Beijing's Fengtai District (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewFengtai District in southwest Beijing, the Beijing one of the four peri-urban areas.East Chaoyang District, the North for the Chongwen District, Xuanwu District, Haidian District, and Shijingshan District, Mentougou District to the northwest, southwest and southeast of Fangshan and Daxing County.Total area of 304 square kilometres.Total population of 850,000 people (2002).Fengtai District People's Government in the street style road on the 2nd.Zip code: 100071.Administrative division code: 110106.Code: 010.Pinyin: Fengtai Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionFengtai District with 14 streets (Fengtai streets, the Lugou Bridge streets, Taiping Bridge streets, Changxindian streets, Yungang streets, village streets and street right Tiananmen Square, Ma Jiabao streets, Xi Luoyuan streets, Dahong Men streets, and justice Streets, Nanyuan streets, the East Highland Street, East Tiejiang Ying Street), two areas (Wanping City, Fangzhuang), the two towns (changxindianzhen, Wang Zuo town), three townships (Huaxiang Township, Lugou Bridge Township, Nanyuan Township).Tiananmen Square street right exempted 16 communities: one in Tsui Lam, Tsui Lam, 2, 3, Tsui Lam, Yulin in the community, Yulin Silesia, the West Rail business community, Dongbinhelu, Dongzhuang, Yulin East, an area communities, the Yulin area in the East, three in the Eastern District of Yulin, Wing-lok, Kaiyang, the first community, opened in second-, third in Kaiyang, Kaiyang, the fourth community .Taiping Bridge streets exempted 10 communities: pond, Semba, Taiping, Taiping Bridge Lane, east of peace in the community, in the southbound Pacific Community, the East of the first, three-way dwelling communities, Tianlun North Lane, Cai Huying , Wanquan Si community.Xi Luoyuan streets exempted 16 communities: Xi Luoyuan the first, second Xiluo Yuan, Xi Luoyuan third, fourth Xiluo Yuan, Yangqiao community in the north, Yangqiao Silesia, the households Sirry North, East, a community Jiaomen, Huajiao Shu, Ma Jiabao East in the community, Fu Xin in the community, Yangqiao village communities, Yangqiao East in the community, the families Sirry South, East Jiaomen in the community, the four roads lead to Community.Dahong Men streets exempted 22 communities: Xi Luoyuan South Lane, Xi Luoyuan South Lane Orchard, South Lane Xiluo Yuan Hua-yuan, the Tuen households, Mu Xiyuan South Lane, East-Park, the top South Village, South Top Road, Kang Zeyuan, when the village communities, the first community in North Dan Liuyuan, Dan Liuyuan North, the second, Dan Liuzhuang South Lane, Dan Liuzhuang Street East, Dahong Men Strand, a long time King Zhuang, nurseries East In the community, the nursery Silesia, Simma field in the South, the North Field, Simma, Ximaxiaoqu, Jianxin Yuan community.Nanyuan streets exempted nine communities: three camps, district, East, West, District, West Zhang Jie, red house, West Wang Court, Court-Community, the Huai, the airport community.East Heights streets exempted 10 communities: East Heights, Triangle first, second Triangle, the West lowland communities, the six camps, 000 source in the East, the source Sirry million, Meiyuan, the Dongying , 000 South Lane source community.East Tie Jiangying streets exempted 21 communities: the first Puhuang Yu, Pu Huangyu second, third Puhuang Yu, Puan in the first, second Puan in the community, the first Liujia Yao, Liu Jiayao second, third Liujia Yao, Mu Xiyuan the first, second Muxi Yuan, the first road glory, glory to the second road, cross the first seven road community, Wang Road, the second seven communities , Wang seven road third, Songzhuang Road first, second Songzhuang Road, a road for the community, Cheng Shousi, South Zhuang, Fenzhongsi community.Lugou Bridge streets exempted 29 communities: Fengtai Road, Mong Park, Liu Liqiao South Lane, North, Liu Liqiao, August 1 plant communities, Liu Liqiao, Lian Yi Park, Lianxiang