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OverviewJi'an City, Jiangxi Province in the central and western regions, the Ganjiang River middle reaches.North latitude and 25 ° 58'32 "-27 ° 57'50", longitude 113 ° 46'-115 ° 56 '.Fuzhou City of east Chongren county, city and the music of the Ganzhou-all, Xingguo County, south of Ganzhou City of Jiangxi County, Nankang Shi, Shang Youxian, west of Hunan Province in Guidong, Yanling, tea Lingxian, North and Yichun in Fengcheng, and Zhangshu City in Xinyu City, Pingxiang border.The city's north-south about 218 km east to west width of 208 km.Total area of 25,271 square kilometres.The end of 2004, the city's total population of 4.665 million people, including non-agricultural population of 998,000 people.Municipal People's Government in Jizhou Qu, 219 km from the provincial capital, Nanchang.Zip code: 343000.Administrative division code: 360800.Code: 0796.Pinyin: Ji'an Shi.Hill is a hilly city in the subtropical monsoon humid climate.The city for many years the average temperature of 17.1-18.6 ℃, the average rainfall for many years to 1,487 mm.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, two Shixia Ji'an City area, 10 counties, hosted a county-level city, nine streets, 111 towns, 100 townships, two nationality townships.Ji'an City area of 25,219 square kilometres, population 000 (2002).Ji Zhouqu area of 416 square kilometres, population 290,000.ZIP code 343000.District People's Government in the Yangming Road.6 exempted streets 3 rural town 2.Green original area of 915 square kilometres, population 130,000.ZIP code 343009.Hedong District People's Government in the streets of the Bamboo Road.5 exempted a street two rural towns (including a nationality townships).Jinggangshan City area of 1270 square kilometres, population 150,000.ZIP code 343600.Xiamen Municipal People's Government in the坪镇.3 rural town 15 exemptions.Ji'an county area of 2111 square kilometres, population 420,000.ZIP code 343100.Dunhou County People's Government in the town.8 exempted rural town 11.In Jishui County area of 2475 square kilometres, population 430,000.ZIP code 331600.County People's Government in the wenfengzhen.3 rural town 15 exemptions.Xiajiang Xian area of 1287 square kilometres, population 160,000.ZIP code 331409.County People's Government in the waterside town.6 exempted rural town 4.New dry county area of 1248 square kilometres, population 300,000.ZIP code 331300.County People's Government in the Chuanzhen.8 rural town jurisdiction 5.Yong Fengxian area of 2695 square kilometres, population 400,000.ZIP code 331500.County People's Government in the TU Town.8 exempted rural town of 13 (including a nationality townships).Taihe County area of 2666 square kilometres, population 500,000.ZIP code 343700.County People's Government in the Chengjiang Zhen.6 jurisdiction 16 rural towns.Suichuan County area of 3102 square kilometres, population 510,000.ZIP code 343900.County People's Government in-chuen Town.11 exempted the rural town of 12.Wanan Xian area of 2046 square kilometres, population 280,000.ZIP code 343800.County People's Government in the Furong Zhen.7 rural town of jurisdiction 9.Anfu County area of 2793 square kilometres, population 370,000.ZIP code 343200.County People's Government in the all-town.7 exempted rural town 12.Yongxin County area of 2195 square kilometres, population 450,000.ZIP code 343400.County People's Government in the Wo Chuanzhen.10 exempted rural town 13.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2004)", the population at the end of 2002.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryEmperor 26 years (211 BC), before home Lu-ling County, it is Ji'an County of Jiujiang City, Gucheng, "Lu-ling."Han Yu Zhang Lu-ling of the county.Xingping the first year of the Eastern Han Dynasty (194 AD), Sun Ce-Yu Zhang Lu-ling County home county, Junzhi Taihe County in this northwest city 15 Qianmi Chu, exempted Xichang, Gaochang, Shi Yang, Baqiu, South field, Fairmont, emerging, Ji Yang, Xingping, the old city, 10 county.Jian'an four years (AD 199), Junzhi transfer rule Xichang County (now the Taihe County Story 1.5 meters).Yuan-kang the first year of the Western Jin Dynasty (AD 291), Lu-ling Junzhi move stone Yangcheng (now the county northeast Kyrgyzstan water Qian Michu 8).Xiankang 2008 Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD 342), Jun Cheng Taishoukonglun moving this Ji'an urban kongjiawan nearby.Sui Kaihuang 10 years (AD 590), Lu-ling County, to Kyrgyzstan, the Ji'an has "Kyrgyzstan," said Zhou Cheng moving this Zhaogong Tong Jian urban area; great cause of three years (AD 607), Kyrgyzstan, Fu Lu-ling to the county, EC Lu-ling, Taihe, the complex, Xingan County 4.Tang Takenori five years (AD 622), and then to the county for the Lu-ling, Kyrgyzstan, from Lu-ling, Tai Wo, Anfu, Xin Gan, Yongxin County 5; Yongchun first year (AD 682), moving Zhoucheng Ji'an north gate of this urban street area; Tianbao first year (AD 742), to Kyrgyzstan, for Lu-ling County; Qianyuan first year (AD 758), Fu Lu-ling for Kyrgyzstan to the state.Song Kai-2008 (AD 975), Kyrgyzstan, Lu-ling home-gun military.Shaoxing between the Southern Song Dynasty (AD 1131-1162), Kyrgyzstan, Lu-ling gun from Lu-ling, Kyrgyzstan water, Anfu, Tai Wo, Longquan, Yongxin, the company, the 8 million the county.Yuan Yuan for 14 years (1277 AD), military waste in Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz