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OverviewChangzhou City in Jiangsu Province in the south.North latitude and 31 ° 09'-32 ° 04 ', longitude 119 ° 08'-120 ° 12'.Total area of 4,374 square kilometres, of which the urban area of 1864 square kilometres.The end of 2004, the total population of 3489600 people.Municipal People's Government in the 1280 Long Road, Zip code: 213022.Code: 320400.Code: 0519.Pinyin: Changzhou Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, Shixia five Changzhou City area, hosting two county-level city.Changzhou City area of 4180 square kilometres, population 3.49 million (2004).Clock Tower area of 71 square kilometres, population 350,000 people.ZIP code 213002.Tianning Qu area of 67 square kilometres, population 380,000 people.ZIP code 213003.Qi Shuyan area of 31 square kilometres, population 80,000 people.ZIP code 213011.New area of 439 square kilometres North, population 400,000 people.ZIP code 213001.District People's Government in the Hai Zhong Road.Wujin area of 1061 square kilometres, population 960,000 people.ZIP code 213161.District People's Government in the Hutang Zhen.Jintan City area of 976 square kilometres, population 540,000 people.ZIP code 213200.Municipal People's Government in the town.Liyang City area of 1535 square kilometres, population 780,000 people.ZIP code 213300.Municipal People's Government in the Li River towns.* Here size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)" *-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryJanuary 1, 1953, for the provincial cities of Changzhou City.1958, changed its name to Changzhou, Zhenjiang Zone area, the agency moved from Zhenjiang City of Changzhou City.Changzhou City, was placed under the leadership Changzhou area.1959, Changzhou, Zhenjiang area to area, the agency still moved by the Changzhou City in Zhenjiang City.Changzhou, Zhenjiang area was placed under the leadership.1960, Zhenjiang zones Wujin County was placed under the leadership of Changzhou City.1962, to provincial cities of Changzhou City.Wujin County was placed under the leadership of Zhenjiang area.市管县体制implemented in 1983, Zhenjiang in Wujin, Jintan and Liyang County was placed under the leadership of Changzhou City.Urban-based, day-ning, the clock tower, Qi Shuyan, five city suburbs area.Changzhou City, exempted three counties a total of five.September 1986, approved by the State Council, has withdrawn wide zone, the original administrative regions, respectively to the clock tower to the area and Tianning Qu.Revocation of Liyang County, to set up Liyang City (county level).Changzhou City exempted a total of four areas in two counties.1993 revocation of Jintan County, with its original jurisdiction to establish regional Jintan City.1995 adjusted City and Wujin County Administrative Division: Wujin County of Longhu Town, New Town, Baizhang Township, Town Fair included in the suburbs of Changzhou City jurisdiction.State Council on June 8, 1995 approved: revocation of Wujin County, the establishment of Wujin City, City People's Government in the Hutang Zhen.1999 approved by the Provincial People's Government to revoke the rural suburbs too, will be incorporated into the original jurisdiction of regional Wujin City snow堰镇.April 3, 2002, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2002] 22): adjustment of the administrative division of Changzhou City.(1) revoke Wujin county-level cities, the establishment of Changzhou Wujin District.Wujin District exempted the original county-level city of Wujin Wu Tong, Niutang, Luoyang, Li Jia, Nan Xia Shu, the former yellow, Walled Bridge, Pan, Caoqiao, Ice Weir, Benniu, Zou soil, Pu Yi, Summer River, Jiaze, Huang, Dongan, Wang Lin, Yao Guan, Yokoyama Bridge, Lotus, Jiao River, the town, Mr Augustine 23.District People's Government in the Hutang Zhen.(2) the suburbs of Changzhou City changed its name to the new North.North exempted the new suburbs of Changzhou City, Hai street, Mitsui and Rural Longhu Tong, Newbridge, Baizhang, Wei Tong town and the four county-level city of Wujin Xuejiadao, installation, Weicun, Luo Xi, Xixiashu , The River, Bangladesh river seven towns.District People's Government in the Hai Zhong Road.(3) the original suburbs of Changzhou City Yonghong, the five-star, resistant, Peikang four townships and the new gateway town was placed under jurisdiction of the clock tower area.