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OverviewJinshan District of Shanghai in the south-west, east Fengxian District, West and the Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, at the junction of Jiashan County, South Bin Hangzhou Bay, North and the Songjiang District, Qingpu District border.44 km long East and West, North and South 26 km wide.Total area of 586.05 square kilometres.Total population of 530,000 people (2003).Jinshan District People's Government in the Road 2000, Zip code: 201540.Administrative division code: 310116.Code: 021.Pinyin: Jinshan Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, Jinshan District exempted a street, nine towns: petrochemical streets, Feng Jing Jin, Zhu Jingzhen, Town Pavilion, Caojing Town, Shan Yang Zhen, Kam Shan Wei Zhen, Zhang堰镇, Langxia Town, Lu Xiang Zhen.A total of 62 neighborhood committees and 136 village committees.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryYear built in 1726.April 29, 1997, ratified by the State Council (the letter [1997] 29): Jinshan County and the China Petrochemical Corporation Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Company jointly built governance, the revocation of Jinshan County, the establishment of Jinshan District, to the Jinshan County Executive Jinshan District of the region for the region.Wei Jinshan District People's Government in the town.2000, removed Zhu Jingzhen, Zhu Jing townships, and the establishment of a new Zhujing Zhen.2000, a street Jinshan District jurisdiction, 15 towns.Total population of 580,377 people, the streets, the town population: 92,050 Petrochemical streets hidden town of 22,992-25,159 dry Xiangzhen Lu Xiangzhen 25,594 Langxia Town 25,037堰镇31,888 money Weizhen 18,784 Jinshan Town, the town of 36,806-24,865 new tower agricultural town of 23,557 Feng Jing town of 39,932 booths Town town of 28,339 to 36,914 Zhu Caojing, the town of 30,046-28,395 Yang Zhen Zhu Jingzhen 69,835 Jinshan Industrial Zone virtual mouth Caojing, the town of 18,634 District of virtual town of 1550 (according to the fifth census data; unit: people )In 2001, the revocation of Town, Jinshan, Qian Xu Zhen, the establishment of a new Town, Jinshan.The end of 2002, Jinshan District exempted a street, 14 towns and 72 neighborhood committees and 156 village committees.The end of 2003, Jinshan District exempted a street, 14 towns and 59 neighborhood committees and 156 village committees, the population of 527,100 people.June 30, 2004, Jinshan District exempted a street, 14 towns and 47 neighborhood committees and 145 village committees.September 30, 2004, Jinshan District exempted a street, 14 towns and 60 neighborhood committees and 139 village committees: the petrochemical streets, Zhu Jingzhen, Feng Jing town, town-tower, the new agricultural town, Implicit-town, Town Pavilion, Zhu Bank town, Caojing Town, Shan Yang Zhen, Kam Shan Wei Zhen, Zhang堰镇, Langxia Town, Lu Xiang Zhen, dry Xiangzhen.2005 Jinshan District adjustment of the administrative division, Feng Jing revoke the town, town-tower formed, Feng Jing establishment of a new town; revocation Zhu Jingzhen, the town formed the new farmers, the creation of new Zhu Jingzhen; remove kiosks Town, town-hidden Zhu Bank town formed, the establishment of a new pavilion Town; revoked Lu Xiang Zhen, dry Xiangzhen formed to establish a new Lu Xiang Zhen.Feng Jing new town, Zhu Jingzhen, Town Pavilion and the resident Lu Xiang Zhen Feng Jing in the same town, Zhu Jingzhen, Town Pavilion and Lu Xiang Zhen location.Reservations Caojing Town, Shan Yang Zhen, Kam Shan Wei Zhen, Zhang堰镇, Langxia Town and petrochemical streets.Zhu Bank town formed after the withdrawal, Jinshan District People's Government decision, Jinshan Industrial Zone CMC Zhu Bank town of the original regional exercise administrative functions.Jinshan District in 2004 administrative division glance: a street jurisdiction, 14 towns.Petrochemical streets in Weier Lu, 58, Zip code 200540.Jurisdiction: the petrochemical three villages, four villages petrochemical, petrochemical seven villages, Liu Cheng San Tsuen, petrochemical nine villages, petrochemical 10 Village, Hepu Village, petrochemical, 12 villages and 13 villages petrochemical, Begonia San Tsuen, Meizhou Village, temporary influx One Village, temporary influx of three Village, a coastal, coastal 2, East Village, the East Reef on January 3, the East Reef on February 4, the East-chuen, Chen Kai, sea Hu Village, Shan-hsin Sunshine City, Long Hill Village 23 neighborhood committees.Zhu Jingzhen 750 in the provisional Yuen Street, Zip code 201500.Jurisdiction: Dong Lin, Luo stars, the new, Kwong Fuk, resistant, South