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Overview-- Location of Hegang City in Heilongjiang Province in the northeast, is located in the Sanjiang Plain Xiao Hinggan Mountains and the buffer zone, located east longitude 129 ° 40'-132 ° 31 ', north latitude and 47 ° 4'-48 ° 9' between , Hegang City, eastern, southern and Fujin Shi at the Songhua River, across the Jiamusi City, Xiao Hinggan Mountains and the western edge bordering Yichun City, Heilongjiang and the northern sector of the Russian state adjacent to Birobidzhan.Territory of 14,600 square kilometres.There are 228 km of the Sino-Russian border.[National] population of the city's population of 1.1 million, of which the urban population of 700,000 people.[Terrain] climate[Resident] City People's Government in the PC-mountain.Zip code: 154100.Administrative division code: 230400.Code: 0468.Pinyin: Hegang Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, exempted six City area, two counties.The region still have large state enterprises crane Mine Group and provincial agricultural enterprises Baoquan Ling HKMA and the Hebei Forestry Bureau.Hegang City area of 10,459 square kilometres, population 1.1 million (2003).- Mountain area of 26 square kilometres, population 50,000.ZIP code 154105.Sunningdale area of eight square kilometres, population 100,000.ZIP code 154100.The worker-peasant area of 12 square kilometres, population 160,000.ZIP code 154101.Nanshan area of 25 square kilometres, population 130,000.ZIP code 154104.Xing'an area of 16 square kilometres, population 150,000.ZIP code 154102.Dongshan area of 21 square kilometres, population 90,000.ZIP code 154106.Luobei area of 6,991 square kilometres, population 230,000.ZIP code 154200.Fengxiang County People's Government in the town.Sui Binxian area of 3360 square kilometres, population 190,000.ZIP code 156200.Suibin County People's Government in the town.* The above size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)."Note: A list Hegang City area of data and zoning diagram do not match.According to 2002 map published in Harbin in Heilongjiang Province in the map of the Hegang City area of 5119 square kilometres, including the district if the county has an area of 15,216 square kilometres.(> Click "Site Forum discussion)-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryHere was Tangyuan County, a small town, the town of legislation commonly known as the crane.Guangxu 34 years (1908) to be set up in this town of Crane County legislature, due to various reasons failed.With the coal industry here is the rise and develop.Since in 2003 (1914) found that Cao Fengyang in this post-carbon layer.In five years (1916) from SHEN Song, and others to apply to the Government, and obtained mining rights.In seven years in 1918) began mining the same year reputation of the military Baogui Betty long and Finance, Industry Minister, who, in his own name investment, the establishment of Hegang Coal Mine Co., Ltd., and plans to expand the mining area, the laying of a mine from the Song-Hua Jiangan Light Railway.In 2008 (1919) June Liu Shangqing (Heilongjiang Province Finance length) of the total Office.In 15 years (1926) November since the mine site (a stone River) to Lin Jiangkou railway completed, in 16 years (1927) February business.After the September 18 Incident, the establishment of the puppet Manchukuo States, in the first year of Kant (1934) in May, in which the establishment of Manchukuo carbon Mine Co., Ltd., then.Manchukuo carbon from coal mine in Hegang Mine Co., Ltd. business.With the coal mining industry continued to expand, the rapid development here, Kant 2006 (1939) in June, the puppet Manchukuo States with the reform of the administrative bodies.By Tangyuan, Luobei County home crane out of legislation, attached to the Sanjiang provincial jurisdiction.In 36 years (1947) revoked the Sanjiang province, Hok legislation Hejiang County was placed under jurisdiction.After the liberation, Hok home city or county legislature, called Xingshan City.1951 to the city of Hegang City in Xingshan, after Heilongjiang Province jurisdiction.1906 (30-Guangxu workers) in Heilongjiang Province began to put "Hok field" gross shortage.1916-Zhang finished.At this point in this Hegang Reclamation near dozens of villages.1918 (in July) SHEN Song, and Sun Bing Wu, who set up a joint venture 150,000 yuan Hing Wah coal companies, development of river stone local coal mine.1926 Hegang railway opened to traffic, coal mine development.March 1929, Hegang coal mining company in the Street-based firm set up an administrator to manage the affairs Street, from mines located rule of-Town.August 11, 1932, Japanese aggressor troops occupied-Lake, 1938-Town will be changed by Japanese and Puppet Armies governance Xingshan Street, under the Tangyuan County.He transferred in 1939 the county legislature.Japanese aggressors in order to strengthen colonial rule, in May 1941 will be special in Xingshan Street to John Street.Also in the Japanese military police unit, the Japanese Imperial Army garrison to, a "criminal Hegang Services Department," "corrective counselling centres in Hegang" two prisons.February 1944 Xingshan Street renamed Hegang Street.After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the Communist Party, the democratic government took over in Hegang, December 20, 1945 the establishment of Xingshan City, the county legislature has attached to cranes, Hejiang, Songjiang Sheng.November 24, 1949, the city renamed the Hegang City, Xingshan, Songjiang Sheng cities.1954 Hegang City in Heilongjiang Province cities.1958 Hegang City, the agency was placed under the leadership of Jiang.1966 Hegang City to the provincial Crown.April 24, 1980, the Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government approved: revocation of Hegang City, Dongfeng, leap forward, the establishment of Nanshan District; revocation of the Hegang City Group, Anti-revisionism, the establishment of Dongshan District; Hongwei District changed its name to the mountains - ; Means the District changed its name to Xing'an District.November 6, 1987, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1997] 177): The city of Jiamusi Luobei County, Sui Binxian was placed under the jurisdiction of Hegang City.