 Kowloon rural township of 7,121 yellow Xixiang 5910 Whitehead Rural Water 5689 fir 10,156 Lebanese Lingxiang 8073 Xinmin Township 5806 Huaxiang 5324 the new Tai Chi Xixiang 9332 8617 Clay Rural Township 6096 paddy field 10 minutes Rural Township 4011-6846-2677 Zhuo Xixiang Xixiang 6949 Urban Rural Water 4429 Po Li Huaxiang 5519 bend he Xiang Rural 8479-8212-6396 Xin'an Xinhua Rural Township 5254 willow Rural Township Hall, 3295 geese 3294 Chi township 7921 seepage BA Xiang 3489The end of 2000, administrative divisions: 8, two county jurisdiction town, 48 township (town), 517 village committees, 10 neighborhood committees, 3,588 groups of villagers, 48 residents group.The end of a population of 490,200 people.November 2001, the Qianjiang district administrative division adjustment, town and township administrative divisions of the town will be adjusted to three neighborhood offices, 15 towns and 12 townships.7 township retained the same: Peng Dongxiang, and so on.The white boat, the dam of two rural counties to establish a joint white boat town; original Zhuo Township, Zhuo Xixiang, Po Huaxiang merger of the establishment of a new Zhuo Township; original gold Xixiang, the establishment of a joint-Xi Xiang town, the South China Sea Township, set up after the merger of BA Xiang small town of the South China Sea; former Lebanese water, spent two new Rural Township merger of the establishment of UNIFIL.E-o-o-E to the rural town.Rural West foam into the sand BA Xiang; the morning of the rural township into the hole.(Other adjustments are still township in the collection.)The end of 2001, exempted three neighborhood offices, 15 towns and 12 townships, 489 village committees, 37 neighborhood committees, 3,588 groups of villagers, 148 residents group.The end of the whole region of the household registration number 137,500, the total population of 493,400 people, including non-agricultural population of 63,100 people.In 2002, the Qianjiang District exempted three streets Office (Chengdong, south, west), 15 towns (fengjiaba, Zhuo water, Ma La, the two rivers, the South China Sea small, white boat, stone, and the river, Huang River, the Lebanese water, Zhengyang, o E, stone, and goose pond, Jinxi), 12 townships (in Tong, Shaba, Shan Ling, Whitehead, Peng East, City Water, Wuli, the dong, Xinhua, Paddy field, tai chi, white clay), 54 neighborhood committees and 176 village committees.The end of 2002 household registration total population 499,700, of which non-agricultural population of 68,600 people.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Township ProfileSouth Street: Established in November 2001.Area of 70 square kilometres.The community's neighborhood committee with 14, four administrative villages, 125 villages (Habitat) the group, the total resident population 23,864, 6900, of which agricultural population of 13,430, 3,811, 8,000 people flow suspense around.Xian Xia nine community's neighborhood committee (Juwei three cities, rural Juwei 6), 55 residents group, the total resident population 7,505, 24,614, including non-agricultural population of 9,177 people, the population flow temporarily around 8000.Road traffic in the office.Chengdong streets: Established in November 2001.Area of 50 square km and eight community neighborhood committee jurisdiction, the total population of more than 60,000 people.In the Office of Yucai Road (Shicheng community Ju Wei).Story Street: Established in November 2001, the Qianjiang District of the political, cultural and sports centres.Chengdong and surrounding streets, respectively, south of the street, the town will stone, the town, sand BA Xiang, the small town bordering the South China Sea.Area of 89.734 square km and urban area of 2.5 square kilometres exempted seven community's neighborhood committee, an administrative villages, the resident population of 6,821, 23,007, temporary flow more than 5,000 population.Story streets Qianjiang District is building "30 million people in medium-sized city," the main expansion area, planning along the National Road 319 white-line construction Chichiawan, Park Bridge, Tung Tong district and three residents of mountain town.Yang Zhen is: in the southeast city of about 8 Qian Michu.Area of 43.9 square kilometres exempted five villages (Habitat) Committee, 21, of 3230, 1.2 million people..Fengjiashan town: Qianjiang District in central, 18 km away from Qianjiang City.Peng Dongxiang the east, south Zhuo Township, West and the adjoining paddy fields, North and are linked to Yang Zhen.Longitude 108 ° 46'59 ", north latitude and 29 ° 23'45".Area of 51 square kilometres.Exempted three neighborhood committees and five administrative villages, 54 villages (Habitat) the group, 7,089, 25,300, of which agricultural population of 22,156 people.Qianjiang District is the third largest town.Zhou white town: Qianjiang City in the northeast, away from Qianjiang City core area of 8 kilometers.Low-lying East West, the highest elevation 1,200 meters, 420 meters above sea level the lowest.2001, the original white boat, the dam of two rural counties to establish a joint white boat town.Area of 85.187 square km.Exempted six villages, two