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States: the Kingdom of Lesotho (The Kingdom of Lesotho)Independence Day: October 4 (1966)National Day: October 4 (1966)Flag: a rectangular, long and wide ratio of 3:2.Since the upper right corner of the diagonal to the bottom left corner flag will face divided into two parts, the upper left for the white, green and blue for the lower right corner.Brown painted the upper left corner of the Lesotho National Emblem is the main logo.White symbol of peace and purity, green pastures and crops, on behalf of rivers and blue sky.The national emblem: the middle for the shield-shaped logo, on a crocodile, which is the emblem of Basutoland Zhi, the country of Lesotho is a beast.Is behind a shield-shaped cross-long Mubing javelin and round-rod, which is the local indigenous people to use the weapons.Javelin for the middle and round-bar logo towering peaks, on behalf of Puzo A Feng, the founder of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Moshoeshoe I buried here.Shield-shaped on both sides of the two African horse, symbol of national strength, Below are the green, yellow Shoudai read a motto, which means "peace, rain, the rich."National political figures: King Letsie III (Letsie III), 1996年2月7日accession to the throne, October 31, 1997 coronation; Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili, in May 1998 office.Physical Geography: area of over 30,000 square kilometers.Located in southeastern Africa, landlocked country surrounded by South Africa for embracing.Plateau is located in the eastern edge of South Africa Delakensi the western slopes.1800-3000 meters above sea level for the eastern part of the mountain; north is as high as 3,000 meters around the plateau; western hills along the western border with a width of 40 km strip of lowland, 70 percent of the population is concentrated here.Orange River and the soil are originated from the eastern Benguela River.Subtropical climate is continental.Population: 1.8 million (2004), are mainly Bantu languages Basu Pretoria Zulu ethnic group and blacks.General English language and Sesu Pretoria.More than 80 percent of residents of a Christian Protestant and Catholic, and the remaining original religion and believe in Islam.Capital: Maseru (Maseru)), 1,500 meters above sea level.A population of about 370,000, of which urban population of about 150,000.High year 33 ℃, the lowest temperature of -3 ℃.A brief history: the former British colony, said Basutoland.1843 Moshoeshoe I and the Boer war.1868, a British "protection", and later will be incorporated into the British in South Africa's Cape Colony (now part of South Africa).1884 Britain announced that Basutoland as "the High Commissioner territories."1965 election victory Basutoland KMT, the party leader becoming prime minister Leabua Jonathan.October 1966 to become the Commonwealth member countries of Lesotho, King Moshoeshoe II.October 4, 1966 Lesotho to declare independence, constitutional monarchy system implemented by the KMT rule.January 1986, Levin Laihaniye paramilitary forces commander Major-General launched a military coup to take over political power; November 1990, King Moshoeshoe II was deposed, by the eldest son Letsie III succeeded to the throne.April 1991, Levin recurrence of the coup, Colonel Lama Mai took power.March 1993, Lesotho held general elections, the Basutoland Congress Party defeated the former ruling Basutoland Mo Hele for the KMT to form the Prime Minister's government.Politics: implementation of constitutional monarchy.King as Head of State.King in charge of administrative and legislative powers.Cabinet for the implementation of institutions, the prime minister for heads of government.Diplomacy: The Non-Aligned and pursue good-neighborly and friendly policy.Active participation in regional political affairs and economic cooperation.Positions and different political and economic systems in the countries of peaceful coexistence.Is the Southern African Customs Union, the Southern African Development Community and the Rand Monetary Area, and other members of regional organizations and neighboring countries have maintained friendly relations.In recent years, Levin foothold in SADC on the basis, with Europe and the United States, the United Nations specialized agencies, vigorously develop and Southeast Asia, China, Japan and Korea in Northeast Asia and the Nordic countries, active participation in regional and international affairs. To attract foreign investment and promoting economic development.Relations with China: April 30, 1983, Lesotho established diplomatic relations with China.April 1990 announced that Lesotho and Taiwan, "resumed diplomatic relations", namely China and Levin announced the suspension of diplomatic relations.January 12, 1994, in Levin the two governments decided to resume diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level.November 30, 2005至On 6 December, the Kingdom of Lesotho Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili an official visit to China.Reproduced:

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