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OverviewJingzhou City, Hubei Province in central and southern Taiwan.Longitude 111 ° 15'-114 ° 05 ', north latitude and 29 ° 26'-31 ° 37'.Nanlin Hunan Changde, Yueyang City.Wang greatest things about 274.8 kilometers from the North and South l30.2 largest vertical distance of about 1000 meters.Area of 14,067 square kilometres.Population of 6.47 million.Municipal People's Government in the Warsaw District Beijing Road.Zip code: 434000.Administrative division code: 421000.Code: 0716.Pinyin: Jingzhou Shi.Jingzhou is located in the Han River Plain, with an elevation of more than 20 to 30 meters, the Yangtze River runoff from west to east, are in the East Jinghe, the Jinghe, Songzi River, Ju Zhanghe River, and other large rivers, lakes, many of which Honghu largest, long Lake followed.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, two Shixia Jingzhou City area, three counties and county-level city hosted three.That is, in Jingzhou, Shashi two districts, Gangneung, public security, and three Jianli County, Songzi, the first stone, Honghu City, 3.A total of 114 city-level units (12 streets and 88 towns and 14 rural).Jingzhou City area of 14,104 square kilometres, population 6.41 million (2004).Shashi area of 469 square kilometres, population 540,000 people.Zip code 434000.District People's Government in Hong Kong long road.Jingzhou area of 1046 square kilometres, population 570,000 people.Zip code 434020.District People's Government in Jingzhou Road 80.Shishou City area of 1427 square kilometres, population 650,000 people.Zip code 434400.Municipal People's Government in embroidered Lin streets.Honghu City area of 2519 square kilometres, population 920,000 people.Zip code 433200.Municipal People's Government in the new embankment streets.Songzi City area of 2235 square kilometres, population 840,000 people.Zip code 434200.Xinjiangkou Municipal People's Government in the town.Jiangling county area of 1032 square kilometres, population 400,000 people.Zip code 434101.Haoxue County People's Government in the town.The public security area of 2,258 square kilometres County, population 1.03 million people.Zip code 434300.County People's Government in the fight Hudi town.Jianli County area of 3118 square kilometres, population 1.46 million people.Zip code 433300.County People's Government in the capacity towns.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryIn Jingzhou by originating in the high winds along the Jingshan named.July 1949 established the Office of Inspector Jingzhou SAR, the rule of Jingzhou County town of Kangnung.The same month, out of the Warsaw built the city of Gangneung, a provincial cities.1955, Warsaw city was placed under the jurisdiction of Jingzhou agency.1979, Shashi City Complex for the provincial cities.1983 draw to Jingmen city of Jingmen County, as provincial cities.1994 approved by the State Council, the revocation of Jingzhou, Shashi City, the establishment of a joint Jingsha City, Qianjiang, Xiantao, Tianmen City set aside for the three provincial cities.1996 changed its name to Jingzhou City, Jingshan County, Zhongxiang City set aside.Shashi City in the area.Shashi City, the Jiangling County town of Warsaw, established in 1949 Shashi City, the provincial Crown.Shashi City in 1958 by the Jingzhou agency leadership.Shashi City in 1979 to the provincial Crown.Jingzhou area, located in Jingzhou in 1949 Jingzhou area, the agency in Jiangling County (Jingzhou).Exempted Jingmen, Jingshan, Zhongxiang, the day the door, Qianjiang, public security, Songzi (in Xinjiangkou town), Jiangling eight counties.1951 original Mianyang-Mianyang-owned zones (in Xiantao town), Jianli, the first three-county area included in Jingzhou.11 county jurisdiction.1952 Analysis by the Mianyang County home Honghu County, in Honghu Lake.Jingzhou area exempted 12 counties.1953 by the public security, Songzi and stone home the first three counties out of Jingjiang County, in steep Hudi.Jingzhou area exempted 13 counties.1955 revocation of the Jingjiang River County, into the county public security.County police moved in the Jingjiang River County, site of steep Hudi, former Commissioner of Public Security changed its name to the county town of Nanping.Jingzhou area exempted 12 counties.1958 directly under the provincial city of Shashi agency was placed under the leadership of Jingzhou, in Honghu Lake County, moved to the new dike town.Jiangling in 1960 to the Shayang County town of Shayang City established by the Jingzhou agency leadership.2 exempted cities, 12 counties.1961 revocation of Shayang City, to set Shayang town, was placed under Jingmen county leaders.Jingzhou City, an area exempted, the 12 counties.Jingzhou area renamed in 1970 in Jingzhou, regional in