Fair, temporary source of the Provisional East, Northern Wei, the clock tower, Fengxiang, Jinlong, 12 Juwei democracy, the Mang, the question Jing, Sau state, New Jing, the 000, the East Is Red, Hamamatsu-eight villages.Feng Jing Qing Feng Highway 281 in the town, Zip code 201501.Jurisdiction: peace, the Centre, friendly, the new maple, white cattle Village, Yang Feng 6 Juwei the new park, in Hung, Yu Meeting, the Chinese New Year, agro-hing, money that the long march, the new Sheng, Xinhua, the new justice, the new new , Chang Wu, the new 13 village corporations.Zhang Song of the Road堰镇in 2519, Zip code 201514.Jurisdiction: the east, liberation, Ju Wei Fumin 3; Chiukang, Mulberry, Lu, Lu Shanian, 100, Qin Wang, Qinshan, Qinyang, Jiannong nine villages.Huating Road in the Town Pavilion on the 17th, Zip code 201505.Jurisdiction: Zhongshan, new, rehabilitation, Temple 4 Ju Wei-ping; Longquan, East Pavilion, the new East, Newport, oil truck, West Pavilion, Kinmen, North Pavilion, the red-nine village.Lu Xiang Zhen Juan River to the East 62, Zip code 201517.Jurisdiction: New River, Nanxi two Juwei; finishes Tamura, folder leakage Village, Yao Village, Ma Village, the new Hamamatsu, Mao Bay, six bridges, Ohira Temple, rose nine villages.HSBC's new stem Xiangzhen, 588 Main Street, Zip code 201518.Jurisdiction: Dry Lane Juwei; Zhang Jing, Lung Yeuk, brilliant, three new, peaceful, white Yang, Yen family, Fair Hanqiong eight villages.Langxia King Lok Road in the town of 228, Zip code 201516.Jurisdiction: Langxiajuwei; Wanchun, in conjunction with courage, in abundance, Jing-yang, in public, Shan Tang, China, South land, to, Nan Tang, a bright 12 villages.Wei Wei in the town of Gold Peak Road-318, Zip code 201512.Jurisdiction: Jinshan Wei, Qian Wei Ju Wei 2; August 1, August 2, permanent, USSL, Wang Pu, Changchun, satellite communication, agriculture building, the Guardian, Castle, the Tower of Hong Kong, Wang Zhao, Spark, character, Zhang Bridge, South Shek, the 17 villages.- Tap-Tap in the town in the PC market towns 201,502.Jurisdiction: Tap-Ju Wei; Shuangmiao, rejuvenating the tower, May 1, Jing Gui, the new UNIFIL, under the Square, Mao Bridge, South Korea dock, satellite, the five-star 10 villages.Zhu will open in the town of 158 Lok Street, Zip code 201506.Jurisdiction: Zhu line Juwei; Huan-red light, Lixin, canals, high-rise, Xu Pu, a flourishing, defending, nine Village Street.Caojing Town Road in the East China Sea No. 41, Zip code 201507.Jurisdiction: Caojing, Ju Wei; by HSBC, the East China Sea, barracks, sand plot, the founding of the PRC, Ruan Lane, Jiang Chong, security guards Tong, gold, reservoirs, 11 sea fishing village.Yang Zhen Shan Road in the red flag on the 28th, Zip code 201508.Jurisdiction: Sanyo Juwei; Sunningdale, Kowloon, Yang, the Orient, ZTE, Changxing, the new China, eight fishing village.Zhu Zhen-hidden within the town centre Road, No. 141, Zip code 201504.Jurisdiction: hide-appointed; Kwong-ho, Southern Star, Zhou gate, Bulkhead, after Kong, Jinming six villages.Zhu Zhen, new farming town of Pu-Road Zip 201503.Jurisdiction: the new farmers Juwei; Wulong, three Hamamatsu, Shen Zhuang, thousands of years, Huinong, peony, Wen River, the Xinmin, Sinorama, three Figure 10 villages.District Jinshan District of Shanghai Chemical Industry: exempted Sea Cliff Village.Jinshan Industrial Zone mouth: exempted new Gyaincain, Weidong Village.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Village (Habitat) merge situationJanuary 12, 2005, Jinshan District People's Government (of the House of the [2005] 9) agreed to withdraw approval Feng Jing town centre formed neighborhood committees: formed neighborhood Center revoked.The original jurisdiction of the Regional Centre neighborhood with a new way for the sector Jing, Jing Road south of the new friendly neighborhood was placed under the jurisdiction of the new Jing Road north of the neighborhood committees was placed under the jurisdiction of peace.After adjusting the water path of peace administered in the neighborhood streets (North), Production Street, New Street (East), the new Jing Road, New Street (West), Heping Jie, oil truck Street, North Street, Sigu Lane, Bridge Wan Li, Zhao Lane, the well-being of New Village, the total number of households for 1526; adjusted administered the friendly neighborhood boundary rivers, Lane, Feng sector, Lane, the new Jing Road (South), the new Jing Road (North), in the street ( South), South Main Street, friendly Street, pastoral Road (part), River streets, churches, Lane, sugar Square Street, is up-hui, the total number 1,460.

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