Baoshan District, Shanghai (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewBaoshan District in northern Shanghai, by land and islands formed.Bin land northeast of Yangtze River, east of Huangpu River, South and Yangpu, Hongkou, Zhabei, Putuo District 4 adjacent to the West along with the Jiading District, northwest and at the junction of Taicang City of Jiangsu, was running through the central part of Hamamatsu region will be divided into two north-south; Changxing, Since the two Hengsha Island west East, Hengwo the Yangtze River estuary in the South Branch waterway, things throughout the 56.15 km long, north-south width of 23.08 km and a total area of 415 square kilometres.Total population of 850,000 people (2003).(Powered note: Here are adjusted before the 2005 zoning information. 2005, Changxing Township, Hengsha Township was placed under the jurisdiction of Chongming County.)District People's Government in the dense mountain on the 5th, Zip code: 201900.Administrative division code: 310113.Code: 021.Pinyin: Baoshan Qu.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, Baoshan District exempted five streets, nine towns and 251 neighborhood committees and 116 village committees: the waterfront village streets, Wusong town streets, Tonghe village streets, friendship Road streets, Si Tong Village street, the temple town line, Luo Dian Zhen, the town, Gu villages and towns, the town Luo Jing, Yang Bank town of Town, Song Nan town, high throughout the town.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryBaoshan, the mountain gets its name.1412 (10 years that LO), in the waterfront, have used artificial soil stack built into a mountain, used as navigational signs, the Yangtze River estuary to access the navigation of vessels, the Yongle emperor called for its Baoshan.The mountain in 1582 (the Wanli 10 years) did not collapse in the sea, but the name still used so far.Baoshan, the origin of Jiangsu Province, 1742 (2002-Yongzheng) from the separation of Jiading County, for construction of Baoshan County.Jian County, East County, north to the Yangtze River, the South has Zhabei days Head Road, west of the junction of Jiading sector Jing, Yang Jing, the South East to the east of the Huangpu River area Takahashi,真如to the southwest region, 38 kilometers long things, 41.5 km north-south wide area of 419 square kilometres.1928 (in 17), Zhabei, Jiangwan, Yin line, Wusong, Pengpu,真如, Gaoqiao Township, and other seven city was placed under special city of Shanghai, half of shrinking habitats domain.1937 (in 26) after the War of Resistance Against Japan, was placed under throughout Shanghai, Wen was Hamamatsu for the area north of Baoshan District, Hamamatsu South belong to the city centre (Bay) and North Shanghai, Pudong Changxing to the North .After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, with the exception of the field classified as Shanghai, the other formed by the pre-war, returned to Jiangsu Province, an area of about 200 square kilometres.After the liberation, the beginning of the Surinamese Administrative Region, after Li Jiangsu Province.1958 throughout the territory was placed under Shanghai, the same year Hengsha Island and the northern areas into and throughout the east domain extending southward to the eastern edge Hengsha Island east coast, Kwong Road to the southern margin, Dalian Road and follow Matang line, Jiangwan before the draw, Yin line, and the market returned to Wusong Baoshan, to expand the area of 443.64 square kilometres.1960 draw Wusong and the town of Hama Yun south of the Yangtze River was set up on both sides of Wusong Road, 1964 Wusong areas into Yangpu District.After 1980 because of the needs of Baosteel, Baoshan Iron and Steel in Shanghai Municipal People's Government on the basis of regional offices, the re-establishment of Wusong area of Baoshan district offices will be under the jurisdiction of the regional and Baoshan County Chengxiang Zhen, as well as Baosteel and Wusong Between the Wusong area of the region was placed under the jurisdiction (that is, and Wusong Chengxiang Zhen, Song Nan, the temple visit, Pu, a part of the Heung Yee Shing bridges).1984 town centre expanded to allow Jiangwan, Wujiaochang the two towns and rural parts of the southern region to the Hongkou, Yangpu and Zhabei, Putuo District, and so on.January 1988, approved by the State Council, the revocation of Baoshan Prefecture and the Wusong area formed, the establishment of Baoshan District.June set up in Baoshan District CPC Committee, in September to complete dismantling construction work.