Zhoushan City in Zhejiang Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewZhoushan City of geographical coordinates for longitude 121 ° 30'-123 ° 25 ', north latitude and 29 ° 32'-31 ° 04'.Habitat domain things 182 km long, 169 km north-south width.Total area of 1440 square kilometres.Total population of 970,000 people (2004).Municipal People's Government in the State Road Dinghai District Chang, 60, Zip code: 316000.Administrative division code: 330900.Code: 0580.Pinyin: Zhoushan Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------* List of township administrative divisions streets information as at December 31, 2005; area, the population according to "Jane List (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.Zhoushan City area of 1440 square kilometres, population 970,000 people.Exempted two City area, two counties.Dinghai area of 569 square kilometres, population 370,000 people.Zip code 316000.District People's Government in the liberation of street No. 106 Jiefang Lu.Putuo District area of 459 square kilometres, population 320,000 people.Zip code 316100.District People's Government in the streets Beian Lu Chen Jiamen, 255.Daishan County area of 326 square kilometres, population 200,000 people.Zip code 316200.County People's Government in the high Tingzhen people Road No. 88.Sheng Sixian area of 86 square kilometres, population 80,000 people.Zip code 202450.County People's Government in the gardens of Shahe Township Road 388.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryZhoushan is the size by more than 400 islands.Islands, Zhoushan Island to the largest of its "shape such as Zhou Yi," Gu Ming Zhoushan.Zhoushan Islands in the Spring and Autumn when the country is East Lian "Zuo Zhuan", the "national language" as Ningbo East sentence or Ningbo East, East County chapter Huiji sentence Nakasu.Tang Kaiyuan 26 years (AD 738) Kou Weng County home, this is the beginning of the county built in Zhoushan, after the repeal, Song Shenzong Shaoxi 2006 (1073 AD)-based county, renamed Chang States.Kangxi 22 years (Year 1683) Taiwan's pacification, the second year in Zhejiang Zhao Xun Fu-lin, and other barriers to Ningbo, Zhoushan is, the proposed unmanning defense.27, (Year 1688) Hainei Dading, the emperor Qin Ming to Dinghai, the county is scheduled to Zhenhai County.Dinghai the name of the resulting before.Zhoushan zones established in 1953, January 27, 1987 the establishment of Zhoushan City, as provincial-level jurisdiction in the city.Spring and Autumn Period, Zhoushan is more, "the Ningbo East" (Yongjiang of the East), Yu said that "sea Nakasu."Tang Kaiyuan 26 years (738) home counties, in order to have Aung San and named as "Aung San county."Tai calendar 2006 (771), Yuan Chao was due to the military uprising of Aung San was dismantling county government waste.Xi-ning six years the Northern Song Dynasty (1073) for the county again, renamed "Chang of the county."Yuan, rising for the county.Hong-2002 (1369), to the state for the county; Hongwu Chang spent 20 years of the county.To the early Qing Dynasty, has twice moved to the people.26 years of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1687) for the county again, renamed "Dinghai County," Daoguang when promoted, "the Office of Dinghai Zhili."After the Revolution of 1911, the restoration of Dinghai County formed.In the 38 years (1949) set at sea, Fu state counties.May 17, 1950 liberation of Zhoushan Islands, the establishment of Dinghai County People's Government, the Ningbo area jurisdiction.1953 3 menstrual Cabinet approval, Dinghai County area is divided into Dinghai, Putuo, Daishan three counties, from Jiangsu Province, assigned to Shengsi Xian, the establishment of Zhoushan area.1954 will Ningbo zones were originally included in Xiangshan County.In 1958 in Xiangshan County was placed under Taizhou area.1959 dismantling Dinghai, Putuo, Daishan, Sheng Sixian, a joint establishment of Zhoushan County.November 1960, Shengzhou, capital was placed under the Shanghai Municipal People's Commune.May 1962 withdrawal Zhoushan County, the re-establishment of Zhoushan area, administered Dinghai, Putuo, Daishan, the Qu, Shengsi County, capital of 5.1964 revocation of the Quxian, was placed under its jurisdiction were Daishan, Shengsi County, capital of 2.March 1967 has renamed the area of Zhoushan in Zhoushan.January 1987, approved by the State Council, and the revocation of Zhoushan in Dinghai, Putuo two counties, the establishment of Zhoushan City, the jurisdiction 2 (Dinghai District, Putuo District) 2 counties (Daishan County, Shengsi Xian), implemented by city leaders, county The new system.(Source)Late 1994, the city set up two areas (Dinghai, Putuo which the Dinghai District party and government organs in July and therefore the city party and government organs counterparts合署办公), 2 counties (Daishan, Sheng Si), a total of four streets, the town 26 , 37 townships, and the total population of 979,900 people.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population in Zhoushan City 1001530 people.Of which: Dinghai District 369,448 people, 346,237 people Putuo District, Daishan County, 197,483 people, Sheng Sixian 88,362 people.In 2002, the administrative division tables (based on "Practical Handbook of Zhejiang Province Quhuadiming" rendering, Quhuadiming information as of September 2002)Total area of square kilometresBuilt-up areas square kilometresTotal population of 000Non-agricultural population of 000Street -Town -Rural -Community -A residential areaThe village ofResidentZipDinghai DistrictSixJulyThreeNovemberThe liberation of street No. 106 Jiefang LuPutuo DistrictThreeJulyFourJulyBeian Lu Chen Jiamen streets, 255Daishan CountyJulyTingzhen the high road No. 88Sheng SixianThreeFourNovemberGardens of the town of Shahe Road 388(Total)September24 -DecemberChang Dinghai District No. 60 of the RoadAccording to this table, "Zhejiang Quhuadiming practical manual" rendering, Quhuadiming information as of September 2002.As at December 31, 2005, a total of nine city streets, 23 towns and 12 townships.

Zhoushan City in Zhejiang Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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