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OverviewLocation area:Datong City, Shanxi Province in the northern end of east longitude 112 ° 34'-114 ° 33 ', north latitude and 39 ° 03'-40 ° 44'.North of the Great Wall outside the sector, and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Fengzhen, Liangcheng County, adjacent to the West, South and the province of Shuozhou City, connected Xinzhou City, Hebei Province, East and Yangyuan, Lai Yuen, Yuxian phase grounding.Total area of 14,176 square km / 14112.56 square kilometres.[National] population total population of 2.98 million (2003).[Terrain] climate[Resident Zip code:Municipal People's Government in the City welcome West Road.Zip code: 037008.Administrative division code: 140200.Code: 0352.Pinyin: Datong Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, four Shixia Datong City area, seven counties.Datong area of 14,176 square kilometres, population 2.98 million (2003).City area of 46 square kilometres, population 580,000.ZIP code 037008.District People's Government in the Yingbin Road on the 30th.Mining area of 62 square kilometres, population 440,000.ZIP code 037001.District People's Government in the new Pingwang same-chuen, 248 West Road.South suburban area of 966 square kilometres, population 280,000.ZIP code 037001.District People's Government in the May 1 Road.The new area-1006 square km and population 110,000.ZIP code 037002.High-county area of 1678 square kilometres, population 290,000.ZIP code 038100.County People's Government in the Longquan town.Days in the town area of 1635 square kilometres, population 210,000.ZIP code 038200.Yuquan County People's Government in the town.Ling-county area of 1283 square kilometres, population 180,000.ZIP code 037500.County People's Government in the pot Quanzhen.Lingqiu County area of 2720 square kilometres, population 230,000.ZIP code 034400.Wu Ling County People's Government in the town.Hunyuan County area of 1965 square kilometres, population 350,000.ZIP code 037400.County People's Government in Yongan Zhen.Zuoyun County area of 1314 square kilometres, population 140,000.ZIP code 037100.County People's Government in the cloud Xingzhen.Datong County area of 1501 square kilometres, population 170,000.ZIP code 037300.County People's Government in the West坪镇.* Quhuadiming information here until December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)," By the end of 2003 the population.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryZhao is the Warring States Period, the Qin-County home.Northern Wei Hing days the first year of its capital here.Heng On Northern Qi Tianbao 2007 renamed the town, Northern Zhou Chi-yun of the county, Sui to the county within the cloud.Tang Kaiyuan 18 years (730) in the home-and-gun-Chau.Liao 13-year-Hee (1044) Xijing this urban construction in Datong, 17 years (1048) in Datong County, home of Guo.Since then, Datong County were used Weigai.Xijing Road in charge of the House of Datong.Yuan as a result Xijing Road, Yuan 25 years (1288) renamed Datong Road; Tai first year (1309) to be staying in both the Secretary for four years (1311)-a Xuanwei Si.Yuan 2002 (1265) into the clouds in Datong County, the county.Hong-2007 (1374) for the Datong House rule.Anti-Japanese War period is divided into east and west of Datong County.After the liberation in May 1949, Datong City for the construction of Datong City, a Chahar Province.Datong City in 1952 by the Chahar province was placed under Datong City, Shanxi Province, to cities in Shanxi Province.Datong City, Shanxi Province in 1958 was placed under the agency leadership.1961 Datong City to the provincial Crown.1964-based Datong (in Datong City), Huairen (in the town of Huairen) 2 counties (Datong, 2 Huairen County in 1954 when the merger is Yanbei area for Daren County, incorporated in Datong City in 1958), from Datong City leaders.1965 will Datong, 2 Huairen County was placed under Yanbei area.1970 Yanbei area was placed under the leadership of Datong City.1972 Datong City to the provincial Crown.Yanbei area, Shanxi Province area, Yanbei area, the Yanbei area in 1952 was placed under Chahar Yanbei area in Shanxi Province, the reason Chahar directly under the county town of days assigned to Yanbei area, the agency in Datong City .Jurisdiction of Datong, Yang, the town of days, Kwong Ling, Ling