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The name: the Republic of Latvia (The Republic of Latvia)Flag: a horizontal rectangle, the length and width ratio is about 2:1.Top-down from red, white, red three parallel horizontal width of the component.As early as the 13th century, living in Latvia's Late Jia people on the use of a red, white and red logo of the banner.1918 national flag of this has been the de facto legalization of 1922 established the national flag colors and proportion.1940 Latvia became the former Soviet Union republics, the then national flag in the former Soviet Union in the lower part of the national flag and flag of white, blue water ripple patterns.Latvia declared independence in 1990, Latvia symbol of national unity of red, white and red flag has been used as the national flag.National Emblem: The Centre for the shield logo emblem.Surface of the sun shield on behalf of Lategelai first half of the country, on behalf of Kuzilamu the bottom left of the Red Lion, the State of the bottom right of the silver half-lion monster eagle on behalf of Salim Wade quarter of the country.Shield logo are the top three gold Wu Jiaoxing, the symbol of the three countries to jointly; were pulled out on both sides of the Red Lion and shield emblem monster, the base for the symbol of peace, freedom of green oak branches.Independence Day: November 18 (1918)National political figures: President Wayilawei he is - Freiberga (Vaira Vike-Freiberga), 1999年6 he was elected, his inauguration in July.June 2003 re-elected Latvian president, sworn in July.Prime Minister due to Dulisiai Muxi Si (Indulis Emsis), 2004年3 he was elected.Physical Geography: an area of 6.4589 million sq km, of which land area of 6.2046 million square kilometers, with water area of 2,543 square kilometers.East European Plain in the west, the west by the Baltic Sea (307 km long coastline), in-depth Riga Bay inland.North Estonia, the Russian sector east, south Lithuania, Belarus and the southeast border.The entire state of potential Diping, eastern and western hills.Chief 1,841 km border, of which 496 km length of coastline.An average elevation of 87 meters, the landscape of hills and plains, mainly to podsol, about half of the arable land.The forest coverage rate to 44 percent, 14,000 wild species.There are 14,000 rivers, including the length of 10 km or more in 777.Major rivers is the Daugava River and the high Asia.In many lakes and marshes.More than one square km area of the lake have 140, the larger lakes have classes Lu Andean Lake, Lake La Zina, and Egypt are ancient lake and Nie Kesi Burt Lake.Oceanic climate climate is continental climate transition to the intermediate type.Summer daytime temperatures average 23 ℃, the average night temperatures 11 ℃, the average winter temperature of minus coastal 2-3 ℃, non-coastal areas minus 6-7 ℃.The average annual rainfall of 633 mm.Humidity, about half of the year for the time rain and snow weather.Built in the 13th century Town Hall Square in RigaPopulation: 2.29 million (July 2005), a national group of Latvia (55.8 percent), Russians (32.3%), Belarus people (3.9 percent), Ukrainian (2.9 %), Polish (2.2%), as well as Lithuania, Jews, Gypsies, Estonia, Germany, and so on.The urban population accounting for 69 per cent.Residents mainly Roman Catholic, Christian Lude Zong, the Russian Orthodox Church, Catholicism, the Baptist.The official language is Latvian, the central, eastern and northern part of the three dialects, belonging to Indo-European languages Lithuanian people, to the Latin alphabet is based on the text.More than 95 percent of the residents understand Russian, about 10 per cent of the population to understand German, English.Use of English.Capital: Riga (riga), area of 307 square kilometers, the population of 740,000 people, the January average temperature -4. 9 ℃, 7 monthly average temperature of 16. 9 ℃, the annual mean temperature of 6 ℃.Administrative Division: divided into 26 districts and seven district-level city under the 70 cities and 490 villages.Major cities are: Riga, Daugava Pierce, Liepaja, Yeerjiawa, Youermala, Ventspils, out Zeke Nie.Riga city centre on Freedom Square was built in 1935's "freedom of the motherland and" MonumentA brief history: 9000 BC, in Rafah in the territory of the earliest human activities, the Europa race.In the 5th century class society.10-13 early in the century, the establishment of the feudal country.12 end of the century to 1562, the German occupation of the Crusaders, after the attribution德利沃尼亚regime.1583-1710, has been Sweden, Poland - Lithuania to carve up the country.The early 17th century formed a nation of Latvia.1710-1795, the Russian tsar was occupied.1795-1918, widening the east and west were Russia and Germany separatism.November 18, 1918 declaration of independence.Early 1920, the regime was to win the national bourgeoisie, and February 16, 1922 in the Democratic Republic of Latvia declared the establishment of the bourgeoisie.May 1934, Latvian fascists in a coup, established a military dictatorship.August 23, 1939 signing of a nonaggression treaty Sood secret provisions of the Protocol, Latvia was placed under the Soviet Union territory.October 5, 1939, the Soviet government and Latvia signed a friendship treaty.June 1940, the Soviet Union under the Molotov - Ribbentrop Luofu secret supplementary protocol stationed in Rafah, the establishment of Soviet power, the same year on July 21, established the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, August 5 was incorporated into the Soviet Union .Summer 1941, Hitler and the Soviet Union occupied Latvia offensive.1944-1945 5, the Soviet Red Army liberated the whole territory of Latvia, and Latin America re-incorporated into the Soviet Union.February 15, 1990, Latvia through the restoration of national independence declaration, February 27 to resume its previous national flag, national emblem and national anthem.May 4 Latvia formally adopted by the Supreme Soviet of the "Declaration of Independence," and changing the country's name from the Republic of Pavia.August 22, 1991, the Latvian Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Latvia declared the restoration of independence.In September 6, the Soviet Union Council of State to recognize its independence, September 17, Latvia to the United Nations.June 2005, the Latvian parliament approves "the EU constitutional treaty."Politics: Democratic Republic is an independent, sovereignty belongs to all people.Homeland by Weidezemu, Late Jia