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The name: the Democratic People's Republic of Algeria (The Democratic People's Republic of Algeria, La Republique Algerienne Democratique et Populaire)Independence Day: July 5 (1962)National Day: November 1 (1954)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.Green-flag from left-right equivalent to erect two parallel rectangular form, the center Yi Wan Red Crescent and a slightly red Wu Jiaoxing.Green symbolizes hope for the future, representatives of white purity and peace, red symbolizes revolution and the struggle for the ideals of dedication.Algeria to Islam is the state religion, and Wu Jiaoxing crescent is a symbol of this Muslim country.The national emblem: a pictorial below Yiwan red crescent and a red Wujiao Xing, the implication with the national flag; legend crescent moon is also the embodiment of the goddess Diana.Wu Jiaoxing is on the crescent and a palm Fatima, the symbol of happiness, good fortune.Fatima decorated with palms on both sides of wheat and Greenwood; undulating hills behind the pictorial, symbolic Henggen the mountains north of the country.Shine on the mountain is full, Ranran rising sun, symbol of national independence and full of hope for the future.State stone: CoralHeads of State: President Abdul - Aziz Bouteflika (Abdelaziz Bouteflika), 2004年4月re-elected.Physical Geography: Located in northwest Africa, the Mediterranean north, east Tunisia, Libya, South and the Niger, Mali and Mauritania border, West and Morocco, Western Sahara junction area of 2381741 square kilometers.About 1,200 km coastline.Algeria to broadly throughout the East and West to tell atlas, Atlas Mountains for the sub-sector; tell atlas for the north shore of the Mediterranean coastal plain, between two mountain ranges for the plateau region; Atlas Mountains south of the Sahara Sahara desert, accounting for about 85 percent of the area.The northern coastal areas of the Mediterranean climate, savannah climate for the central and southern desert to a tropical climate, hot and dry.Each of the hottest in August, the highest temperature of 29 ℃, the minimum temperature of 22 ℃; 1月the coldest maximum temperature of 15 ℃, Low 9 ℃.The following 150 mm of precipitation in some areas, not rain all year round.Population: 33.2 million (January 2006), the overwhelming majority of Arabs, followed by the Berber people, accounting for about 20% of the total population.Mu Zhabu ethnic minorities and the Tuareg people.The official language is Arabic and Berber language (April 2002, the Algerian parliament set Berber language as an official language. Berber people are the indigenous people of North Africa region, the Berber people about the country's total population of Azerbaijan The sixth) Universal French.Islam is the state religion, the Muslim population of 99.9 percent, all are Sunni.Capital: Algiers (Algiers, Alger); Population: 256 million (2004).Administrative divisions: 48 provinces of the country: Algiers, Adrar, Sharif, Lagewate,乌姆布阿基, Batna, Bejaia, Bisikala, Bechar, Blida, Buyi Rafah, Tamanrasset, Tebessa, special tired Stimson, Tiyaleite, Di-Wuzu, Djelfa, Jijie Er, Sétif, Saida, Skikda, West Di Beile Abbes, Annaba and Guelma, Constantine, Mei Dee, Mostar Jia Namu, M'sila, Masikala, Wuergela, Orange, Bei Yide, - Erie, Burgi Bua Lei, Kyrgyzstan, Bumaidesi, Tarif, Tindouf, Disimuxi Lete, Wade, Han Xila, Souk Ahras, Diba Zha, of Rafah, Ayn De Fula, Nae Ma, Ayn Tim Shen special, Geerdaya, Hurley praise.A brief history: 3rd Century BC, in northern Albania to establish the two Berber Kingdom.146 BC, a Roman Xingxing.5-6 century, successively by Wang in person and Byzantine rule.AD 702, the Arabs conquered the whole Maghreb.The 15th century, Spain and Turkey have invaded.The 16th century, he established a Hall - Eide - Tang dynasty.1830 French invasion in 1834 was declared the French territory, in 1871 became France's three provinces, the 1905 French colony into all of Afghanistan.World War II, Algiers has allied headquarters location in North Africa, was the provisional capital of France.In 1958 the French Parliament adopted the "basic law" that Albania for France "as part of the overall", by the presence of the delegation of Algiers direct rule.To strive for national independence, more than a century, the Azerbaijani people held more than 50 armed uprising, November 1, 1954, the Algerian National Liberation Front in Aolei Si mountain stage an armed uprising.September 19, 1958, the interim government set up the Republic of Algeria.March 18, 1962, the French government was forced to sign with the interim government, "the Evian agreement," Recognizing the right of self-determination and independence.In July 1, Azerbaijan held a national referendum, July 3 formally declares independence on July 5 as Independence Day.September 25, the Constituent National Assembly, the country called the Democratic People's Republic of Algeria.September 1963 Ben Bella was elected first president.Politics: November 28, 