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Urban Area ProfileHegang City in Heilongjiang Province in northeast, southeast of Xiao Hinggan Mountains.East to the Indus River and Luobei across the river, Yichun City, connected with the West, South and adjacent to Tangyuan County, bordering the North and Jiayin County, 145 km north-south from the vertical, horizontal distance of 30 km things, the area of 4550 Square kilometres.Overview: [mountain-mountain-Hegang City in the north.Total area of 26 square kilometres.Population of 62,000 people, the Han, Manchu, and other eight people.North High Low-lying South, North-South strip, a slightly narrower things.ZIP code 154105.Code 230407.Pinyin: Xingshan Qu.[Division] exempted four neighborhood offices, 49 residents appointed: Ditch South streets, ditch the North streets, Lingnan streets, Lingbei streets.District People's Government is located in Xingshan the road.[History - formerly known as mountain-Xingshan City, is the birthplace of Hegang City.Overview: Xiangyang District [Xiangyang District in the urban area in central North.Is the city government, the mining bureau of the resident agencies, is the Hegang City, the political, economic and cultural center.Nanshan coal preparation plant and the area south of the railway line to Lingbei Nanshan with distinction; Hok good railway and the west zone at the junction of workers and peasants; plant to the north and Bai Hui-Beishan Mountain Area, the center phase grounding Park Township.Total area of about 8.2 square kilometres.In 2001 the region's total population of 81,206 people, the Han, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui, Tibetan, Zhuang, white, Buyi, Korean, and other 10 people.ZIP code 154100.Code 230402.Pinyin: Xiangyang Qu.[Division] exempted the northern mountains, the Red Army, a bright future, the victory, South has five neighborhood offices, 55 residents appointed.[Overview of workers and peasants - the worker-peasant areas in the district centre of Hegang, east of the Xiangyang District of neighbors, and even the center West Park Township, South and the junction of Nanshan District.Hegang City area have the NPC, the CPPCC municipal committee, the military sub-district authorities.Total area of 16 square kilometres, population 130,000.Area of 12 square kilometres (booklet), population 160,000 (2002).ZIP code 154101.Code 230403.Pinyin: Gongnong Qu.[Division] Lakeside, unity and liberation, Yucai, the new South, the red flag, and so on six streets, 97 residents appointed.Overview: [Nanshan District Nanshan District in Hegang City, central-southern area of 25 square kilometres, population 150,000.ZIP code 154104.Code 230404.Pinyin: Nanshan Qu.[Division] »The jurisdiction: East Rail mainland street street铁西streets on the 6th street R & F streets deer Lin Shan streetsXing'an District [Overview: Xing'an District Hegang City in Heilongjiang Province in the southwest, East and West and South of the red flag in Dongshan District Rural bordering the north and adjacent Nanshan District, the two sides across the Xiaohe River legislation.The region's total area of 16.5 square km and the total population of 93,687 people, the Han, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui, North Korea, Tujia, Xibe and Daur, Zhuang and other ethnic 9.Population 150,000 (2002).ZIP code 154102.Code 230405.Pinyin: Xing'an Qu.[Division] exempted five neighborhood offices, 75 neighborhood committees: Jun Tak Road, the street-way street Hedong long way street Xingan Road, the construction of roads streets streetsOverview: [Dongshan District Dongshan District is the only Hegang City, suburban SAR.Eastern and northern agricultural and Baoquan Ling HKMA, Luobei County neighborhood, the western border with the Yichun City, and southern counties phase grounding Tangyuan, Jiamusi and Song-Hua at the sea.Area of 21 square kilometres, population 90,000 (2002).ZIP code 154106.Code 230406.Pinyin: Dongshan Qu.[Division] exempted four streets, one town, four townships, and 49 neighborhood committees and 55 administrative villages: new streets, the three streets Street, the village street workers, Dongshan streets, Xinhua Zhen, unity Township, the East Is Red Rural, the red flag Township, the center Park Township.[History] original jurisdiction four streets: new streets, the three streets Street, the village street workers, Dongshan streets.2000 Fifth National Census, the city Forestry Bureau will territoriality, the Mining Bureau of Forestry and Forest Farm territoriality territory included part of Hebei Forestry Bureau in Dongshan District of the territory.Area so that the total area to 4,400 square kilometres.Of which: suburban area of 1067 square kilometres, 21 square kilometres City area, forest area of 2312 square kilometres.Hegang surrounding suburbs around the area total population of 167,000 people.

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