(The above source)November 1989, Baoshan District was placed under Wujiaochang in Yangpu District.September 1992, was placed under Pengpu rural Zhabei District.September 1997, the Jiangwan area of 8.6 square km and the total area of the Hong regional 0.726 square kilometres were classified as Yangpu District, in Zhabei District.2000, Baoshan District exempted five streets, 14 towns and two townships.Total population of 1227978 people, the streets, township population: 33,220 Wusong town streets friendship between the waterfront village streets 71285 Village Road street 87,805 Sitang street 63,944-84836 Tonghe village streets Dianzhen market town of 40,240 large town of 70,386 to 134,321 Yang Town, 78067 Luo Jing Sheng Qiaozhen 27254 Nanzhen town of 27,354 Romanian town of 30,756 to 36,639 Liu Gu Qilian 53,260 villages and towns throughout the town of 43,418 high temple town of 78,398 to the town of 48,790 Songnan Baoshan town of 79,739 rural town of 63,806 Changxing 32,495 Hengsha Rural City Industrial Park, 30667 virtual town of 7904 Avant-garde virtual farm town of 3,392 (according to the fifth census data; units:)2000, removed Luo Dianzhen, Luo Nan Zhen, the establishment of the new Romanian Dianzhen; revocation LAB villages and towns, Liu Zhen, the establishment of new towns and villages LAB; revocation of Town, Sheng Qiaozhen, on the establishment of a new Town; revoked Baoshan town, visit the town of Yang, Yang will set up a new town; revoke the town, the town of Qilian, the establishment of major new town.The end of 2002, the region exempted five streets, nine towns and two townships, and a farm, 248 neighborhood committees and 165 administrative villages.The end of 2003, the region exempted Wusong Town, the waterfront village, Si Tang Village, Friendship Road, Tonghe village, and so on five streets, on Pu, Luodian, big market, Yang trip, Luo Jing, Gu Village, high-Habitat, the temple visit , Song Nan, and other nine towns, Changxing and Hengsha two Rural Industry Company and the avant-garde.There are 226 neighborhood committees (including a few scattered towns and townships), 164 village committees, groups of villagers 1541.Another source: the end of 2003, Baoshan District exempted five streets, nine towns and two townships, and 226 neighborhood committees and 165 village committees, the population of 854,300 people.Area of 415.27 square kilometres.June 30, 2004, Baoshan District exempted five streets, nine towns and two townships, and 225 neighborhood committees and 165 village committees.September 30, 2004, Baoshan District exempted five streets, nine towns and two townships, and 233 neighborhood committees and 165 village committees.2004, Baoshan Industrial Park (Luo Jing town) zoning and management of the implementation of the structural adjustment programme: After adjusting the Baoshan Industrial Park, Luo Jing town administrative divisions: Luo Jing all of the town, Luodian, on Town Planning in the Baoshan industrial park area Part of that is from the South-Tai Road, west to the junction of Jiading, along the East River Road to the north Wen Jing and Luo Pu on the junction, north to the junction of Jiangsu Province, a total area of 47.68 square kilometres.After the adjustment, Baoshan Industrial Park Party Committee, Luo Jing Town Party Committee, the CMC Baoshan Industrial Park, Luo Jing implementation of cross-town government leadership office, the administration of the institutions implementing合署办公.May 18, 2005, the State Council for approval (of the letter [2005] No. 40) Baoshan District of Changxing Township, Hengsha Township was placed under the jurisdiction of Chongming County.After the adjustment, the region exempted five streets, nine towns.