Qiu, Hunyuan, counties, Huairen, San (in Daiyue town), Shuoxian, Ping Lu, You Yu, 13 Zuoyun County.1954 Datong, 2 Huairen County merger, changed its name to Daren county (in Datong City).Yanbei area exempted 12 counties.1958 revocation Yanbei area, Shanxi Province to set up zones, the agency in Datong City.Directly under the original province in Datong City and the original Yanbei area owned Daren, the town of days, Ling Qiu, counties, Shuoxian, Zuoyun, Yang, Ling Guang, Hunyuan, Shanyin, Ping Lu, 12 Youyu County, and the original Xin Xin County area owned County, the county, 5, Yang Qu, Lanxian, Kelan, Hequ, Wuzhai, Ningwu, Guo Mountain counties, Fan Zhi, Ding Xiang, Jingle, Xingxian, Baode, Pianguan, Shen Chi, and other 17 counties included in Shanxi Province area.Revocation of Yangqu County, into the Taiyuan; remove Daren County, Datong City and San incorporated into the county; County should be revoked, into the San County; revocation Xin County, Dingxiang County 2, Xin County set up a joint (in the original Xin County).Guo Mountain withdrawn, and two counties, will be incorporated into the Guo Mountain in Ningwu County, parts of the county; behalf of Fanzhi County into parts of the county; Guo Mountain, and the rest of the merger of two counties set up the original County (Guo Mountain in the county).Revocation of Kelan Xian, into the Wuzhai County; revocation Shenchi County, into the Wuzhai, Ningwu County, 2; revocation Lanxian, into the Jingle Xian; revocation Bao Dexian, into the bend, Xingxian County 2; revoked Pianguan County, into the Hequ County, the county town of revocation of days, into the high-County; revocation Guangling County, into the Hunyuan County; revocation Ping Lu County, into the Shuoxian; revocation Youyu County, into the Zuoyun County.Jurisdiction of Datong City, Shanxi Province area and set Xin, former Ping, Fanzhi, 5, Jingle, Xingxian, Hequ, Wuzhai, Ningwu, Yang, Ling Qiu, Hunyuan, Shanyin, Shuoxian, Zuoyun, etc. 15 counties.In 1960, the restoration of Guangling, Baode, Pianguan, County 4 County.Former Hennepin County moved to the former Guo Mountain in the original Pingzhen.Shanxi Province in an area exempted, the 19 counties.1961 revocation of Shanxi Province area, rehabilitation for Yanbei area, the agency in Datong City.Datong City to the provincial Crown.Xin will be, Ningwu, the original level, Fanzhi, 5, Jingle, Xingxian, Hequ, Wuzhai, Baode, Pianguan County was placed under 11 Xin County area.Restoration of the town of days (days in the county town), Lu Ping (in wells坪镇), Youyu (in Youyu County) three counties.Yanbei area exempted 11 counties.Datong owned Datong City in 1965 (in Datong City), 2 Huairen County (the two counties as the 1964 restoration), assigned to Yanbei area.13 county jurisdiction.Yanbei area in 1970 renamed the Yanbei area, the region in Datong City.Jurisdiction of Datong and Datong (in Datong City), Yang, the town of days, Kwong Ling, Ling Qiu, Hunyuan, Huairen, counties, San (in Daiyue town), Shuoxian, Ping Lu (in wells坪镇), Zuoyun, Youyu County, 13.1971 from Datong City in Datong County resident relocation Xiping.1972 Datong City to the provincial Crown.Yanbei area exempted 13 counties.1973 Youyu County resident relocation liangjiayoufang.(From: "History of the People's Republic of Administrative Region (1949-1979)" History of Music series)June 25, 1993, the State Council (the letter [1993] No. 93) approved: revocation of Yanbei area; original jurisdiction of the Yanbei area Zuoyun, Datong, Yang, the town of days, Hunyuan, Kwong Ling, Ling Qiu 7 County was placed under the leadership of Datong City; original jurisdiction of the Yanbei area Huaiyu, Youyu, the county should be classified as three counties of Shuozhou city leaders.», The entire Shixiazuoyun, Datong, Yang, the town of days, Hunyuan, Kwong Ling, Ling Qiu seven counties and urban areas, mining areas, suburbs and the new South Wing, five rural town 22, 29 neighborhood offices.2000, the fifth census data (unit: people. Prevailing administrative division): 537,598 mines in Datong City 30015081 southern outskirts of 422,517 new 460,714-105,915-yang County District 262,565 days in the town of 187,832-162,548 Ling Ling Qiu County, the county 209713 Hunyuan County, 325,763 in Datong County, 163,366 Zuoyun County 162977

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