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The name: the Republic of Turkey (The Republic of Turkey)Independence Day: October 29 (1923)Republic Day: October 29 (1923)National Anthem: "independent Marche"Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.Face as red flag, flagpole on the side of a white crescent and the Yi Wan Wu Jiaoxing a white.Red symbolizes the blood and victory; crescent and star symbol of the dark, drove them off and ushered in a bright future, also marked the Turkish people of the Islamic faith, but also symbolizes happiness and good fortune.National Emblem: logo for the Yi Wan Crescent and a Wujiao Xing, with the implication the same as the national flag.Sometimes placed on a red-and oval-shaped, its top read, "the Turkish Republic."National political figures: President Ahmad, Tesezeer-generation (ahmed necdet sezer), 2000年5月16, took office.Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Recep Tayyip Erdogan), 2003年3月representation; Vice Premier and Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul (Abdullah Gul), 2003年3月representation.Physical Geography: Turkey across Asia, Europe two continents, located between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.Most of the territory in Asia Asia Minor Peninsula, south-eastern parts of Europe in the Balkans, the country's total area of about 780,576 square kilometers.Eastern sector of Iran, the Northeast neighbors Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Syria and the southeast, bordering Iraq, northwest and Bulgaria, Greece adjacent to the north foreshore the Black Sea, the West and Southwest at the sea from the Mediterranean Sea and Cyprus.Bosporus and Dardanelle Straits and the Straits between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea and the Mediterranean communication is the only waterway, very important strategic position.A coastline of 3,518 km.East West low terrain, most of the plateau and mountain, only a narrow strip of coastal plain.Turkish ParliamentMediterranean climate is subtropical coastal areas, inland plateau to the savannah and desert climate of transition.Larger temperature difference.The average annual temperature for 14-20 ℃ and 4-18 ℃.The average rainfall in the Black Sea coast 700-2500 mm, the Mediterranean coast of 500-700 mm, landlocked 250-400 mm.Population: 67.31 million (2002).Accounting for more than 80 percent of Turks, Kurds account for about 15 percent.Turkish as Mandarin, 80 percent of the population is Turkish, in addition to Kurdish, Armenian, Arab and other ethnic and Greece.Residents in 99 percent of the Muslim.Turkey Independence MonumentCapital: Ankara (Ankara), is located in the north-western Anatolia Plateau, is an elevation of 900 meters around the ancient city of Plateau, has a population of 3.9 million (2002).A brief history: the Turks is the birthplace of China's Xinjiang Altai area, Shicheng Turk.East 7th century, Xi Tujue Khanate by Tang has been out.8-13 century, the Turks moved to West Asia Minor.The establishment of the early 14th century Ottoman Empire.The 15th and 16th century entered its peak period, the territory extends to Europe, Asia, Africa three continents.16 end of the century began the decline.The early 20th century, becoming Britain, France, Germany and other countries of the semi-colonies.Mustafa Kay at the end of 1919 Seoul launched the national bourgeoisie revolution, in 1922 against external aggression army, October 29, 1923 the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, President-elect Kay at the end of Seoul.March 1924, abolished the Ottoman Caliphate (Islamic leaders of the former monarch) of the throne.Administrative Division: Turkey administrative divisions of class as provincial, county, township and village.The country is divided into 81 provinces, about 600 counties, more than 36,000 villages.Istanbul was built in 1616 in Sudan Ahmed Mosque, six Xuanli tower, is the world's only existing tower six mosques, "the blue mosque," the world-famousPolitics: the current constitution on November 7, 1982 adopted and entered into force, is the third of the Constitution.Constitution: soil for the nation, democracy, secularism and national implementation of the rule of law.Grand National Assembly as the supreme legislative body.Universal direct elections, 18 years old and above citizens have the right to vote.Only more than 10 percent of the votes the party to have seats in parliament.Grand National Assembly, a total of 550 seats, the proportion of the population, according to the provincial general election for a term of five years.The Government also known as the Council of Ministers.Turkish Parliament passed a new Criminal Code to pave the way for accession to EUEconomy: Turkey is a traditional agriculture and animal husbandry, agriculture