Huangpu District, Shanghai (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewHuangpu District of Shanghai in the city centre.East and South following the Huangpu River in Pudong New Area and across the West and the Jingan District, Luwan District bordering; Suzhou River to the north for the sector, with the Hongkou District, in Zhabei District for the neighborhood.Total area of 12.41 square kilometres (of which land area of 11.13 square kilometres area of 1.34 square km waters).Total population of 620,000 people (2003).District People's Government in the Yanandonglu 300, Zip code: 200001.Administrative division code: 310101.Code: 021.Pinyin: Huangpu Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, the Huangpu District exempted nine streets, 135 neighborhood committees: the Bund streets, the People's Square street, Nanjing Road East streets, the streets of Nanking East Road, a half-Sung Yuen Road, streets, small streets Dongmen , The old Simon street, Dong Jiadu streets, Yu Garden streets.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryHuangpu District to Huangpu Hejiang were named.June 13, 2000, the State Council approved the revocation of Huangpu District and Nan Shiqu, the establishment of a new Huangpu District, to the Huangpu District and Nan Shiqu administrative region of the Huangpu District for the new administrative region.District People's Government in Jiujiang Road.Huangpu District, the area of 4.5 square kilometres, population 268,000 (1996).Nan Shiqu the original area of 7.87 square kilometres, population 473,000 (1996), the Central Government land in Hamamatsu Road home.In 2000, the Huangpu District exempted four streets.Total population of 188,743 people, the street population: 49,508 People's Square, the Bund street street 41,516 street 48,173 Nanking East Road, Nanjing East Road, the street 49,546 (based on the fifth census data; units:)In 2000, Nan Shiqu exempted five streets.Total population of 385,790 people, the street population: 71,099 semi-Song Dong Jiadu Yuen Road street of small streets 87682 East Gate street 61,848 Yuyuan Garden streets 49333 old Simon streets 115,828 (according to the fifth census data; units:)February 21, 2003, approved by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government (Shanghai House [2003] 8) Huangpu District People's Government of resident relocation: the resident from the Huangpu District People's Government of Jiujiang Road 219, moved to the Yanandonglu 300.The end of 2002, the Huangpu District exempted nine streets, 152 neighborhood committees.End of 2003, the Huangpu District exempted nine streets, 134 neighborhood committees, the population of 618,700 people.September 30, 2004, the Huangpu District exempted nine streets, 135 neighborhood committees.Huangpu District in 2004 administrative division List: exempted nine streets.Yunnan in the streets of Nanjing East Road No. 59 North Road, Zip code 200001.Jurisdiction: Yunnan Road, Longquan Yuen Road, Guizhou Road, Hong Fu, Hong Rui, Newbridge, Niuzhuang Road, Xiamen Road, Fuhai, Cheng-xing, three German, Yan Chai 12 neighborhood committees.Nanking East Road 151 North Road, streets in Guangxi, China 200001.Jurisdiction: Shengze, Jinling, Funan, Baoxing, Zhaotong Road, Pingwang Street, small garden, Rui Fu, Yunnan, Shanxi South Road, the new village, 12 North Sea Road neighborhood.Bund streets in Shanxi South Road, No. 350, Zip code 200001.Jurisdiction: Hankou Road, Beijing, Ningbo Road, Wuxi Road, east Shandong Road, Huqiu Road, Yong'an Road, Sichuan Road, Yongsheng Road, all the way in Shandong 11 neighborhood committees.People's Square in the streets Taku Road 123, Zip code 200003.Jurisdiction: the Yangtze River, the new, Jiangyin, all music, Xinchang, rejuvenation, set-hing, Shun Tin Village, eight neighborhood.Song Yuen Road in the semi-street Xiling Road house on the 10th, China 200011.Jurisdiction: China and South Africa, the legislature, Qu 40, West 3, Hui-ling, South River, Kaohsiung, Qu 2, Sanmenxia, the public, West, manufacture, a half-Sung Park, Bao Tuen, West Second, Yaojiang Garden, 17 Huangpu Xinyuan A neighborhood committee.Dongjia Du streets in the emblem Ning Road 159, Zip code 200011.Jurisdiction: the sun, Wang yards, justice, multi-jia, Tsing Lung, Metro tomorrow, Ying-hoon, Hercynian, benefits yuan, in the first blessing Garden, Wan-Yu, born in Southern District, Lu Ying, cars, Hong Kong Garden , Fugu, Pu Yi, Miao Jiang, Mulberry, San Tsuen, Fu Garden in the second 22 neighborhood committees.Small street in the rejuvenation of East Gate Road 248, Zip code 200010.Jurisdiction: East Gate, the new code, the Longtan, old and new West Yao, Jia Kang, Chinese, white ferry, the day lights, small stone bridge, Qiaojia, the altar, Zhao house, the lotus pool 14 neighborhood committees.Yu Garden streets in major habitats Road 58, Zip code 200010.Jurisdiction: Four new, Po belt, Anren, KPS, fruit infertility, Hou, and the sun city, Wu Glass, Dan Ma, college, Lu Xiang, Fu-chun, longevity, Kwong Fuk, the Habitat, Hajime side, Tongqing, Terry, Huaihai and Huiji, the West 21 neighborhood committees.Simon streets in the old Tibet Road 765, Zip code 200011.Jurisdiction: Simon, Tai Hing, Daelim, Confucian Temple, Huang Que, of Temple Street, Cao Street, Ai-up, Xiao Taoyuan, the ramps, decorated archway, but also parks, Longmen Village, small Simon, Tang Jiawan, the Pure Land Street, Qiaojia gate, LU Xing 18 neighborhood committees.

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