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Street (town) Profile (based on "Baoshan District government website," and so on finishing, data up to 2002.)Wusong town streets: in areas throughout south-east.East of Huangpu River, west to North Sitang River, Yun was a Hamamatsu South Sitang to a steel plant on the River special railway line and adjacent to the town of Songnan, South Road extension from the Yangtze River to the East China Sea shipyard south wall, Taihe Road to the north.Total area of 3.31 square kilometres.Neighborhood offices located in Song Bin Lu 385, area in a new song, Song West, abundance, Wusong three Village, Taoyuan Village, the capital of the East Village, long march Village, an eight cotton spinning, the cotton spinning 8, Li and Wu Song Metro 11 neighborhood committees and 560 residents group.The end of 2004, has 9,364 permanent residents, or 25,291 people, 6,800 people floating population.Friendship Village Road waterfront streets street: the District Baoshan District, the district House seat, south City Road, east of Yangtze River, west Sitang River, North River plant to Baosteel for a total area of 10.45 square kilometres.Friendship Road in the neighborhood offices on the 12th, Lane 197, the area has a Po Lam Tsuen, the Po Lam Estate, Po Lam Tsuen 3, 4 Po Lam Estate, Po Lam five Village, Po Lam Tsuen 6, 7 Po Lam Estate, Po Lam Tsuen 8, 9 Po Lam Tsuen, Baoshan Iron and Steel A village, the village of Baoshan Iron and Steel, Baoshan Iron and Steel three villages, four villages Baoshan Iron and Steel, Baoshan Iron and Steel five villages, the village of Baoshan six, seven village of Baoshan Iron and Steel, Baoshan Iron and Steel 8.30 village, the village of Baoshan 9, 10 village of Baoshan Iron and Steel, Baoshan Iron and Steel 11 Village, a village of Baoshan, the village of Baoshan, Baoshan three Village, Baoshan five villages, the village of Baoshan 7, 8 Baoshan Village, the village of Baoshan 9, 10 Baoshan Village, Po San Tsuen City, Riverside Village, Riverside Park, two of Mountain Village, Huaneng City Garden and Magnolia Garden, 34 neighborhood committees and village a Fort villagers committees, the household registration population 97,254, the resident population of 117,000 people, the foreign population 12,300, the household registration number 37212.Sitang Village street: in the southwestern region, the East River from the West Sitang and Song Nan town adjacent to the West hot-Fai Road and Tonghe village bordering the street, the south Jijiang Road and the junction town of high-Habitat, to the north and Yun was Hamamatsu Yang trip across town, a total area of 2.44 square kilometres.Sitang street office in the village, 59, exempted Hulin, Sitang, Newbridge, the Tiger II, rejuvenation, Sitang three villages, four villages Sitang the first, third, Sitang WUCUN first, second, Sitang six villages, Sitang seven villages, Sitang 8 Village, a village Huma second, third, Fu-ho, Chang-hsin, such as 17 neighborhood committees, 1,348 residents group.The end of 2002 there are 24,419 permanent residents, the total population of 56,222 people, the population density of 23,041 people / square km and included in the management of the floating population 15,515 people.Tonghe village streets: the Shanghai Baoshan District in the southwest, east Aihui Road, west Gonghexinlu, January 28 south of the town throughout the high road and the junction of the north to the Yun was Hamamatsu, located in the urban-rural intersections, Total area of 2.75 square kilometres.Neighborhood offices located in the Yangtze River Road West, 1568, Community Service Center in Huma Road No. 800, the area has Tonghe village Ju Wei, the Tonghe village Ju Wei, a village three Tonghe Ju