out, Kuerzemu Zemu Jia listed the four major historical and regional components.Latvian as the official language.Before the law and the courts all citizens are equal.Parliament is the country's highest legislative body, the implementation of a hospital system.Members of a four-year term by citizens over the age of 18 directly elected.Party candidates must be more than 5 percent of the vote to enter parliament.Amend the constitution to be agreed to support more than two-thirds.Parliament the power to impeach the President, to be replaced by the more than two thirds of the President's support.In case of self-declared president to resign, die, refused to carry out its duties, such as visits abroad, took its responsibilities by the Speaker of the exercise.President heads of state, elected by Parliament for a term of four years, the maximum two terms, the total term of not more than eight years.Elected president should not hold other positions, such as the Honourable Members elected president should give up the rights and obligations.President of the major powers include: the country's armed forces supreme commander, in the country by foreign invasion or other countries of Latin America declared war when the decision to resist aggression in foreign affairs on behalf of the state, is responsible for the appointment of diplomatic missions, foreign diplomatic envoys dispatched.Signed and promulgated the country signed with foreign treaties and laws adopted by Parliament.Latvia Mother River - Daugava Riga's old town overlooking the HepangAppointment of the prime minister and authorized it to form a government (the required simple majority of parliament).President has the right to declare a general amnesty.The right to dissolve parliament, subject to the age of 21-year-old all citizens to vote, if more than 50 percent support the president proposed that the parliament is dissolved, otherwise the President must resign from Parliament to elect a new president.Economy: better economic foundation, mainly to industry and agriculture and animal husbandry, the Baltic coastal economically developed countries, the former Soviet Union is the most economically developed and rich one of the regions, in the three Baltic countries in the first place of its industrial, agricultural In second place.In addition to forest resources (2.9 million hectares), there are peat, limestone, gypsum and dolomite, and so a small amount of materials used in construction.The main industrial sectors are food processing, textiles, wood processing, chemical industry, machine building, ship repair, and so on.Agriculture, including farming, fisheries, animal husbandry industries, agriculture and animal husbandry are developed.Of the total area of cultivated land area of 39 percent, reaching 2.5 million hectares.To planting grain crops, flax, sugar beet, barley, Rye, potato-based.Half the arable land used to grow fodder crops.Animal husbandry in agriculture-dominated, mainly feeding cows and pigs.The honey business is widespread.Agriculture, including farming, fisheries, livestock and other industries.The 30 percent of the population live in rural areas, including agricultural population of the nation's total population of 15 per cent.1998 Latin America to become members of the WTO.2001 per capita GDP to 3,254 U.S. dollars, foreign exchange reserves to 754 million U.S. dollars.Chinese handicrafts to watch the primary and secondary school students LatviaPress and Publications: A total of 500 newspapers and magazines.By widening the main language (70%) and the Russian issue.Levine major newspapers: "Latvia BO", "Daily News", "independent Morning", "Hong Kong Daily News," "Economic Daily", "Agricultural News", "Riga Evening News".Major Russian newspapers: "Latvia Panorama", "Baltic Business News", "Times", "Republic" and "Today", "Riga Evening News" (Russian).English-language newspaper "Baltic Times" (magazine).There are four television stations.For the country's largest television station TV (LTV), founded in 1954, has two channels, one channel with news, reviews and other international political programmes based, with all the Rafah language broadcast.The channel is mainly literary, artistic, sports and entertainment programmes, which accounted for 30 percent of Russian programmes.There are three private television stations: Independent Television (LNT), three television (TV3).There cable television station (Baltkom TV), can watch Russia, the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Poland and other national TV shows.There are more than 10 radio stations, were used to pull and Russian radio, broadcasting mainly Latin American countries, one Taiwan, the Taiwan, "FM100", "SWH", the Baltic commercial radio stations, "FM102.7".Through local radio to listen to the "BBC", the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and other parts of the program.Latvia are the main news agency News Agency (LETA) and the Baltic News Service (BNS).Latin America News Agency was established in 1920, the state news agency, the 1997 privatization.Baltic news agency, established in April 1991, from Finland holding, the three Baltic states to participate in formation, with Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Russian and English text released five kinds.Diplomacy: the main foreign policy goal is to "return to Europe", is the priority objective of joining NATO and the EU.Relations with China: September 12, 1991, Latvia and China established diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level.January 4, 1992, the establishment of the Chinese Embassy in Rafah.In January 29, and Latin American Government and the Taiwan authorities signed the so-called "establishment of consular relations, the Joint Statement," the widening despite China's solemn representations, in early February to allow Taiwan opened in Riga, "the Consulate General."The Chinese government decided to withdraw from Rafah Embassy.July 1994, and Latin American government delegation to Beijing and promised to sever the consular relations with Taiwan and support China on the Taiwan issue has been the consistent stand, 28, both China and Latin America was signed in Beijing on normalization of relations between the two countries joint communique , Latvia decided to sign the communique with Taiwan on the suspension of "consular relations."In August, the Chinese Embassy in Riga back to work.April 2004, Wei Jiye - Freiberga on a state visit to China.Reproduced:

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