Beijing's Xuanwu District (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewTotal area of 17 square kilometres.Total population of 570,000 people (2002).Street Baizhi Fang District People's Government in Guangan Men Street South.Zip code: 100054.Administrative division code: 110104.Code: 010.Pinyin: Xuanwu Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionXuanwu District exempted eight streets: Bai Zhifang streets, Dazhalan streets, Chunshu streets, the wide streets, wide streets outside, the Niujie Street, Tao Ranting streets, bridges streets.Dazhalan streets exempted 10 communities: the front door West Heyan, Life Extension Street, Mitsui, Dazhalan Street West, Langfang two communities, Shi Jia, stone, Tieshu Xie Jie, Baishun, big Alan Business community.Flyover streets exempted nine communities: certificates of business communities, community-Factory Road, flyovers district, Paul Zhang Jie headlines, South Road, Hospital Road, south latitude, Yong'an Road, Hu Fanglu, Taiping Street community.Chunshu streets exempted six communities: Sun Dong Street, Liulichang, Chunshu Park, Sichuan business community, the red line, beam home communities.Tao Ranting streets exempted eight communities: m in the community, fruit Lane, the glass powder Street, Fuzhou Museum, emerging in the community, and Yao Chang, Longquan, clay shop community.Guangan Men in the street exempted 19 communities: West Pianmen Silesia, Pianmen East, West, North Huai cypress, Changchun Jie West, South Huai cypress, Hetaoyuan Formation community, at Temple, the community Xiejie , Xuanwu Men West Main Street, Temple Street, the three communities, school field on the six community, recreational, community, Guang'an in the East, East Main Street, the old Qianggen, Changchun Jie, the West will be the building, long-chun in the community, school field Community.Niujie Street exempted 10 communities: East in the Niujie community, the spring breeze, Niujie Silesia, Steel Community Hospital, South Pavilion of the community, the community gardens in the north, Fenghua, Fayuan Si, white-Canton Road, jujube Park community.Bai Zhifang streets exempted 18 communities: Plain in the community, double Huaili, the right North Main Street, Ying Taoyuan, Sung validity Temple, vegetable Street, in Jiangong North community, Jiangong South Lane, Sinan, in the community, Annan, the new community, right in West Street, right behind within the community, sources in the community, half step bridge, road rehabilitation, Liren Street, Wan Boyuan, Qing Zhiyuan community.Guangan Men streets outside the jurisdiction 28 communities: Ducks Bridge community, youth Lake, Chunshu Museum, cabbage Bay Community, East Main Street, West Street station, the station on the 17th Street West Community Hospital, on the 15th Street Station Hospitals Community, small Hongmiao, red Habitat Street, Hung Hom Habitat, a handkerchief I Street, Main Street West, Honglian South Lane, in Honglian in the community, Honglian in the North, of Bay Street, MA Lian Communities, the three-in the community, in the Malian Dao in the community, just three communities in the East, Lotus River, pony plant communities, Tianning Temple in the North, South, Tianning Temple, a handkerchief I North Street, Tianning Temple OFTA, the Tianning Temple of the community.(* under "administrative divisions of the Beijing Municipal Code" Finishing *)-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryIn 2000, the Xuanwu District exempted nine streets.Total population of 526,132 people, the street population: 42,973 Dazhalan street street flyover 45,679 Chunshu streets 53373-39874 Tao Ranting streets in the streets 80552 Niujie Street 47210 Bai Zhifang streets outside the 85,374-113,155 street Qinghe street 17,942 (based on the fifth population Census data; units:)In 2002, the Xuanwu District exempted eight streets: Dazhalan streets, bridges streets, Chunshu streets, Tao Ranting streets, Guangan Men in the street, the Niujie Street, Bai Zhifang streets, Guangan Men in the street.In 2005, the Xuanwu District exempted eight streets: Bai Zhifang streets, Dazhalan streets, Chunshu streets, the wide streets, wide streets outside, the Niujie Street, Tao Ranting streets, bridges streets.

Beijing's Xuanwu District geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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