Ju Wei, 60 groups of villagers, 20,222 people.The town government in Zhangjiaba.Zhuo Township: Qianjiang District in the south, 32 km from the city.Ma La town of the east, even the two South town, west tai chi, water in the two townships, and the town of North Fengjiashan sector.2001, the original Zhuo Township, Zhuo Xixiang, Po Huaxiang merger of the establishment of a new Zhuo Township.Area of 105 square kilometres.Exempted 10 administrative villages, two Ju Wei, 79 village (residents) the group, the total population of 27,055, 7,426, of which urban resident population 8,930 people.The Town: Qianjiang District in the southwest, 23 km from the city.The maximum elevation of 800 meters, the minimum altitude of 600 meters.2001, the original of the Xixiang, Ping Xi Xiang (2 SHC Township) merger of the establishment of the town.Area of 84 square kilometres.Exempted a neighborhood committees, seven villages and 51 groups of villagers, 3987, 14,335 people.Stone Town Council: Qianjiang District in the west.Area of 128 square kilometres.Exempted three, six villages, 65 villages (Habitat) the group, 5,730, 21,641, of which agricultural population of 20,400 people.Small town of the South China Sea: Qianjiang District in the northern part of Hubei Province and Xian Fengxian dam area bordering the main roads.2001, the Rural South China Sea, after the establishment of a joint BA Xiang small town of the South China Sea.Area of 111.43 square kilometres.2002, exempted seven villages, a Ju Wei, 30 groups of villagers, four residents group, 2541, 9092 people.Two town: Qianjiang District in the south, away from the main city 50 kilometres east of the hole Rural, south of the Heishui Youyang town, west and the water in the rural town of goose pond, the north Zhuo Township.Is a mountain-oriented township, the highest elevation 1,400 meters, 378 meters above sea level the lowest.Area of 174 square kilometres.10 exempted village, three Ju Wei, 80, of 7620, 27,649 people, of whom 1,069 were non-farmers population.Is the most populous region, the largest area of the township.E-town neighbors: Qianjiang District in south-east, East and Hubei Xian Fengxian a town bordering Machi, Dongxiang west by the bottle, is Yang Zhen, Zhou white town north, the south Wuli Township.An average elevation of 1,050 meters.In 17 after the waste in the area at the first, for the rural Wuli ranks; for-15, 11-15 for the rural-Wuli; after the liberation of the rural jurisdiction of Wuli, an estuary (later changed For the second); sequence of 1952 will be the "capital" to "Village", the same year on January 5, Wuli Analysis of the rural home Peng Dongxiang; 1953, Peng Dongxiang Analysis of the rural home adjacent Hubei Province, adjacent to the territory of the E-Village Name, which means with the adjacent Hubei Province; October 1958, the establishment of neighborhood E Corporation, in 1983 changed its name to the rural neighborhood E, 2001 E adjacent to the town.Area of 50 square kilometres.Exempted four villages, two Ju Wei, 35 village (residents) the group, 3543, the total population of 13,305 people.Town Huang: Qianjiang District in the north-west, east Shan Ling Xiang, Northwest connected with the Lebanon Township, Lichuan City, Hubei Province and the southwest border.Area of 70 square kilometres.Original jurisdiction 15 administrative villages, 125 groups of villagers, including seven municipal Te Kuncun, district-level poverty-stricken village of five.October 2002 administrative villages in structural adjustment, exempted a Juwei, six village committee, 37 groups of villagers, 3600, the total population of 13,732 people.Huangqiao Juwei town government in three groups.Lebanon Township: Qianjiang District in the northwest, 96 km from the main city, Hubei and the text of fighting, huolongping two adjoining township, and the district town Huang, Shan Ling Xiang Lian sector.2001, the former Lebanese water, new flowers merger of the two townships.Area of 76 square km and exempted a Juwei, five village committee, 40 village (residents) the group, 3673, 13,009 people.Town resident Lebanese government dams.Black Town: from the main Qianjiang City 40 km, and the local stone, Whitehead, the South China Sea and the District of Pengshui County of Ulsan, even the lake, Liu Shi, such as six adjacent townships.Area of 94 square km and administered four villages, two neighborhood committees and 47 village (residents) the group has a population of 5,797, 22,165 (of which Tujia, Miao accounted for 51.8 per cent).Goose Pond Town: Qianjiang District in the southwest, the water in the rural east, the two town, south Youyang County Lang Ping Xiang, Chang Ling Zhen, west of Pengshui County Meiziya Township, north pillar home town.Area of 73.2 square kilometres.9 exempted village, 45, of 3428, 12,425 people.Chi Town exempted goose goose pond, Union, law and order in three villages, covering 1 square km and the resident population over 2,000 people.Ma La town: Qianjiang District in south-east, 47 km away from Qianjiang City.Area of 82 square kilometres.Exempted seven Village, a neighborhood committees and 131 groups, 5,110, 18,026, agricultural