Beijing's Huairou District (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewBeijing's Huairou District in the north.Total area of 2128.7 square kilometres.Total population of 270,000 people (2002).Huairou District People's Government in the town of Fuqian Jie on the 15th.Zip code: 101400.Administrative division code: 110116.Code: 010.Pinyin: Huairou Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionQuanhe streets exempted 12 communities (Lok Fu, Lok Fu in the north, Bin Hu, Hu Guang, North Park, Yang home, Kim Park, the General Armament Department command Institute of Technology, Fuyu Court, Meiyuan, the Second District in their homes, communities open road).Yongsan streets exempted 12 communities (Commercial Street, Nancheng, Station Road, Longhu Village, a South China Garden District, Lai Lake, the South China Garden District 4, New Court, looking with the community, West Park Community , Yingbin Road, the South China Garden District communities).Huairou district exempted 30 village committees (East Guan Cun, South Guan Cun, Main Street East Village, South Street, and new-Street, and after the City Street, and stone factory village, Xiayuan Village, the Diaoyutai Village, the GE Village, since I Tang Village, the length of the village, Wang Village, Tai Zhuncun, Panjiayuan Village, Yang Yuen Estate, the home village, in the small village of Lok Fu, large and medium-sized Lok Fu Estate, the long Liu Village, 40 East Village , Lu Village, Rhodospirillum Zhencun, three West Village, Gan Jian Yucun, Mr Kwok Ka Wucun, the Red Army Village, Bangladesh Village, Xinglong Village, Wollongong Village).E-exempted a regional community (village communities), 21 village committees (Paradise Village, the Village of Chen, under the Village, the Village of Van, Yongle Village, North audience Village, Village North platform, under the Daxinzhuang Village, springs Tau Tsuen, Parkinson Maya village plant, Chang-yuan village, the village pond, Shen Tangyu Village, Crown Village, flakes Village, North Wan Village, the land of the village, the first Liangcun Road, Xishan of the village, Badao He Village, at the junction of Kawamura).Temple City exempted a community (Temple City Community), 18 village committees (two high Kawamura, Li 2 Kawamura, Xiaodu two Kawamura, Liu two Kawamura, the two largest Mrs Kawamura, Xiao two Kawamura, the Village of Zhao, Huo The Village, DIO, Choi of the Village, Temple Village, Peach Village, Wang Shi Village, the history of Sun Village, the Village high, solemnly Village, West Village on stage, the audience West Village).Beifang town exempted a community (well-being of the East Park Community); 16 village committees (Prime Minister Village, the Village all, Beifang Village, the South Village, Wong Ji Yingcun, Ma Fu Village, Liyuan Village, Andrew Village, Verizon Village, Village Ronaldinho, the Romanian village, Xiao Xin Village, the Village of the week, Xiao Zhou of the Village, the new village house, the victory village); Beijing Jingwei Industrial Development Zone.Yang Song Jin exempted a community (Fengxiang communities); 15 village committees (Song Yang Village, Sendai Village, the West Bank village of trees, in Fengcun North, South, Fengcun, Four Seasons Zhuncun, of the village, the village Geng Daxinzhuang , Zhanggezhuang Manchu Village, Garden Village, Guo Village, Village-being, since the mouth of the village, the village TaipingZhuang Manchu, Soe grass village); Fengxiang Technology Development Zone.Qiaozi town exempted 24 village committees (the former Qiaozi Village, after Qiaozi Village, Li Shan Village, the East Wucun tea, tea Wucun West, the former tea Wucun, Ping-yi at the village, Sha Meiyukou Village, new Wang Yucun, on Wang Yucun, and the Soviet Union Meiyukou Village, Qi Village, the East Fengshan Village, Hong Lam Tsuen, oral Village, Kay A Village, North Zhaicun, Meiyukou Village, Yugou Village, a village cross the river, the village after the Daxinzhuang , The former Daxinzhuang Village, East Village home Qin, Yang East Village).With the town of North exempted 10 village committees (the West Village, East Village, with the North Village, the Village of Long, God Village, the Village of Deng Xiaoping, the flood Yucun, He Fang Hau Tsuen, Tilia Village, the new Fengcun).Tanghe Town exempted a community (community-mouth); 22 village committees (trabecular former village, on the 2nd ditch Mun Village, L. Dianzi Village, Xu Yingcun, Galaxy Village, the gate of the village, Zhuanghu ditch Mun Village East apparatus Wan Village, Sai Wan Village, apparatus, the Elm Village, Sun Hung Kai Properties Village, Hekou Tang Village, Hedong Village, Tai Po Chi Village, even the stone Village, the ancient Dangou Mun Village, East Village, Huang Liang, Buying Cun, Rheum village, Xiao Huang village, after An Lingcun, the East Bay sub-village).Bohai Sea town exempted 20 village committees (the Bohai Sea village, King Yucun, Longquan