Shandong Province (Provinces) Satellite maps

(This table has recently updated: August 13, 2006)2005, exemptions: 17 prefecture-level city; 49 City area, 31 county-level cities, 60 counties.Shixia six Jinan City area, three counties, hosted a county-level city.Municipal People's Government in the Central City.Central City area under the flyover zone calendar Huaiyin City District calendar-long (Wenchang Street)Zhangqiu City (the Water Street)Pingyin County (Pingyin town) Jiyang Xian (Ji Yang Zhen) Shanghe Xian (Xu to the streets)Qingdao Shixia seven City area, hosted five county-level city.Nam Fushan City People's Government in the streets.Nam City, Chengyang District (city-street) Sifang District Licang District Huangdao (Changjiang Road neighborhood) Laoshan District, (South Korea streets)Jiaonan City (Zhuhai streets) Jiaozhou (Fu on the street) Pingdu City (Chengguan Street) Lacey City (water-street) Jimo (Tongji streets)Shixia five Zibo City area, the three counties.Zhangdian Municipal People's Government in the area.Linzi district Zhangdian Zichuan District (as Yang Lu streets) Boshan District Zhoucun District Huantai County (Cable town) high Qingxian (Tian Zhen) Yiyuan County (South Ma town)Shixia five Zaozhuang City area, hosting a county-level city.Municipal People's Government in the Central City.City Central City Shanting Qu Yi Xue Chengqu District Taierzhuang in Tengzhou CityShixia two Dongying City area, the three counties..Dongying City People's Government in the Dongcheng District streets.Dongying District estuary (estuary streets)Kenli County (Kenli town) in Guangrao County (Guangrao town) Li Jinxian (Lijin town)Shixia four Yantai City area, a county, and hosted seven county-level city.Municipal People's Government in Laishan Qu.Lai Shanqu ZHIFU Fushan Qu Muping District Longkou City Laiyang City (Chengxiang streets) Laizhou City (Wenchang Road neighborhood) in Zhaoyuan City, Penglai City in Qixia City Haiyang City (East Village neighborhood)Long Island County (South-Town)Shixia four Weifang City area, two counties, hosted six county-level city.Municipal People's Government in.Weicheng district Hanting District Fangzi District Kuiwen District Green Zhucheng City (the state of the street) Shouguang City Anqiu City Gaomi City Changyi Changle County, Lin Quxian (Chengguan Street)Shixia two Jining City area, seven counties and county-level city hosted three.Municipal People's Government in the Central City.City of Central City Qufu City (LU city streets) Yanzhou Shi in Zoucheng City (Steel Hill neighborhood)Yutai County (Valley Tingzhen) Jinxiang Xian (the town) Jiaxiang County (Jiaxiang town) Weishan Xian Wenshang County (Wenshang town)Si Shuixian Liangshan County (Yangsan town)Shixia two Tai'an City area, two counties and two county-level cities hosting.Taishan City People's Government in the area.Tai Shan District Daiyue (congee shop streets)Xintai City of fat cities (Metro streets)Ningyang County (Ning Yang Zhen) Dongping Xian (East Pingzhen)Shixia Weihai, a city area, hosting three county-level city.Wan Tsui Municipal People's Government in the area.Shinan, Rushan City, Wendeng City, RongchengShixia two Rizhao City area, two counties.Municipal People's Government in the Donggang Qu.Donggang Qu Arashiyama district Wulian County (Hong condensate town) Juxian County (City Yang Zhen)Shixia two Laiwu City area.Municipal People's Government in the Levin District.Levin City Gang ChengquShixia three Linyi City area, nine counties.Municipal People's Government in the Lanshan Qu.Lan Shanqu Luozhuang (Luozhuang streets) Hedong District (nine towns)Yinan Xian (sector Town) Tan Chengxian (Tan-urban) Yishui County (Yishui town) Cangshan Xian (Bian Town) for counties (cities and towns fee)Pingyi County (Malus town) Junan Xian (crossroads town) Mengyin County (Mengyin town) Lin Shuxian (Lin Shu town)Shixia a Texas City area, eight counties and two county-level cities hosting.Municipal People's Government in the German city.German City Leling City (City streets) Yu cities (cities in the streets)Lingxian (Mausoleum of town) Ningjin County (Ningjin town) Qihe County (Yan towns)-County (Wu towns) Qingyun Xian (Qing town)Plain County (Plain town) Xiajin County (Xiajin town) Linyi County (Linyi town)Liaocheng City, a jurisdiction area, six counties, hosted a county-level city.Municipal People's Government in the Dongchang Fu Dongchang Road area.Dong Changfu District Linqing City Gao Tangxian Yanggu County Chiping Xian (Chi Ping Zhen) Xinxian (Chengguan Town) East County Guan County (the highest town)Shixia a Binzhou City area, six counties.Municipal People's Government in the Yellow River foreshore Quad City, 524.Foreshore City Zouping County (Huangshan streets) Zhanhua Xian (rich town) Huimin Xian (Sun Wu town) Boxing Xian (Bo Xing Zhen) Yangxin County (Yangxin town)Wudi County (Wudi town)Shixia a Heze City area, eight counties.Peony City People's Government in the area.Peony District Juan Chengxian (Juan town)-counties (cities and towns alone) Yuncheng Xian (Yun towns) Cao County (CAO towns) Dingtao County (Dingtao town)Juye County (Juye town) Dongming County (Chengguan town) Cheng Wuxian (Cheng-wu town)2006, the Shandong provincial government approval, Huimin Xian Sun Wu Huimin town changed its name to the town, was renamed after its administrative regions and governments of the resident unchanged.June 23, 2006, "Laiwu City People's Government on the adjustment of the administrative divisions of the notice" (Levin governance of the [2006] 29): According to "People's Government of Shandong Province on Laiwu City, Levin agreed to the town was placed under Steel City Daxinzhuang City jurisdiction of the letter of approval "(Lu Zheng word [2006] 168): Levin City Daxinzhuang Gang Chengqu the town was placed under the jurisdiction.Referred to Lu, the provincial capital.Shandong Province in east China coast, the lower reaches of the Yellow River, including the Habitat domain two parts of the peninsula and inland, prominent in the Shandong Peninsula in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, with the remote control of the Liaodong Peninsula confrontation; Zibeiernan and inland parts of Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu provinces bordering.Throughout the South and the North over 420 km long, most things more than 700 km wide, a total area of 157,100 square kilometres.Mountain province's total area of about 15.5%, 13.2% of the hills, plains accounted for 55 percent rivers and lakes, 1.1 percent.Population 90.79 million (2000).The end of 2004 the province's population 91.8 million people.Shandong Province is the Han, Hui, Manchu, Zhuang, Korean, Miao, Tibetan, Yi and Yao, White, 56 people.Shandong population of the Han population of 90.17 million, accounting for 99.3 percent; the minority population of 639,000, accounting for 0.7 percent.Shandong to the East in the Taihang Mountains named after.Tang largely Henan Road; Song for Beijing East Road, after the Beijing Dongdong, West Road; Shandong renamed the East, West Road, named for the beginning of Shandong; yuan for Shandong things Road; prescribed home in Shandong Province, after the change Shandong Buzheng Shi Division;-to Shandong Province, the province name has not changed.

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