Xinjiang Regional Tumxuk (Administrative division) Satellite maps

Overview Zip code: 843806 code: 659003 code: 0998 Pinyin: Tumushuke ShiTumxuk located in the northwest edge of the Tarim Basin south of the western part of Tianshan Mountains, the western margin of the Taklimakan Desert; geographical coordinates in longitude 78 ° 38 '~ 79 ° 50', latitude 40 ° 04 '~ 39 ° 36' between North O Aksu, Kashi west, surrounded by Awati, Bachu, Keping three counties.Total area of 1927 square km and the total population of 110,000 people (2004).Municipal People's Government in the town of Le-dry it (52 corporations).Tumxuk to the regional boundaries for: self-east longitude 79 ° 29'00 ", north latitude and 40 ° 05'50", south east longitude 79 ° 34'30 ", north latitude and 40 ° 00'40", Presentation of the south south east longitude 79 ° 36'30 ", north latitude and 39 ° 54'00", presentation of the south-west longitude 79 ° 33'00 ", north latitude and 39 ° 51'30" re-presentation of the west, by 1082 , 1091,1087,1088 meters elevation point, he does not root River, Yeerqiang Hebei side of the south-Hill, 49 Mission 6 with the south, small Haizi Reservoir, the diversion channel to the south east longitude 78 ° 43'29 " E, 39 ° 39'06 ", along Xiaohaizi 500 million cubic meters capacity of the reservoir submerged line outside the dam 150 meters to the north, north-Pa lateral drains to the northeast, as even the northern part of a hydraulic Mission Pack south, along the Ma Weak and the west side, south, east to the foothills south highway along the highway north to east longitude 78 ° 52'10 ", north latitude and 39 ° 45'38", the northeast boundary of the whole north side by longitude 78 ° 54'15 " E, 39 ° 46'50 ", Rick Coombe Wood River, Wing On the west side of the reservoir dam and the northwest side of the Ukraine Mazha Mt, 1,100 meters elevation, Bao Er Taha foot elevation 1,116 meters, then pack the east Luepian North, the 1,098 m 1.30 points to the starting point.Geomorphological features performance for the plains, sand dunes, and so on.Mazartag the city, Khartoum Polishchuk, such as Shan, a Northwest - North direction.The average annual temperature of 11.6 ℃, the hottest month (July) the average temperature of 25 ℃ ~ 26.7 ℃, the most Lengyue (January) the average temperature of -6.6 ℃ ~ -7.3 ℃, extreme maximum temperature 42.2 ℃, extreme minimum temperature of -24.2 ℃ ; Frost-free period, an average of 225 days, the annual precipitation 38.3 mm.Administrative divisionCorps agricultural division three of the 44 Mission, 49 Mission, 50 Mission (its cover, Mr Dan town), 51 Mission, 52 Mission (Le-dry but the town), 53 corporations (Piqia Nixon to the town), six peasants and herdsmen Mission Field and other.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryYear 75, the Eastern Han Dynasty Ban Chao Li Shi rate of 36 to the Western Regions, in the foothills of Khartoum Polishchuk Tuo City Line (that is entrusted to the ancient city of Zisa, called the nine Chinese palaces, later known as the Tang Wang City) at 17.After the liberation, 1950, six districts located in Bachu county, district plans for the three-shock zone.1958, the district plans to map-shock-shock Corporation.1960, the Office of Reclamation in the autonomous region plans to establish map-shock-shock the field (also known as Bachu the field).In 1965, Khartoum shock Corporation plans wood into the market shock.1969, Khartoum and its total shock breakout, small Haizi Reservoir and Reservoir Management Office, and so classified as agricultural formed three divisions.In 1975, farmers formed three divisions withdrawn, map-shock field was placed under the Kashi region Ge Weihui Farm Bureau.1982, the resumption of agricultural formed three divisions.Formed after the change, the three divisions exempted agricultural irrigation area and two of three mountain pastures, Khartoum is the location of the original shock Xiaohaizi Irrigation District.1997 Central order to further strengthen the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, issued in the [1997] Document No. 17, approved in the agricultural division plans three-shock Reclamation (Xiaohaizi Irrigation District) to establish Tumxuk for the autonomous region directly under the county level City.September 17, 2002, the State Council issued the "State Council agreed on the establishment of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region county Tumxuk the letter of approval" (the letter [2002] No. 82): agree to the establishment of county-level Tumxuk, the people of the city The Government is in dry-Le.November 29-December 3, Tumxuk held the first People's Congress of the first meeting.December 30, 2003, the autonomous regional people's government issued "on the establishment of Tumxuk (county level) on the issue of notice" (New Deal of the [2003] No. 86).January 19, 2004, Tumxuk official was set up.

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