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OverviewZhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province in the southwest, the lower reaches of the Yangtze River south coast, north latitude and 31 ° 37'-32 ° 19 ', longitude 118 ° 58'-119 ° 58'.The biggest things straight-line distance 95.5 kilometers, the largest north-south straight line distance of 76.9 kilometers.Changzhou City to the southeast, west of Nanjing, Yangzhou and the northern city of Taizhou City, across the River.Area of 3,799 square kilometres.The end of 2004, the total population of 2672100 people.Municipal People's Government in the Jingkou zone, Zip code: 212001.Administrative division code: 321100.Code: 0511.Pinyin: Zhenjiang Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, Shixia three Zhenjiang City area, hosting three county-level city.(Informal SAR: Zhenjiang District)Zhenjiang City area of 3,799 square kilometres, population 2.66 million (2004).Jingkou area of 316 square kilometres, population 420,000 people.ZIP code 212001.Runzhou area of 132 square kilometres, population 240,000 people.ZIP code 212004.Dantu area of 611 square kilometres, population 360,000 people.ZIP code 212001.Yang Zhen District People's Government in the Valley.Yangzhong City area of 332 square kilometres, population 270,000 people.ZIP code 212200.Municipal People's Government in the town of San Mao.Danyang City area of 1023 square kilometres, population 800,000 people.ZIP code 212300.Municipal People's Government in the town of Yunyang.Jurong City area of 1385 square kilometres, population 580,000 people.ZIP code 212400.* Here size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)" *-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryArchaeological discoveries, "appropriate" for the first names of Zhenjiang, in 3000 before Kang Zhou Hou Wang Feng to give the territory; Spring and Autumn Period, Zhu said, had been used Guyang, Dantu, Jingkou, Runzhou, such as name.House construction in Zhenjiang the Northern Song Dynasty (1113), only said Zhenjiang.Dantu County, said after the Revolution of 1911, 1928 to Zhenjiang County.1929-1949 2 seat of the provincial government of Jiangsu month (of which 1937 to 1945 during the fall of Zhenjiang, the provincial government to move to northern Jiangsu).April 23, 1949 liberation of Zhenjiang.Zoned for urban and peri-urban Zhenjiang City, is zoned for rural Dantu County, four are under the administrative region of southern Jiangsu Zhenjiang agency.Zhenjiang, Changzhou and (E) District on January 1, 1953, Jiangsu Provincial People's Government formally established zones located in Zhenjiang, Changzhou area at the same time remove the original owned Wujin, Liyang, the three counties altar area was placed under the jurisdiction of Zhenjiang.Zhenjiang exempted zones in Zhenjiang City, and Dantu, Yangzhong, Danyang, Jiangning, Jurong, Lishui, Wujin, Liyang, the altar, Gaochun 11 cities and counties, the agency in Zhenjiang City.1954, Zhenjiang City to provincial cities.1956, Wujin County (in Changzhou City) was placed under the Suzhou area, the Suzhou area were originally assigned to the Yixing county Zhenjiang area.Yangzhong County area was placed under Yangzhou, Zhenjiang after back-zoned area.Yizheng Yangzhou area of origin, Liuhe, Jiangpu County included three zones in Zhenjiang, Yangzhou after back-zoned area.Zhenjiang TSA exempted 10 counties.August 1958, Changzhou, Zhenjiang area renamed the area, the agency moved from Zhenjiang City of Changzhou City.The original directly under the provincial Changzhou, Zhenjiang 2 Changzhou City, was placed under the agency leadership.Nanjing Jiangning County will be assigned leadership.Revocation of Dantu County, into the Zhenjiang City.Suzhou zones were originally included in Changzhou Wujin County area.2 Urban County jurisdiction 9.September 1959, Changzhou, Zhenjiang renamed Zone area, the agency moved from Changzhou City in Zhenjiang City.Exempted Zhenjiang, Changzhou City and Wujin 2, Yangzhong, Danyang, Jintan and Liyang, Yixing, Gaochun, Lishui, Jurong nine counties.1960, Changzhou Wujin County was placed under the leadership.1962, to provincial cities of Changzhou City.Changzhou Wujin County was placed under the leadership of Zhenjiang agency leadership.Resumption Dantu County.Reason for the leadership of Nanjing Jiangning County included in Zhenjiang area.Zhenjiang City, an area exempted 11 counties.1970, Zhenjiang area called Zhenjiang, the agency in Zhenjiang City.Dantu jurisdiction and Zhenjiang City, Yangzhong, Danyang, Wujin, Yixing, Jintan and Liyang, Jiangning, Jurong, Lishui, a city 11 Gaochun County.1971, Jiangning County was