Xinjiang Shihezi City Area (Administrative division) Satellite maps

Overview Zip code: 832001 code: 659001 code: 0993 Pinyin: Shihezi ShiShihezi City Shihezi Reclamation in the central part of the Tianshan Mountains north, the southern edge of Junggar Basin.Manas River to the East for the sector, and Manasixian for the neighbors, South, West, North Central Shawan County on three sides and to the urban areas.Total area of 457 square kilometres.Total population of 640,000 people (2004).Municipal People's Government in the three North Road, Dongju Urumqi, capital of the autonomous region 150 km and 500 km west Horgos Port.Administrative divisionShihezi Shixia five neighborhood offices, a town, a township: Metro streets, Sunningdale streets, Hongshan street, the street Argyle Street, Lower East Side street, North Quanzhen, Shihezi Township.There are: 152 Mission Corps.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryJunken Shihezi City, with the development of the cause and to build the new city of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps No. 8 Division, the division headquarters resident.Before the liberation, the people living near Shihezi only 20 households, all around the Gobi Desert, the village has a dry river bed covered with gravel, so named Shihezi.After the liberation, from 1950 onwards, the Chinese People's Liberation Army troops on the Farm began in the founding of the city opened up here.June 1975 the establishment of Shihezi, in January 1976 the establishment of Shihezi City.1979, Shihezi area withdrawn, reservations Shihezi City.June 1985, formally established Municipal People's Government.2000, Shihezi Shixia five streets, one town, a township.According to the fifth census data: the city's total population of 590,115 people, including the township population (including the Corps, people): 41018 Sunningdale streets of Metro streets Hongshan 51,825 street 50,042 street Argyle Street North 69038 Lower East Side streets 9601 Quanzhen 52,011 Rural 21,877 Shihezi Corps 152 Mission Virtual Rural 3473 Fort Corps 121 Mission Virtual 22,540 rural East wildland Corps 122 Mission Rural 17,724 virtual red-132 Mission Corps Virtual 11,167 rural West wildland Corps 133 Mission Virtual Rural 13,908 Xiayedi 134 Mission Corps Virtual Rural 15,688 Salmonella-135 Mission Corps Virtual Rural 8531 Shui Corps 136 small rural college virtual Kitano 9804 to 141 Mission Corps Virtual Rural 12,328 xin'anji 142 Mission Corps Virtual Garden Township 30110 rural Corps 143 Mission 34,025 virtual bell Jinjiazhuang 144 Mission Corps Virtual Rural 16,909 10 Virtual Mission Beach Corps 147 Rural 17,471 Mosuowan Corps 148 Mission Township 30827 East virtual city 149 Mission Corps 17967 West Rural virtual city 150 Mission Corps Virtual Violet Township 19,005 mud-chuen, 151 Mission Corps Virtual Rural Township 4877 Nanshan Coal Mine Virtual 4823 Nanshan Cement virtual Township 3526-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Shihezi ReclamationShihezi Reclamation (eight Corps division, Shihezi City) is located in the north middle of the Tianshan Mountains, Ghor class-Maxim southern margin of the desert, covering 7,529 square kilometres, population 720,000, the resident population of 600,000 people, including 32,000 ethnic minority people , Accounting for 5.4 percent.County-level autonomous regions and municipalities - Shihezi City in the Central reclamation area, the regional area of 460 square km and planning area of 150 square km and built area of 30 square kilometres, population 290,000 people.Shihezi City eight divisions, and implementation of a party committee leadership, the leadership groups separate, two brands sectoral bodies of a system.8 division under 18 Farms, two river management offices and more than 160 Gongjiao build commercial enterprises, 35 enterprises of which the budget.Shihezi Shixia five neighborhood offices and a town, a township.The average altitude of 450.8 meters.

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