Park, Yue Gezhuang , The Ka first, the second Ka, Qingta East in the community, Qingta Silesia, Wei park, community garden show, Fang Yuan, Spring, small Wayao Silesia, Jiang Jiafen , Xiaozhun, the Wayao, Wulidian the first, second Wulidian, Feng Xi, pump plant, Oi, Metro Chang'an, Beijing Railway home communities, the mountain area communities .Fengtai streets exempted 22 community: new homes, the headlines on the 19th East On Street Hospital, 63 Hospital, University Hospital, on the 16th, Beijing University and the Western community, Tung On Street headlines, Tung On Street, North Street North Lane, Main Street East, Silesia, North Main Street, East Fortune Street, Yongshan, in Zhengyang North, East, East Main Street, Main Street East, the former Niwa, Nankai Silesia, Sunningdale, the founding Street The community, Xinhua Jie North, South Xinhua Jie, Chuang Cheng Road Community Centre on the 16th.Village streets exempted 21 communities: Wanliu Park, West Park Wan Liu, Yu Fang Yuan, bashi, silver in the community, Yuren in the community, and next spring Court, the first bridge plant, the second bridge plant The community, create a South Lane, making a village community, the first Han Zhuang Zi, Zhuang Zi second Korean community, the second Science City, Yihai Garden, the first Science City, Fu Fung Garden, to see Dan, Fu Jin Jia Yuan, Fonsi community, the power of the community; Zhongguancun Science Park Fengtai Park.Changxindian streets exempted 23 communities: South Qiangfeng community, the community of East hillside community, North customs, Xifeng Temple, Zhu Jiafen Southern District, Zhu Jiafen West hillside community, Zhu Jiafen North communities Zhang Jiafen, Zhao Xindian, North Kong depression, Cui village in the community, armored Academy of Engineering, Construction, the community, the South East Street, Zhuang Chen, bright in the community, Du Jiakan community, the Jade Emperor Zhuang, February 7 Vehicle Factory, Zhang Guozhuang community, Ash Ling, Lu Jing community.Yungang streets exempted nine communities: the first communities in Southern District, the Second Southern communities, community-West Road, Tin City, North, North Lane, Crest Villa, the town of Kong, South Lane, Dahuichang community.Fangzhuang exempted 15 communities: Fang Guyuan district first, second Fang Guyuan district, Fang Guyuan Second District, a garden-city areas, the Park City-area communities, Fong City Park District Community , Park Kwan-district, two-Kwan Park District, Park Kwan-three districts, Park Kwan-four districts, one-star Park District, two-star Park District, three-star Park District, Fong Chengdong, the community, Zi Fangyuan community.Wanping City exempted five, three village committees: North Wanping City, Wanping City Wanping, Wanping city south of the community, Wanping City Xiaoyue Yuan, Wanping City old Zhuang Zi, Zhuang Zi's old village, a Village Wing, North paradise village.Ma Jiabao streets exempted 13 communities: Jia Yuan in a community, Jia Yuan in the second, third, Jia Yuan, Ma Jiabao Sirry first, Ma Jiabao Sirry second, third Ma Jiabao Silesia, Two-morning, Jiaomen East, West, Chen Yu, welcomes the community, Fuzhuo Yuan, Yu-An Park, south of Jiayuan community.And street justice exempted seven communities: East and justice in the first, second and justice in the East, and just the third in the East, North, Nanyuan first, second, Nanyuan North community, and first-Silesia A community, and the second-Sirry community.Changxindianzhen exempted nine village committees: Zhang Guo Village, the East Village, He Yan, Daxinzhuang Village, Dahuichang Village, Li Yucun, Prince Edward Yucun, Zhang Jia Fen Village, Zhao Xindian Village, Changxindian Village .Wang Zuo exempted the town of eight village committees: the West Village Center Zhuang shop, the village Shaguo village, the village strange village, Wei Coal Centre Village, West Village, Zuo Wang Center, Palace Centre Village, Zhuanghu Center Village, Dian play a