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Country: United Arab Emirates (The United Arab Emirates)Independence Day: December 2 (1971)National Day: December 2 (1971)Flag: a horizontal rectangle, the length and width ratio of 2:1.By the red, green, white, black four-color composition, this four-color color is the pan-Arab, on behalf of several generations Mohammed dynasty.Flag pin on the side of the red vertical rectangle, the right is the equivalent of three parallel horizontal rectangle, from top to bottom were green, white and black colour.Symbol of the red, green pastures symbol, the symbol of the achievements of white, black symbol of the fighting.The national emblem: the main one is yellow Falcon, wing feathers huangbai phase, Wei Yu is white.Falcons front of the circular logo, a road yacht, the symbol of national maritime history.Falcons claw under the red base in Arabic saying "the United Arab Emirates."National political figures: President Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and was elected in November 2004.Vice-President and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, was elected in January 2006.Physical Geography: 83,600 square km area (including the coastal islands).Located in the eastern part of the Arabian peninsula, North brink of the Persian Gulf.Northwest and adjacent to Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the junction of West and South, East and Northeast with Oman contiguous.In addition to the Northeast in a small mountain, the vast majority of 200 meters above sea level is below the low-lying land and desert.Desert climate is tropical, hot, dryIn the UAE delegation to the 14th Asian Games opening ceremony..Population: 4.1 million (2005).Arabs accounted for only 1 / 3, the other for foreigners.The official language is Arabic, English general, the residents are Muslim, most are Sunnis, in Dubai, the Shiite majority.Capital: Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi), population 660,000 (December 2005 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website).Traditional folk dance - the hair RejectionA brief history: the United Arab Emirates in the seventh century under the Arab Empire.Since the 16th century, Portugal, the Netherlands, France, and other colonists have been penetrated.1820, the British invasion of the Persian Gulf region, forced seven Gulf Arab Emirates conclusion of "permanent truce treaty", known as "Te Luxi Era Man" ( "The Truce of Oman").Since then the region was gradually reduced to the British "protectorate."After World War II, rising national liberation movement.March 1, 1971, the United Kingdom announced that with all the Gulf emirate signed between all the termination of the treaty in the same year end.In December 2, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Umm covered million, Azerbaijan governance Cayman, six Fujairah Emirate of the United Arab Emirates.February 11, 1972, Ras Al Khaimah emirate to join the United Arab Emirates.The annual camel racingCamel training staff every day before dawn start trainingPolitics: the Federal Supreme Council for the United Arab Emirates supreme, by the seven emirates comprising the chiefs.Major domestic and foreign policy issues discussed and decided by the committee.President and Vice-President from the Supreme Council members elected for a term of five years.President concurrently commander of the armed forces.Federation created, the Emirates also maintained the relative independence in the political, economic, judicial, administrative and foreign exchanges, and other aspects of a certain autonomy.Federal funds will mainly from Abu Dhabi and Dubai Emirate of two commitment.Dubai International Airport bird's eye view.UAE port city of Dubai is the Gulf and the Middle East's largest Commercial Ports, known as "commercial capital" reputation.Economy: Oil and gas resources are very rich.According to Emirates News Agency on July 1, 2000, deadline for the end of 1999, the UAE's proven oil reserves of 978 billion barrels, accounting for the world's total oil reserves of 9.4 percent, ranking third in the world.Natural gas reserves of 5.8 trillion cubic meters, ranking third in the world.The national economy to oil production and oil-based chemical industry.Oil revenue in the government revenue of more than 85 percent.Currency: dirham (dirham).Abu Dhabi waterfrontThe world's most expensive hotels>>> the date palm-rich United Arab EmiratesDiplomacy: United Arab Emirates pursue a neutral, non-aligned foreign policy.Advocates the settlement of disputes through peaceful consultation, and safeguarding world peace, against foreign forces in the Gulf region and for the expansion of the Gulf waterway that the freedom of movement must be guaranteed.Relations with China: November 1, 1984, the United Arab Emirates established diplomatic relations with China.Reproduced:

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