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Overview Zip code: 838000 code: 652100 code: 0995 Pinyin: Tulufan DiquTurpan in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in central, eastern Tianshan mountain basin.North latitude and 41 ° 12'-43 ° 40 ', longitude 87 ° 16'-91 ° 55' between the east Hami, West, South and the Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture and static, and large, Wei Li, Ruoqiang County adjacent to the North Hill and the next day, and Urumqi, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture of Qitai, Jimsar, Mulei County phase grounding.A width of 240 km north-south region, about 300 kilometers things, a total area of 69,713 square kilometres.In 2003, the total population of 571,711 people.A Uygur, Han, Hui, Kazakhstan, Russia, Man, Zhuang, Miao and other nationalities, including Uygur people account for about 70 percent of the total population; Han nationality accounts for about 23% of the total population; Hui about 7 percent of the total population.Civil Administration in Turpan City in Bozi Creek Road on the 4th, 180 km away from Urumqi City.The average altitude of 32.8 meters.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionTurpan areas exempted a county-level cities (Turpan City), the two counties (Shanshan Xian, Toksun County).Turpan area of 69,620 square km and population 580,000 people.Turpan City area of 13,690 square km and population 260,000 people.Zip code 838000.Shanshan Xian area of 39,759 square km and population 210,000 people.Zip code 838200.Shanshan County People's Government in the town.Toksun County area of 16,171 square km and population 110,000 people.Zip code 838100.Toksun County People's Government in the town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryTurpan Gu Cheng Kou division.Han for the car division before the country, before Wang Tingda car division.Former Liang Gao Changli County home, located in the fields, under the Sha Chau (Dunhuang).Rouran legislature of the Northern Wei Gao Changli.Tang Xichang home state, after the state renamed the West.In 640 AD, Tang Pingding Gaochang, located in Xichang, to the West, and implementation of the county (rural), in the system, administered five counties.Gao Changli County, Liu in the county, the TAC River County, Tianshan County (now in Toksun County), Pu Chang County (now in Shanshan Xian).Tang's home in the West the same year, a Protectorate General to Pacify the West River in reference to the city.Protectorate General to Pacify the West exempted from Dudu Fu 22, 118 states.Tang Zhenguan 22 years (648), most of Anxi House moved to protect Qiuci.Tang Yong Hui first year (651), rehabilitation, withdrawal of the West.Tang significant IP 2003 (658), again moved to Qiuci.West, home to the West, Dudu Fu.Tang Long Schomburg 2002 (662), the Tibetan army entered the West Region, beginning with Tang for the many years of the Western Regions.Tang Xianheng first year (670), and Xi Tujue of the Tibetan soldiers captured 18 Western Regions states, Tang Anxi give up four town, the state dropped to the West.Tangchang first year (689) Anxi House complex for most of the state moved to the West.Tang first year of longevity (692), also moved in Qiuci.Tang Kaiyuan 2002 (714), Tang home in the West Tianshan Army throughout the state.Tang Tianbao first year (742), West, to cross the river to the county.Tang Qianyuan first year (758), and restore the original building in the West.Tangzhen 2006 yuan (790), Tibetan and Uighur Court for the Northern (now Jimsar), the North Chamber of Tubo.Subsequently, the state captured the West.Tibetan and Uighur, the West was repeated for many years, the ultimate control of the West Uighur state.Song for the Gaochang Uighur, Uighur, the official supervisor of the home supervisor.Purchase and state yuan (La Kazakhstan and Zhuo) Xuan Weisi, a line of other missing Pali Book province Yuanmo located at Chek spent 10,000 Daru, the rule Liucheng, Fire Island and Turpan.Tang Xiantong 2007 (866), the Court of North Uighur Pugu Jun Kosi, and establish a centre for the Gaochang Uighur Kingdom of Gaochang, the Gaochang city States.Shicheng, "West Uighur," or "Gaochang Uighur."Robinson has Gaochang Uighur belonging to Liao, Song, Xiliao.Yuan Taizu four years (1209), the Gaochang Uighur Guifu Mongolia.Gaochang Uighur Kingdom known as the Uighur Kingdom, are also retained for Wang Zhi.Yuan Taizu 20 years (1225), Genghis Khan enfeoffment Scholars, Gaochang also have original jurisdiction to maintain security.Yuan Yuan 1922 (1274), the Yuan dynasty in the Uighur things to buy off officials.1275, Khan, Chagatai Khanate wow the sea are all soldiers of the anti-yuan, Lvbing 120,000, the siege of the fire, (Gaochang Old City) for up to six months.Uighur also have red fire for the children the burden of Kazakhstan will send its women to have wow, the rebels解围away., Are also besieged the fire, wow.Fire in the fall.Red fire Kazakhstan infants dropped to the burden of Hami, and then fell to Hami.Red fire Kazakhstan infants who died of the burden, the burden of his son led his troops in East Niulin Ben Gansu Yongchang.Gaochang Uighur Kingdom exists in name only.Yuan Yuan for 15 years (1278), Yuan Wei Wu and the beginning of a Tixing Justice, 1281 revoked.Yuan Yuan 17 years (1280), the Home Secretary pay the bill lifting, the rationale Yuan banknotes issued and management.Yuan Yuan 20 years (1283), a fire in Xuanwei Si, in charge of military and civilian affairs.Yuan Daedeok three to six years (1299-1302), have controlled the fire, wow.Dade decades yuan (1306), the son of Review are eight children surrendered to the Yuan dynasty, the rebels ended.In the Yuan dynasty in the fire direct jurisdiction.Shun to the first year (1330), Legislative Yuan dynasty-fire in charge of the state House.Yuan Mo, Turpan is divided into Liucheng, fire, and Turpan three, all located 10,000 House Daru red flowers, Turpan names first appears.Liu Cheng Ming Dynasty, Fire Island into the Turpan.Yuan positive 2007 (1347), the East Chagatai Khanate attack Turpan, in the fire, Liu Cheng.Turpan, in the fire, Liu Cheng-chen of East Chagatai Khanate and tributary in the Ming Dynasty.Ming Zhengtong 13 years (1448), Turpan ground fire also to the annexation of force, fire, Liu Cheng, won.Wang is happy City (now the Old City and happy the eastern outskirts of Turpan City) Turpan's political, economic and cultural center began in the present form in Turpan City.Ming Chenghua 23 years (1487), Albania and Ma in the eastern part of the East Chagatai Khanate Turpan said Khan, the Capital Turpan (Lok City).Ming Long-four years (1570), Yeerqiang Khanate occupation of Turpan, Turpan is Yeerqiang Khanate.Shanshan exhibition is a production-acting minister, Li Gansu Chief Secretary.44 years of Qianlong (1779) Transfer Minister Turpan leader.Guangxu 10 years (1884) established the guerrilla Tongzhi, Li Xi Road in Gansu.Guangxu 12 years (1886) established the Office of the Turpan Zhili, transfer Dihua House.In two years (1913) to buy the Turpan Prefecture, after the liberation of the Dihua agency has jurisdiction, autonomous regions and directly under the city of Urumqi and Turpan regions jurisdiction.Qing Emperor Kangxi 17 years (1678), the Zhungeer Khanate once controlled Turpan, and repeatedly for the Qing Dynasty.Qing Emperor Yongzheng 10 years (1732), the Zhungeer offensive Turpan, and Mr Emin lost, he led the troops to move into 8,000 people in Gansu Guazhou (Anxi this Gansu).20 years the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong (1755), Pingding-Zhungeer, Turpan is a Qing Dynasty.1756, Emin and Zhuo led the troops to return Lukeqin (Lukeqin this Shanshan Xian).Qing Emperor Qianlong 23 years (1758), Emin and Zhuo Feng-ching for Jun Wang.Qing Emperor Qianlong 24 years (1759), Chin-home production (this Shanshan Xian City) and acting Minister of Tongzhi, Li Gansu Chief Secretary.Turpan City built 6: Exhibition production (this Shanshan Xian City), Turpan City (now Turpan city southeast), Lukeqin, color more wood (this win gold), La Kazakhstan and Zhuo, Toksun.Minister of outreach work in production.Minister for work after the implementation of Turpan Prefecture of military restraint and Zhasa parallel, as Zha Sake by Jun Wang.Qing Emperor Qianlong 36 years (1771) provide outreach for inspection.Qing Emperor Qianlong 