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OverviewLocation area:Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province in the east of the territory of Central, East and Hebei Taihang according to the adjacent West along the Fenhe River and Taiyuan City, Luliang City at the junction, south of Changzhi City area, north of Yangquan City suburb.Total area of 16,408 square kilometres.[National] populationTotal population of 3.06 million (2003).[Terrain] climate[Resident Zip code:Municipal People's Government in Yuci district.Zip code: 030600.Administrative division code: 140700.Code: 0354.Pinyin: Jinzhong Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, a Shixia Jinzhong City area, nine counties, hosted a county-level city.Jinzhong City area of 16,408 square kilometres, population 3.06 million (2003).Yuci area of 1327 square kilometres, population 530,000.ZIP code 030600.District People's Government in the Shuncheng Street East.Jiexiu City area of 743 square kilometres, population 380,000.ZIP code 031200.Yushe County area of 1651 square kilometres, population 140,000.ZIP code 031800.Kei County People's Government in the town.Zuoquan County area of 2028 square kilometres, population 160,000.ZIP code 032600.Liaoyang County People's Government in the town.Heshun County area of 2251 square kilometres, population 140,000.ZIP code 032700.County People's Government in the justice Xingzhen.Xiyang county area of 1943 square kilometres, population 230,000.ZIP code 045400.Leping County People's Government in the town.Shouyang county area of 2111 square kilometres, population 210,000.ZIP code 045400.County People's Government in the town of Chaoyang.Taigu County area of 1034 square kilometres, population 280,000.ZIP code 030800.County People's Government in the town of Star.Qixian County area of 854 square kilometres, population 260,000.ZIP code 030900.Zhao Yu County People's Government in the town.Pingyao County area of 1260 square kilometres, population 490,000.ZIP code 031100.County People's Government in the ancient pottery town.Lingshi County area of 1206 square kilometres, population 240,000.ZIP code 031300.Cui Feng County People's Government in the town.* Quhuadiming information here until December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)," By the end of 2003 the population.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryJinzhong City, Shanxi is the Spring and Autumn and Warring States is Zhao.Qin, Han after a county of Taiyuan, Taiyuan House jurisdiction.Jinzhong areas built in 1949, said Yuci area, renamed in 1958 in Jinzhong area.Jinzhong changed in 1970.1999-level to the establishment of Jinzhong City.Yuci area, Jinzhong area, Jinzhong in Yuci zones established in 1949, the agency in Yuci County.Exempted Yuci, pacification, Yuxian County, Shouyang, Qixian County, Taigu, Jiexiu, Lingshi, Pingyao, Xiyang, Hwasun, Zuoquan (former Liaoning County), 13 Yushe County, Yangquan and Mining Areas.1951 Yangquan Mining Areas to the original set of Yangquan City, the provincial Crown.Fenyang their original area Xiaoyi, Fenyang, the text of water, Jiaocheng, Qingyuan, Xugou six counties included in Yuci area.19 county jurisdiction.1952 will Qingyuan, Xugou 2 Qingxu County, the county set up a joint (in Qingyuan County).Xingxian area belongs to the original mountain, Lishi, Linxian County, in the four-county area included in Yuci.Ge hole in Fangshan Xian move.Yuci area exempted 22 counties.1954 will Yuci Chengguan District to set up Yuci City, the provincial Crown.Lishi, the 2-county merger, renamed from the County (in the original Lishi County).Yuci area exempted 21 counties.1958 Jinzhong Yuci area to area.The original directly under the provincial Yuci, Yangquan City, was placed under 2 Jinzhong agency leadership.Revocation of Yuci, 2 Shouyang County, into the Yuci City; revocation Qingxu, Jiaocheng, water, three counties, will be incorporated into the Qingxu County in Taiyuan, in northern Taiyuan City and incorporated into the Fenyang County; water, Fenyang County into the county.Revocation of pacification, Xiyang, 3 Yuxian County, Yangquan City incorporated.Revocation of Zuoquan County, into the Heshun County.Revocation of Qixian County, into the Taigu County.Revocation of Lingshi, 2 Xiaoyi County, the county into Jiexiu.Remove from the mountain, in the two-county, the establishment of a joint Lishi County (in the original Lishi County).Revocation of Yushe County, into the Jindong Nan zones Wuxiang County.2 TSA exempted Jinzhong City, 7 counties.1960 restoration of Xiyang, Yuxian County, Shouyang, Yang, the text of water, Jiaocheng, Zuoquan, Yushe County 8.Exempted Jinzhong Section 2 cities, 15 counties.1961 Yangquan City to the provincial Crown.Restoration of pacification, Qixian County, Lingshi, 4 Xiaoyi County.1 jurisdiction in Jinzhong city area, 19 counties.1963 revocation of Yuci City, restore Yuci County.Jinzhong TSA exempted 20 counties.1970 Jinzhong area called Jinzhong region.Changed from Yangquan City in Jinzhong leadership.Jinzhong Yuci district in the county.Jurisdiction of Yangquan City and Yuci, Shouyang, Yuxian County, pacification, Xiyang, Hwasun, Zuoquan, Yushe, Taigu, Qixian County, Pingyao, Jiexiu, Lingshi, Xiaoyi, Fenyang, the text of water, the TAC City, in Yang, Lishi, Linxian County, and other 20 counties.1971 restoration of Yuci City, Yuci move in Changning county.Will Linxian County, Jiaocheng, Lishi, Fenyang, the text of water, Xiaoyi, in the seven-county classified in Luliang Prefecture.2 jurisdiction in Jinzhong City, 13 counties.1972 Yangquan City to the provincial Crown.1 jurisdiction in Jinzhong City, 13 counties.1975 Yuci County moved in Yuci City.1 jurisdiction in Jinzhong City, 13 counties.Fenyang zones established in 1949 Fenyang area, the agency in Fenyang County.Exempted Fenyang, Jiaocheng, the text of water, Qingyuan, Jinyuan (in Taiyuan City), Xu ditch, Xiaoyi, Yang, stone floor, nine counties.1951 revocation of Fenyang area, Lingshi, Xiaoyi, Fenyang, the text of water, Jiaocheng, Qingyuan, such as 7-ditch County was placed under Yuci area; stone floor of the county was placed under Linfen area; in the County was placed under Xingxian area; Jinyuan County into the revocation of Taiyuan.(From: "History of the People's Republic of Administrative Region (1949-1979)" History of Music series)», Jinzhong City, two areas exempted nine counties and 132 towns of 58 townships, and 10 neighborhood offices, the Civil Administration in Yuci City.September 24, 1999, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1999] No. 124): (1) revoke the county level and Yuci district of Jinzhong City, the establishment of level of Jinzhong City.Municipal People's Government in the newly established Yuci district.(2) the establishment of Yuci district of Jinzhong City, Yuci City to the original county-level administrative region to Yuci district of the region.District People's Government in the Shuncheng Street East.(3) the original Jinzhong Shixia in Taigu County, Jinzhong, Qixian County, Pingyao County, Lingshi County, Yushe County, Zuoquan County, Heshun County, Xiyang County, Shouyang County, and the newly established Yuci District.Jinzhong of the region directly under Jiexiu City, Shanxi Province from.2000, the fifth census data (unit: people. Prevailing administrative division): 3016536 Yuci district of Jinzhong City 534,357 Yushe County, 126,173 Zuoquan County, 156,203 Heshun County 134,522 Xiyang County, 221,361 Shouyang County, 210,184 in Taigu County, 255,807 Qixian County 253,829 Pingyao County, 477,373 in Lingshi County, 243,734 in Jiexiu City 372,993

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