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OverviewMudanjiang City area of 40,435 square kilometres, population 2.71 million (2003).Municipal People's Government in the Edmonton area.Zip code: 157000.Administrative division code: 231000.Code: 0453.Pinyin: Mudanjiang Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, exempted four City area, four county-level cities, two counties.Mudanjiang City area of 40,435 square kilometres, population 2.71 million (2004).Edmonton area of 359 square kilometres, population 230,000.ZIP code 157009.Dongan area of 566 square kilometres, population 180,000.ZIP code 157000.Yangming area of 358 square kilometres, population 160,000.ZIP code 157013.Xi'an area of 325 square kilometres, population 210,000.ZIP code 157000.Muling City area of 6,094 square kilometres, population 330,000.ZIP code 157500.Municipal People's Government in the eight-town.Suifenhe City area of 427 square kilometres, population 60,000.ZIP code 157300.Municipal People's Government in the town of Suifenhe.Hailin area of 9877 square kilometres, population 440,000.ZIP code 157100.Hailin City People's Government in the town.Ning Anshi area of 7870 square kilometres, population 440,000.ZIP code 157400.Changan in Nanjing Municipal People's Government.East County area of 7,368 square kilometres, population 210,000.ZIP code 157200.Dongning County People's Government in the town.Linkou Xian area of 7191 square kilometres, population 450,000.ZIP code 157600.County People's Government in the Forest Town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryMudanjiang names are named after the Mudanjiang River.Tang said the Mudanjiang River Khan Mandrax (a sweat as Mandrax); Jin Jiang referred to in (a bone for the Uri to Jiang); Yuan said Mandrax HAMDOON River; to the Ming Dynasty, Jiang said Hu (also called Raha River, the Tiger Fall Kazakhstan River, Hu HAMDOON River, called HAMDOON River, angry Kazakh River); HAMDOON-min said the tiger or Mudanjiang.In the name of the above, most of the characters sound like different words are full, "Wan song" means (Another explanation for the "ring of water").Mudanjiang winding rivers, flows in the mountains Laoye Ling, Gu Ming for Mudanjiang, with the river Bay song means.The first for the station, and build the city after the system comes to names.Mudanjiang City, set up late.Ancient History unknown.Zhuishuo to the laying of the earliest Chinese Eastern Railway period, then once in the eastern line (that is, at the time of the foreshore Sui-line), the two sides set up in Mudanjiang Inn, called the Mudanjiang Station.But at the same time laying the best online map also set up a new Mudanjiang Station (another name-North), it will foreshore Sui line, known as the South Station in Mudanjiang Mudanjiang Station.Kant to four years (1937) in the implementation of the second local administration reform, set up in Mudanjiang City, and in the original 14 provinces on the basis of the Mudanjiang additional provinces, Tonghua Province.Mudanjiang City of Mudanjiang in the Office for the seat.Kant's 10 years (1943) set up in October for the Eastern Province (including Mudanjiang, Dongan, inter-island) and the Hung Yen provincial total (including the Xing'an East, West, North and South provinces), the Provincial Office for the East In Mudanjiang City.Northeast After the retrocession of Taiwan, in 36 years (1947) on June 5 announced the northeast provinces, autonomous regions, the new programme, the abolition of pseudo-province, northeast zoned for nine provinces.Mudanjiang City, is zoned Songjiang Sheng district, at the seat of the provincial capital.After the liberation of the country, is zoned for three provinces in the Northeast, this city in Heilongjiang province was placed under another jurisdiction.Mudanjiang zones established in 1956, the agency in Mudanjiang City.Directly under the provincial original 244, of Hill, Hulin, Muling (in all directions-town), East Nanjing, Ning An, Shangzhi, life extension, is now nine counties classified Mudanjiang area.Hailin County revoked, and 244 into the Mudanjiang City, 2 Ningan County.1958 directly under the province's Mudanjiang and Jixi 2 Mudanjiang City was