Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (Provinces) Satellite maps

[Administrative divisions - in 2005, exempted: 5 to level cities and two county-level cities, 11 counties and eight cities area.Yinchuan CityXingqing District Xixia Qu Jinfeng area in Lingwu city (town)Yongning County (Yang and town) Helan County (Xi Gangzhen)Shizuishan CityDawukou-District Agricultural Area (North Street neighborhood)Pingluo Xian (Chengguan town)Wuzhong CityLi Tong District Qingtongxia City (Li Xinxiang)Tongxin County (Yu-town) in Yanchi County (Flower Machi town)Guyuan CityYuanzhou Qu (Zhongshan Street)Xiji County (Ji Qiang town) Long Dexian (Chengguan town) Jingyuan Xian (perfume town) in Pengyang County (Bai Yang Zhen)Zhongwei CityShapotou area in the County (Nanjing Changan) Haiyuan County (the town)[History]To Xixiaanning name.Tang is the Commissioner of Road; Song Si is Xixia; yuan after the Xixia to eliminate the old and established Western Xia Xing Xing, soon to Ningxia Xingsheng, Zhisuo Ningxia Road, named after the beginning of Ningxia, Gansu Province diverted after Xing Xing, moved to Coombe State Road.Shaanxi Province that is, to Ningxia Ningxia Wei; House-to Ningxia, Gansu Province is, located in Ningxia and General; established in the early edge in Ningxia Hujun willing to, post-Ningxia province after the withdrawal of the founding of the PRC into Gansu Province, after Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region established, the district has the same name.1979: Alxa Right Banner will be from July 1 from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is zoned back to (the State Council on May 30, 1979 approved).By the end of 1979 exempted: 2 regions (South Bank, Guyuan), 2 to level cities (Yinchuan, Shizuishan)1983: 1.Established in Pengyang County, Guyuan County in Pengyang County as part of the regional administrative regions, 2.Revocation of Wuzhong County, the establishment of Wuzhong City, Wuzhong City People's Government in the town.1984: revocation of Qingtongxia County and resume Qingtongxia City, Qingtongxia City People's Government in the town.1987: 1.Revocation of Shizuishan City suburbs, farmland restoration of-county, 2.Qingtongxia City People's Government resident moved to introduce legislation by the small坝镇Xinxiang.1996: revocation of Lingwu County, the establishment of Lingwu city.1998: Bank of the South region and the revocation of Wuzhong City, the county level, the establishment of level Wuzhong City, Wuzhong City, the new Lee-zone.2001: revocation of Guyuan region and Guyuan County, the establishment of level of Guyuan City, and Yuan Zhouqu (the State Council on July 7, 2001 approval).Ningxia autonomous region in early 2003 against the excessive number of towns and townships, layout unreasonable, the difference between the size of the area, such as the disparity between the structural defects, in 2002 basically completed the reform of township institutions on the basis of the township administrative divisions of the region to adjust their work.The whole region the original 237 townships, 76 towns have been adjusted to 95 townships and 93 towns, the dismantling by a total of 125 townships, the average ratio of 40 percent by dismantling.Township zoning adjustment, the average population from the region township 16,000 people adjusted to 22,000 people, the average area of 167 square kilometers to 238 square kilometres.Pingluo Xian City before adjustment of the seat of the Chengguan Town, the rural advancement, the three gates rural township, Boundary unclear responsibilities unknown, urban management fragmented, chaotic approved over-building phenomenon occur from time to time.After the adjustment, Chengguan Town geographical area from 11 square kilometers to 154 square kilometres.Helan relatively remote rural counties Fengdeng, economic backwardness, assigned to the District and the original silver Jinfeng Xinxiang of 21 villagers set up a joint group Fengdeng town.Ping Luoxian under Miaoxiang, Chong Gangxiang Chong Gangzhen set up after the merger.February 11, 2004, according to the State Council approved the spirit of regional people's government decided: revocation of Zhongwei Xian, the establishment of Zhongwei City, the prefectural level.Zhongwei Shixia from Wuzhong City included in the County, Guyuan City, assigned to the Haiyuan County, and the original Zhongwei Xian.Revocation of Shizuishan City Shizuishan-agricultural areas and counties, the establishment of Shizuishan City-agricultural areas to the Shizuishan-agricultural counties and districts for the benefits of the regional agricultural region of the region.Revocation of Shizuishan City Taole County, the original Taole County Yueya Hu Rural Xingqing District of Yinchuan City was placed under the jurisdiction of the original Taole County hongyazi rural, high-Heung, Matthew Gou Zhen Ping Luoxian classified Shizuishan City Jurisdiction.April 28, Zhongwei City was set up formally.Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region OverviewNingxia Hui Autonomous Region referred to Nanjing, capital of Yinchuan City.Area of over 66,000 square kilometres, population 5.62 million (2000).[Location]Ningxia in northwest China, the upper reaches of the Yellow River region.Geographical coordinates of latitude 35 ° 14'-39 ° 23 ', longitude 104 ° 17' ~ 107 ° 39 '.Shaanxi Province east, west, north to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Gansu Province and the southern connected.Total area of 66,400 square kilometres.Contour territory long from north to south, things short.About 456 km from the North and South (North Road from the Shizuishan City Tau Hom 2 km north of the Yellow river, south be Jingyuan Xian Liupan Mountain in the mouth of the beam), things are separated by about 250 km (Zhongwei the west and southwest of Camp water station 10 km of flood-dam, Yanchi County east to the North East Willow Liang Qian Michu 2).[National] populationIn 2000, according to the fifth national census data: total population of people.Of which: 5486393 Yinchuan city in Ningxia 1177613 Shizuishan City 675,378 Wuzhong City 1906041 Guyuan region 1727361 (in that administrative division; units:)The end of 2003, the total population in Ningxia for 5801900 people.A total of 34 ethnic minority autonomous region, population 2060800, accounting for 35.51 percent of the total population, of which 2.0247 million Muslim population, accounting for the autonomous region's total population 34.90 percent.[Terrain] climateYellow River irrigation areas of the region's total area of 41 per cent, 59 per cent of the southern mountains.Low-lying South High North (General for the 1090-2000 meters above sea level, the highest elevation of 3556 meters).Helan Mountain Range there are major, Dorasan, the first cattle Hill, Xiangshan, Liupan Mountain, and so on.The larger rivers have Qingshui River, the Jinghe River, the river, such as hyacinth.Ningxia regional and inter-east monsoon arid northwest region, near the southwest of the Qinghai-Tibet Alpine region, largely in the nature of China's three regional convergence, the transition zone.[Resident Zip code:Autonomous Region People's Government in the liberation of Yinchuan City, 217 West Street.Zip code: 750001.Administrative division code: 640000.Pinyin: Ningxia Huizu Zizhiqu.

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