Foshan City, Guangdong Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewFoshan City, a total area of 3,868 square kilometres.Total population of 3.45 million (2003).Municipal People's Government in Chancheng district, Zip code: 528000 <.Administrative division code: 440600.Code: 0757.Pinyin: Foshan Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, the Foshan City area Shixia 5, 16 streets and 20 towns.Foshan City area of 3868 square kilometres, population 3.45 million (2003).Chancheng area of 154 square kilometres, population 580,000.ZIP code 528000.District People's Government in the Funan Road.South China Sea area of 1074 square kilometres, population 1.07 million.ZIP code 528200.District People's Government in the streets Guicheng Avenue South China Sea.Shunde area of 806 square kilometres, population 1.12 million.ZIP code 528300.District People's Government in the large-Street ethics Man Road.Sanshui area of 874 square kilometres, population 390,000.ZIP code 528100.District People's Government in the southwest of the three-way streets.Smart area of 960 square kilometres, population 290,000.ZIP code 528500.District People's Government in the Dutch city streets Wen Wei Po Road.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryFoshan, "Hajime trace in Shanxi, was named Tang."As early as the Qin and Han Dynasties period, this has become a considerable size of the farming and fishing industry people inhabited villages, Xiangren known as the "quarter-Rural."Tang Zhenguan 2002 (AD 628), due in the town of Taupo Kong on the excavated three Buddha statues, Sui Li Shi Bang "Foshan" and the name.Tang and Song Dynasties between Foshan and Hankou in Hubei in the town of Jingdezhen in Jiangxi and Henan Zhuxian Zhen said that China's "four major towns."(Source)After the founding of People's Republic of China, in the January 12, 1951 the establishment of Foshan City (that is now City), established in 1958 in Foshan area, jurisdiction, Foshan, Jiangmen, Zhongshan City, and Shiqi 3, and other 13 counties; Foshan area in 1970 changed its name to Foshan Region, with 14 counties (cities) in June 1983 introduced the system in the county leadership.In 1999, the revocation of the Office of Management District, the establishment of village committees work at the same time adjusting some of the neighborhood committees.The deadline for December 31, 1999, administered the city of Foshan City, Shiwan area two districts, hosting the South China Sea, Shunde, clever, Sanshui and four municipalities.The city has exempted 37 towns and 28 neighborhood offices, 312 neighborhood committees and 705 village committees.Of these, six urban neighborhood offices, 98 neighborhood committees; District 4 Shiwan Town, two neighborhood offices, 44 neighborhood committees and 36 village committees; Nanhai City 13 towns, seven street work , 90 neighborhood committees and 250 village committees; Shunde City six towns, six neighborhood offices, 30 neighborhood committees and 191 village committees; sophisticated city seven towns and three neighborhood offices, 29 neighborhood committees and 119 village committees; Sanshui City, seven towns, four neighborhood offices, 21 neighborhood committees and 109 village committees.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Foshan City, the total population 5337709; City 296,706 people, 471,950 of Shiwan District, Shunde City, 1694152, 2133741 Nanhai City, Sanshui City, 440,119, 301,041 people in sophistication.(By then the division; units:)December 8, 2002, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2002] 109) adjustment, Foshan City, administrative division: (1) the revocation of Foshan City and San Shek Wan district, the establishment of Foshan area.To the Foshan City, District and the original南海市南庄Shiwan Town, the administrative regions of Chancheng District administrative regions.District People's Government in the Funan Road.(2) revocation of the South China Sea in the county level, the establishment of Nanhai District of Foshan City.In the South China Sea to the original county-level administrative region (excluding Nanzhuang Zhen) for the administrative regions of the South China Sea area.District People's Government in the South China Sea Road.(3) revocation of county-level Shunde City, the establishment of the Shunde District of Foshan City.Shunde City to the original county-level administrative regions of the Shunde District, the administrative regions.District People's Government in Germany and China Road.(4) revoke the county level in Sanshui city, the establishment of Sanshui District, Foshan City.Sanshui City to the original county-level administrative region in Sanshui District administrative region.District People's Government in the three-way.(5) revocation of county-level city clever, sophisticated establishment of Foshan City District.To the original county-level administrative regions of the city of sophistication for the smart district of the region.District People's Government in the Wen Wei Po Road.Chancheng District, the South China Sea Area, Shunde, Sanshui, in the smart district on January 8, 2003 officially listed.Administrative division before adjustment (data based on the "2002 version of Jane"): City area of 19 square kilometres, population 320,000, zip code 528000.Shiwan area of 71 square kilometres, population 170,000, zip code 528031.South China Sea area in 1151 square km and population of 1.09 million.The end of 2002, in Foshan City area Shixia 5, 24 streets and 35 towns.

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