central village.Lugou Bridge Township exempted 21 village committees: peace Kiu Tsuen, Malian Dao village, the village Caihu Ying, the three Habitat Village Road, Wan Quansi Village, the East Village, small Tseng Tsuen, Liu Liqiao Village, the West Village, Zhou Zhuang Zi Village, Yuege Zhuang Village, indigo plants Village, Cheng Chang Village, Tai Tseng Tsuen, Xiao Tuncun, Wayao small village, Zhang Yi village, the village Guo Zhuang Zi, the Lugou Bridge Village, Orchard Village, refined plans village.Huaxiang exempted 15 village committees: grass Kiu Tsuen, the Loess Plateau village, and the new village, white pots Yaocun, Guo Gong Village, Gao Village, the village six laps to see Dan Village, Elm Village, Yang Fang Village, to defend Taiwan Village, Fanjia Village, Ji Miaocun and by creating a village, Sihetun Village.Nanyuan Township exempted 15 village committees: the West Rail Yingcun, right Tiananmen Square Village, Garden Village, Ma Jiabao Village, East Village-yuan, Orchard Village, at the village, Dan Liuzhuang Village, Dahong Men Village, Dong Tieying Village , Cheng Shousi Village, points in the Sicun, Nanyuan Village, the Village Huai, the new Miyamura.(* under "administrative divisions of the Beijing Municipal Code" Finishing *)-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History, Zhou era, an ancient Beijing Fengtai districts - UNITED city of the country.Qin at home Jixian, Zhisuo Yam Xiangcheng Fengtai Zhennan Celebrex in this area.Tang Jianzhong to 2002 (781), Analysis of the West sector for You Jixian County.Fengtai District in Central today (Marco Polo Bridge Township and Huaxiang Township) was an You County; eastern (Nanyuan Township) is Jixian.Liao in the first year (938), thistle for the North to Jixian County, north of open Nanxiang Dahong Men are the first year of North Thailand (1012), You have changed, thistle for the North-Wanping and Analysis.Zhenyuan also the first year of reform for the Analysis of Tianjin Tai Hing.At the same time, this right in the east of the Tiananmen Square Nanyuan rural areas of the Daxing County, north west of the village south of the Liangxiang County, most of the middle of Wanping County.Ming Dynasty, this right Nanyuan township east of Tiananmen Square is the Daxing County, the rural north and west Wang Zuo Dahuichang area of Fangshan County, Wangzhuang - is a strange village south of Liangxiang County.Fengtai east of the town late Qing Dynasty, Dahong Men north of the city are zoned area.June 1928, the Fengtai District of southern outskirts of the eastern, central, and western parts of the Wanping County, Fangshan Liangxiang County and the county.June 1950, the Beijing Municipal People's Government Cabinet approval of the Central People's Government, formed the withdrawal of the 18 districts in Beijing (Changxindian) into the 15th District.In August, the Beijing Municipal People's Government decision to name the outskirts of urban areas and convergence, the original 14 (Nanyuan) to Area 11, 15 (Fengtai) to Area 12.July 1952, decided to replace 11 Nanyuan District, Fengtai District to District 12.(Source)By the end of 1990, the district throughout the westernmost point of Ma On Shan (east longitude 116 ° 4 ') and the easternmost point of the East Village Crossing 40 (east longitude 116 ° 28'), are separated by 35 kilometers, the southernmost point of South-as-village sector (north latitude and 39 ° 46 '), the northernmost point for the village of Kita-Shinchi Qingta Kaiqu (39 ° 54'), north and south of the 14 km wide.2000, the total population 1369480 Fengtai District, the township (neighborhood) Population: 72,944 peaceful street right Tiananmen Square Bridge streets 39899 Xiluo Yuan Dahong Men 75,777 street street 83,807 Nanyuan streets 38799 East Heights streets 49646 East Tie Jiangying streets 109,410 Lugou Bridge streets 93,356 Fengtai 102,624 Village street street 68,753 Changxindian streets 78092 Yungang 32,894 street street Fangzhuang 66,640 Wanping