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States: the State of Kuwait (The State of Kuwait)Independence Day: June 19 (1961)National Day: February 25 (1950, section 11 of the埃米尔登基)Flag: a horizontal rectangle, the length and width ratio of 2:1.Flagpole on the side of the black ladder, right from top to bottom by the green, white, red colour of the width bar.Symbolic defeat the enemies of black, green oasis representative, the representative of pure white, red symbol for the bloodshed.There is another argument for the black symbol of the battlefield, red symbol of the future.The national emblem: a circle.A white Falcon launched a two-wing circle, with a round face with sea water, blue sky, white clouds and the road on the yacht at sea, it symbolizes the history of Kuwait.Falcons front of the flag is the shield-shaped logo, a round face with the Department of Arabic read, "The State of Kuwait."National political figures: the Amir (Head of State), Sheikh Al-Sabah, in January 2006 formally sworn into office.In February 7, Al-Sabah issued Royal Decree, the nomination of former First Deputy Prime Minister and Cabinet Minister of the Interior of Poland to thank Mr. Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah as Crown Prince, Minister for the appointment of the former palace of Sheikh Nasaiermu Muhammad Ahmad al-Sabah as the new prime minister and asked him to form a new government.>>Physical Geography: 17,818 square km area.Xibei An Asia in the western Persian Gulf, West, North and Iraq are neighbors, Saudi Arabia and the southern junction of East Bin Persian Gulf.A coastline of 213 km.Northeast for the alluvial plain, the rest is desert plains, hilly interludes during which some.Low-lying West High East.No perennial water of the rivers and lakes.Groundwater is rich in resources, but very little fresh water.There Bubiyan, Farakka more than 10 islands.Tropical desert climate, hot and dry.Population: 2.24 million (2001).One Kuwaiti population of 850,000, accounting for 38 percent of the total.1.39 million foreign nationals, accounting for 62 percent.Foreign nationals mainly Palestinians, Egyptians and the rest of India, Iran, Pakistan and other Arabs.Arabic as official language, English common.Islam is the state religion, 95 percent of residents believe in Islam, of which about 70 percent are Sunni, 30 percent for Shiites.The capital and administrative divisions: the capital Kuwait City (Kuwait City) has a population of 380,000 (2000) the country is divided into six provinces: provincial capital, Ha Wali Province, Ahmadinejad Province, France Erwaniya Province, Jia Hala Province, Mubarak Kabir province.Kuwait pastoralistsA brief history: in the seventh century as part of the Arab Empire, 1581 from Khalid ruling family of Kuwait.1710 living in the Arabian Peninsula, the A Naizha-tribe of Al-Sabah family moved to Kuwait, the right to rule in 1756, the establishment of the Emirate of Kuwait.1822 British Governor moved to Kuwait from Basra.Section 1871 as the Ottoman Empire province of Basra, a county.Forced by the British in 1899 signed a secret agreement by Britain, the United Kingdom by a sovereign state.1939 Branch officially become a British protectorate.1954 Branch to set up the Emirates, led by Abdullah Al-Sabah, the Supreme Council.1960 from the hands of the British have taken over the judicial power and money management.June 19, 1961 declaration of independence of Kuwait.August 2, 1990 by sending troops to Iraq misappropriation and thus triggered the Gulf War.March 6, 1991, the end of the Gulf war, Kuwait Emir Jaber Al-Kuwait, and other government officials to return to the local community.Kuwait National Museum of robbing the wave crossing the Kuwaiti royal family do grudge Nanxiao with Saddam's ex ugly"Feast of Sacrifice" live sheep trade is boomingPolitics: Kuwait is a hereditary monarchy system Emirates, the Amir is head of state and armed forces supreme commander.All laws and with foreign treaties and agreements signed by the Emir of approval to take effect.Domestic ban on all political party activities.Cabinet positions by members of the royal family as.Branch is a fully independent Arab countries, Islam is the religion of the State, its doctrine is the basis for legislation, Mubarak Al-Sabah, the Emir must be descendants of the hereditary.Legislative power exercised by the Emir and parliament, the Emir of the right to dissolve Parliament and the Council will delay period from the Emir of executive power, the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers to exercise; jurisdiction by the courts within the framework of the Constitution to exercise on behalf of the Emir, Crown Prince of the appointment Nominated by the Emir, the Parliament adopted the Emir of appointment and removal of the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister in accordance with the nomination and appointment and removal of cabinet ministers, and so on.National Assembly for the legislative bodies, a unicameral system.Its main functions are: the formulation and adoption of national laws and the regulations state supervision of the financial performance; exercise of political power.Parliament from 50 national elections by the incumbent cabinet minister, and composed of a term of four years.Government by the Crown Prince and Prime Minister and Minister of the Cabinet, responsible for the implementation of the national domestic and foreign policies, to the Emir of charge.Kuwaiti Cabinet approved the empowerment of women the right to vote and to stand for election law amendmentKuwait