State Road home in charge of government, from Lu-ling eight counties; Yuanzhen first year (1295 AD), for the road to Kyrgyzstan, Ji'an Road, exempted Kyrgyzstan water, Anfu , Taihe, Yongxin in four states, five counties, and water from Kyrgyzstan, Anfu two states named as the word Ji'an Road,寓"Jitai the CAS," meaning "Ji'an" in name only since then.To-year (1330-1333 AD), to set out Yongxin Yongning County.Hong-the first year (Year 1368), Waste Ji'an Road, home of Ji'an Prefecture, from Lu-ling, Taihe, Kyrgyzstan water, the company, Anfu, Longquan, Wanan, Yongxin, Yongning County, 9; 2002 (Year 1369 ), Tai Wo to Taihe, Ji'an Prefecture from Lu-ling, Taihe, Kyrgyzstan water, the company, Anfu, Longquan, Wanan, Yongxin, Yongning County 9.Ming-early Qing Dynasty along, Qianlong 2008 (Year 1743), Analysis of Yongxin, Anfu to buy Lotus Room, Ji'an County, a government exempted the Office of September, until the end of the Ching dynasty.In the first year (1912), repeal of Ji'an Prefecture, the Office for Lotus to counties, cities directly under the Jiangxi Province; 1914, Chi Lu-ling, in Yichun, Longquan, Yongning, Lu-ling three were renamed as the Suichuan County, Nanjing Okazaki, Ji'an County, Lu-ling, were exempted Jiangxi West Pingxiang, Yichun, Fenyi, the new metaphor, the Qingjiang River, 000 contained, Yifeng, a high, high security, Lotus, Anfu, the company, Ninggang, Yongxin, Taihe, Wan-an, Ji'an, Kyrgyzstan water, Suichuan, Xiajiang, Xingan County, 21, 1916, Lu-ling, moved to Ji'an, 1926, spent Lu-ling Road, directly under the counties in Jiangxi Province; 1932, the home ninth District Lands Corruption in Ji'an, exempted the company, Wan-an, Kyrgyzstan water, Taihe, Xiajiang, Ji'an County, 6; 1939, the SAR for the third to ninth Administrative Region, located in the Office of the Inspector Ji'an, exempted the company, Anfu, 000 - , Kyrgyzstan water, Taihe, Xiajiang, Ji'an, Ninggang, Suichuan, Lotus, Yongxin 11 counties.June 30, 1949, the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee held its third meeting, the CPC decided to set up local committees of Ji'an, Ji'an the District Office of the Inspector; July 16, the liberation of Ji'an City, the prefectural Party committee, the agency officers stationed in Ji'an City; July 28, Analysis of Ji'an County, Yang Zhen Jian Jian city and suburbs; September, Ji'an district zones to Ji'an, a city 11 county jurisdiction.Ji'an Prefectural Party Committee is the beginning of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Gan Xinan SAR leaders of Party committees.July 1951 after the withdrawal Gan Xinan Administrative Region Party Committee, has been vested in Jiangxi Province.1952, the Nanchang area of the Xingan County, assigned to Ji'an area.January 1953, Ji'an City to the town of Ji'an, December 16, rehabilitation of Ji'an City.1954, Ji'an City to Province Territory.1957, Xingan to new stem.1958, Ji'an City, is zoned Ji'an agency leadership.January 1, 1959, dismantling the county into Ninggang Yongxin County; July 1, Ninggang Yongxin County precipitation from the county to Ninggang County, the original administrative region (Chao Jiang Corporation to set aside for Yongxin the Mt. Corporation) mainly, and Suichuan County of Jinggangshan Township, the establishment of the Jinggang Mountains Authority, in the province Territory; November 17, the provincial People's Committee decision, and January 7, 1960 approved by the State Council, the county built the resumption Ninggang Home, and the Jinggang Mountains Authority合署办公; December 6, 1961, Ninggang County and the Jinggang Mountains Authority divided, Ninggangxianshu Ji'an area; May 1968, the Jinggangshan area to Ji'an, Jinggangshan Authority renamed "Jinggang Mountain Revolutionary Council" and the Jinggang Mountains region was placed under the jurisdiction of 1978, the restoration of provincial jurisdiction Authority; 1979, the Jinggang Mountains region changed its name to Ji'an region in October 1981, the establishment of the Jinggangshan County, under the Administrative Office of Ji'an; December 1982, the establishment of Jinggangshan City.1992, Lianhua County, assigned to Pingxiang City.May 11, 2000, approved by the State Council (the letter [2000] No. 40), the revocation of Ji'an, the establishment of Ji'an City, the prefectural level, and revocation of Ninggang County into the Jinggangshan City; Thus, Ji'an Shixia Jizhou Qu, Tsing district , Jinggangshan City, and Ji'an, Taihe, Wanan, Suichuan, Yongxin, the company, Kyrgyzstan water, Xiajiang, Anfu, the new stem 10 counties, 257 townships and 3,150 administrative villages.2000 Fifth National Census the city's total population of the Han 4347900, accounting for 99.67 percent of the total population; 32 a total of 14,400 ethnic minority people, mainly yu, back, Zhuang, Manchu, Miao, Yao, Mongolia, Dong, Tujia , North Korea, mountains, Lung independence, Beijing, Lebanon, white, Buyi, water, soil, Daur, Qiang, Tibetan, Gelao, and other 22 people, with most of the population She nationality to 9,841 people.At the end of 2001 only 12, all Shixia 221 townships and 3,129 administrative villages.The end of 2002, the city's total population of 4.5988 million, of which the urban population 1.118 million people.The end of 2003, the city's total population of 4.632 million people, including non-agricultural population of 974,000 people.

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