Village, white Kimura, sand Yucun, the rule of the South Village, Tung Taiwan Village, iron ore Yucun, Ohari Yucun, Zhuanghu Village, Sancha Village, Xinglong Town Village, six cross the river village, four cross the river village, the three cross the river village, Ma Yucun, Reed Diancun, Xin Yingcun, North Camp Village, Tin Yucun cents).Jiudu He exempted the town of 18 village committees (four villages cross the river, Huang said the village, Kyrgyzstan Sicun, the regiment Quancun, in the village, landscaped Village, Jiudu He Village, L. Zhencun, Orient House Village, West Village, Taiwan, Huanghua Cheng village, hit Crossing Village, Shek Wu Yucun, West Water Yucun, two Guan Cun, apricot Taiwan Village, the village temple, Hongmiao Village).Glass Miaozhen exempted 25 village committees (the mountain Pu Cun, the East Yucun, Huangquanyucun, Parkinson search of the village, glass Miaocun, in the Tin Village, Nianzai Wan Village, her husband Yingcun, Anzhou Bacun, West Bay Village son, the former An Lingcun, double, Pu Cun, Dan Lingcun green, white Hebei Village, Langhu post Village, West Village table, Kawasaki-tea Village, Sun Hu Village, ditch Mun Village, fish tunnel village, Hebei Village, 8.30 acres in the village, the village table, Poplar Village, Leung Kan-Village).Baoshan town exempted 25 village committees (Baoshan Sicun, Yang Yuchi village, ultra-Mr Leung Tsz Village, the village, West Huang Liang Village, Pandao Village, West Village cap, Niujuanzi Village, rhubarb wood factory village, Xiao Huang wood plant Village, under the Fangcun, to the Village, Poplar Village, Zheng gate of the village, Wen gate of the village, under the gate of the village, four Kawamura, moral Hang Village, Yang Pocun, pine Taiwan Village, 40 Wopu Village, Nianzai Village, vegetables Diancun tree, three village, Jiang village).Rural post-Manchu camp exempted 24 village committees (South East Village, the old West Village, has a long post Yingcun, Yao Village, Poplar Wan Village, two Kawamura, Divergence Village, land of the village, Elm Wan Village , Kwu Tung Village, seven Liangcun, North Wan Village, the East Xindian Village, Village North dry, four Kawamura, the Village, the gate of the village, seven Kawamura, Badao He Village, West Village, after the Village, on the Meng Yingcun, the old ditch Mun Village, three sub-village).Labagoumen Manchu Rural exempted 15 village committees (cap village, Hu Yingcun, four Point Village, West House Yingcun, Yu Diancun, under the Hebei Village, Sun gate of the village, North Xindian Village, Miao Yingcun, Guanmao Village, Labagoumen Village, DADIANZI Village, the East Fork village, Kok ditch Mun Village, the village on the table).(* under "administrative divisions of the Beijing Municipal Code" Finishing *)-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History2000, Huairou County, exempted 10 towns and five rural, total population 296,002, the township population: 112,662 town of Huairou town of 17,475 E-Town, 18134 Beifang Yang Song temple town of 17,016 urban town of 22,485 with 24,296 Qiaozi town of 15,915 north - Bohai Sea estuary town of 7174 the town of 16,608 the town of 16,446 glass Jiudu He Miaoxiang 6913 baoshansi 4517 Nianzi rural township of 3,458 rural post camp Manchu Manchu 7536 Labagoumen Rural 5367 (according to the fifth census data; units:)December 30, 2001, the State Council approved the dismantling of Huairou County, the county district.February 7, 2002, the Beijing Municipal People's Government (Beijing governance of the [2002] 6) approved: (1) approved by the State Council, the revocation of Huairou County, the establishment of Huairou District.To the Huairou County, the regional administrative district of Huairou District.Huairou District People's Government in the town of Huairou Fuqian Jie.(2) set up in the town of Huairou Quanhe, Yongsan two neighborhood offices, and the remaining township formed and administrative divisions remain unchanged.April 16, 2002, Huairou District officially listed.In 2002, the Huairou District exempted two streets, 12 towns and two townships: Quanhe streets, Yongsan streets; town of Huairou, E-Town, Beifang Town, Yang Jin Song, the temple town, Qiaozi town, with the town of North , Tanghe Town, the Bohai Sea town, Jiudu He Town, glass Miaozhen, Baoshan town; post-Manchu rural camps, Labagoumen Manchu Township.2005, Huairou District exempted two streets (Yongsan streets, Quanhe streets), the three areas (Huairou, Temple City, E-region), 12 towns (the town of Huairou, the temple town, Yang Jin Song, Beifang Town, E-Town, with the town of North, the Bohai Sea town, Jiudu He Town, Qiaozi town, glass Miaozhen, Tanghe Town, Baoshan town), two nationality townships (Labagoumen Manchu Township, has a long post camp Manchu Township) .

Beijing's Huairou District geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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