Zibo City, Shandong Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewZibo City of Shandong Province in the central part of geographical coordinates for latitude 35 ° 56 '- 37 ° 18', longitude 117 ° 32 '- 118 ° 31'.Total area of 5,938 square kilometres.Total population of 4.12 million people.Zhangdian Municipal People's Government in the district, Zip code: 255039.Administrative division code: 370300.Code: 0533.Pinyin: Zibo Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, five Shixia Zibo City area, the three counties.Zibo City area of 5,938 square kilometres, population 4.12 million (2003).Zhangdian area of 360 square kilometres, population 690,000.ZIP code 255022.Zichuan area of 999 square kilometres, population 670,000.ZIP code 255100.Boshan District area of 682 square kilometres, population 470,000.ZIP code 255200.Linzi area of 668 square kilometres, population 590,000.ZIP code 255400.Zhoucun area of 263 square kilometres, population 310,000.ZIP code 255300.Huantai County area of 499 square kilometres, population 480,000.ZIP code 256400.County People's Government in the cable town.High Qingxian area 830 square kilometres, population 360,000.ZIP code 256300.County People's Government in the Tian Zhen.Yiyuan County area of 1637 square km and a population of 550,000.ZIP code 256100.County People's Government in the southern town of Ma.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryIn the original jurisdiction because of Zichuan, Boshan named after the two counties.11th century BC, Wang out, Qiu Feng Jiang Taigong in the camp, built Qi.For thousands of years, a county district in Zibo, a dependency is a state, a House, a Road, past Dieci transactions, not to form a unified administrative building."Zibo" as a geographical name, along with Zichuan, Boshan coalfield in the development of the early 1920s formation of the time, the Department of Zichuan, Boshan referred to the two places.As a regional name, from October 1938 to set up the Chinese Communists begin the Zibo recorders.October 1938, the CPC Committee of Zibo the establishment of jurisdiction Zichuan, Boshan, the Provisional Linqu, Anqiu, Yidu, 6 Changle county party organizations.July revoked the following year, but here is not based administration.August 15, 1945, located in Shandong Zibo the Civil Administration, established the Office attached to Lu in the region, "Zibo" before the official name of a political district.In August 23, the agency stationed in Zibo Boshan, Boshan County will draw the Bo District, built for Boshan City.Will be Montenegro, the original mountain, River and the county Zichuan District, Hongshan, Longquan, Kunlun, Panlong zoning for the building to the immediate area.Zichuan County, the jurisdiction of Zibo, Boshan County, Boshan City, and eight immediate area.September 18, the KMT occupied Boshan, the revocation of Zibo.January 12, 1946, Zichuan County, Boshan county liberation, the second establishment of Zibo, the Office of the municipal government and Boshan stationed Boshan.In July and revocation.March 1948, throughout the liberation of Zibo.August the establishment of the SAR in Zibo, Shandong and South Africa under the SAR, the agency authority to Boshan.July 1947, Zibo SAR and the East China Financial and Economic Office of the Ministry of the merger closed factories and mines, mining establishment of the SAR in Zibo.1948 exempted Zichuan, Boshan counties, Zhangdian, Zhoucun the two cities and Bo, Montenegro, the former Shan Shan District.1949 Zibo mining the jurisdiction Zichuan, Boshan counties, Zhangdian, Zhoucun, Boshan the three cities.May 1950, the Zibo mining and the establishment of a joint River area in Zibo area, exempted Boshan, Zichuan, Huantai, Linzi, Chang-shan, Zouping, Zhangqiu, Zhang Li eight counties, the original Zhangdian, Zhoucun, Bo Hill revocation of the three cities were incorporated into the Huantai, Chang-shan, Boshan three counties.In November, within the zones established in Zibo, Zhang weeks the two cities.1953, the Zibo area and to the Zibo mining, Zichuan district, Boshan County, Zibo, Zhang weeks the two cities, Huantai, Linzi, Chang-shan, Zouping, Zhangqiu, Chapter 6 County calendar set aside.March 9, 1955 in Shandong Province were commissioned to remove jurisdiction and the Zibo Mining Areas of weeks, and the Zibo City Zichuan County, the establishment of Zibo City in the merger (in cities), the municipal authorities in Boshan.Will Boshan County (not including the Sixth District, part of Township) was placed under Changwei area.Zibo Shixia Boshan, Zhangdian, Zhoucun, Hongshan, Montenegro, Kunlun, Yang Chai District 7.December 27, 1955, approved in Shandong Province were commissioned in February 1956, the revocation of the Kunlun, Montenegro, Yang Chai three areas, with the exception of some of Mining Areas classified Boshan, Hongshan District, the other regional and Boshan District, Zhangdian Some rural areas of the establishment of a joint Zichuan District.