streets Ma Jiabao streets 48218 and 20465-22629 street Lugou Bridge Township 114,848 Huaxiang 92,205 Nanyuan Township 86572 Changxindian township 31975 Wang Zuo Township 37,385 laozhuangzi Rural 2542 (according to the fifth census data; units:)», Exempted 17 streets (Fengtai, Changxindian, Nanyuan, Dong Tieying, right Tiananmen Square, Xiluo Yuan, East Heights, the Marco Polo Bridge, Taiping Bridge, San Tsuen, Yungang, and justice, Ma Jiabao, Dahong Men ), Two regional offices (Fangzhuang, Wanping), the two towns (Changxindian that WANG Zuo town), four townships (Marco Polo Bridge Township, Huaxiang, Nanyuan, laozhuangzi Township).>> Introduction 2002, the Fengtai District with 14 streets, two, two towns and four townships: Right Tiananmen Square streets, Taiping Bridge street, Xi Luoyuan streets, Dahong Men streets, Nanyuan streets, East Heights streets East Tie Jiangying streets, Lugou Bridge streets, Fengtai streets, village streets, Changxindian streets, Yungang streets, Fangzhuang, Wanping City, Ma Jiabao streets, and street justice; changxindianzhen, Wang Zuo town ; Marco Polo Bridge Township, Huaxiang, Nanyuan Township, laozhuangzi Township.November 14, 2002, the Beijing municipal government (Beijing, the designated [2002] 401) document approved, the old Zhuang Zi Township into the Wanping City regional office.In 2005, the Fengtai District with 14 streets (Fengtai streets, the Lugou Bridge streets, Taiping Bridge streets, Changxindian streets, Yungang streets, village streets and street right Tiananmen Square, Ma Jiabao streets, Xi Luoyuan streets, street Dahong Men , And street justice, Nanyuan streets, the East Highland Street, East Tiejiang Ying Street), two areas (Wanping City, Fangzhuang), the two towns (changxindianzhen, Wang Zuo town), three townships (Flower Rural, the Marco Polo Bridge Township, Nanyuan Township).-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------2002 township (neighborhood) Introduction (* finishing *)Fengtai streets: Fengtai District in the central part of the regional party committee and government location.With Huaxiang, the Marco Polo Bridge Township, Village street, the street bordering the Lugou Bridge.Area of 8.9 square kilometres, the resident population 40,046, and 102,600 people.Lugou Bridge Street: Fengtai District in the north, northwest and Wanping City, Shijingshan District, Haidian District, adjacent to the southeast and the Pacific Bridge streets, Fengtai town streets, village adjacent streets, and the Lugou Bridge and the rural administrative villages of 11 inclusive.Area of 27.59 square km and 50,195 resident population, 13 million people.Exempted 26 communities.Taiping Bridge Street: in Fengtai District in Central, East, North and the Xuanwu District, Haidian District, bordering the southwest with the Marco Polo Bridge, San Tsuen, right Tiananmen Square street ride sector, and the Lugou Bridge and six rural villages inclusive.Area of 9.81 square kilometres, the resident population of 15,900 and 27,500 people.Exempted 10 communities.Village street: Fengtai District in the central part of the jurisdiction of the rural sector in line with the Huaxiang, East Road to the north of a sector, and Xi Luoyuan streets, Ma Jiabao streets, Nanyuan streets bordering West to Beijing-Guangzhou, HSBC into the sand rail Line for the sector, and Wanping, adjacent to the old Zhuang Zi Township; South-Highway to Beijing for the sector, and urban and rural areas connected to the Daxing District Lo; Jing-Han Railroad to the North for the sector, with the right Tiananmen Square streets, Taiping Bridge streets, Fengtai Adjacent to the street.Area of 50.28 square km and the community, covering 37.39 square kilometres.34,728 residents, 96,800 people of which the household registration population 19,188, 49,328 people.Village resident offices on the 25th, four, three kilometres from the district People's Government.Right Tiananmen Square Street: Fengtai District in the eastern part of the Habitat