Yangpu District, Shanghai (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewYangpu District of Shanghai City in the northeast.East, south of Huangpu River and Pudong New Area across the West to Dalian Road, Miyun Road, Hongkou District Hsien Road and adjacent; North Bay to the airport and the Baoshan District phase grounding.Total area of 60.61 square kilometres.Total population of 1.08 million (2003).District People's Government in Jiangpu Lu 549, Zip code: 200082.Administrative division code: 310110.Code: 021.Pinyin: Yangpu Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, the Yangpu District exempted 11 streets, a town of 306 neighborhood committees: the sea streets, bridges streets, Pingliang Lu streets, Jiang Pulu streets, Kongjiang Lu streets, Yin line the streets, long Bai village streets, Yanji Village streets, Wujiaochang streets, street Siping Road, New Jiangwan City streets, Wujiaochang town.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryIn 2000, the Yangpu District exempted 11 streets, one town.Total population of 1243757 people, the streets, the town population: 91,853 for sea street street 103,488 Pingliang Lu Jiang Pulu 86,699 street Siping Road street 104,607 Kong Jianglu 98,373 street Changbai Village street 95,062 Yanji Village street to street 98,797 Yin 191,625 Bridge streets 114,762 Wujiaochang Metro streets 142,639 Jiangwan Town streets 7706 Wujiaochang 108,146 (according to the fifth census data; units:)», The Yangpu District exempted 11 streets, a town of 314 neighborhood committees and village committees 6.The end of 2003, Yangpu District exempted 11 streets, a town of 301 neighborhood committees and village committees 5, population 1081700, area of 60.73 square kilometres.June 30, 2004, the Yangpu District exempted 11 streets, a town of 301 neighborhood committees and four village committee.September 30, 2004, the Yangpu District exempted 11 streets, a town of 302 neighborhood committees and four village committee.In 2004, the Yangpu District exempted 10 streets, a town in the preparation of a street, 316 neighborhood committees and village committees 5.Yangpu District in 2004 administrative division List: exempted 11 streets, one town.The sea in the streets Longchang Road 54, Zip code 200090.Jurisdiction: Studio 17 Cotton Second, the first Studio 19 cotton, cotton Studio 19 second, just Delhi, the help of a village, in the village, the village democracy, the East-Linsi, Baiyangdian, the West White Linsi, the military road , Shen Beach, Bo Yang Road, the sea, the Harbour Road, rejuvenation of the island, Liangzhou Road, Haizhou Road, patriotic first two villages, the village of patriotism second, Longchang 21 neighborhood committees.Pingliang Lu streets in Jilin Road, Zip code 200082.Jurisdiction: April 6, Deming, Pingle, with the music, three-, Qinghua, spinning 3, Ming Yuen Estate, Nationwide, Jiangpu, the MS, Chang'an, Sheung Shui, near wins, King Star, Ding Tai Wo, Qin Jia Lane, Lanzhou, the three-yu, Long Yan, gentle, Samsung, the new Culture and Sport, Funing, auspicious, 8 daitou, metoprolol Square, Huo new, 10,000 new, Jin Yang Yuan, Yang Hai, XU Yang 32 neighborhood committees. .Jiang Pulu streets in 1212, Xuchang Road, Zip code 200092.Jurisdiction: Kunming, Kunming Road, Lane 819, Liaoyang, Wu Hamamatsu, Lanzhou Village, Liaoyuan Village, Chen head first, Chiang Hamamatsu first, second Chiang Hamamatsu, Hamamatsu Chang, Chen first second, Chen first third, Liaoyuan the first village, the village of Liaoyuan second, three villages in Liaoyuan, yaojiaqiao, a village in Liaoyuan, rings, four villages in Liaoyuan, Jinpeng, and the public, Yau Yat Tsuen, Tai Garden, 24-HO A neighborhood committee.Siping Road in Anshan WUCUN streets on the 14th, Zip code 200092.Jurisdiction: Lane Kong Jianglu 2026, three villages in Anshan, Anshan first four villages, 40 villages in Anshan second, four villages in Anshan Third, the Anshan five villages, six villages in Anshan, Anshan seven villages, eight villages in Anshan, Fushun Road, Lane 363, Dalian Road West, Lane 4, Tongji Village, Miyun Road, Bus Village, 50, Lane Road Tieling, Tieling Road, Lane 90, a saddle (2), the first village in Anshan, Anshan a third village, Anshan Road, Lane 310, Jinan, Tongji Lvyuan 22 neighborhood committees.Kong Jianglu streets in the new Bin Road 138, Zip code 200093.Jurisdiction:-one (1), Oriental, Yan Hui, Jiang's four-controlled village of the first, Jiang's four-controlled village of the second, controlled the village's 107, Lane, the new Bin Road, Lane 180, Shuangyang, double flowers, 1197, Lane Kong Jianglu , The new Bongseong, Fung 2 (1), Fung (1), Fung three (3), Fung (4), 40 Fung, Fung 5, Huang Xing, Fung South, Fung new, Fung (2), Fung (2), 1200, Lane Kongjiang Lu, Wang Chunhua, Bongseong 6 Village, Tai Wan Shing 26 neighborhood committees.Changbai Village streets in the Changbai Road 151, Zip code 200093.Jurisdiction: on the grounds, small ocean Hamamatsu, Neijiang building, the plans channels, the Changbai Road first, second Landrace Road, Changbai a village, the village Changbai First, the village plans, Changbai third of the village, Song-Hua San Tsuen, Qiu's new town, by the people Road, Neijiang Road, Lane 384, far-San Tsuen, Kong Jianglu, Lane 121, Kongjiang Lu, Lane 18, Yan Song, Yandong, the Songhua River Road 95, Lane 20 neighborhood committees.Yanji Village streets in the water abundance Road 387, Zip code 200093.Jurisdiction: Dunhua Road, Kongjiang Lu, Lane 645, 7-Jiang Village, Friendship Village, the Songhua River Road, Shulan Road, Neijiang San Tsuen, Changbai three Village, a village in Yanji, February 3 Yanji Village, 40 Yanji Village, Yanji 5, 6 Village, seven villages in Yanji, the three-Koto village and charged three villages in Jiangxi Province, Jiang's five-controlled village, Yang Hamamatsu 17 neighborhood committees.Yin line the streets in Baotou Road 781, Zip code 200438.Jurisdiction: Yin Bank village, the village of Yin line, the worker-peasant village, the 2 (1), the two (2), the 2 (3), the 2 (4), the 3 (1), a gate, gate 2. An open, open two, three open, open four, City 1 (1), city (3), Urban 2 (1), City (2), the Urban II (3), City 4 (2), a country (1), a State (3), States 2 (1), States 2 (3), the one (1), the Urban Village, the first three-, five Kailu Village, a village six Lu, a city-village (2) , Yin road, Lane 470, Yin road, Lane 310, a Central Plains Village, gates Yin Road, Lane 81, Yin road, Lane 250, four-city village (3), the Star Road, Lane 600, the worker-peasant village 40 (2), the three ( 2), the three (3), the 4 (1), the Central Plains Road, Lane 990, the city-three (3), the Urban-40 (1), the 1 (2), the star of the village, a country (2), States 2 (2) 47 neighborhood committees.Bridge streets in Meizhou Road 871, Zip code 200090.Jurisdiction:-Hing Street, Fangzi Bridge, Shun Cheng, Yang house, Huaxin Square, Wing On, Zhou licensing, Fu-lu, Hongde Square, Hang Tak, Jinzhou Bay Road, the Provisional Green, Shuangyang, with Cheung Hong Kong, the well-being of the village, Zhang Mei, Ningwu, River, in-house, Shanghai Village, Ping Mei, Xinhua, the small wooden bridge, Weinan, Ningguo, Kwong-hang, Hangzhou Road, Galaxy Court, Changyang Xinyuan, Fuyang 30 neighborhood committees.Wujiaochang streets in the political channels, 54, Zip code 200433.Jurisdiction: Wu Donghe, May 1, G Man, Jianxin, a Fudan University, a national railway San Tsuen, Siping, a Siping, country, country-shun, Guoquan, prosperous, aerospace, Wujiaochang, Cheung Yin, Dan East, Blue sky, the three channels (1), Yoshiura, Southern plantations, Handan Road, State Road, right, Rende Road, North Tea Garden Road, the first political channel, Finance, the right of the road first, cultural Garden 29 Juwei Will.New Jiangwan City streets in the Songhu Road 698, Zip code 200433.Jurisdiction: the first government legislation Road, Garden two times the neighborhood committees.Wujiaochang in the town of governance legislation Road 55, Zip code 200433.Jurisdiction: States and (1), City Light, City Road-third, Montenegro, Hong Dong, Merlin, Qiu Jiang, Xiangyin Lu, Lane 491, Meihua Cun, Orchid Village, long sea, the institute, a long-Village, long The three villages, Wun Sha three villages, four Wun Sha Tsuen, six Wun Sha Tsuen, a village in Beijing, the city optical Secondly, the first Beijing Road, State Road 26-Lane, Raymond, Lanzhou, the Central Plains Road, Lane 99 , The long-Village, Jiamusi Road, Jiamusi Road, Lane 315, Zhongnong San Tsuen, Cheung Yin San Tsuen, the寓, Jiatai 31 neighborhood committees.

Yangpu District, Shanghai geographical coordinates (Google maps satellite map Landmark) finishing date: (2006/9/26 17:59:00)
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