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OverviewYiyang City in central Hunan Province in the north, away from the provincial capital Changsha city 78 kilometers.Longitude 110 ° 43'20 "-112 ° 55'48", north latitude and 27 ° 58'38 "-29 ° 31'42".North arrived in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, Loudi City, south, northeast and connected to the city of Yueyang, Changsha City to the southeast, southwest of the Provisional Huaihua City, northwest border with the Changde City.Things most long-distance 217 km, the most wide north-south distance of 173 km.Total area of 12,325 square kilometres.Total population of 4.51 million (2003).Municipal People's Government in Heshan District Taohua Lun, Zip code: 413000.Administrative division code: 430900.Code: 0737.Pinyin: Yiyang Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionAs at December 31, 2005, two Shixia Yiyang City area, three counties, hosted a county-level city, a total of nine city streets, 69 towns and 15 townships, and a nationality townships.Yiyang City area of 12,325 square kilometres, population 4.51 million (2003).Heshan District area of 1280 square kilometres, population 860,000.ZIP code 413002.Ziyang Section area of 572 square kilometres, population 400,000.ZIP code 413000.Yuanjiang City area of 2136 square kilometres, population 740,000.ZIP code 413100.Municipal People's Government in the Qing Hill streets.County area of 1321 square kilometres, population 740,000.ZIP code 413200.County People's Government in the South洲镇.Taojiang County area of 2068 square kilometres, population 820,000.ZIP code 413400.County People's Government in the Peach Blossom Town.An Huaxian area of 4,948 square kilometres, population 950,000.ZIP code 413500.County People's Government in the East坪镇.* Here Quhuadiming information as at December 2005; area and population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)", the population at the end of 2003.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryEastern Zhou Dynasty ago, Habitat for the District of Jingzhou domain; Chu for the Spring and Autumn Period territoriality; for the state of Chu during the Warring States Guizhou County; Tongyiliuguo Qin, a Changsha County in.Western Han Dynasty home Yiyang County, a Changsha.Yiyang County because of a rule in the interests of water (now owned water) named Yang.1940, the adjustment of administrative divisions of Hunan, the Fifth District Chief Inspector of the security commander of the Office of the Commissioner in Yiyang County, this is an area in the building throughout the beginning.August 1949, the establishment of the Office of Yiyang, 1950 to the Chengguan District of Yiyang, was promoted to the county level, the same year in October purchase of Yiyang City.November 1952, Yiyang area withdrawn, the district is zoned Xiangtan county, Shaoyang Changde area.December 1962 restoration of Yiyang area, the Office of Tao Hualun in Yiyang City, September 1964, Huarong Xian and Qianliang Lake in Yueyang area is zoned farm jurisdiction.February 1968, the establishment of the Revolutionary Committee of Yiyang City, in February 1979, removed in "Revolutionary Council", the establishment of Yiyang City Civil Administration.July 1983, was placed under Ningxiang County in Changsha City.1984 Changchun area is zoned to the Yiyang County of Yiyang City.In 1994 the State Council agreed to withdraw Yiyang, and Yiyang County of Yiyang City, the establishment of Yiyang city (prefectural level).Yiyang area, located in Yiyang in 1949 in Yiyang area, the agency in Yiyang County.Exempted Yiyang, Xiangxiang, of the (in Dongping), Hanshou, Ningxiang, Yuanjiang and six counties.1950 Analysis by the home district of Yiyang County of Yiyang City, Yiyang agency in Yiyang City.1 exempted the city, six counties.1952 On the home Taojiang County of Yiyang County, in Taojiang town, from out Xiangxiang County home Shuangfeng Xian, in the company town, from Xiangxiang, On, Shaoyang County, three out home Lantian Xian, in the town of Lam Tin.Lantian Xian soon renamed Lianyuan County.The same year, the revocation of Yiyang area, Yiyang, Yuanjiang, On, Hanshou, Taojiang County was placed under 5 Changde area; Xiangxiang, bimodal, Lianyuan three counties classified as Shaoyang area; Ningxiang County was placed under Xiangtan area .1962-established area of Yiyang, the agency in Yiyang City.Will Changde and Yiyang City area owned Yiyang (in Yiyang City), Huarong, Yuanjiang (in King Town), County, and the (in East坪镇), Taojiang (in Taojiang town) and Xiangtan County 6 Area included in Ningxiang County of Yiyang respective zones.Exempted 1 city, county 7.Huarong Xian in 1964 will be classified as Yueyang area.Yiyang City, an area exempted, six counties.Yiyang area renamed in 1970 in Yiyang, in the areas of Yiyang City.Jurisdiction of Yiyang City and Yiyang (in Yiyang City), County, Yuanjiang (in King Town), Ningxiang, and the (in East坪镇), Taojiang six counties.(Extracted from "The History of the People's Republic of political history as a zone of the music")October 11, 1988, the State Council approved the revocation of Yuanjiang County, the establishment of Yuanjiang City (county level).April 7, 1994, the State Council approved (the letter [1994] 17): (1) sales in Yiyang, and Yiyang County of Yiyang City, the establishment of Yiyang city (prefectural level).Municipal People's Government in the introduction of the new Heshan District Taohua Lun.(2) new Ziyang Section of Yiyang City and Heshan District.Ziyang Section of Yiyang City, the original jurisdiction of the road vehicle, the terminal, the city, flooding streets Ping four offices and Newbridge River, Ying Toyohashi two towns and Changchun, incense shop Lun, Li Hong Kong, Lu Ping-off, Yang Pass five townships, and the town of Yiyang County, the Shatou, Lithospermum officinale Hukou Township, Chang Cypriot Township, the District of Yiyang City People's Government in the original location of the People's Government Pier neighborhood offices.Heshan District of Yiyang City, the original jurisdiction of the Wong Nai lake, Lake Jinhua two townships and Taohua Lun, will Yongsan two neighborhood offices, Yiyang County, the original He Shan, henglongqiao, cangshuipu, oujiangcha, Quanjiaohe, Lanxi, eight-character post, mud Jiangkou, Jul crossing, Schelling the 10 towns and Tika son, Yuejia Bridge, the big-chuen, Fan Jia Miao, Bai Shitang, Huai Ling Qi, Chu Bo Tong, on the lake, licensing mouth , Zhang Tong, Yang Ling Dance, croissants, stalagmites, Beacon Hill, Ning Wu, Lanni Lake, 1000 Chau, Tiancheng embankment, Tang Heung stone bridge 19, the District People's Government in the original location of Yiyang County People's Government He Town.(3) Shixia the Yiyang County in Hengshui, Taojiang County, and the introduction of the new An Huaxian Ziyang Section, Heshan District.The original Yiyang region directly under the provincial Yuanjiang City.In 2000, according to the fifth national census data: the total population of Yiyang City 4309143; Ziyang Section 397767 Heshan District 831,114 County 703,823 Taojiang 775444 An Huaxian County 900,759 in 700,236 Yuanjiang (at that administrative division; units:)

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