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Overview Zip code: 841000 code: 652800 code: 0996 Pinyin: Bayinguoleng Mengguzu ZizhizhouBayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture (Bazhou) in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, south-east, east longitude 82 ° 38'-93 ° 45 ', north latitude and 35 ° 38'-43 ° 36'.East Gansu, Qinghai; rely upon the Kunlun Mountains and Southern Tibet phase grounding; West even Hotan, Aksu region; Tianshan Mountains to the north for the sector and the Ili, Tacheng and Changji and Urumqi, Turpan, Hami and other places, state and municipal connected.East and West and North-South maximum length of 800 km.Total area of 472,472 square km and is China's largest autonomous prefecture (prefecture-level administrative region).Total population of 1.15 million (2004).Autonomous Region People's Government in Korla City Bayindulan Road.Bazhou landscape belong to the Tianshan Mountains, the eastern part of the Tarim Basin and the Kunlun Mountains, Aerjinshan three landscapes, basic pattern of a "U" shape.Mountains account for about a total area of the state's 49 percent; Plain about 51 percent.Is a typical continental climate.Administrative divisionBazhou exempted a county-level cities, seven counties and one county: Korla City, Luntai County, Yuli County, Ruoqiang county, Qiemo County, Yanqi County, Hejing County, Hoxud County, Bo Huxian .There are the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps agricultural division headquarters and two divisions of 16 owned corporation and the Tarim oil field exploration and development headquarters and other central units in the state.Bazhou area of 472,472 square kilometres, population 1.15 million (2004).Korla City area of 7,219 square kilometres, population 420,000 people.Zip code 841000.Luntai County area of 14,185 square km and population 100,000 people.Zip code 841600.County People's Government in the round of Taiwan town.Yuli County area of 59,402 square km and population 110,000 people.Zip code 841500.Yuli County People's Government in the town.Ruoqiang county area of 199,222 square kilometres, population 30,000 people.Zip code 841800.Ruoqiang County People's Government in the town.Qiemo county area of 138,680 square kilometres, population 60,000 people.Zip code 841900.Qiemo County People's Government in the town.Hejing County area of 34,984 square km and population 180,000 people.Zip code 841300.Hejing County People's Government in the town.Hoxud County area of 12,754 square kilometres, population 70,000 people.Zip code 841200.County People's Government in the special I Rick town.Bo Huxian area of 3597 square kilometres, population 60,000 people.Zip code 841400.County People's Government in Bo Town.Yanqi Hui Autonomous County area of 2429 square kilometres, population 120,000 people.Zip code 841100.Yanqi County People's Government in the town.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2006)", the population at the end of 2004.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------History"Bayingolin" in Mongolian, which means "the beautiful and fertile valley."Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Habitat domain as early as the early Western Han Dynasty, the Western Regions 36 countries have Ruoqiang, Qiemo, Xiaowan, Shan State, the Ukrainian base, Luntou, drainage plow, Yanqi, such as danger to be 11 "city" and " To "separation.BC 60, the Ukrainian base in the Western Han Dynasty (now the Autonomous Region in Luntai County) located Protectorate of the Western Regions.2003 Eastern Han Yong-yuan (AD 91) at the Eastern Han dynasty in the history Changle home Loulan the Western Regions to the EC.Sui and Tang Dynasty established the Western Regions, XiaoWei, Yanqi Dudu Fu and drainage plow Dudu Fu.Tang Zhenguan 22 years (AD 648) for TANG home are Yanqi House.Five Dynasties Zhisong, a West Uighur.When the yuan is not lost to Pali Book province.Qing Emperor Qianlong 24 years (1759 AD), the Qing Dynasty set up Kala acting Minister Scharping, which Yanqi and Korla, Bu Guer Burke implement the system."Silk Road" South of the wall card (Ji Jin, Qiemo County), Kakelike (now in Ruoqiang county) under the jurisdiction of the Minister Tian act.Qianlong 36 years (1771 AD), and large Temeng Tuerhute and the reunification of the motherland, Una Joensuu-old UNITA grams map of the South Tuerhute 40 54 hematoxylin and the Palestinian flag color map Le plans UNITA and the three flag-seok special Road nomadic in a total of 11 HE-Le Andean all, the implementation of Zhasa exercise restraint and act in the Kala Minister Scharping and exemptions, Ili General restraint.Guangxu 2008 (1884 AD), built in Xinjiang province, located Kala Scharping Zhili Office, was promoted to Yanqi House Guangxu 25 years, has jurisdiction new level (now Yuli), Ruoqiang, Taiwan's third round of the county.In a period Yanqi Road, Yanqi SAR.April 12, 1950 the establishment of the Yanqi agency.June 23, 1954 revocation of the Yanqi agency, is divided into Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture (exempted Yanqi, and static, and three large counties) and Korla agency (exempted Korla, round of Taiwan, Wei Li, Ruoqiang, Qiemo County, 5 ).December 1960, Korla agency into the Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture and Yanqi move the state from Korla.April 1970 set Bohu County.October 1979 establishment of Korla City.1983 will be incorporated into the county Korla Korla City, formed the present eight counties and one city pattern.(Excerpt from the website above)In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: Bazhou total population of 1056970 people.Of which: Korla City, 381,943 people, 91,986 people Luntai County, Yuli County 103,681 people, 28,636 people Ruoqiang county, Qiemo County, 55,540 people, Yanqi County, 117,529 people, Hejing County, 161,157 people, 62,970 people Hoxud County, Bo Lake County, 53,528 people.The deadline for the end of 2001, the state a total of 85 townships.64 of them rural, the town 21, five neighborhood offices, Qu Gongsuo 3.2001 did not, the state for the total number 332,200, a total population of 1062500 people.Of which: Corps population of 212,300, accounting for 19 per cent of the total population; agricultural population of 641,900 people, of the total population of 60.41 percent, non-agricultural population of 420,600, accounting for 39.59 percent of the total population.Bazhou has 41 nationalities and ethnic minority population of 450,000, accounting for 44.69 percent of the total population, the population of more than a million people of Mongolia, Uygur, Han, Hui, and other four people, the Mongolian population of 44,800 people, of the total population Of 4.46 percent, accounting for 9.98 percent of the population of ethnic minorities; Uighur population of 343,000, accounting for 34.25 percent of the total population, accounting for 76.63 percent minority population; Muslim population of 54,000, accounting for 5.38 percent of the total population, accounting for minority 12.05 percent of the population of other ethnic minority population of 05,900 people (37 people), of the total population of 0.59 percent, or 1.33 percent minority population.Of which 1,000 officers below the more than 100 people for ethnic Kazak, Kirgiz people, Xibe, Russian, Manchu, Dongxiang, Zhuang, Tibetan, Yao, Miao, Turkish, and other 12 ethnic Tujia.

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