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OverviewAnyang City of Henan Province in the north.Longitude 113 ° 37'-114 ° 58 ', north latitude and 35 ° 12'-36 ° 22'.Is located in Shanxi, Hebei, Henan provinces Interchange, according to Taihang Mountain West and the border of Shanxi, North Zhanghe River and at sea from Handan City in Hebei Province, adjacent to East and Puyang City, South and Hebi, Xinxiang connection.Total area of 7,413 square kilometres.Total population of 5.25 million (2002).Municipal People's Government in the North District Commissioner, Zip code: 455000.Administrative division code: 410500.Code: 0372.Pinyin: Anyang Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, four Shixia Anyang City area, four counties, hosted a county-level city, the city's total of 40 streets and 42 towns and 50 townships.Anyang City area of 7,355 square kilometres, population 5.33 million (2003).North customs area of 59 square kilometres, population 230,000 people.ZIP code 455001.Bin Yuan District People's Government in the South.Wenfeng area of 179 square kilometres, population 340,000 people.ZIP code 455000.District People's Government in the civilized Avenue.Yin is 70 square km area, population 240,000 people.ZIP code 455004.- District People's Government in the East Road.Long an area of 236 square kilometres, population 190,000 people.ZIP code 455001.Wenfeng District People's Government in the western part of Avenue.Forest City area of 2046 square kilometres, population 990,000 people.ZIP code 456550.Anyang County area of 1196 square kilometres, population 930,000 people.ZIP code 455000.County People's Government in Anyang City North District Commissioner.Tang Yinxian area of 639 square kilometres, population 450,000 people.ZIP code 456150.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.Huaxian Country area of 1784 square kilometres, population 1.25 million people.ZIP code 456400.County People's Government in Road Town.Neihuang Xian area of 1146 square kilometres, population 710,000 people.ZIP code 456350.County People's Government in the Chengguan town.* Here size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)," By the end of 2003 the population.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryNorthern Zhou elephant 2002 (580), Yang Jian Fu Zheng, Zhou Zongguan Yuchi Jiong of the aggrieved, the Bingtao Bingbai suicide Yang Jian, Yang Jian Ye ordered the city burned, and resettlement of the state, Wei Jun, Ye Zhisuo County and the people in Ye Ye South of Anyang City, 40, of Anyang City, Sui Wei, Wei Jun, Ye County Zhisuo.The first year of the great cause of Sui (605), repeal of the state of Wei Jun, Yang law and order, from 11 counties.Tang Gaozu Takenori first year (618), for the rehabilitation of the state to Weijun, from eight counties.Song, of the state under the Hebei Road West, and home Zhangde Jun Jie Du.Gold Ming Chang in 2003 (1192), Zhang De upgraded House, from five counties.Ming and Qing, also known as Zhang De House, a state from six counties (Cizhou).Early Republic of China, along the clearance system.October 1932, under the National Government in the province, the Third District of Anyang in Henan Province for the Office of the Inspector Zhisuo, from 11 counties, until May 6, 1949 takeover of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.August 1, 1949, the establishment of Plain Province, Anyang as provincial cities.November 30, 1952, removed Plain Province, Anyang City, Henan Province, is zoned for, at provincial cities.(Source)In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population; 5161106 Wenfeng District of Anyang City, 150,360 North District Commissioner of 185,724铁西District 183,614 suburbs 249,294 Anyang County 1116162 Tang Yinxian 432,806 Huaxian Country 1182162 Neihuang Xian 678,730 Linzhou 982254 (By then the division; units:)December 28, 2002, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2002] No. 123): (1) revoke铁西District of Anyang City, the suburbs, the establishment of both Yin in Anyang City, Long An district, adjusting the Commissioner of the North District of Anyang City, Wenfeng District Anyang County and the administrative region.