Wei, the Ju Wei, Tonghe Four village Ju Wei, the Ju Wei, a village six Tonghe Ju Wei, the Ju Wei, a village Tonghe 7 Ju Wei, the Ju Wei, a village eight Tonghe Ju Wei, the Ju Wei, the three Ju Wei, 9 Tonghe village Ju Wei, a village Huma two Ju Wei, the Ju Wei, a village three Huma Ju Wei, the Ju Wei, the three Ju Wei, 40 Ju Wei, 40 village Ju Wei and Huma Huma WUCUN Juwei A total of 23 neighborhood committees.To the end of 2002, area resident population 84,833, the household registration population 74,444, included in the management of the floating population of 7,922 people.High throughout the town: Baoshan District in the south, and Hongkou, Zhabei and Yangpu District adjacent, and Pengpu, the temple visit, Song Nan three towns phase grounding.High throughout the town is built by indigenous Jiang Wanxiang dismantling rural town in August 1994 after the establishment of the town area of 7.1 square kilometres domain, the town population of 49,100 permanent residence, mobile population of nearly 20,000 people, three villagers committees , Six village Co., 19 neighborhood committees.Temple Bank town: in areas throughout the south, 8 kilometers away from Shanghai Xinke Zhan, from the Baoshan District 14 km.East and Tonghe linked to the streets, South and Zhabei District Pengpu streets phase grounding, the West and the neighboring town, visit the North and Yang, Gu towns across the village area of 7.14 square kilometres, the town government in Gonghuoxinlu , A total of Kang junctions.Exempted wild Bridge, Culture and Sport, and the North Field three villages, the village formed revocation of the Rising Star Industrial Company, Chun Lee Corporation, Po Group Ltd. and three asset management companies, real estate development, a total of Culture and Sport Economic Area companies such as Kang and a total of 2 Village, a total of five Kang village, a total of abode in Hong six villages, Erju, a total of abode in Hong seven villages, a total of abode in Hong eight villages, a total of Kang apartments, homes and other standing eight neighborhood.The end of 2002, permanent residents of the town of urban and rural population (the temple to the police station jurisdiction of the population) 195,456 people, there is a population of nearly 40,000 people.Song Nan town: in areas throughout the south.East along the Huangpu Jiangan to Zhabei Power Plant, and the Yangpu District received; west to the West Sitang River, and adjacent streets Sitang Village; south Jiangwan Airport, adjacent to the town with high-Habitat; North Yun was a Hamamatsu, and Yang Bank town of Wusong across the street.The town a total area of 13.65 square kilometres, of which run enterprises accounted for about 70 percent of the total area of the town planning area can be 4.25 square kilometres.Song Nan is a relocation of the population into the main emerging regions, the existing 16 neighborhood committees and two preparatory neighborhood committees, to the end of 2002, a total of 26,329 residents, permanent population of about 80,000 people.On Town: east of Yangtze River, north Luo Jing, Yang and the southern border line, adjacent to the West and Luodian.On Town is the former Sheng Qiaozhen, on Town in November 2000 after the merge the newly formed town.The country's largest modern iron and steel enterprises in Shanghai Baosteel Group Corporation is located in Pudong on the Department.The town a total area of 53.69 square kilometres, of which 23 square kilometres of Baosteel.The town government in Romania on Road 200.Urban area of 4 square km and population of 68,000 permanent residence around the floating population 40,000, for a total of nearly 11 million, of which agricultural population of 14,000.Exempted 15 administrative villages, 113 groups of villagers, 21 neighborhood committees.Luo Dianzhen: in the northern suburb of Shanghai, Baoshan District, is the gateway to the Northwest, with 700 years of history, the East by Baoshan Iron and Steel, Baoshan Shidongkou power plant and port, west Jiading