44 years (1779) to provide outreach minister to act in the Turpan manager minister, and Tongzhi, Yi Zhu Guang'an City (now Turpan city Old City), the Centre has shifted the Turpan City.2009-Tongzhi (1870), Hao Han Khanate A Gubo occupation of Turpan to provide outreach, Toksun the city, the urban construction in the city back.2003-Guangxu (1877), the Turpan-recovered to provide outreach, Toksun.Decade-Guangxu (1884), built in Xinjiang province.The establishment of the Office of the Turpan Zhili, exempted this Turpan, Shanshan, Toksun scope.28 years-Guangxu (1902) to provide outreach to home for the polling Shanshan Xian, attached to the Office of Turpan.Republic of China, Zhasa abandoned restraint.Republic, still follow the Turpan region-building.In 2002 (1913), the Office of the Turpan Zhili home for Turpan Prefecture, exempted this Turpan City, Toksun County area.Shanshan Xian and attached with the Dihua Road (now Urumqi).In 2009 (1920), Turpan Prefecture, Shanshan Xian is Yanqi Road.In 17 years (1928), the County Commission to the county government, county governor to governor, under the rural county, is about to rural agricultural official.In 19 years (1930), set up home Toksun the rule.In 22 years (1933), the implementation of the county, district (township) system.In 25 years (1936), home Toksun County.In 27 years (1938), Turpan, Shanshan, Toksun County has three SAR under the Dihua, Dihua area.In 33 years (1944), the KMT government implemented the township (town), security (a) system.In the 38 years (1949), a total of 3 town of Turpan Prefecture, nine townships, 68-, 795 A; Shanshan Xian two towns, five townships, 24-, 196 A; Toksun County town of 1, 3 townships, 20-, 120-A.1949, the founding of the PRC.September 25, 26 KMT power uprising in Xinjiang, Turpan, Shanshan, Toksun the peaceful liberation of the three counties.1950, the abolition of the three-county (a) system, the establishment of People's Power, implement (Township), the village system.1950, the three counties a total of 12 designated areas, the rural 48.Turpan area five counties, townships 16.Shanshan Xian area four, township 16; Toksun County Area 3, township 16.1950-1957, the three county agency attached to Dihua (later changed to Urumqi agency).1958, to (Township) system for the community (town), the team system.1958-1969, three Xianzhu autonomous region directly under the county.1970-1974, Turpan Prefecture, Toksun County under the Urumqi City.Shanshan Xian Hami region attached.July 1975, the establishment of the Turpan region, exempted Turpan, Shanshan, three Toksun County, a total of three towns and communes 17, two horticultural field.Turpan Prefecture town of a jurisdiction, the seven communes, a market gardening; Shanshan Xian exempted a town, commune 6, a horticultural field, Toksun County town of a jurisdiction, the Corporation 4.1984, the entire area township (town) and village system.In December, approved by the State Council, the Turpan Prefecture to home for the city.Turpan region are exempted Turpan City, Shanshan Xian, Toksun County.A total of 10 towns, townships 15, a nationality townships, the Office of two streets.Turpan City, administered the Old City Road Office, the Office of Gaochang Road, 7-chuen Town, Taihe Yan town, rural reais, Aidinghuxiang, three Baoxiang, the Baoxiang, grapes township, the township wins, Chiat Kale Township.Shanshan Xian Shanshan administered the town, Lukeqin town, and even wood Qin town, the town train station Shanshan, 7 grams Taiwan town, the East Bazza Hui Township to provide rural outreach, Dalang Kan Township, Dikan Township, spit valley Gou Xiang.Toksun County Toksun administered the town, the town of Beamish, Kerr-base town, rural summer, Loeb Guo Yi Xiang, Iraqi Huxiang, Bostan Township.(Taken from above "Turpan Prefecture Administrative Office Site")In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Turpan 550,731 people in the total population.Of which: Turpan City, 251,652 people, 196,929 people Shanshan Xian, Toksun County 102,150 people.

Turpan in the Xinjiang area geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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