(4) the original suburbs of Changzhou City, Dasan, the Thai village, Hongmei, Tsing Lung four rural Changzhou Tianning Qu was placed under the jurisdiction.Administrative division before adjustment: the clock tower area of 18 square kilometres, population 250,000; Tianning Qu area of 20 square kilometres, population 270,000; outskirts of the original area of 120 square kilometres, population 280,000 people.Postal Code 213001; Wujin county-level city area of the original 1581 square kilometres, population 1.2 million.2003, the clock tower five-star revocation of the rural areas and the West Cangqiao neighborhood offices, to the original five-star regional and rural district of West Street office management Cangqiao streets of Nam Wan Bridge, South Heyan at Sanbao Street, the first Qin, Qin The second five neighborhood committees to establish a joint five-star neighborhood offices, the Office of the West Cangqiao street machine first, the second of two mechanical street neighborhood committees assigned Xi Xinqiao Office, the Office of the West Cangqiao streets The Red Star, Hongqiao, dragon boat Hamamatsu, Jul 4 Road neighborhood was placed under the Nationwide Road neighborhood offices; revocation Yonghong Cheongdam streets and rural offices, to the original Yonghong rural district and regional management of the Office of the original street Cheongdam The merger of the establishment of regional offices streets Yonghong; revocation Peikang Township, in its original jurisdiction to establish regional offices in Peikang streets; revocation resistant Township, in its original jurisdiction streets resistant to establish regional offices.Tianning Qu withdraw Thai Township, the original jurisdiction of its regional offices set up in Thai village streets; revocation of Tsing Lung Heung, in its original jurisdiction to establish regional offices of Tsing Lung Street; revocation tea Shan, with its original jurisdiction to establish regional offices Dasan streets; revocation Hongmei Rural, in its original jurisdiction to establish regional offices Hongmei streets.New North Fair Tong, Weicun, Baizhang, installation merger of four towns established the Riverside town, the town government in the Fair Tong; Meng River, the river town of the merger of two established Bangladesh town, the town government in the river; revocation Mitsui Township, in its original jurisdiction Mitsui set up regional offices streets; revocation Longhu Town, the original jurisdiction of its regional offices set up Longhu Tong streets.September 30, 2006, was held in Changzhou city centre streets zoning adjustment mobilization meeting, the meeting announced the city centre on the adjustment of administrative divisions of the city streets decision, the day-ning, the clock tower, Qi Shuyan three area streets zoning adjustment of the deployment.The Clock Tower district administrative division will be as follows: revocation of the Office of Makung Bridge street, Garden Road, north of the region was placed under the five-star neighborhood offices, Garden Road, south of the region was placed under the Office of the streets Yonghong; revocation Nationwide Road street work , Its Main Street and South Street offices of the establishment of the South Street neighborhood offices; revocation Xi Xinqiao neighborhood offices, its streets and the lotus pool offices of the establishment of the Office of the lotus pond streets; Peikang, resistant neighborhood offices and the new gateway Town, the original administrative divisions remain unchanged.After the adjustment, the clock tower area exempted a town, six neighborhood offices.2006, the administrative centre of Changzhou City from the urban areas of the Qianjie moved to No. 180 overall in the Changzhou High-tech Industry Development Zone in the 1280 Long Road, the new site.October 8 from the overall foreign office.Zhenjiang City, the main land area of YearConstruction history (the source)Yanling Spring and Autumn Period, the dream of the son of Wang Shou Wu Ji Zha to the throne Gonggeng Birang-sun in the mountains (this Jiangyin Shengang West); week ling WANG 25 years (547 BC) king-in ceremony then closed Jizha Yanling.Yanling in this town about Changzhou, Wujin, Jiangyin, Danyang area, Changzhou is to be found for the earliest history of the name.After the first eup Yanling County, who have used 345 years.Piling Gaozu five years the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC) to Yanling for Piling.Piling the name from the county government, the three countries to Miss Golden Harvest 2003 (234) Purchase Code XiaoWei Cultivation agricultural reclamation, to the Western Jin Dynasty Kang 2002 (281) built-gun County Commission, have adopted 506 years, during which, despite the Wang Mang TAIWAN BISHAMON turn over power at the altar, but a very short time before and after only 14, when the first year of the Eastern Han Dynasty Jianwu-Piling said.Piling had to rule Dantu County, Que (Danyang), Wu Jin, Yan Ling, Piling, Ji Yang (Jiangyin), 7 Wuxi County, for the Jiangnan County.Piling named to the Jiangnan Station a Piling Station is located here.Jinling West Jinhui Di Yongxing first year (304) to avoid the East China Sea Shizaijinling Hui-yu, to Piling for the Jinling, Jinling the name used before and after 290 years.Meanwhile, the Western Jin Dynasty Yongjia chaos