placed under the leadership of Nanjing.Zhenjiang City, a jurisdiction in 10 counties.Zhenjiang City in March 1983, the Dantu Zhenjiang, Danyang, Jurong, Yangzhong County was placed under Zhenjiang City (provincial cities) leadership.Zhenjiang City to the provincial Crown.Urban based urban, suburban two City area.Zhenjiang City exempted a total of four county area.June 9, 1983, Zhenjiang based Jinshan District, North-county area for the units.Jianbi Jianbi District to revoke the town, the municipal leadership.Retract the outskirts of the establishment, the establishment of the Office of the suburbs, as the Municipal People's Government of the branches.August 17, revocation of Jinshan District, North-zone, set up to the regional City; revocation suburban offices, set up rural areas, municipal Jianbi the outskirts of the town was placed under the leadership.October 1984, approved by the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, the city changed its name to Jingkou District, changed its name to the outskirts of Runzhou District.December 1987, approved by the State Council, the revocation of Danyang County, to set up Danyang City.Zhenjiang City exempted a total of three counties in two areas.1994 revocation of Yangzhong County, with its original jurisdiction to establish regional Yangzhong City.1995 revocation of Jurong County, with its original jurisdiction to establish regional Jurong City.April 3, 2002, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2002] 24): revocation of Dantu County, the establishment of Zhenjiang City Dantu District, to the Dantu County, the administrative region for the Dantu District administrative region.Yang Zhen District People's Government in the Valley.1997 township adjustment approved by the Provincial People's Government to revoke Dantu County Jianbi Township, the original jurisdiction of their region was placed under the jurisdiction Jingkou District Jianbi town.Dantu County will be the Dinggang Zhen Wei Jiadun, of the home, Lane Kong, Tang Lane, Hau Kok, Gao family, and other six villages and main roads in the town of Qinlian, ground handling more than two village was placed under the jurisdiction Gangzhen.Dantu County will be the Ping Shan Shan, Xiushan, the three big mountain village and Dantu County Chachang was placed under the jurisdiction Qiaoxiang Runzhou Kwun Tong District.Kwun Tong District will Runzhou Qiaoxiang the Village Ma Fu, Miao Village, home of Austin, Jiang Qiao town of bluff and lose the village's land-Village Lane groups of villagers Dantu County was placed under the jurisdiction Xilu township.2001, the city's township a few adjustments from 89 to 67,: 66 towns and townships are one.10 neighborhood offices.Jingkou zone will be dantuzhen, Yu Shan into Dantu town, the town government in Dantu town.Runzhou zone will be the town of Chiang Joe, Joe Chiang Wei Gangzhen merged into the town, the town government in the town of Chiang Joe; revocation Jinjiang Township, the region will be exempted from its peaceful way street office management.Dantu District will be high-town, Shima into a high-rural town, the town government in the high-owned; will Yao Qiaozhen, Dan Qiaozhen into Yao Qiaozhen, the town government in Yao bridge, the town will Xilu, the merger of the three Town Yang Zhen for the Valley, the town government in Guyang.Danyang City to the town of Yunyang, the town of Bo, Jing Lin Zhen, the former Yunyang Ai town into the town, the town government in Yunyang; will Picheng towns, Hu Qiaozhen into Picheng towns, the town government in Picheng; will After Xiangzhen, the town built for the post-merger Xiangzhen, the town government in the back alleys; will be Joel Lingzhen, cloud Town into Joel Lingzhen, the town government in Erling.Jurong City will Huayang Zhen, lions into the town of Hua Yangzhen, the town government in the Huayang; will be under the town of Shu, pavilion for the merger under the rural town of Shu, the town government in Xiashu; will be the town of Santa, Sancha Township merger Second St. for the town, the town government in the St.White will be after the town of Mau after the West into the town white town, the town government in the post-White; will be heavenly kings town, disc into the rural town of heavenly kings, the town government in the heavenly kings.Yangzhong City to the town of San Mao, affluent town into the town of San Mao, in the town of San Mao; new坝镇, joint坝镇into a new town, the town government in the new dam; will be booming town, the three jumped into a booming town Town, the town government in the booming; will Youfang Town, You Fang-Wang Zhen into the town, the town government in Youfang; Town will