(2) Yin areas are exempted original铁西District Rail Road West, Meiyuan Zhuang, plant road, water Ye, Li Zhen, Shachang Road six streets, the rural outskirts of the western suburbs, the rural northern suburb of the three Jinjiazhuang, the Sikong , West Daxing, the former Huangfu, after Huangfu, Huangfu Tuen, Mrs Xiaozhun, the roller Tuen, Wang Guo, a military officer, Houzhuang, small business, I autumn, the twin towers, Daxing East, West Si Kong, 17 litter River Village, The eastern outskirts of the rural home village.- District People's Government in the East Road.(3)-An area the outskirts of the original jurisdiction of civilization Avenue, Taihang District 2 streets, Dongfeng Township, Longquan town, the eastern outskirts of the rural Hou Qili, and the Soviet Union Qili, Li Qili, Xiao Qili, in the village, four House Cemetery, Ms Jinjiazhuang Hou Jinjiazhuang, kiln firing pots of nine villages, the original cast in Anyang County of Ma Jian township, should be good in the town of Yongsan, Zhangjiazhuang two villages of the West Gou Zhen Qu Gaoping Village, the rule of the town of North Water Village Zhangwu , The small town of Po Lin Monastery Jinjiazhuang, Gao Jinjiazhuang, Yangjiazhuang, North Village, South Village five villages.Wenfeng District People's Government in the western part of Avenue.(4) North District Commissioner exempted the red flag Road, tofu camp, Huan North, Jiefang Lu, Lighthouse Road, five streets, in Anyang County, the Town of East Bai Shi Tao, the West-peach, peach village, the village of Tian Tao, Li Tao Village Five villages, townships of the West Han Ling Kun-liang, fish Tuen, 6 Temple, Tangzhuang, wool Tuen, Huang camp, Nishimi Shan, Cao eight in the West Village, the town's white wall before Chongyi, in Chongyi , After Chongyi, West Village 6 4 Village, the rural northern outskirts of the Wat Wang, the North camp, Zhou camp, Anyang Bridge, Xi Zhang Jian, Zhang Jian Dong, Dong Wang, Jia Miao Feng, Song Temple, Shi Lipu, MA home base, and He Zhang Lei, Cheng-inch camp, Han Wang, Gou-15 base village, the rural eastern outskirts of the small camp, Lijiazhuang, Heng Fa Chuen, Su Ka Nan Zhang Jian 5 Villages.Bin Yuan District People's Government in the South.(5) Wenfeng District exempted South Gate, the East Commissioner, Commissioner of the West, Tianshuijing, the first on February 3 Dao, Main Street East, West Main Street, DCL Tong Lane, North Main Street nine streets, the Anyang County, the high Township, the Po Lin Guocun sets are high in the West Guocun, Yang Jing, Ma beam Zhuang, Huangfu Zhuang, sanshilipu, Li Zhuang, Liang Jinjiazhuang, Chong Zhao, He Guantun, the Zhuang, South Zhuang, Yuan Zhuang Xue Sun Zhuang Xue, Zhang Xue Zhuang, Zhuang Liu Xue, Zhang Village, Li Guantun, Zhao Guantun, Dongfeng, Liu Wang slope, Ma Guantun, ershilipu, small business, Weijia camp, the 26 cattle Village , The town's white wall Cheng Ka Chao Ka-built shops, three House Village, the Jinjiazhuang, Siza kiosks and kiosks seven watts East Village, the rural outskirts of the eastern outskirts of Wang shops, big business, Sanguanmiao, Stone Formation, Wangcun, Mr Kwok Ka Street, East Commissioner, South Gate, Nie village after village Zhang, Guojiazhuang 11 villages.District People's Government in the civilized Avenue.Before adjustment, North customs area 12 square kilometres, population 190,000; Wenfeng area of nine square kilometres, population 150,000;铁西area of 22 square kilometres, population 180,000 rural area of 204 square kilometres, population 21 000; Anyang County area of 1496 square kilometres, population 1.13 million.(Area, according to Jane population data for 2002 version)

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