Jiangling County.Shashi City jurisdiction and Jiangling, Jingmen, Zhongxiang, Jingshan, Jianli, the first stone (in embroidered Town), the day the door, Qianjiang, Mianyang-(in Xiantao town), Honghu Lake (the new embankment in the town), the Public Order (the steep town, That is, the original steep Hudi town), Songzi (in Xinjiangkou town), and other 12 counties.Shashi City in 1979 to the provincial Crown.From the Chengguan Town of Jingmen County and surrounding areas set up in Jingmen City, led by the Jingzhou region.1 jurisdiction in Jingzhou City, 12 counties.Mianyang-zones established in 1949 Mianyang-TSA, the agency in Mianyang County.Mianyang-exempted (in Xiantao town), Hanchuan, Hanyang (in Caidian town), Jia Yu, Puqi, Jianli, the first seven-county offices and new seawall.1950 revocation of the new embankment offices, a new embankment to the town, in the leadership of Mianyang County.1951 Mianyang-agency in the new embankment Mianyang County town.The same year, the revocation of Mianyang-Zone, Mianyang-, Jianli, the first three-county area was placed under Jingzhou; Hanchuan, Hanyang 2 County was placed under Xiaogan area; Jiayu, Puqi County was placed under 2 Daye area.(From: "People's Republic of China Administrative Region History" (1949-1979) history as a music series)May 27, 1986, the State Council approved the revocation of the first stone County, the establishment of Shishou City (county level).July 31, 1987, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1997] No. 130) revoked Honghu County, the establishment of Honghu City (county level) to the Honghu Lake County, the administrative regions of Honghu City for the administrative region.September 29, 1994, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1994] 99): (1) withdrawn in Jingzhou, Shashi City, Jiangling County, established Jingsha city (prefectural level), City People's Government in the newly established Beijing Shashi District Road.(2) Jingsha City, the new Warsaw district, Jinzhou District and Jiangling area.Shashi area of jurisdiction of Shashi City Jiefang Lu, Chongwen Road, Zhongshan Road, Victory Road, Chaoyang Road, five neighborhood offices and Lixin, Kuan Ju, the joint Romanian market four townships, and the District People's Government in Beijing Road; Jingzhou district exempted Jiangling the former Jingzhou Prefecture, Sichuan shop, Ma Shan, Li port, and the resulting in five towns and Jinan, two eight Ridge Mountains, the District People's Government in the town of Jingzhou; Jiangling area of jurisdiction of Jiangling County Haoxue, Kwun Yam Dang , Cen River, the capital city, Beach Bridge, Bear River, the White Horse Temple, Shagang, Cape Town and nine Ji Ma Jiazhai, Qin City, two townships, and the District People's Government in the Haoxue town.(3) Jingsha Shixia original Jingzhou in Songzi County, the county public security, Jianli County, Jingshan County and the introduction of the new Warsaw, Jingzhou, Gangwon area.Jingzhou in the Xiantao City, Qianjiang City, Tianmen, Zhongxiang City, Shishou City, Honghu City, the provincial Crown.December 29, 1995, approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs (awarded to the [1995] No. 86) revoked Songzi County, Songzi City set up.November 20, 1996, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1996] 99) Jingsha City changed its name to Jingzhou City.December 2, 1996, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1996] No. 111) in Jingzhou City, Jingshan County, was placed under the jurisdiction of Jingmen City jurisdiction and will be hosted in Jingzhou City in Zhongxiang city of Jingmen City, was placed under the escrow.July 2, 1998, the State Council approved the revocation of Jiangling in Jingzhou City, the establishment of Jiangling County.Haoxue County People's Government in the town.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population in Jingzhou City 6279990 people.Of which: Shashi District 591,572 Jingzhou County District 585,578 public security 1009690 Jianli County 1363132 Jiangling County 389,653-602,649 in Honghu City, the first 877,775 Songzi City 859,941 (based on past administrative division; units:)In 2001, the Jingzhou Shixia Jingzhou, Shashi two areas, public security, Jianli, Jiangling three counties and Songzi, the first stone, Honghu three county-level city.All Shixia 103 township, l2 months streets, 421 neighborhood committees, 2,927 village committees, 24,476 groups of villagers.The city's land area of 14,067 square kilometres, of which the urban area of l558 square km and the urban area of 53 square kilometres completed.The end of 2004, the entire street Shixia 12, 88 towns and 14 townships.

Jingzhou City, Hubei Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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