1996, he held a referendum, through constitutional amendment.The revised constitution is the main content: A set of Islamic, Arab, Berber attribute; prohibited in religion, language, race, sex, place of corporatism and on the basis of established political parties; Parliament by the National Assembly (House of Representatives) and the nation House (Senate), with two joint exercise of legislative power, the National Assembly passed the bill is subject to the House of Peoples adopted after three-quarters majority to enter into force.President of the Council have before and during the recess to form Act enacted laws such as the Government's Programme of the National Assembly was twice rejected, the dissolution of the National Assembly, the re-election.President is the Head of State, is also the supreme commander of the armed forces, defence and foreign affairs have the power to preside over the Council of Ministers and also acts as the highest national security committee, Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council.President of the National Liberation Front on behalf of the General Assembly nominations, universal suffrage for a term of five years.Economy: Algeria's economy of scale in Africa living in third place, behind South Africa and Egypt.Oil and gas resources are very rich, as the "oil depot in North Africa."Has proven reserves of oil and gas in a total area of 1.6 million square kilometers, has proven oil reserves can be 1.255 billion tons, ranking first in the world 15.Natural gas reserves are 4.52 trillion cubic meters, reserves and output in the world account for the first seven.Oil and gas industry is Algeria's economic pillars.A majority of the export of oil and gas products, natural gas and oil export revenue in the national foreign exchange earnings of more than 90 percent, in addition to iron, mercury, lead, zinc, copper, gold, phosphates, uranium and other minerals.Industrial mainly to the petrochemical industry.A national economy is heavily dependent on carbonated hydrogen industry, carbonated hydrogen value of domestic exports had accounted for 98 percent of total exports.The slow development of agriculture, food and daily necessities mainly depend on imports, arable land area of 74 million hectares, of which 8.2 million hectares of cultivated land area of Azerbaijan is the world of food, milk, oil, sugar one of the top 10 importing countries.Of the total agricultural labour force 25 per cent of the workforce.Major agricultural products are grain (wheat, barley, oats and beans), vegetables, grapes, oranges and dates.Forest area of 3.67 million hectares, with an annual output of 200,000 cubic meters of wood, cork forest resources 460,000 hectares, cork output ranked third in the world.Azerbaijan is rich in tourism resources.Tempting Mediterranean climate, historic sites, many of the bathing beach, full of mystery and the Sahara desert oasis, as well as the development of mountain tourism in the northern mountain formation of Algeria's rich tourism resources, and suitable for various different forms of tourism season .Press and Publications: major newspapers have, "Mujahid", "De Volkskrant", "Horizons" and "Evening News."Main publications: "Algeria weekly news magazine," and "African revolution."Algerian News is the official news agency communication and Social Council, founded in 1961, Algerian news agency, a private news agency, founded in January 1999, focusing on providing financial information.Radio Algeria, founded in 1956, Algerian television station, founded in 1962.Diplomacy: pursue an independent, autonomous and non-aligned foreign policy and advocated respect for state sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-interference in internal affairs, mutual non-use of force, mutual respect, mutual benefit and seek dialogue on the basis of broad cooperation and foreign affairs to serve economic construction.Relations with China: December 20, 1958, China and Algeria established diplomatic relations.Since then a number of leaders of the two countries exchange visits and friendly relations of cooperation have been developing continuously.A former President Chadli, Zeroual had visited China.Premier Zhou Enlai in 1963 and 1965 two visits to Algeria.To commemorate the visit of Premier Zhou, the Argentine government also one of the capital Algiers street be renamed "Beijing street."October 1999, President Jiang Zemin's state visit to Algeria, the two countries issued press releases.October 2000, President Bouteflika to China to attend the "China-Africa Cooperation Forum - Ministerial Conference Beijing 2000", and a state visit to China.February 2004, President Hu Jintao paid a state visit to Algeria, and China-Arab relations put forward four-point proposal, the two countries issued press releases.Over the years, the continuous development of bilateral economic and trade relations, Sino-Arab trade volume in 2003 to 745 million U.S. dollars.Reproduced:

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