International Conference Center: Topol PalaceKuwait City is located in the waterfront SAS Hotel is the world's largest and most luxurious vessel hotels,Kuwait is one of the landmark buildingEconomy: Kuwait rich oil and gas reserves, has proven oil reserves of 968 million barrels of crude oil of the world's total reserves of 10 percent, ranking fourth in the world.Natural gas reserves of 1.498 trillion cubic meters, accounting for 1.1 percent of world reserves.Kuwaiti oil is the main source of financial revenue and a pillar of the national economy.Its output value in the GDP of 40 percent, accounting for 95 percent of export value.Non-oil production output value of the GDP of 60% (including agriculture, fisheries 0.4 percent, manufacturing 13.3 percent, electrical, water 0.1 percent, construction 2.7 percent, the wholesale, retail 6. 3 percent, food 0.8% in the hotel industry, transport, storage and communications 4.6%, 4% of the financial, insurance 0.2%, real estate and business services 7.3 percent, 22.4 percent of community social services, etc.) .In recent years, the Government focused on the development of the petroleum, petrochemical industry, while emphasizing the development of various economic, reduce the degree of dependence on oil, increasing foreign investment.The oil industry to mining, smelting and petroleum-based chemicals.Section in the current OPEC export quota of 2 million barrels / day, the actual daily output to 2.6 million barrels.To 2011, Kuwait's oil processing capacity from the current 930,000 barrels a substantial increase to 140 million barrels.Kuwait's main oil fields are large Bulgan Oilfield, located southeast of Kuwait.Bulgan large oil field is the world's largest sandstone oilfields, after the Ghawar oilfield is the world's second largest oil field.Kuwait arable land area of about 14,182 ha, no soil cultivation area of about 156 hectares.In recent years, the Government attaches importance to the development of agriculture, but agricultural output value in GDP, the highest proportion of only 1.1 percent.The production of vegetables mainly agricultural products mainly rely on imports.Rich fishery resources, abounds in prawns, grouper and Huanghua Yu.Foreign trade in the economy occupies an important position.Main exports are oil, gas and chemical products, oil exports accounted for 95 percent of total exports.Imports are machinery, transport equipment, industrial products, food and food.Kuwait Museum of Science and Technology sail dockKuwait Falcon flight speed of the competitionPress and Publications: A total of seven daily newspapers, including the Arabic version of five kinds: "public opinion" and "political", "Torch" and "the motherland" and "Business News" There are two English: "Kuwait Bao "and" the Arab Times. "56 kinds of various magazines, more and more for the people.Of the state news agency KUNA, built in October 1956, in 1980 the use of Arabic and English released to foreign countries.Kuwait radio stations built in 1951, in Arabic, English radio.Kuwaiti television station was built in December 1962, with four channels broadcasting in Arabic and English programmes.Through the Egyptian satellite station broadcast satellite television programs.Diplomacy: pursuing peace neutral non-aligned policy, advocated the five principles of peaceful coexistence with all countries on the development of relations.Stressed the importance of the peaceful settlement of international disputes, to preserve Branch independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity.Will maintain sanctions on Iraq, the international community to seek sympathy and diplomatic protection as its priority.With the United States and other Western countries close ties, and U.S. troops are stationed.Arab countries take active steps to maintain unity and efforts to strengthen ties with the Islamic countries, stressed that the Gulf Cooperation Council member states in political, economic, military and other areas of coordination and cooperation, jointly maintain the Gulf region's security and stability, and advocated the "Damascus Declaration" States in regional security coordination.In international affairs, by advocating the establishment of a just and rational new international order, and opposing aggression and expansion, that the United Nations for maintaining world peace and security play a role.Advocates to solve the problem of Third World debt.Branch is the League of Arab States, the Arab Parliamentary Union, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and the Arab Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries member countries.Relations with China: March 22, 1971, Kuwait established diplomatic relations with China.July 2004, Prime Minister Al-Sabah, an official visit to China, the two countries issued a joint communique.Approaching KuwaitKuwaitis are a few of their traditional food tasting roasted whole camel.An old woman dressed in traditional costumes to the young people in the demonstration of traditional weaving process.Kuwaitis under a phone-in camelQing Zhao Yi Zhiying a Kuwaiti manpower.Kuwaitis to play eagle and hawk-raisers for fashion.Kuwaiti capital of Kuwait City landmark building "three towers", the two big balls for the water tower,The ball for the travel and tourism for the revolving restaurant.Kuwait City Science and Technology Museum, the sail-shaped building.Before the discovery of oil, Kuwait residents living in fishing and grazing, the Kuwaitis love to sail-shaped building decorated city.Reproduced:

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