District, north Taicang City of Jiangsu Province.Town area of 49.65 square km and a population of 50,000 people, administered 25 administrative villages, a fishing group, five neighborhood committees.The town: in Baoshan District, south-west, east Zhabei District, Jiading District, west, south of the Putuo District, to the north Yun-bath Hamamatsu, a total area of 33.5 square kilometres.The town government in 1858, Hu Tai Road, the area has 11 village committees, 46 neighborhood committees (including nine construction Ju Wei).The end of 2002 a total of 56,022 permanent residents, or 135,086 people.Yang Bank town: Habitat in Baoshan District in Central, East River to Sitang for community and friendship between the neighboring streets Road, West and the village of Gu, Luodian towns bordering the south was Hamamatsu and Song Nan Yun, the temple across town to the north On connected with the Town.A total area of 37.91 square km and a population of 103,867 people, including household registration population of 36,102 people (with the fifth population data).The town government in Yang Xin Road 2, administered West Street, East Street, Spark, West Hamamatsu, Qian Wan, rhubarb, Mae Pu and Yang North, the North in the Soviet Union, and Gui-wood, a Story, Story 2, Chen Lane, the three statins ditch, eight-character bridge, Yang Dong, Sitang, such as 18 village committees, 146 groups of villagers and Yang One Village One Habitat, a village Erju, a village of Habitat II, the village Erju, a village three Habitat, Po Kai a Habitat, a Habitat days Xin, Yang Po Road 2021, Lane, Fu Jin Yuan, the Story of a Habitat neighborhood committees, such as 10.Yang trip, the Song Nanqian pm (1127) have a Jiao Yang Hou (ancient word, sound, "thick") people to settle down in this business, "with great concentration on business, no pseudo-Seiichi, to a total of the letter, gathered into the city "And the name, Xikao Sa Po River, also known as Pak Sha after the town.November 2000, according to the Shanghai House [2000], No. 83 ( "Shanghai Municipal People's Government agreed on the Baoshan Quzhen, street administrative divisions approved the adjustment programmes") spirit, the revocation of the original town of Baoshan, the Bank town of Yang, a Yang to the new town.Luo Jing town: located in Baoshan, Jiading and the integration of the Department of Taicang, Jiangsu, east of gold at the Yangtze River, west Jiading District, south of Town, north Jiangsu Taicang Liuhe mouth.30 km from Shanghai, from the Hongqiao International Airport 40 kilometers.The town a total area of 28.33 square km and the total population of 31,042, of which the urban population 5184, the rural population 16,758, floating population of 10,100 people.Xianei 17 Village, a small residential area.LAB villages and towns: the former Bank town of Liu and Gu merger of villages and towns in central and western Baoshan District, east to the town of Yang, South Bin big town, west the town of Lu-Jiading District, north-Dianzhen, a total area of the town 41.66 square km and the total population of nearly 100,000 people.The existing 12 neighborhood committees and 20 administrative villages: Shing House, Hu Chuang, Poplar, Zhu Lane, Yang wooden bridge, Qiang home, Mrs. Yang, long Hamamatsu, the stars, Gu village, mainland China, Wang Zhai, Shen Yang, Chen line, Kwong Fuk, justice, Shen House, in the Wang, Yi Xiang, the elderly, there are 232 production team (groups of villagers).Baoshan District in 2004 administrative division List: exempted five streets, nine towns and two townships.Wusong streets in the town, 385-song Binlu, Zip code 200940.Jurisdiction: abundance, the new song, the capital of the East, Li Jinyuan, a spinning, the spinning, Taoyuan, Song West, the long march, Wusong three village 10 neighborhood committees.Riviera Village streets Tongji slip in No. 65, Zip code 200940.Jurisdiction: Beach Village, a waterfront of the village, the waterfront of the village, three waterfront village, waterfront village of four, eight