domain, 9 km from the Central Government.East to Beijingnanzhan for the sector and the adjacent Chongwen District, south Beijing-Shanhaiguan Railway and the Xiluo Yuan, Ma Jiabao linked to the streets, west Caihu Ying and Pacific streets bordering the bridge, a moat and Xuanwu District to the north across the river.Area of 4.32 square km and 30,600 permanent residents, 84,800 people.Exempted 16 communities.Minority 16.Right outside the offices of resident Tsui Lam district.Ma Jiabao streets: Fengtai District in the southeast of Central, East and Xi Luoyuan streets, Nanyuan Township border, the South and the streets to Nanyuan sector, the West Village street and connected to the North and the streets at Tiananmen Square right across the road.Cheng Chang square area, 153 km wide things, the 3.21 km long from north to south, covering 4.9 square km and 30,548 residents, 97,506 people.Exempted 12 communities, residents of District 19.Xi Luoyuan Street: Fengtai in the northeast town of 9 km and 5 km from Tiananmen Square, East, North and Chongwen District, bordering Xuanwu District, and East Tie Jiangying, right Tiananmen Square, San Tsuen, Ma Jiabao, Dahong Men streets Adjacent to, and Huaxiang, Nanyuan Township three villages of tolerance.Area of 3.025 square km and the resident population 76,000 people.Exempted 16 communities.East Tiejiang Ying Street: Fengtai District in the east and northwest respectively, and Xi Luoyuan streets and bordering Chongwen District, with the Northeast region and the Chongwen District who Fangzhuang community, the South East with Nanyuan Township, Chaoyang District Dahong Men streets and connected.Southwest with Nanyuan Township and Dahong Men streets adjacent sector.Area of 13.2 square km and 52,102 permanent residents, the resident population of 112,225 people.Nanyuan Street: Fengtai District in the southeast.East and East Heights streets bordering the North and the adjacent streets and justice, too Xingqu bordering South and west new Miyamura, Nanyuan Township and Village of the three inclusive.Area of 13.6 square km and 15,952 residents, 41,375 people.Exempted nine communities.Dahong Men streets: in South-Centre, Zheng-nan Yongding Men 4 km, with the Chaoyang District at the junction of East, West and the streets Xiluo Yuan, Ma Jiabao streets bordering the North and East Tie Jiangying streets and streets adjacent Xiluo Yuan , South and Nanyuan Township, and street justice, Nanyuan streets and connected to the Daxing District, Nanyuan Township and Village of five staggered.Area of 13.5 square km and 48,000 resident population, 13 million people.Exempted 22 communities.East Highland Street: Habitat Fengtai District in southeastern domain.Tai Hing border with the South East, West and the streets adjacent to Nanyuan; North connected with the streets and justice.Area of 4 square km.18,993 residents in 2002, the total number of 49,600, of which the resident population of 47,200 people.Exempted 10 communities.And street justice: Fengtai District in south-east, west and the junction of Daxing District, the South East and East Highland Street, southwest and Nanyuan streets, North and Dahong Men who sector, and Nanyuan Township Nanyuan Village, Dahong Men neighboring village.An area of about 3.42 square kilometres, the resident population of 10,217 and 27,415 people.Exempted seven communities.Changxindian streets: in the southwestern Fengtai District.Area of 58 square km and 79,000 residents were.Exempted 23 communities.Yungang streets: in the southwestern Fengtai District, East and Changxindian Street, adjacent to the town, southwest of the town connected with Wang Zuo, bordering the North and Mentougou District.Area of 8.53 square kilometres (5.33 square kilometres Yungang, Dahuichang 3.2 square meters), the resident population of 15,200 and 38,800 people.Exempted nine communities.Office of the Resident Yungang North Silesia.Fangzhuang: at the eastern end of Fengtai District, East and the Chaoyang