Jin Xianxian Nanchang City in Jiangxi Province (Administrative Division -2) Satellite maps

OverviewJinxian Xian in central Jiangxi Province in the north, southeast of Nanchang City, the southern bank of Poyang Lake.Area of 1952 square kilometres.End of 2003, the total population of 724,000 people.County People's Government in the public and the town.Zip code: 331700.Administrative division code: 360124.Code: 0791.Pinyin: Jinxian Xian.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division[2005] adjustment of administrative districts on October 18, 2005, "Zhao Jin Xianxian on Sanyang Jixiang Buxiang changed its name to the letter of approval" (the word Gan [2005] 132): Zhao Buxiang agreed to rename the Sanyang Jixiang.[2004] List administrative divisions exempted nine towns (public and the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Li Du, Luo Xi ZHANG Gong before the bridge Square Meizhuang), 12 township (Shan-Yu Yan White xiabuji Nga Tsin Chi River Zhongling Ertang Nantai Three Mile Zhao Ling-chuen, Qili port).Public and the town: exempted Lan Lake, Cloud Bridge, Nursery, Xixian, Phoenix Street, the victory, the liberation Street, Zhong Ling, Yuk-yin, nine neighborhood; Cloud Bridge, Fengling, Piedmont, Pan Li, Gobo, Zhao , And Tu, and kaolinite, the hospital-taek, North Gate, Wuli, Jiang, Panchiao, Huang Ling, Wang Square, Bei Ling, Gutang, officials Chun, Chang Lake, the river tea, ginkgo, Chen, the shrub Tong, Xitang, FANG Jia, catching cattle Kong 26 village committees.Li Du Zhen: exempted Wanshou Palace, the red stone bridge, road, Carp Lake four neighborhood committees; Kam Leung, Guangxi Bridge, Matsuyama, Hongqiao, bridges, Anyang, the North Field, West Slope, Pai House, the South East, Wen Feng, Nanxi, diesel-port, coke-14 village committees.Wen Chun town: exempted Yong'an Road, Yucai Road, riding out roads, road ahead, the new Shenzhen Street, five neighborhood committees; hospital, the mountain village, Yang Xi, Gui River, Pak Sha, New Village, Hunan, the, Kornhill , Luo, the roadside, Tahsi, Lek back, Quanxi, Donggang 15 village committees.Gangzhen text: exempted Avenue, Newport, the future of three neighborhood committees;, Hong Kong, Yan Shu, South Bay, ZHANG Luo, jetty, on Zhu, the former Tong, the future of the Star, the new Ridge, the new Ping, Zhou Square, on housing , Lake Lake, Changtang 15 village committees.- Town: exempted Meizhuang Street neighborhood; Meizhuang, the new rich, shop, the new village, the new Yao, Fu-wah, Kong Jie, Jing-gang, Yan Tong, Bin Hu, Wang Wu, the Tung Wah Group 12 village committees .ZHANG Gong town: exempted Takahashi community's neighborhood committee; cattle River, Zheng Square, City, Tai Wo, Copper Ridge, the Pharaoh, of Temple, Metro, the Portland slag, the party River, the whole blessing, the 9 12 Cunwei ; Red Soil Research Institute.Luo Town: exempted Luo Xi, even Tong, Pa Tong, Tan Ye, Tagang, three bedrooms, Zhang Gang, Xichang, the north side, back-feng, Nanyang 11 village committees; Luoxi streets.- Town: exempted Ronghua, Luo Long, Pui Ling, on the river, Khan City, Ai River, soil Square, Nangang, PENG Zong, the bridge 10 village committees.Before Fangzhen: exempted the former Square, the pool, coke, and the British Hill, wise, the West Lake, Taiping, sand mouth, peace, high Square, happy, osmanthus 12 village committees; Ken Zhichang town.Three Mile Township: exempted Third, the rich, Cao door, Lei, forward, East Coast, prosperity, Huang, patriotic, brilliant, and, Shek Kong, the new strong, and the red, NI Square, the new music, foreshore Hill 17 The village committee.Second Tangxiang: exempted two Tong, a new source, Tan, summer homes, deer Tong, Xinmin, thick source, Tam Chun, recreational nine village committee.Zhong Ling Rural: exempted Zhong Ling, Xiang Li, Migishi, Tian Nan, Longquan, Dong Tang, Peng Bridge, the tea garden, compass, under 000, Dongxi, Sheng, the surplus Tong, Cai Square, 14 village committees; Wing Bridge Farm.Chi Xixiang: exempted Xu Bridge, the European River, to the home, southbound, City Kong, Oak Hill, Chi River, Hutian, Ling, Li 10 village committees; Chixi street neighborhood committees; Ridge Forest Farm of flowers ,.Nantai Township: exempted Nantai, Lakeside, high-Hang, bridges and Song, Guanqian, Shangtang, Shikeng, nine Chiling Village Committees.Zhao Buxiang: exempted Zhao port, Rock Hill, Jingling, North Hang, 10 minutes, and Tai Ling, Ai Jia, Outang, Phoenix, Sanju, 11 on the West Village Committee.Qili Township: exempted Qili, and Yao Chi, the stone bridge, or Valley, Green Lake, Luoyuan, warehouses, Temple back, Dong-hong, Jinxi, Yu Square, Star, Baiqi, construction, Lanxi, Tai Wo 16 Cunwei Will.The port Jixiang: the port, the former East, wood Wei, Yang, Garden, music, and geese Ke, Ke Xi, Tang Square, Tu Hong Kong, Long Square, and Tong, the first South, the East, Sungai, 13-River village committee.Nga Tsin Township: exempted Nga Tsin, the new, consistent pit, tile-Yi, Meiling, reading fields, under Zou, Luo, Yang Tong nine village committees; seed market, the former Ling Lin Yang.Bai Xu Xiang: exempted Baixu, even the bridge, the river bridge, stone alley, sword River, hyacinth pond, stream Ling, to Ling, Jinshan, under Chen, the former Romania, Ma Shan, Chen Luo, gardening 14 village committees; sericulture Field, mapping team.Long Hill Township Yan: exempted new home, under Zhao, on pay, on the pier, Tu Bridge, did, Shu Square, Chun Chao, Chen West, five bridges, source of 11 per cent of Village Committees; Kenzhi Chang Chang-shan.Ling Xiang Quan: exempted Tai Tong, Yang Dong, the first position, South Bank, autonomy, Niejia, the former River, where the bridge, Long-yi, Wang, Chang Kong 11 village committees.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History»The jurisdiction: the public and the town of Mei Li Du Zhen Town, Wen Chun Gangzhen town ZHANG Gong Township's Town, the future of the former town-Town Qiaoxiang Huang Fang Zhen-Ling Xiang Three Mile Rural Township pool of Tangxiangzhongling Xixiangnantai Rural catching cattle Gangxiang project for the countryside port Jixiang white Qili Township Maogang Xiang Xu Xiang Zhao Bu Xiang Xiang Zhang Shan Yan Jun Lake Township-chuen, Lingxiang »Jurisdiction in nine towns and 12 townships, 292 village committees, 24 neighborhood committees.

Jin Xianxian Nanchang City in Jiangxi Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/11/12 8:21:00)
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