waterfront village, animal husbandry Danjiang Road, West Zhu Village, the three barracks, Yung-Ching San Tsuen, Yongqing the village, the village's two, the village's 13 A neighborhood committee.Friendship Road, Friendship Road in the streets on the 12th, Lane 197, Zip code 201900.Jurisdiction: a village of Baoshan Iron and Steel, Baosteel of the village, the village of Baoshan three, four village Baosteel, Baoshan Iron and Steel five villages, the village of Baoshan six, seven village of Baoshan Iron and Steel, Baoshan Iron and Steel 8.30 village, the village of Baoshan 9, 10 village of Baoshan, Baosteel 11 Village, Po Lam village, the Po Lam Estate, Po Lam Tsuen 3, 4 Po Lam Estate, Po Lam five Village, Po Lam Tsuen 6, 7 Po Lam Estate, Po Lam Tsuen 8, 9 Po Lam Estate, two of Mountain Village, Riverside Village, Linjiang Park, Po Town Village, a village of Baoshan, the village of Baoshan, Baoshan three Village, Baoshan five villages, the village of Baoshan 8, 9 village of Baoshan, 10 Baoshan Village, Baoshan seven villages, Huaneng City Garden, Magnolia Gardens 34 Juwei; Fort Village.Sitang Village streets in the village of Si Tang, 59, Zip code 200431.Jurisdiction: Hulin, Newbridge, Sitang, Hulin 2, Sitang three villages, four Sitang a village, the village three Sitang 40, Sitang five village, Sitang WUCUN 2, Sitang six villages, Sitang 7 Village, Sitang 8 Village, a village of Huma, a village three Huma, Fu-ho, Sitang seven three villages, the revitalization of 17 neighborhood committees.Tonghe village streets in the Yangtze River Road West, 1568, Zip code 200431.Jurisdiction: Tonghe village, the Tonghe village, a village three Tonghe, the Tonghe three villages, four Tonghe village, the village of Tonghe 4, 6 Tonghe village, the village six Tonghe, a village seven Tonghe , A village eight Tonghe, Tonghe village of eight, eight village three Tonghe, a village Huma Second, the village of Huma, a village three Huma, Huma village of the three, three village Huma three, four Huma three villages, Hu Ma four villages, Huma five villages, the village of Tonghe 7, 9 Tonghe village of 22 neighborhood committees.Luo Dianzhen the long road Hutai Hamamatsu Street No. 37, Zip code 201908.Jurisdiction: Tong East and Sunningdale, Zhendong, Newbridge, South 5 Juwei; Luo Xi, Mao-up, bright and balances, Venus, the Quartet, the South East Lane, beam in the bridge, meaning goods, Wang, Cai Family Lane , Prosperity, the North, Zhang, strong, pick up, Zhu Shop, West Shanian, vision, South weeks, the 21 villages; fishing group.)Largest town in 1858, Hu Tai Road, Zip code 200436.Jurisdiction: Dahua One Village One, a village of Dahua, a village three Dahua, a village 40 Dahua, a village five Dahua, a village of Dahua, the village of Tai Wah, Dahua the three villages, the village Dahua Fourth, the village of Tai Wah, Dahua Village 2 7, Dahua Village, three four, three Dahua Village 7, Dahua Village, a four, Qian River Village 1, Qian River Village II, Qian River Village 40, Qian River Village 6, Strand , West Street, the building, combination, Qilian One Village One, a village two Qilian, the Qilian a village, the village of Qilian, the Qilian three villages, four Qilian Village, a village seven Dahua, Dahua Village 2 8 , A village three Dahua, Dahua Village, two three, Dahua Village 3 3 3 Dahua Village 5, 6 Dahua three villages, four villages four Dahua, Qian River Village 5 37 Juwei; Xinhua, the East, Field South, East Red, in the field, the West, South, red, Feng Village, bumper harvests, Fung Ming 11 villages.Yang Yang road trip in the town of 386, Zip code 201901.Jurisdiction: Yang One Village One, a village of Yang, Yang a second village, the village of Yang, Yang Village, a three, days Qing Garden, Po Yang Road 2021, Lane, a garden-Kai, Fu Jin Yuan, Story, Po-Kai apartments, 12-Yang Ju Wei; Strand, a West Village, rhubarb, Qian Wan, Dr North, and the Soviet Union, and in North, West Street, west of the village, West Hamamatsu, Spark, Mae Pu, Gui-wood, Chen Lane, the