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OverviewLocation area:Habitat in Luliang City of Shanxi Province in central west side, East and Taiyuan, Jinzhong phase grounding in the south and adjacent areas in Linfen, Shanxi and west across the Yellow River at the north junction with the Xinzhou area.Total area of 21,143 square kilometres.[National] population total population of 3.5 million people (2003).[Terrain] climate[Resident Zip code:Municipal People's Government in the Yongning area Lishi Road.Zip code: 033000.Administrative division code: 141100.Code: 0358.Pinyin: Lüliang Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionIn 2005, the Luliang Prefecture Shixia a city area, 10 counties and county-level city hosted two.Luliang City area of 21,143 square kilometres, population 3.5 million (2003).Lishi area of 1323 square kilometres, population 240,000.ZIP code 033000.District People's Government in road traffic.Xiaoyi city area of 948 square kilometres, population 430,000.ZIP code 032300.Fenyang area of 1176 square kilometres, population 400,000.ZIP code 032200.Water, 1064 square km area of the county, population 420,000.ZIP code 032100.Feng County People's Government in the town.County in the area of 1441 square kilometres, population 130,000.ZIP code 033400.County People's Government in Ningxing town.Xingxian area of 3167 square kilometres, population 270,000.ZIP code 033600.Wei Fen County People's Government in the town.Linxian County area of 2,979 square kilometres, population 580,000.ZIP code 033200.Linquan County People's Government in the town.Fangshan Xian area of 1433 square kilometres, population 140,000.ZIP code 033100.County People's Government in the Ge-town.Liu Linxian area of 1288 square kilometres, population 300,000.ZIP code 033300.Liulin County People's Government in the town.Lanxian area of 1509 square kilometres, population 170,000.ZIP code 033500.East County People's Government in the villages and towns.Jiaokou county area of 1258 square kilometres, population 110,000.ZIP code 032400.County People's Government in the Water Town.Northern area of 1821 square kilometres, population 210,000.ZIP code 030500.County People's Government in the day-town.Stone floor of the county area of 1736 square kilometres, population 100,000.ZIP code 032500.Lingquan County People's Government in the town.* Quhuadiming information here until December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)," By the end of 2003 the population.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryLuliang City weekly, and is, the Spring and Autumn is Jin, Zhao is the Warring States Period, the Qin Taiyuan County.Jin for the River State, Taiyuan States.Sui is Loufan, such as River County, a stone, Tang, Fen Zhou, Xi state, the state-lan, and the state, and so on.Song additional Jinning Army, metal, stone, Fen Zhou, Xi state, Lan, and Taiyuan House.Yuan of Jining Road.Ming and Qing House of Taiyuan, Pingyang House, Fenzhou House.In the Jining Road.1971 home in Luliang Prefecture.In 2003 the establishment of Luliang prefecture-level city.July 1, 1954, Lishi, Fangshan County into two counties from the mountains.November 10, 1958, the text of water, Jiaocheng County into two Fenyang County, County and from the County merged to Lishi County, the county into Jiexiu Xiaoyi County, Lanxian and were assigned to Jingle Xingxian, into the stone floor, Luliang County, the county.September 19, 1959 in addition to other counties in Xiaoyi County, outside the resumption of construction, in May 1961 resumed Xiaoyi County building.May 1, 1971.Formed in Luliang Prefecture, while restoring the Fangshan Xian, the new additional Loufan, Jiaokou County 2; April 1972, the county was placed under Loufan Taiyuan; October 5, 1971, the new additional Liu Linxian (the Revolutionary Committee of Shanxi Province in 1971 July 5 implementation of the report, the State Council on October 5, 1973 formally approved).(Source)Luliang area in 1971 set up in Luliang Prefecture, the region's Lishi County.Jinzhong origin will be the Linxian County, Jiaocheng, Lishi, Fenyang, the text of water, Xiaoyi, in the seven-county region and the origin of the stone floor of Linfen Prefecture, Xin County area of origin Xingxian, Lanxian Classified in Luliang Prefecture.Restoration of Fangshan Xian (Ge-in), home Loufan out by the Jingle Xian county (in Loufan town).By Xiaoyi, Xi County, three in Lingshi County, parts of the establishment of Jiaokou County (the junction).13 county jurisdiction.1973 from Lishi, in the 2-out home Liu Linxian County (in Liulin town).Luliang area with 14 counties.1975 will Loufan County was placed under the leadership of Taiyuan.13 county jurisdiction in Luliang Prefecture.Xingxian zones established in 1949 Xingxian area, the agency in Xingxian.Exempted Xingxian, Linxian County, the mountains, Lishi, Pianguan, Shen Chi, Wuzhai, Hequ (Tour in the town of Division), Baode, Lanxian, Kelan 11 counties.1950 Lanxian resident moved to East Village.1951 in their respective zones of Fenyang County included Xingxian area.Exempted 12 counties.1952 (July 1) revoke Xingxian area, Xingxian, Baode, Hequ, Pianguan, Shen Chi, Wuzhai, Kelan, 8 Lanxian County was placed under Xin County area;-in, Lishi, Fang Shan, Linxian County 4 County was placed under Yuci area.Fenyang TSA exempted Fenyang, Xiaoyi, Jiaocheng, the text of water, Yang, stone floor, nine counties.March 27, 1951 Fenyang area revoked, Jiaocheng, the text of water, Fenyang, such as in Xiaoyi County was placed under Yuci area, in the County was placed under Xingxian area; stone floor of the county was placed under Jinnan area.(From: "History of the People's Republic of Administrative Region (1949-1979)" History of Music series)February 10, 1992, approved by the State Council revoked Xiaoyi County, the establishment of Xiaoyi City.April 29, 1996, approved by the State Council revoked Lishi County, the establishment of Lishi City.August 20, 1996, approved by the State Council revocation of Fenyang County, the establishment of Fenyang.», In Luliang Prefecture jurisdiction 2 City 11 counties and 162 townships of 75 towns.2000, the fifth census data (unit: people. Prevailing administrative division): 3382280 Xiaoyi City, Luliang area 414,154 Lishi 235,678 Fenyang City, 387,046, 401,641 water County in northern 207,404 Xingxian 259,451 Linxian County 553,440 Liulin County floor, 282,840-101,858 Lanxian 163,897 Fang Shanxian County, 135,598 in Jiaokou County 131,812 County 107,461October 23, 2003, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2003] No. 112) revoked in Luliang Prefecture, the establishment of Luliang prefecture-level city: (1) withdrawn in Luliang Prefecture Lishi and county-level cities, the establishment of Luliang prefecture-level city.Municipal People's Government in the newly established Lishi District Yongning Road.(2) the establishment of Luliang City Lishi, a former administrative region in Lishi City for the Lishi District administrative region, the District People's Government in road traffic.(3) the Luliang Prefecture Shixia Luliang Prefecture in northern areas, counties, water, Xingxian, Lanxian, Linxian County, Fangshan Xian, in Zhongyang County, Liu Linxian, Jiaokou County, stone floor, County and the newly established Lishi , The original area of Lüliang Fenyang county level and directly under the provincial Xiaoyi City.

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