be 8.30, 8.30 Yongsheng Town into the town, eight bridges in the town government.After the adjustment, the town of Danyang Shixia 23, Dantu County, with 14 towns and Shixia 17 Jurong Town, Yangzhong Shixia six towns, Jingkou District exempted two towns, a rural, four neighborhood offices , Runzhou District exempted three towns, four neighborhood offices.Zhenjiang District (established in 1998) exempted one town, two neighborhood offices.The city's total area of 3843 square kilometres, accounting for 3.74 percent throughout the province.Among them, urban 333.3 square kilometres, Dantu County, 749.75 square kilometres, Danyang City, 1043 square kilometres, Jurong City, 1385 square km and 332 square kilometres in Yangzhong City.The end of 2004, the entire street Shixia 12, 65 towns, a township.Area of 3,847 square kilometres, of which 1,082 square km in area.2672100 population of the city's household registration, household registration area in which the population 1013600 people.Jingkou District exempted four streets, three townships, population 347,700; Runzhou District exempted four streets, three townships, population 237,100; Zhenjiang District exempted two streets, one township, population 67,700; Dan Only district with 14 villages and towns, population 361,100; Danyang Shixia a street, 23 township, population 801,600; Jurong Shixia a street, 16 township, population 584,400; Yangzhong Shixia 6 Townships, the population of 272,400 people.(Note: "Danyang Shixia a street……" the original source is the case, but this site now Cha Budao the original source.)2005, the city's township (neighborhood) administrative divisions from 66 townships and 10 streets, adjusted for the 41 town 10 streets, reduce the rate of 31 percent (of which township to reduce the rate of 38 per cent).After adjusting the township by an average of 55.46 square kilometers area to 89.27 square kilometers, with an average population by 32,300 people to 52,100 people.Dantu District 14 from the town of adjustment for seven town: the town to retain the World industry, high-town, Gu Yang Zhen, removed river town of Gaoqiao Zhen, a joint establishment of Gaoqiao Zhen, the town government for the resident Gao Qiaozhen; revoked Huang market towns, Xinfeng town, the establishment of a joint Xinfeng town, the town government Xinfeng Township resident; revocation Rongbing town, Po堰镇, the establishment of a joint-堰镇, the town government-resident堰镇; will be revoked on the town, Shangdang The town, setting up a joint Shangdang town, the town government for Shangdang town resident.After adjusting towns average area of 87.32 square kilometres, population 38,400 people.In addition, road town, Yao Qiaozhen, Ding Gangzhen Jingkou District was placed under the jurisdiction, and entrusted the management of the new district in Zhenjiang.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Zhenjiang DistrictZhenjiang District in the eastern outskirts of Zhenjiang, in June 1998 in the provincial-level economic and technological development zones in Zhenjiang Dingmao areas and Chittagong Area on the basis of formation from a total area of 82 square km and administered a town, two streets, A population of nearly 80,000.State-level development zones in Zhenjiang District, mutatis mutandis, the enjoyment of economic management authority and administrative levels.Zhenjiang District Management Committee and Zhenjiang in Jiangsu Province Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee合署办公, Zhenjiang municipal government on behalf of the work of the new district to implement a unified leadership and management.2003 administrative division glance:Dingmao Community jurisdiction: a neighborhood committee (Ma NO); seven village committees (zhaze, Zhang Xu, South Run, Professor Poon Chung, Yokoyama, Phoenix, Ding Mao).Chittagong streets jurisdiction: a neighborhood committee (Chittagong), the two communities (Hong Kong San Tsuen in the first, the second in the Village); seven village committee (Hong Kong East, Dagang, Zhaozhuang, Yokoyama, Niejia, Longquan , Han Bridge).Large Gangzhen jurisdiction: 19 village committees (North Point, Eastern, Hau Kok, Tang Lane, Lane Kong, of the home, Barry, Zhou Guo, Zhu Zhao, Beishan, Jiadun Wei, Zhao Wei, Sinorama, Tan Wang, China Yang, Kwun Tong, Hasbro River, Austin, Wang Lane).The end of 2004, exempted two streets (Chittagong, Ding Mao), a town (the Gangzhen).Population of 67,700 people.2005, the road will Dantu District town, Yao Qiaozhen, Ding Gangzhen Jingkou District was placed under the jurisdiction, and entrusted the management of the new district in Zhenjiang.

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