Central Plains have Nanqian Gentry, an area inhabited, the county set up Overseas Chinese rule, once in Wujin County, the place of Lanling County, Lan Ling County, the Jinling County, the place of Dongguan County from the Palais des County, Dongguan, Kou-screen three counties, then has until the end of the Abolition of the Southern Dynasties.Changzhou Kai Wong Sui Wendi 2003 (583) Waste County, the state Commission County.Wong Kai 2009 (589) in Changshu County, home of Changzhou, Changshu County, after cutting into the Suzhou, Changzhou, thus shifting rule in Jinling, Changzhou, the name of this before, then, despite the name Piling, Jin Ling, Changchun, Taste, but very short time, and Changzhou consistent regardless of the name of the state, said House, the county used to have nearly 1400.Tang Emperor Wuzong Huichang 2004 (840), or look for Changzhou, included in the national capital of 10 one of hope.Qing Emperor Yongzheng four years (1726) Analysis of Wujin another home-Lake, Wuxi On another Golden, Yixing On a separate Jingxi, coupled with the original from Jiangyin and Jingjiang, Changzhou Fu 8 command County, it is "to Wu Fu , Who have eight town, "said.Wujin City Jin Tai Hong, 2002 (281)-Que (Danyang), Dantu home Wujin County, the eastern region.North Korea later when the home waste division, renamed the Lanling, Yongding, into the Que, Jin Ling, a home-Analysis of the lake.1912, was set up, waste Changzhou Fu, Yang Wujin County into Lake County, the City once said Wujin City, along the Changzhou said.Changzhou City on April 23, 1949, Changzhou liberation, the establishment of urban and rural areas respectively, and Changzhou Wujin County.1953, for the provincial cities of Changzhou City.March 1, 1983, Changzhou Wujin jurisdiction, the altar, Liyang three counties.August 1990, November 1993 and July 1995 in three counties approved by the State Council for dismantling the city, the establishment of Liyang City, Jintan City, Wujin City, still Changzhou City jurisdiction.2002 by the State Council approved the zoning adjustment, Xianxia the altar, two county-level city and Liyang Wujin, a new North, Tinian, the clock tower, Qi Shuyan five SAR.Administrative division in 1983 exempted Statistics: 18 streets, seven towns, 136 townships, and 236 neighborhood committees, 1,868 village committees.Exempted 1984: 18 streets, seven towns, 136 townships, and 265 neighborhood committees, 1,886 village committees.1985 exemptions: 19 streets and 16 towns, 125 townships, and 288 neighborhood committees, 1,914 village committees.1986 exemptions: 18 streets and 16 towns, 125 townships, and 303 neighborhood committees, 1,922 village committees.1987 exemptions: 18 streets and 22 towns, 119 townships, and 329 neighborhood committees, 1,918 village committees.1988 exemptions: 19 streets and 35 towns, 106 townships, and 336 neighborhood committees, 1,922 village committees.1989 exemptions: 18 streets and 39 towns, 102 townships, and 339 neighborhood committees, 1,969 village committees.1990 exemptions: 18 streets and 39 towns, 102 townships, and 363 neighborhood committees, 1,920 village committees.1991 exemptions: 18 streets and 48 towns and 93 townships, and 375 neighborhood committees, 1,919 village committees.1992 exemptions: 18 streets and 49 towns and 88 townships, and 388 neighborhood committees, 1,913 village committees.1993 exemptions: 20 streets and 65 towns and 72 townships, and 414 neighborhood committees, 1,913 village committees.Exempted 1994: 19 streets and 71 towns and 66 townships, and 429 neighborhood committees, 1,915 village committees.1995 exemptions: 18 streets and 74 towns and 63 townships, and 450 neighborhood committees, 1,908 village committees.1996 exemptions: 18 streets and 81 towns and 56 townships, and 460 neighborhood committees, 1,907 village committees.1997 exemptions: 19 streets and 81 towns and 56 townships, and 471 neighborhood committees, 1,903 village committees.1998 exemptions: 19 streets and 81 towns and 55 townships, and 482 neighborhood committees, 1,902 village committees of which 19 street City area, seven towns and 10 townships, and 341 neighborhood committees, 164 A village committee; Tianning Qu exempted eight streets, 152 neighborhood committees; clock tower area exempted eight streets, 149 neighborhood committees; Qi Shuyan district exempted two streets, two towns and 35 neighborhood committees, 19 A village committee; exempted four suburban town, a rural, five neighborhood committees and 89 village committees; Liyang Shixia 16 towns and 20 townships, and 45 neighborhood committees and 559 village committees; Jintan exempted 18 towns and nine townships, and 29 neighborhood committees and 428 village committees; Wujin Shixia 40 towns and 16 townships, and 67 neighborhood committees and 751 village committees.

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