better, grain, cotton, vegetables, fruits, meat and other basic self-sufficiency in agricultural production value of the entire gross national product of around 20 percent.Agricultural employment population of the total population of 46 percent.Major agricultural products are wheat, barley, maize, sugar beet, cotton, tobacco and potato, and so on.Food and fruit to self-sufficiency and export.ANKARA, famous for wool.Rich mineral resources, there are boron, chromium, copper, iron, bauxite and coal, and so on.Boron oxide and chromium ore reserves are about 70 million tons and 100 million tons, rank highest in the world.Coal reserves of about 6.5 billion tons, mostly lignite.20 million hectares of forest area.However, oil and natural gas shortages, to be imported in large quantities.Industrial base to a certain extent, textile, food industry more developed.The main industrial sectors include iron and steel, cement, machinery and electrical products and automobile.Western industrial and agricultural highly developed coastal areas, blocking traffic in the eastern interior, the level of productivity has lagged behind.Cappadocia Shilin and the fairy-stone camels.The Stone Forest in Ankara, about 280 kilometers southeast of Ewanuosi, ranking to the United States and Urgup three towns between a triangle, an area of several hundred square kilometers.Ancient times here five volcanic eruption of lava from a volcanic plateau of the terrain unique, cutting the region满布volcanic rocks from the countless Qixingguaizhuang the stalagmite, broken rocks and cavesTurkey enjoys abundant tourism resources, in the length and breadth of historical monuments, the world's seven wonders of the Artemis Temple women, the historic city of Istanbul, the ancient city, and so Ai Feisi.Tourism has become an important pillar of the LDC one of the national economy.Currency: Turkish lira (Turkish Lira).AP: Turkey appearance of new currencyWorld Heritage: Nemrut Dag tomb of Antiochus I SoterPress and Publications: National Journal has about 400 species, about 500 journals."Free Press" and "national" and "Morning News" reported for the three non-official "Japan" and "Republic" reflect the views Republican People's Party; "mouthpiece" and "Turkey" with the Jiaonong Fundamentalism and pan-Turkism color, "Daily News" is the only English-language newspaper.Anatolia News Agency is a semi-official news agency, founded in 1920; Ankara news agency as semi-official news agency, established in 1971, economic news services are non-official news agency, mainly for the banking sector and businessmen.Turkish Radio and Television Organization was established in 1946, the semi-official agencies.Domestic broadcasting mainly in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, radio, etc.; using 16 kinds of foreign language broadcasting.A total of 454 various types of private radio and television stations 71.April 1994 Parliament passed the "private radio and television programmes and the law."Turkey to accept review of the Defence Force from the national flag and the first President Kay portrait of the former Seoul at the end of theMilitary: January 1921 Kay Seoul at the end of a "national army."In 1952 to join NATO.President of the armed forces supreme commander, Chief of General Staff as the supreme commander.National Security Council is the highest decision-making body on national defense; Supreme Military Council is the internal affairs of the armed forces supreme decision-making body; Armed Forces General Staff is the highest operational command, administered various military services, Defense Department is seeking the cooperation of the highest Administration.Compulsory military service, the service period of 18 months.Implementation of the military occupation of measures to pressure for command personnel, civilian and military technology, military officers and technical implementation of the contract system, and other soldiers.Foreign Affairs: has always pursued pro-Western policies, agreed with the West promote the democratization process.Focus on economic diplomacy, safeguard their own interests.With neighbouring countries to establish and maintain friendly relations with the world and stressed the development of regional power relations.Advocated a peaceful settlement of disputes between States.Diplomatic focus in the West, with the United States to maintain the traditional relations of strategic partnership with the European countries while strengthening the relationship.Has with the EU to achieve a customs union, the goal is to become a full EU member countries.Relations with China: August 4, 1971, the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Turkey.June 2005, President Sezer on a state visit to China.Reproduced:

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