Oriental Republic of Uruguay, República Oriental del Uruguay (American States) Satellite maps

States: the Eastern Republic of Uruguay (Oriental Republic of Uruguay, República Oriental del Uruguay)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.By the equivalent width of five white-and blue wide of the four-and constitute a connected, for the white flag of the top-left corner square, with a "May the sun."Uruguay and Argentina have the history of the formation of a national, national flags have blue, white and "May the sun"; nine-time representative of the Republic of the nine political regions, solar radiation eight straight and eight wavy Light, it symbolizes national independence.The national emblem: a Oval.Oval face four AP case; the top left corner for a balance, the symbol of justice for the top-right corner of the rock fortress, the symbol of the capital Montevideo; Benz for the lower-left corner of the Horse, the symbol of freedom for the lower right corner of a cow, Symbol of wealth and livestock.Oval on both sides with olive branches and decorative Guizhi, the symbol of peace and victory is the top, "May the sun."Independence Day: August 25 (1825)National Day: August 25 (1825)January 30, 2004, in Uruguay at Montevideo, the capital of the Carnival parade opening ceremony, participants Nongzhuangyanma, while walking dance.Uruguay Carnival will continue for more than a month, is the world's longest duration of the Carnival.National political figures: President Tawaleiba Vazquez (Tabare Vazquez), 2004年11 he was elected, in March 2005 inauguration.Physical Geography: throughout the area of 177,000 square kilometers.Located in southeastern South America, Uruguay River and the Rio de la Plata in the east coast, north of Brazil, Argentina, the Western sector, the Southeast Atlantic Dying.660 km long coastline.In flat terrain, an average elevation of 116 meters.The ups and downs of the Southern Plains; north and east of a small number of low-distribution; southwest of fertile land; southeastern slopes more than grass.Qi Liya the large mountain range extending from south to north-east border to Brazil, 450-600 meters above sea level.Uruguay River as the boundary rivers Uruguay and Argentina.Negro River originate in Brazil plateau, flows through the central border, into the Uruguay River, the total length of over 800 kilometers.In the Negro River on the reservoir within Rogge, South America is one of the largest artificial lake (an area of about 10,000 square kilometers).A temperate climate, Uruguay because of the shape of precious stones and stone-rich Zi Jing, known as "diamonds country."January-March for the summer, the temperature 17至28 ℃, 7至September, winter, the temperature 6至14 ℃.Annual rainfall from south to north from 950 mm to 1250 mm increments.Population: 3.38 million (2002), which accounted for more than 90 percent of whites, mixed Indo-European people of eight percent.The official language is Spanish.56 percent of the residents were Catholic.Capital: Montevideo (Montevideo), population 1.38 million (June 2000), with an average temperature of 16 ℃.Administrative Division: National is divided into 19 provinces.History: Early in the east coast of the Uruguay River Luya Indians lived in the investigation.Spain early in 1516 was the expedition found.In 1680 after Spain and Portugal have been the target for colonizers.1726, the Spanish colonizers established in Montevideo, Uruguay become a colony of Spain.1776 Spain Governor of the region into the La Plata area.Uruguay cowboy horse trainer in the game1811 national hero Ho Add.1 Di Jiasi leading the people in the War of Independence, and in 1815 controlled the entire territory.Portugal once again invaded in 1816 and in July 1821 Ukraine will be incorporated into Brazil.August 25, 1825, Juan Antonio Orava, such as Kazakhstan are a number of Patriot recovered Montevideo City, Uruguay declared independence, and August 25 as National Day.The first half of the 20th century, the Ukrainian economic stability, social tranquillity.1973 military coup took place.July 1984, the military government decided to return to civilian rule.Because the Uruguay River in the east coast, were subdued as the Eastern Republic of Uruguay.In November Red Party candidate Julio María Sanguinetti was elected president and restore constitutional democracy.November 2004, the leftist coalition of political parties Vázquez presidential candidate in the general election victory, becoming the first Ukrainian history of the leftist president.Uruguay Heritage Day>>>Constitution: July 18, 1830 promulgated the first constitution, after repeatedly amended.The 1951 Constitution abolished the presidential system, the establishment of a cabinet meeting (the highest executive authority).1966 constitutional amendment to restore the presidential system.After the 1973 military coup to stop the implementation of the Constitution.1985 elected government took office after the enactment of the resumption.At present the implementation of the 1996 revised and adopted by referendum in the Constitution.Ukrainian constitutional democratic republicanism, the separation of powers.For president and vice president of the 1.President Heads of State and Government, and armed forces supreme commander, Vice President for the course, Senator, also Chairman of the National Assembly and Senate.The president and vice president, congressmen and provincial governors directly elected by the citizens of a five-year term.President can not be re-elected, but may run again next session.Parliament at the Senate and House of Representatives.From the Rio de la Plata on the sun rising slowlyEconomy: rich marble, Zishui Jing Shi, agate, Rubai, such as stone.Have proven iron, manganese and other minerals.Forestry and Fisheries is rich in resources, rich yellow croaker, squid and cod.Uruguay is a traditional agricultural country.Industrial underdevelopment, mainly farming and animal husbandry products processing industry.Economy depends on exports, the main export products are meat, wool, seafood, leather and rice, etc..Since the 1990s, and Uzbekistan implemented neo-liberal economic policies, in promoting the traditional industries but also pay attention to the development of non-traditional industries and actively participate in regional economic integration.By Argentina, Brazil, the impact of the economic recovery, Ukrainian economic recovery in 2003 and an increase in 2004.The more developed tourism industry.Foreign tourists mainly from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Chile and other neighboring countries.Punta del Este and Montevideo, the capital is a major tourist destination.Press and Publications: in 2000 a total of 374 kinds of newspapers, Daily 31.Major newspapers: "State", published in 1918; "Morning News" published in 1917 and the "Republic" and "observers" and "Latest News".There are 284 various types of radio stations, 60 television stations, cable television 120.Diplomacy: pursuing peace and opening up, respect for the sovereignty of other countries, non-interference in internal affairs and not resorting to force foreign policy.That multiple foreign affairs, foreign relations from the political system of restrictions on self-determination and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries on the basis of the same countries in the world to maintain and develop friendly and cooperative relations.Stressed that diplomacy is the guiding principle of safeguarding national interests and focus on economic diplomacy.Relations with China: February 3, 1988, Uruguay establish diplomatic relations with China.According to Chinese Customs Department statistics, the 2003 Uruguay trade with China amounted to 203 million U.S. dollars.May 2005, the CPPCC National Committee Jia Qinglin, chairman of a goodwill visit to Uruguay.China's Gansu Province and the establishment of inter-provincial Florida Uruguay friendly relationsReproduced: http://news.xinhuanet.com/ziliao/2002-06/23/content_453183.htm

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