Handan City in Hebei Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewHandan City in Hebei Province in the south.East and the junction of Liaocheng in Shandong Province, Shanxi Province and the West in Jinzhong, Jin Dongnan areas connected, bordering South and Anyang in Henan Province, adjacent to the north and Xingtai.Beiju Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital 180 kilometers, 440 kilometers from the capital city of Beijing.Area 198 km wide, the vast 110 km.Total area of 12,062 square kilometres, of which the urban area of 457 square kilometres.Total population of 8.63 million (2004).Municipal People's Government in the Congtai District, Zip code: 056002.Administrative division code: 130400.Code: 0310.Pinyin: Handan Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, four Shixia Handan City area, 14 counties, hosted a county-level city.Handan City area of 12,087 square kilometres, population 8.63 million (2004).Congtai area of 28 square kilometres, population 330,000 people.ZIP code 056004.Han Shanqu area of 32 square kilometres, population 310,000 people.ZIP code 056001.Rejuvenation area of 37 square kilometres, population 250,000 people.ZIP code 056003.Fengfeng Mining Area area of 353 square kilometres, population 500,000 people.ZIP code 056200.Lin Shui District People's Government in the new urban town.Wu Anshi area of 1806 square kilometres, population 720,000 people.ZIP code 056300.Municipal People's Government in the arms Changan.Handan county area of 522 square kilometres, population 400,000 people.ZIP code 056100.County People's Government in the South East Xiao Tuncun Baoxiang.Lin Zhangxian area of 744 square kilometres, population 590,000 people.ZIP code 056600.Linzhang County People's Government in the town.- County area of 485 square kilometres, population 370,000 people.ZIP code 056700.County People's Government in a Changan.Daming County area of 1052 square kilometres, population 750,000 people.ZIP code 056900.Daming County People's Government in the town.Shexian area of 1509 square kilometres, population 390,000 people.ZIP code 056500.County People's Government in the towns involved.Cixian area of 1035 square kilometres, population 640,000 people.ZIP code 056600.Cizhou County People's Government in the town.Feixiang Xian area of 496 square kilometres, population 310,000 people.ZIP code 057550.County People's Government in the township of fat.Yongnian County area of 898 square kilometres, population 860,000 people.ZIP code 057150.County People's Government in the Chengguan Town Council ming.Qiuxian area of 448 square kilometres, population 200,000 people.ZIP code 057450.County People's Government in the New Town Ma.Ji Zexian area of 337 square kilometres, population 250,000 people.ZIP code 057350.Jize County People's Government in the town.County wide area of 320 square kilometres, population 250,000 people.ZIP code 057650.County People's Government in the broad Pingzhen.Guantao formation County area of 456 square kilometres, population 290,000 people.ZIP code 057750.Guantao formation County People's Government in the town.Wei Xian area of 862 square kilometres, population 810,000 people.ZIP code 056800.Wei County People's Government in the town.Quzhou County area of 667 square kilometres, population 410,000 people.ZIP code 057250.Quzhou County People's Government in the town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryHandan in the Spring and Autumn, the first of Wei and Jin are after, when the Warring States Zhao.ZHAO Jing Hou since the first year (386 BC) capital relocation here, as Zhao capital, after the monarch 8 of 158 years.Qin Tongyiliuguo, all 36 sub-county, Handan to Junzhi.Apart from today's Ji Zexian for Julu County, Daming County is a part of the territory Dong Jun, the majority of counties (cities) Quzhu Handan County.Han Gotti 2009 (198 BC), Liu Bang wishful letters to his son Zhao Wang, Handan is still Zhisuo Liu Zhao, a Jizhou.Jian'an 18 years of the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 213) to the county, a Weijun.Three Kingdoms period of the Wei, Jin, a first-gun, after a Weijun.Taiping Zhenjun six years the Northern Wei Dynasty (AD 445), to the Secretary-gun state.Dong Wei balance early into the Linzhang Xian, the state animal.Sui Kaihuang 16 years (AD 596)-Purchase of Handan County, an arms-gun.Early Tang Dynasty, the Ming Chuang, Takenori four years (AD 621) to a Cizhou.Zhenguan first year (627 AD) and Ming is the state, Wing Tai first year (AD 765)-a Cizhou.Five Dynasties, Song, the period of Hebei Road Cizhou, Yuan Ping Road is a wide Cizhou.Hong-the first year (Year 1368) is broad-House-a result.In the beginning of the Jinan Road, after the return of Hebei Province exempted.1937 was the Japanese occupation, in 1938 the establishment of anti-Japanese democratic government, is an agency.October 4, 1945 liberation, based in Handan City.In 1949 the town changed to Handan, a Handan area.1952-City home, in 1954 to provincial cities.1956 peak into the city.1958-County assigned to the eastern part of five communes in Handan City, Jianwu the mining area, in 1961 and return to Wu County.April 1958, Handan, Xingtai merger of the two zones.1960 Handan, Xingtai and Handan City, are collectively known.1961, Handan, Xingtai at home agency, Handan City, is still in Handan area.By the end of 1983, incorporated into the Handan County, to provincial cities.April 1986, Wu was placed under County in Handan City, in October 1988, Wu County to the city.Handan City in 1992, was approved by the State Council as "large cities", 1994 was approved by the State Council as a national historical and cultural city.June 1993, approved by the State Council, the revocation of Handan, the city implemented the merger, said Handan City, the district will be in Handan county was placed under the jurisdiction of Handan City.At this point, administered a city of Handan City, 4, 14 counties.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Handan City, the total population 8386814 people.Of which: Han Shanqu 284,540 people, 302,460 people Congtai District, the rejuvenation of the District 235,387 people, Fengfeng Mining Area 507,347 people, 392,608 people in Handan County, Lin Zhangxian 572,777 people, 352,944 people into County, Daming County 713,584 people, Shexian 383,284 people, Cixian 634,470 people, 308,105 people Feixiang Xian, Yongnian County, 828,897, 200,564 people Qiuxian, Ji Zexian 252,643 people, 244,997-County, Guantao formation County, 280,877 people, 778,238 people Weixian, Quzhou County, 392,896 people, Wu Anshi 720,196 people.To the end of 2003, Handan City were exempted Han Shanqu, Congtai District, rehabilitation, Fengfeng Mining Area 4 City area, Wu Anshi a county-level city, Handan County, Yongnian County, a county, Cixian, Shexian, temporary Zhang Xian, Wei Xian, Feixiang Xian, widely County, Quzhou County, Ji Zexian, Qiuxian, Daming County, the county Guantao formation, such as 14 counties, and 27 neighborhood offices, 91 towns, 123 townships, 540 neighborhood committees, 5,402 village committees.Total population of 8.571 million people.

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