District, bordering the North and Chongwen District, West, South and East region who Tiejiang Ying sector.Area of 5.53 square kilometres.Household Registration 29,600 residents, 69,000, 08,000 people from outside people.Exempted 15 communities.Fang Guyuan, Fong City Park, Park Kwan-Fang, Fang Star Park, Zifang Yuan, in the six-Seongdong district.Wanping: in the southwestern Fengtai District, East West Crossing from the Zaoyuan, and the Lugou Bridge Jiexiang sector to the west Du Jiakan the second pump plant north wall, and the Changxindian Street, adjacent to the town, south to north Heaven, and Fangshan, Daxing District bordering the North Yozan to diffuse the water park bridge, and across the Shijingshan District.Area of 31.53 square km and 29,235 residents were.May 2002, the neighborhood committee to adjust the scale: 13 neighborhood committees will be re-classified as Wanping City, south, north of the city, Xiao Yueyuan community and the old Zhuang Zi five communities.2002, laozhuangzi Wanping Township into the region.Changxindianzhen: in the southwestern Fengtai District, Dongju Lugou Bridge 1 km, the Yongding River and north across the Shijingshan District, Mentougou District and the adjacent Geshan Northwest, Southwest and Wang Zuo Township, Fangshan District and bordering.Area of 58.6 square km and the total number 7737, the population of 18,711 people.Exempted nine villages: Zhang Guo Village, Li Jia Yu, Changxindian, Zhao Xindian, Prince Edward Yu, Dahuichang Village, He Yan, and other East.Wang Zuo town: located in the southwestern Fengtai District, southwest of the junction with the Fangshan District, Mentougou District connected with the mountains northwest, northeast and changxindianzhen border.Area of 61.33 square km and eight centres administered the village, 36 villages.The end of the year, the town of 9,014 households, population 42,000 people.Huaxiang Township: central and southern Fengtai District in the south, east Nanyuan Township, west laozhuangzi Township, North and Fengtai town, adjacent Lugou Bridge Township, bordering South and Daxing District.Area of 50.3 square km and the total number 15,551, the resident population of 37,248 people.Exempted 15 administrative villages: Elm Village, white pots Yaocun, a village-made, Celebrex Taiwan Village, and the new village, the village six laps to see Dan village, Yang Fang village.Lugou Bridge Township: area of 53.4 square km and permanent population of about 38,000 people, of which agricultural population accounts for 92.6 percent, the population density is 711 people per square km.A bridge of peace, Beijing University, Wulidian, Qingta, Wanping, and other nine small residential area, four neighborhood offices.Quanxiang exempted 21 villages.Nanyuan Township: Beijing is located in the Southern District, Fengtai District East, North and Chongwen, Xuanwu phase grounding, bordering South and Daxing District, Chaoyang District connected with the East, West and Huaxiang, adjacent to the Lugou Bridge, the rural region has nine offices.An area of 57.2 square km and in 2002 the total number 10,908, the resident population of 26,758 people.Exempted 15 administrative villages: Fenzhongsi Village, the West Rail Yingcun, Orchard Village, Huai the village, Dong Tieying Village, Cheng Shousi Village, Dan Liuzhuang Village, Ma Jiabao Village, the East-Yuen Estate, and so on.Laozhuangzi Township: Yongding River in the east coast, bordering the East and Huaxiang, South and the junction of Tai Hing, Changxindian the rural West and the adjacent North and the Lugou Bridge and Wanping City phase grounding.Area of 13.81 square km and the resident population 2266, the total number 973.North heaven jurisdiction, Zhuang Yong of old Zhuang Zi and three administrative villages.November 14, 2002, the municipal government (Beijing, the designated [2002] 401) document approved, the old Zhuang Zi Township into the Wanping City regional office.

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