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OverviewXuzhou City, a total area of 11,257 square kilometres.The end of 2004, the total population of 9168500 people.Municipal People's Government in the Yunlong District, Zip code: 221003.Administrative division code: 320300.Code: 0516.Pinyin: Xuzhou Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, Xuzhou City area Shixia five, four counties and two county-level cities hosting.May 18, 2005, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2005] 41): rhubarb Tongshan County Town and the Miaozhen was placed under the jurisdiction Gulou District of Xuzhou City.June 14, 2005, Jiangsu Provincial People's Government (Suzheng the [2005] No. 53) in Xuzhou City agreed to adjust some administrative divisions: Tongshan County, Miaozhen rhubarb Town and the Gulou District was placed under the jurisdiction of Xuzhou City.Administrative division adjustment, the Gulou District administrative region of 212 square kilometres, population 381,000, exempted eight neighborhood offices, the two towns; Tongshan County, the regional area of 1856.6 square kilometres, population 1182000, exempted 20 towns.Before adjustment, the Gulou District administrative region of 40 square kilometres, population 279,000 (2004); Tongshan County, the regional area of 1999.6 square kilometres, population 1292000 (2004).Xuzhou City area of 11,257 square kilometres, population 9.16 million (2004).Yunlong area of 118 square kilometres, population 290,000 people.ZIP code 220009.Gulou area of 212 square kilometres, population 380,000 people.ZIP code 220005.Guri area of 98 square kilometres, population 250,000 people.ZIP code 220040.Jiawang area of 690 square kilometres, population 490,000 people.ZIP code 220011.Quan Shanqu area of 62 square kilometres, population 430,000 people.ZIP code 220006.Pizhou City area of 2088 square kilometres, population 1.61 million people.ZIP code 221300.Municipal People's Government in the canal town.Xinyi City area of 1571 square kilometres, population 960,000 people.ZIP code 221400.Municipal People's Government in the Xinan Zhen.Tongshan County area of 1856 square kilometres, population 1.18 million people.ZIP code 221116.County People's Government in the copper town.Suining Xian area of 1767 square kilometres, population 1.32 million people.ZIP code 221200.County People's Government in the Sui town.Peixian area of 1349 square kilometres, population 1.15 million people.ZIP code 221600.Pei County People's Government in the town.County area of 1446 square kilometres, population 1.1 million people.ZIP code 221700.Feng County People's Government in the town.* Here size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)" *-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryXuzhou City in 1949 directly under the jurisdiction of Shandong Province, Shandong Lu Xinhai even the municipal jurisdiction of China and South Africa Administrative Office.November 1952 decision of the central authorities, in January 1953 in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, was placed under formal Territory, Xinhai even the city of Xuzhou in Jiangsu is zoned area.January 1953 founding of Jiangsu, located in Xuzhou area, in the Office of Xuzhou City.Original area of Linyi in Shandong Province city and even the Xinhai Ganyu, the East China Sea, 3 Pixian County, Tengxian area north of copper, Huashan, Peixian, 4 Fengxian County, and the origin of Wanbei Su County District Administrative Office of the Dangshan area, Xiaoxian County, and two reasons Subei directly under the Administrative Office of Huaibei salt, included in Xuzhou area.Xuzhou City, an area exempted 9 County District 1 salt.The same year, the origin of the Xinyi area in Huaiyin, Suining, PI SUI three counties included in Xuzhou area.North revocation of copper, Huashan, PI SUI three counties, set up rehabilitation of Tongshan County.Revocation of salt in Huaibei area.Zhoucheng the county government moved to the East China Sea.Xuzhou City, an area exempted 10 counties.1954, Xinhai connected to the city of cities.In December, Xiaoxian, Dangshan County, was placed under two in Anhui Province.Xuzhou exempted 8 county area.1958, the original jurisdiction of the provinces in Xuzhou, Xinhai even two cities, the agency was placed under the leadership of Xuzhou.Section 2 of Xuzhou City 8 County jurisdiction.1960, was placed under Tongshan County in Xuzhou city leaders.1961, Xinhai even changed its name to the city of Lianyungang City.1962, Xuzhou, Lianyungang City, 2 to provincial cities.Xuzhou city was placed under the leadership of Tongshan County in Xuzhou area.8 county jurisdiction.October 26, 1965, Jiangsu Provincial People's Committee approved the establishment of mine in Xuzhou City.1970, renamed the Xuzhou area in Xuzhou, the agency in Xuzhou city, exempted County, Peixian, Ganyu, the East China Sea, Xinyi, Pixian, Suining, 8 Tongshan County.January 1, 1953, Xuzhou City, as provincial cities.1958, Xuzhou City, was placed under the leadership of Xuzhou area.1961, was placed under Tongshan County in Xuzhou city leaders.1962, Xuzhou City still be in cities, Tongshan County in Xuzhou area was placed under the leadership.October 26, 1965, in Jiangsu Province approved the establishment of the mining area were appointed.Xuzhou in Fengxian, Peixian, Pixian, Tongshan, Suining, Xinyi county is zoned in Xuzhou city leaders.Gulou established urban areas, Yunlong, Jiawang, the mining area, five suburban districts.Xuzhou City, a total of five county jurisdiction 6.February 1990, approved by the State Council, has withdrawn Xinyi, Pixian, a change in Xinyi, Pizhou City.Xuzhou City, a total of four exemptions 2 County District 4.1993 adjusted urban administrative districts: the outskirts of the Township Zhu, amylin rural and under-market street Gulou District Office was placed under the jurisdiction of the Lions Shan Yunlong District was placed under the jurisdiction of the tomb will Yunlong District, Wing On, customs and the West Lakeside four suburban street office was placed under the jurisdiction of the Gulou District will Jiahe, peaceful street offices and two copper-pei, decorated archway two streets in the Office of Chungshan North Road, west of the outskirts of the neighborhood committees assigned jurisdiction, Ovary neighborhood offices in the ring for Hill Road, south of the neighborhood was placed under the jurisdiction of Yunlong District.1993 adjustment of city, county administrative divisions: the qingshanquan Tongshan County, large-chuen, Zhuang Zi, Wang Chong, deer Zhuang, Kaifeng Tong, Tai Wu, Tashan, Geng-nine rural and mining areas of the Castle Peak-chuen, Dong Chong, Qishan, the right of Taiwan's four streets Jiawang District Office was placed under the jurisdiction of Tongshan County will pick up the folder he Xiang Zhunxiang and the sparks, Qunying two village was placed under jurisdiction of the mining area; will be renamed the outskirts of the city of Xuzhou Quan Shanqu.1998 approved by the Provincial People's Government, Xinyi City Paoche Pizhou City, the town was placed under the jurisdiction of Pizhou City of Gou Zhen will be in Xinyi City, was placed under the jurisdiction of Pan Town will Tongshan County in Xuzhou City Quanshan Qu was placed under the jurisdiction of withdrawal Quan Shanqu Pan Town, the establishment of Pan Tong neighborhood offices.January 2005 Statistics: 11258.3 square km area (of which City area 1037.7 square meters), population 9.169 million (of which City area 1675000), exempted five City area, two county-level cities, four counties 43 Streets, 114 towns, 395 neighborhood committees, 2,280 village committees, of which a total of 43 area city streets, seven towns, 268 neighborhood committees and 156 village committees.

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