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OverviewHubei Province in the southeast, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River south coast.Northeast Council of Yangtze River, with the Xishui county, Qi Chunxian, across the River Wuxue City, north Ezhou City, Xikao Wuchang County, southwest and the Xianning City, adjacent to Qualcomm County, southeast and the Wuning County, Jiangxi Province, Switzerland Chang County border.Area of 4576 square kilometres.The end of 2004, the population of 2476688 people.Municipal People's Government in the next landing zone (Note: "Jane on" at Huangshi Gang District).Zip code: 435003.Code: 420200.Code: 0714.Pinyin: Huangshi Shi.Yellowstone is located in Southeast Hubei hilly northern margin, the Southern higher ground.In the peak for peak Nanyan siebengebirge Ridge, elevation 860 meters, the lowest for the water-rich Nancheng lake bed, eight meters above sea level.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, Yellowstone Shixia four City area (Huang Shigang, Xisaishan, under the land, Tieshan), a county (Yangxin County), hosted a county-level cities (Daye City ).A total of 48 city-level units (20 streets and 27 towns, a township).Huangshi City area of 4576 square kilometres, population 2.55 million (2004).Huang Shigang area of 30 square kilometres, population 240,000 people.Zip code 435000.District People's Government in the magnetic Wu Road.Xisaishanqu area of 100 square kilometers, population 220,000 people.Zip code 435001.District People's Government in the Hospital Street.The land area of 69 square kilometres, population 150,000 people.Zip code 435005.A District People's Government in the Ming Shi.Rail mountain area of 28 square kilometres, population 60,000 people.Zip code 435006.Friends of the District People's Government in the wide road.Daye City area of 1566 square kilometres, population 890,000 people.Zip code 435100.Municipal People's Government in the Dongyue way street.Yangxin County area of 2783 square kilometres, population 990,000 people.Zip code 435200.County People's Government in rejuvenating the town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryHuangshi City in the Huangshi Gang Jiangbin and lime kiln on the basis of market towns, in August 1950 to formally establish jurisdiction in Huangshi City.1949 Daye Special Administrative Region Office (reason for people's governments directly under the Central Plains) changed its name to the yellow stone, led by Daye agency.Shi Huang in 1950 to set up the Huangshi City (in Limekiln), the provincial Crown.1959 Huanggang zones were originally classified as Yellowstone County Daye city leaders.Daye County revoked in 1960, into the Huangshi City.Daye County resumed in 1962, led by the Huangshi City.(From: "People's Republic of China Administrative Region History" (1949-1979) history as a music series)City of Spring and Autumn Chu, Qin.29 years Zhaoxiang Wang Qin (278 BC), Nanjun Jingling at the east and Jiangnan home Jiangxia district, a move from Jiangxia County E, E Jiangxia County Commission has, under the pheasants, 14 counties, in the City County of Hubei Province.Three Kingdoms period, the first year of Wu Shu Han Zhang, Wei Huang in early 2002 (221), Sun Quan public security since the relocation of the capital in E (this Ezhou), to E for the Wuchang, Hubei and cut south of Jianyang County, Wuchang, the next Pheasant, Yangxin, Chaisang, the envy of sand, Jiujiang County, for the six-Wuchang County, the City of Wuchang County in Wuchang (this Ezhou), Yang between the two counties under the new pheasants in the county.Huang Wei in early 2004 (223), Sun Quan will be moved to summer Junzhi I (this Hankow).Wuchang County also changed to Jiangxia County, City of Wuchang County in Jiangxia, in Yangxin County.Tai Hong first year of the Western Jin Dynasty (280), to Jiangxia County for the Wuchang County, Wuchang, Chaisang, Hubei County, Yangxin, the envy of sand, sand-, seven Xianzhu and Gao Ling.City in Wuchang, Hubei County, Yangxin County in the third.Soon, Wuchang County, Hubei Province and the merger, at Wuchang County, in Wuchang City and Yangxin County in.Yuandi Jianwu the first year of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317) Jiangzhou from Yuzhou go to Wuchang.Emperor too Zhixiao 2009 yuan (384), before shifting Au-Yang.Emperor Han'an Yixi 2008 (412), under the Pheasant County into the Yangxin County.In Wuchang City, Yangxin County in.Song Xiao Jian first year of the Southern Dynasties (589), to the new-for Bucheon, soon after to Bucheon for Yongxing, in Wuchang City, in Yongxing County.Liang Xiling County home here, after the repeal.Ezhou City in the Tang Dynasty Wuchang, in Yongxing County.Late Tang Dynasty, the rise of the South 9, in the City of Wu.Tang Emperor Ai God Bless, 2002 (905 afternoon), the king and Wuchang Yongxing Xian Yang Xingmi will draw a field site home Castle Peak Hospital, a large-scale mining, smelting furnace open.Wu Ezhou City in the territory.Five Dynasties and Ten States, Ezhou City in Wuchang County, in Yongxing Xian, when the Wu Tang Liang, Jin, Han, the beginning of the current situation