[Have said is: Montenegro into the Boshan, Kunlun, Yang Chai merger of Zichuan District].Zibo Shixia Boshan, Zhangdian, Zhoucun, Hongshan, Zichuan District 5.December 25, 1957, approved in Shandong Province were commissioned in February 1958, the revocation of Hongshan District, the area into the Zichuan District.Zibo Shixia Boshan, Zhangdian, Zichuan, Zhoucun four areas.January 1959 [also said that in October 1958], Huimin area and the merger of Zibo City, the establishment of Zibo area, Zibo City to area cities.Chang Wei area Boshan County revoked, district 12 communes were classified Zichuan District and Boshan District.Zouping the South Yan, Zhang Fang and the Zichuan District Jia Yan Meng, Jia Huang, and other communes of 74 villages included in Zhoucun District.Zouping County in the town, MA Shang and the stone bridge in Huantai County, Jiangxi and other communes classified Zhangdian District.Zibo Shixia Boshan, Zhangdian, Zichuan, Zhoucun four areas.January 1961, removed Zibo area.In October 31, Zibo City area from cities back to provincial cities.[Have said is: in January 1961 and the Zibo City area is divided into Huimin, for the restoration of provincial cities.Boshan by the municipal authorities moved to Zhangdian.December 16, 1969 [also said that in January 1970], Chang Wei Linzi County, the area was placed under Zibo City, at the same time, Zichuan District of River Edge, South Qiu, Wang Walled Zhangdian District and the major force, Jinling , And other people's communes into five, the establishment of Linzi district.Zibo Shixia Zhangdian, Boshan, Zichuan, Zhoucun, Linzi District 5.October 1983, Benefiting the area was placed under the Huantai County in Zibo City.Zibo Shixia Zhangdian, Boshan, Zichuan, Linzi, Zhoucun five and Huantai County.By the end of 1985, a total of Zibo City, a jurisdiction five counties and 39 towns 57 rural 11 neighborhood offices, 214 neighborhood committees, village committees and 1935 (there is a 1,888 villages).December 2, 1989, the high Qingxian Huimin and Yiyuan County in Linyi region was placed under the jurisdiction of Zibo City.By the year 2000, a total of Zibo City exempted 5 (Zhangdian, Linzi District, Zichuan District, Boshan District, Zhoucun District), three counties (Huantai County, high Qingxian, Yiyuan County), a total of 89 towns, 17 townships, and 18 neighborhood offices, 252 neighborhood committees and 3,255 village committees.According to the fifth national census data: the total population of Zibo City 4184430 people.Of which: Zichuan District 697,178 Zhangdian District 712,290 Boshan District 473,653 Linzi District 607,189 Zhoucun District 327,169 Huantai County 474,908 high Qingxian 351,348 Yiyuan County 540,695 (based on past administrative division; units:)As at December 31, 2001, the city's total area of 5,938 square kilometres.Exempted eight counties, 86 townships and 22 offices.The end of the city's total population of 4104900 people, including non-agricultural population of 1795800 people.As at December 31, 2002, the city's total area of 5,938 square kilometres.5 District 3 County jurisdiction, the city's total of 22 streets and 77 towns and nine townships.The end of the city's total population of 4120300 people, including non-agricultural population of 1775700 people.21,400 ethnic minority people.July 4, 2003, the Shandong provincial government approval agreed to fruit Huantai County town of Yan Gao Village, small village official, Han Miaocun, Liu ramps village, the village-ramps, Gan Ka Yang and Zhou town of Wenlou Village, Mr Kwok Ka Tsuen village was placed under a total of eight bridges streets Zhangdian District Office jurisdiction.As at December 31, 2003, the city's total area of 5,938 square kilometres.3 jurisdiction five counties, 84 townships and 23 neighborhood offices.The end, the city's total population of 4131400 people.Among them, non-agricultural population of 1825700 people.There are 44 ethnic minorities, 24,049 people.

Zibo City, Shandong Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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