Chuzhou City, Anhui Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewChuzhou City, a total area of 13,398 square kilometres.Total population of 4.34 million (2003).Municipal People's Government in the Langya, Zip code: 239000.Administrative division code: 341100.Code: 0550.Pinyin: Chuzhou Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, two Shixia Chuzhou City area, two county-level cities, four counties.Chuzhou City area of 13,398 square kilometres, population 4.34 million (2003).Langya area of 126 square kilometres, population 240,000.ZIP code 239000.South Qiao 1273 square km area, population 270,000.ZIP code 239000.Mingguang City area of 2335 square kilometres, population 640,000.ZIP code 239400.Story City People's Government in the streets.Tianchang City area of 1770 square kilometres, population 620,000.ZIP code 239300.Tianchang City People's Government in the streets.Lai Anxian area of 1481 square kilometres, population 490,000.ZIP code 239200.County People's Government in the Xinan Zhen.Quan Jiaoxian area of 1572 square kilometres, population 450,000.ZIP code 239500.County People's Government in the town of assessors.Dingyuan Xian area of 2891 square kilometres, population 910,000.ZIP code 233200.County People's Government in the town.Fengyang County area of 1920 square kilometres, population 720,000.ZIP code 233100.County People's Government in the House towns.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryChu county area established in 1949, the District Administrative Office, north of Anhui.Chu county agency in Chu county.Chu county jurisdiction, to an (in Xinan Zhen), Jiangpu, Quanjiao (in town-hsiang), will be far (in the cities and towns), Fengyang (in the House towns), Kerry Hill (in Mingguang town), Xuyi, Binghui (Renamed the original Tianchang County), 9 counties.1952 Chu county area in Anhui Province is leading.The Chaohu Lake area assigned to their respective Feidong Xian Chu county area; Jiangpu County will be assigned zones in Yangzhou in Jiangsu Province.Chu county area exempted nine counties.1955 will be classified as Jiangsu Province, Xu Yixian Huaiyin area.Chu county jurisdiction 8 county area.1956 revoked Chu county area, Chu county, Lai'an, Kerry Hill, Binghui, Quanjiao, will be far, Fengyang, Feidong County, was placed under Bengbu Section 8.1961-based Chu county area, the agency in Chu county.Chu county owned the original area of Bengbu, Jia Shan (in Mingguang town), to an (in Xinan Zhen), the day long (in Tianchang town), Quanjiao (in town-hsiang), will be far (in the cities and towns), Fengyang (Cities and towns in the House) 7 counties and reason Hefei leadership of the Feidong Xian (in stores Buzhen) assigned to Chu county area.8 county jurisdiction.Feidong Xian in 1965 will be classified as Chaohu Lake area.7 County jurisdiction.Chu county area in 1970 renamed Chu county, regional in Chu county.Chu county jurisdiction, Jia Shan (in Mingguang town), Tianchang to on (in Xinan Zhen), Quanjiao (in town-hsiang), will be far (in the cities and towns), Fengyang (in the House towns), 7 counties.(The above extracted from "The History of the People's Republic of political history as a zone of the music")December 20, 1992, the State Council for approval: revocation of Chu county region, Chuzhou City, the establishment of Chuzhou city (prefectural level), Langya, South Qiao, the introduction of the new Chuzhou Shixia Langya, South Qiao, and the original Chu County in Tianchang County, Lai Anxian, the Law County, Dingyuan Xian, Fengyang County, Chiayi County.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Chuzhou City, the total population 4001488; Langya District 246,424 South District 247,311 Laian Xian Qiao 449,188 Quan Jiaoxian 413,220 Dingyuan Xian 801,966 Tianchang City 590,745 Fengyang County 683,049 Mingguang City 569585 ( By then the division; units:)The end of 2004, a total of 16 city streets, 86 towns and 78 townships.

Chuzhou City, Anhui Province geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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