Haibei in Qinghai Province (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewHaibei, located in north-eastern provinces throughout North and adjacent Gansu Province.Geographic coordinates of longitude 98 ° 05'-102 ° 41 ', north latitude and 36 ° 44'-39 ° 05'.And the southeast of Datong city of Xining, Haidong areas of mutual aid, Huang, Huang Yuanxian bordering West Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan arrogant rule in Tianjun County in the adjoining; South and Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture at the Republican counties across the lake ; Gansu Province, northeast China and the Tianzhu, Shandan, folk music, Yongchang, Zhangye, Sunan and other cities and counties adjacent.The state in the West Sea town of Haiyan County, 103 from the provincial capital Xining city 1,000 meters.Things 413 km long, 261 km north-south wide area of 34,700 square kilometres.In 2003 the state a total population of 270,000 people.Hans-based, back, Tibetan, Mongolian, soil and other ethnic minorities.Hui total population of about 1 / 4, the total Tibetan population of about 1 / 5.Autonomous Region People's Government in: Haiyan County town of the West Sea.Zip code: 812200.Code: 632200.Code: 0970.Pinyin: Haibei Zangzu Zizhizhou.Is located in the Qilian Mountains, valleys, the beach.Major rivers have Heihe, asked Qin River.A plateau continental climate, with an average annual temperature of 0.3 ℃, the highest 10.6 ℃, the lowest -11.7 ℃, years-long water 280 mm.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative division2005, Haibei, exempted three counties and one county.Haibei area of 39,354 square kilometres, population 270,000.Haiyan County area of 4,348 square kilometres, population 30,000 people.Zip code 812200.County People's Government in the Delta town.Qilian county area of 15,610 square kilometres, population 50,000 people.Zip code 810400.Babao County People's Government in the town.Gangcha county area of 12,500 square kilometres, population 40,000 people.Zip code 812300.Salix psammophila County People's Government in the town.Gate source Hui Autonomous County of 6,896 square kilometres, population 150,000 people.Zip code 810300.County People's Government in Ho Mun Town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryTo the ancient Qiang.Han Yuan Shi four years (Year 4), Wang Mang in this Haiyan County, the city set up Triangle "west county," exempted Haiyan, Gangcha areas.Wang Mang TAMPERED due to political confusion, Junyi abandoned.Eastern Han Yong-yuan 14 years (AD 102), home rehabilitation, "West County" (see above "-Xining House").Jin and 16 State (AD 265-420), the West set up the inhabitants, the West Qinling Haibei states, the Northern Liang, South cooler rule (see "Gansu Tongzhi on").Sui great cause of five years (AD 609), Yang beat Tuyuhun Fuyun main Dili, and set up the "West County," Fu Junzhi once more to the city, Haiyan, Gangcha remains of jurisdiction (see SUI book).Tang Zhenguan five years (AD 631), set up Michuan County, the jurisdiction door source region.Tang Xianheng 2003 (AD 672), the only legacy Tuyuhun Connaught Training Camps in water-ho, South Gate.Tang Kwong Tak first year (AD 763), the only fan occupied Qinghai, and Haibei, within its domain (see above "on Gansu Tongzhi").Tubo established the Yuan Dynasty, etc. are Xuanwei Si Marshal House, Haibei, the property of their jurisdiction.Hong-2008 (Year 1378), a stable, two-Arui.Haibei two-state jurisdiction in the territory.Ching Tak-ming 2004 (1509 AD), the Mongolian tribes and large special Gushi Khan since the Qinghai, Xinjiang, the reunification of the Mongolian-five series for the 29 flags.The Haibei region of 11 flags, placed in Qinghai Qinchai Minister (in Xining) jurisdiction.At the same time, and build the Chase Manhattan (now the source of the county doors), Baita (now the Chase County Chengguan Town), Wing On (source of the county northwest gate 55 Qianmi Chu) 3 City, sources in this county for the door, "Chase Wei", exempted Yong'an Baita camps and camps, Xining House is governed.Qing Emperor Qianlong 2009 (1744 AD) move-in Baita.Qian-26 years (1761 AD), to Wei for the county government.In 18 years (1929) built in Qinghai Province, Wei has home county sources, the Qilian based governance, the rule established Haiyan (later to set up Haiyan County), by the provincial Crown.1929, is zoned Daban Mountain north of the county set up the door source, the Qilian Mountains region and the origin of the Xining House cents metres, was placed under the door-solid source of the county.1939, a rule established by the Qilian.1943, Haiyan County building.Gangcha director for the Portland area.1949 Haibei liberation, the establishment of Wei county government sources, from 1950 to 1952 the establishment of Haiyan County, Gangcha Administrative Commission, the Qilian autonomous regions.December 31, 1953 the establishment of Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Region, sources jurisdiction Wei Hui autonomous regions (in the town of Wei-ho), Qilian County (formerly the Qilian to set up autonomous regions, in Babao Temple), Gangcha county (district to set up the original Gangcha , In Liuhe sand), Haiyan County (formerly Haiyan County, Tibetan Autonomous Region for the restoration of the county, the Triangle City), the autonomous regional People's Government in the county Hao Wei Wei source of the town.1955, the Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Region to set up Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Wei Hui Autonomous Region to a source Wei source Hui Autonomous County.July 1993 Haiyan County resident moved to the West Sea town.January 11, 1995 the State Council approved (the letter [1995] 2) Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture People's Government agreed that the resident from Ho Mun Yuen Hui Autonomous County Town moved to February 21 Haiyan County, the original plant base (that is, the West Sea town).In 1999 the state exempted four counties (source door, Qilian, Gangcha, Haiyan County), three (Toledo pastures, farms in Qinghai Lake, with the Po ranch), 34 townships (of which, animal husbandry Township 19, The town government 3).In 1999 the state a total population of 259,400, of which agricultural population 198,200 people.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Haibei, the total population 258,922 people.Of which: source doors County 141,426 people, 45,394 people in Qilian County, Haiyan County, 32,879 people, Gangcha County, 39,223 people.March 5, 2001 Qinghai Provincial People's Government Green G letter [2001], approved on the 15th: ① multi-long revocation of Qilian county, Moeller 2 townships, and the establishment of a joint town Moeller; revocation Mindanao Baoxiang, the establishment of Mindanao advancement.② remove the door source Dongchuan County, the rural grams of Figure 2, the establishment of a joint East Chuanzhen; revocation drought Taiwan, Taiwan 2 Quangou Township, and named for the establishment of a joint-chuen Town (town resident in the original dry Taiwan Township); revoke the Beach Rural, Qingshi mouth into the town.③ revocation Haiyan County, Silver Beach Township, established and named for the Triangle town (the town government resident in the Silver Beach Township).④ revocation Gangcha County, Sha Liu he Xiang, the establishment of Salix psammophila town.The end of 2001, the state exempted 10 towns and 18 townships, three nationality townships, six neighborhood committees and 206 village (grazing) Authority.July 2004, Gangcha County Zoning Adjustment: revocation of Hall covered townships, and the establishment of the town of hot water.August 2006, Haibei state: the total number of townships from 32 (11 rural town 21) adjusted to 30 (11 rural town 19).Haiyan County: revocation of Gan Zi he Xiang, Toledo Mongolian townships, and the establishment of a joint Mongolian-township (village government Gan Zi he Xiang resident in the original).Qilian County: Ke-Ke, the rural withdrawal, into the bison Gou Xiang.Gangcha County: hot water covered the town changed its name to Town Hall.

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