Wulanchabu League in Inner Mongolia (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewWulanchabu city in central Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, at longitude 109 ° 16'-114 ° 49 ', north latitude and 39 ° 37'-43 ° 28'.Things 458 km long, 442 km north-south width.Hebei Province, bordering the eastern and north-eastern and adjacent Xilin Gol League in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and connected to the south, west and the autonomous regional capital of Hohhot adjacent to the northern border with Mongolia, over 100 km long borderline.Total area of 54,491 square kilometres.Total population of 2.7 million people (2004).Jining Municipal People's Government in the area Wulanchabu Street, Zip code: 012000.Administrative division code: 150900.Code: 0474.Pinyin: Wulanchabu Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, Wulanchabu Shixia a city area, five counties, four flag, hosted a county-level city.Wulanchabu city area of 54,491 square kilometres, population 2.7 million (2004).Jining area of 114 square kilometres, population 260,000.ZIP code 012000.District People's Government in the TU and the road.Fengzhen City area of 2703 square kilometres, population 310,000.ZIP code 012100.Zhuo-county area of 3119 square kilometres, population 230,000.ZIP code 012300.County People's Government in the Chaplin-Town.Huade county area of 2527 square kilometres, population 160,000.ZIP code 013350.Changshun County People's Government in the town.Have the area of 4304 square kilometres County, population 330,000.ZIP code 013450.People's Government in the county to have the town.- County area and 3520 square km and population 300,000.ZIP code 013650.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Liangcheng County area of 3,451 square kilometres, population 230,000.ZIP code 013750.County People's Government in the Daihai town.Chahar right-wing former flag of 2734 square kilometres, population 260,000.ZIP code 012200.Flag People's Government in the Urals town of your soil.Chahar right-wing flag in the area of 4200 square kilometres, population 210,000.ZIP code 013550.Ke Buer flag People's Government in the town.Chahar after the right-wing flag of 3803 square kilometres, population 210,000.ZIP code 012400.Flag People's Government in the bayan qagan town.Siziwangqi area of 24,016 square km and population 200,000.ZIP code 011800.Flag People's Government in the town of Ulan spent.* Quhuadiming information here until December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population At the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryIn 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Wulanchabu League total population of 2284414 people.Of which: Jining Shi 272,448 people, 264,204 of Fengzhen City, Zhuo-County 172,867 people, Huade County, 129,161, 276,156 people have the county, county-and 250,261 people, 197,098 people Liangcheng County, Chahar right-wing former flag 209448 , In the Walled City Hall right-wing flag of 167,203 people, Chahar after the right-wing flag 164,980 people, Siziwangqi 180,568 people.December 1, 2003, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2003] 122): revocation of Wulanchabu League, the establishment of Wulanchabu city level.(1) revoke Wulanchabu League and county-level Jining Shi, the establishment of Wulanchabu city level.Municipal People's Government in the newly established Jining district Wulanchabu Street.(2) Wulanchabu the establishment of Jining City area.Jining Shi to the original county-level administrative region to Jining district administrative region, the District People's Government in the TU and the road.(3) Wulanchabu Shixia the original Prince of the four Wulanchabu League flag, Chahar flag of the former right-wing, right-wing Chahar after the flag, Chahar in the right-wing flag, Huade County, to all counties, and Xing County, Zhuo-county, Liangcheng County, and the newly established Jining district.Wulanchabu League of the original county-level autonomous region directly under the Fengzhen City.

Wulanchabu League in Inner Mongolia geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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