character Bridge, the three statins ditch, Yang Dong, Sitang 18 villages.Town on the road, Romania 200, Zip code 200941.Jurisdiction: Pu on the village, the village of Pu three, four, Pu village, on Pu five villages, the village of Pu 7, 8, Pu village, the village of Pu 9, 10, Pu Village, a village a music industry, and enjoy a village Second, the music industry of the village, and enjoy the four villages, and enjoy five village, the music industry WUCUN II, a Qing'an Village, the Qing'an Village, Ma Jing San Tsuen, a village of Shing Bridge, the bridge Sheng Village, Tsuen Shing Bridge 3, Sheng bridge four village 21 Juwei; Meiyuan, of the Jinghe, Maunsell, Qin Feng, Changchun, Shenyang, Lane, the Village Vanguard, friendship, and on the lion, Shen Bridge, the Pan money, land and sea, Super Star, source-bridge, Xinfeng Village, 15.Luo Jing Chen Bank Street in the town on the 25th, China 200949.Jurisdiction: a town-Ju Wei Jing; starfish, Pan Bridge, built a new land, Chuansha, Third Bridge, Hezhong, Xiao Jing, Gao Chun Shu and Chen line, bonuses, decorated archway, Xinmiao, Tang Wan, Yang Bridge, the Red Sea, Baofeng, liberation, the Royal House, peace, people 21 villages.LAB villages and towns in the South radio on the 11th, Zip code 201907.Jurisdiction: a Taihe Metro, Metro Taihe 2, Taihe Metro 3, Jing Di Garden, Datang Garden, Gu Village, Tianji Shing House Garden, Ju-chuen, a total of four rich village, a total of a rich village, a total of 2-Village, a total of Fu Village 40 12 Juwei; LAB Village, Qiang, and Shing House, Zhu Lane, the stars, Poplar, Mrs. Yang, Hu Zhuang, Yang wooden bridge, long Hamamatsu, the old, Shen House, mainland China, Shen Yang, Yi Cheung, in the Wang, justice, Kwong Fuk, Wang Zhai, Chen visit 20 villages.High throughout the town in high-Yin Road No. 111, Zip code 200434.Exemptions: One Village One-Hsien, a village two-Hsien, a village three-Hsien, a village five-Hsien, a village two-Hsien, two-Hsien Village II, III Hsien two villages, the village five-Hsien, a village three-Hsien, a high-Habitat Tsuen, a village two high-Habitat, a high-Habitat II village, the village republic on January 2, the Republican three villages, the Republican eight villages, 10 villages Republican, the Republican village 11 17 Juwei high Habitat, Ma, Yang Jiang's three villages.Gonghuxinlu visit the temple town in 4730, Zip code 200435.Jurisdiction: the village of Kang, a total of five Kang Village, a village a total of six Kang, a total of six village of Kang, a total of seven Kang village, a village a total of eight Kang, a total of Kang apartments, homes standing eight Juwei; Kang, and wild Bridge, the North Field, Zhouxiang four villages.Song Nan Song Nan Road in the town of No. 500, Zip code 200441.Jurisdiction: Song Nan village, a village three Songnan, a village 40 Songnan, Songnan five village, Song Nan WUCUN II, a village seven Songnan, South Village, 8, 9 Songnan a village, the village of Songnan 9, 10 Songnan Village, Changjiang Road First, the Yangtze River Road 4, China Hamamatsu, Zhanghuabang, Hamamatsu, the village 15 Juwei;-line village.Changxing in the rural town of Phoenix, Zip code 201913.Jurisdiction: starfish, the new, He Xin, Ding Feng, Yuejin, Tai Hing, agricultural construction, round East, Care, Qingfeng, Chang-ming, high-yield, Newport, advanced and Beixing, Red Star, unity, Jianxin, sand stone, to HSBC , Glorious, long march, Pan Shi, a 24 villages.Hengsha township in the new Loop 75, Zip code 201914.Jurisdiction: Xinmin Ju Wei, Xing wins, production, fair, the red flag, the East Hamamatsu, the new North, is booming, Fung Lok, the Chinese New Year, Dongxing, the new, Huifeng, New Wing, the China Democratic National Construction Association, the people's livelihood, Wing Fat, enrich the people, Yongsheng , The East China Sea, the stars, Jianghai, the Wing, the East Village Hai Hong 24.Avant-garde farm Baoshan City Industrial Park exemptions: Samsung, two five-star village.

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