Nantang the Northern Song Dynasty Later Zhou Dynasty.Song Conduit five years (96.7 years), the Southern Tang was founded in Daye County.To mineral-rich territory, smelting industry developed, or the Castle Peak Hospital and zoned field Wuchang with the merger of the three townships, a new county, has been taken from the Shang dynasty, "Tai Hing furnace smelting," meaning, it is named Daye County.Since then, in the City attached to Song Xingguo Road, and rejuvenating the state, House Wuchang, Hubei Daye County.In 16 (1927), Daye County is the leadership of the CPC Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi Revolutionary Base Area part.Daye County in 1930 to set up the Soviet Government has attached Edong the Revolutionary Committee of Hubei Province, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi Province Edong Soviet government offices, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi Province in Southeast Hubei Soviet government.In 21 (1932) the National Government in the provinces and counties in Hubei Province set up between the Office of the Inspector, City of Hubei Province is the second agency Daye County; 1938 to be the first agency.In 27 (1938) Daye fall of the Japanese army in the establishment of Daye Wei Zhengquan, the Pirates said the "Republic of China Hubei Daye county government" and the lime kiln and Huang Shigang the two towns to build "Shi Huang demonstration zone" , While the KMT government in exile to Daye hair shop, and other places.In 31 (1942), the leadership of the Communist Party of the New Fourth Army Division 14 brigades, in Daye, Yangxin, Echeng, and other places have established the E-Administration Select Committee, the Administrative Committee E, the Home Affairs Committee Yang, EC Chief of the Committee E'nan领导.In 34 (1945) on August 15 Japan surrendered, the county government to take over the KMT Daye, rehabilitation and Huangshi Gang Limekiln home towns, counties under the jurisdiction of Beijing.In 37 (1948) and lime kiln will be merged into the town of Huangshi Gang two-Mr Wong Chun, under the Daye County.May 1, 1949 liberation of the People's Liberation Army-Mr Wong Chun.Soon after the Provisional People's Government approval of the Central Plains, Hubei Daye Special Administrative Region set up offices directly under the Central Plains Provisional People's Government.L0, the same year, the establishment of the People's Government of Hubei Daye mining.August 21, 1950, the establishment of provincial jurisdiction Huangshi City.January 26, 1959, Daye County in Huanggang transferred from Huangshi City.(The above source)In 1994, the revocation of Daye County, established in Daye City.1996, will be under the jurisdiction of Xianning in Yangxin County was placed under the jurisdiction Huangshi City.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population in Huangshi City 2477467 people.Of which: Huangshi Gang District 196,569 Limekiln District 244,035 under 146,649 Rail mountain land area 66,469 Yangxin County 949,886 in Daye City, 873,859 (based on past administrative division; units:)2001, Huangshi City Limekiln District changed its name to Xiseshanqu.The end of 2004, the entire street Shixia 20, 27 towns, a township, 178 neighborhood committees and 713 village committees.Area of 4655 square kilometres, population 2476688 people.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------OtherYellowstone Economic Development Zone (magnetic Yellowstone Lake High-Tech Development Zone)CMC in Hangzhou Road.Area of 37 square kilometres, population 55,227, exempted two streets, 15, 217 residents group (under the "Huangshi municipal government website," 2004 data).City Mission Hill Street: area of 28 square kilometres, population 32,669, and exempted 10, 112 residents group.Offices in Hangzhou Road.(Community neighborhood committee): Ma On Shan, Huanggu Ling, Xiaojiayingzi shop, and Yuan Fan, Chen Pai, Jianlou, Dan Liuyuan, Qinglongshan, Cole Hill, Hangzhou, East Road.Flower Lake Street: area of 9 square kilometres, population 22,558, exempted 5, 105 residents group.Lake Road West in the Office of flowers.(Community neighborhood committee): Flower Lake, lock, tiger head, the terminal, Tianhong.Fifth National Census statistics for the city's population of 2476400 people (including foreign resident population, not including perennial on population), density of 540 persons / square kilometres.Of which:Huang Shigang areas: population 196,600, density of 5,757 / square km; Xisaishanqu: population 244,000, density of 2,171 / square km; under the landing area: 146,600 population, density of 2,536 / square kilometres ; Iron mountain: 66,500 population, density of 2,256 / square km; Daye City: population 873,600, density of 558 persons / square km; Yangxin County: population 949,100, density of 341 persons / square kilometres .Development Zone population 50,200, of which: Mission Hill City streets under the 39,100 people counted landing area, Lake spent 11,100 farms were included in Huangshi Gang District.

Huangshi City in Hubei Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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