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The name: the Republic of Sierra Leone (The Republic of Sierra Leone)Independence Day: April 27 (1961)National Day: April 19 (1971)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.The equivalent of three parallel horizontal rectangular form, top-down followed by green, white and blue colour.Green symbol of agriculture, also on behalf of the state's natural resources and the mountains; white symbol of the reunification of the country and the people on the pursuit of justice; blue oceans and the symbol of hope that Sierra Leone's natural harbor to contribute to world peace.National Emblem: The Centre for the shield logo emblem.The Lions face shield symbol of Sierra Leone and its links with the United Kingdom, Sierra Leone is in Portuguese in "Lion Rock" means.The green background of agriculture and the symbol of the rich natural resources; sawtooth-shaped logo symbolizes the country's mountains; bottom of the blue, white corrugated symbol of the coastline and natural harbor; three top of the torch symbol of Sierra Leone in West Africa, the development of education in the role of the Torch Is a symbol of enlightenment and knowledge.Shield emblem on both sides have a palm tree, the country's agriculture is another symbol of wealth.Shield logo on each side with a lion pulled, at the bottom of the Shoudai written in English on the "unity, freedom and justice."National political figures: President Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabbah (Alhaji Ahmed Tejan Kabbah), 1996年2 was first elected president, reelected in May 2002.Physical Geography: 72,000 square kilometers.In West Africa.West by the Atlantic Ocean, North, East and bordering Guinea and Liberia at the junction with the South.485 km long coastline.Low-lying East West, a ladder tilt.Is mostly in the hills and plateau.Northeast Bindimani Hill 1,945 meters above sea level, the highest peak for.For the western plains, coastal wetlands for.Numerous rivers, water rich.A tropical monsoon climate, high temperature wetter than usual.Population: 4.98 million (2004 census), there are 20 tribes, mainly Mandy race, Tai Munai race, and Lin Muba people from Britain, the United States into the "freedom" in Creole descendants of black people.The official language is English, the language mainly Mandy tribal language, Tai Munai language, Lin Muba-and Creole.More than 50 percent of residents believe in Islam, 25 percent Christian, and the remaining letters fetishism.April 27, 1961, Sierra Leone to declare independence, but still remain in the Commonwealth.The United Kingdom in Sierra Leone Governor Morris Road Foreman (back row second from left) appointed by the Queen of England in the post-independence Sierra Leone's first Governor and Commander-in-Chief.Map April 27, 1961, Morris Road Foreman sworn in the scenes.EnditemCapital: Freetown (Freetown), population 780,000 (2004), the annual average temperature 25.5 ℃.History: Mandy people in the 13th century into Sierra Leone region.1462 First Portuguese colonialists invaded.The Netherlands, France and Britain later this亦随colonizers in the slave trade.1808 Freetown and the coastal areas became a British colony, in 1896 landlocked region into the United Kingdom "to protect."The people of Sierra Leone for a long-term anti-British struggle against colonial rule.February 1898 outbreak of the famous anti-pay "hut tax" of war.August 1957 have taken place against the British monopoly capital and "Sierra Leone beneficiation limited trust" the struggle.April 1960 forced the United Kingdom held in London Cypriot Constituent Assembly.April 27, 1961 Sierra Leone to declare independence, remain in the Commonwealth.April 19, 1971 the establishment of the Republic, Stevens president.1978 6 menstrual people across the country voted in favor of one-party system the Constitution of the Republic, Stevens re-elected president.Politics: The 1991 Constitution provides: President Heads of State and Government, armed forces commander-in-chief, by direct universal suffrage.The right to appointment and removal of the Vice-President, cabinet ministers, the army commander, Inspector General of Police, the Attorney-General, the Chief Justice.Presidential term five years, shall not serve for more than two consecutive terms.Provides that any law can not be cancelled the existing system of chiefs.A single House of Representatives as the supreme legislature, a bill is subject to presidential signature to take effect.Diplomacy: The Non-Aligned and pursue good-neighborly and friendly policy.Commitment to African unity and regional cooperation; advocated North-South dialogue and South-South cooperation, to oppose external interference, called for the establishment of a new international economic order; attaches importance to developing with the United Kingdom and the United States, efforts to improve with the European Union and international financial institutions, with a view to For its peace process and economic reconstruction support to maintain the main Islamic countries and friendly exchanges.Relations with China: July 29, 1971, Sierra Leone established diplomatic relations with China.Reproduced:

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