placed under the agency leadership.2 municipal jurisdiction, nine counties.1960 Hulin County and the revocation of origin of Raohe Xian Jiang zones, the establishment of merger tiger Rao county (in the original Hulin County).Nanjing County will be assigned Mudanjiang city leaders.1962 restoration of Hailin county (in Hailin town).Nanjing County is still classified Mudanjiang agency leadership.Of 1964 to Jixi City, County and part of the region located Jidong Xian (in chicken Dong-jin).Revocation of the tiger Rao County.2 TSA exempted Mudanjiang City, 10 counties.1966 Mudanjiang and Jixi City to the provinces directly under 2.1967 Mudanjiang City was placed under the leadership of Mudanjiang agency.1970 Mudanjiang area called Mudanjiang region.Exempted Shangzhi, Founder, Yanshou County was placed under the Songhua River 3, the origin of Jiang Hulin County included in Mudanjiang region.1 exempted the city, eight counties.1975 to the establishment of the East County town of Suifenhe city of Suifenhe, from Mudanjiang in leadership.Mudanjiang region exempted Mudanjiang, Suifenhe City 2 and 244, East Nanjing, chicken East, Muling (in all directions-town), of Hill, Ning An, Hulin, Hailin eight counties.April 15, 1980, the Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government approved the establishment of Mudanjiang City Yangming areas.The same year, Mudanjiang Municipal People's Government approval of Mudanjiang City, renamed the Pioneer District of Xi'an, the east district changed its name to Dongan area.September 3, 1983, the State Council approved the revocation of Mudanjiang region.Mudanjiang City upgraded to the level the city.Jidong Xian will be transferred jurisdiction in Jixi City; will Hailin, 244, Ning An, Mullin, East Nanjing, Hulin, mountains of the seven counties in Mudanjiang City, was placed under the jurisdiction of the city of Suifenhe in Heilongjiang Province by the Crown.October 8, 1983, Suifenhe in Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government, approved by the city of Mudanjiang City hosted.July 1, 1986, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1996] 85) set up Jingpohu City (county level), the municipal government in the Bohai Sea town to the original Nanjing County Jingbo, Xingshan 2 Township, Shalan Town Mountains (small North Lake Forest Farm, Seoul Station Forest Farm), and the Bohai Sea town of eight villages and one city streets Jingpohu Office for the administrative region.November 27, 1987, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1997] 183) revoked Jingpohu city, its administrative area will be incorporated into the Nanjing County.July 28, 1992, the Ministry of Civil Affairs approved (the Bank approved [1992] 90) revocation of Hailin County, the establishment of Hailin.June 14, 1993, the State Council approved the Mudanjiang City Hulin County was placed under the jurisdiction of Jixi City.February 12, 1993, the Ministry of Civil Affairs approved (the Bank approved [1993] 9) revocation of Nanjing County, the establishment of Ningan Shi.March 7, 1995, the Ministry of Civil Affairs approved (the Bank approved [1995] 18) revoked Muling County, the establishment of Muling City.September 30, 1997, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1997] 90), the revocation of Mudanjiang City suburbs.The original is booming suburb of the town, the East Village area was placed under the jurisdiction Dongan; original WEN Chun-outskirts of town, along the rural areas of Xi'an was placed under the jurisdiction of the original suburbs of the town of Tieling, Hualin the town was placed under the jurisdiction of Yangming District; On the outskirts of the former North Township, three rural district was placed under the jurisdiction of loving.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population in Mudanjiang City 2684495 people.Of which: Dongan District 185,506 people, Yangming District 163,290 people, 271,779 Edmonton area, the District of Xi'an 186,619 people, 207,012 people in Dongning County, Lin Kouxian 418,136 people, 69,052 of Suifenhe City, Hailin 435,677 people, 437,328 Ning Anshi , Muling city 310,096 people.

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