population accounts for 97.1 percent.Shek home town: Qianjiang District in the southwest, from the Central Government more than 50 km.Stone is the original home town of stone-District Working Committee (exempted seven Township) location.Area of 104 square kilometres.1 Juwei 9 exempted village, 55 groups of villagers, 4520, 14,663 people.Government in the town of stone homes River.In Tangxiang: Qianjiang District in the north-east, East and the town of Hubei Province, Chaoyang Xian Fengxian, Pingxiang Long live adjacent to the Southern white boat with the town bordering the West and critical Chengdong streets, the South China Sea North of small town close to main roads and dams Xian Fengxian Township.Area of 80.47 square km and jurisdiction in the pond, Hing-chuen, the victory, New Year, five pairs of stone, and other villages, 48 groups of villagers, 16,551 people.A resident of the village (on the names of the dam).Sha BA Xiang: Qianjiang District in the west.Qing Dynasty to the West pool, a bubble Water; was 27, the West pool and Rural Water bubble bubble into the rural West, 1953 East Analysis home network and building a rural, 1956 East vein, the building of two rural rehabilitation of the rural West bubble; built in 1958, led Shaba Corporation, West bubble Corporation; 2001, the original rural West foam into the sand BA Xiang.Area of 80 square kilometres.With 14 village 118 Group, 4490, 16,312 people.Paddy Township: Qianjiang in the main southern city, 16 km from the main urban areas.The highest elevation 1,229 meters, 680 meters above sea level at the end of most.Area of 40 square km and exempted four administrative villages, 2276, 8185 people.Rural Water City: Qianjiang District in the southwest, 53 km from the city.The average elevation of 1,200 meters, three-dimensional climate significantly, typical of the Alpine mountain.Area of 103 square kilometres.8 exempted village, 46, of 3335, 12,495 people.Township government in the old market dam.Rural Tai Chi: an average elevation of 750 meters.Area of 60 square kilometres.Exempted 18 administrative villages, 110 groups of villagers, 3497, 12,595 people.Xinhua TownshipThe hole Rural: Qianjiang District in south-east, 60 km from the city.Xinglong Town, Youyang County, east and Mu Ye Township; two counties west of the town and Zhuo Township; North sector Ma La town, south Youyang County, Heilongjiang River town.Before the liberation, is now Habitat domain Ehu townships, and after the liberation of Bailong Corporation, 1953 to the hole townships, in November 2001 into the back of the Heung Yee.Area of 92 square km and exempted 16 village, 105, of 3440, 11,940 people.Au Yeung in the village government.Wuli Township: Qianjiang District in the southeast border region, 39 km from the city, east of Hubei Province and the town of Xian Fengxian A Machi Youyang County Mu Ye township, west Peng Dongxiang, the North sector E-town neighbors, even the Ma La Town, South .Wuli is a rural Luo Qing Dynasty, in 17 after the waste in the area at the first, jurisdiction, in, under licence (for now Peng East, Wuli, o E Habitat domain), 5-territorial integrity, is now Habitat for the domain-5 to 10.After the liberation of an estuary (changed after the second), 1951, 1953 Peng successively out home Dongxiang, o E townships, to the 8th District.October 1958 establishment of Wuli Corporation.Area of 48 square km, with 14 administrative villages, 98, of 3321, 11,931 people, mainly in the Tujia ethnic minority of the total population of more than 53 per cent.Township Government in the dry river field.Peng Dongxiang: Qianjiang District in the southeastern territory, away from the main Qianjiang City Centre 23 km, is located in Azerbaijan because of their Pengjiang named after the east coast.Ma La east, Wuli, Fengjiashan the south, west and Afghanistan Pengjiang Zhengyang across the river, according to neighbors E North.January 5, 1952, Analysis of Wuli rural home Peng Dongxiang; 1953, Peng Dongxiang Analysis of the rural home adjacent Hubei Province.Area of 34.933 square km.Exempted five administrative villages, 24 groups of villagers, population 2,170, and 8,043 people.Resident fire Caoba village government.Ma has Tianba, fire Caoba two centres of small market towns.Clay TownshipShan Ling Xiang: Qianjiang in the northwest, 78 km away from Qianjiang City, Nanlin Whitehead Township, West Town, even yellow, north Lebanon Township, East and Xian Fengxian huolongping Hubei Province, bordering the main roads Pa.Area of 53.621 square km and exempted six administrative villages, 31 groups of villagers, 10,133 people.Rural People's Government Fort resident turtles.Whitehead Township: Qianjiang District in the northwest edge.Area of 95 square kilometres.2001 zoning adjustment, the jurisdiction of the Whitehead township owned the Kowloon and the regional rural reform, Ansan, tea Ping, Kowloon, Mrs Wang, tile Tangdeng six villages, a total of 19 administrative villages, 169 groups of villagers, 5410 , 19,659 people.Te Kuncun a five municipal, district-level Te Kuncun 4.Commissioner of the township government in Whitehead.

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