Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang (Administrative division) Satellite maps

OverviewLocation Area: total area of 22,483 square kilometres, of which 1,767 square kilometres urban areas.[National] population of 1.5 million total population, the urban population of 510,000.In the city's total population, the Han population accounts for 98.67 percent, the rest of the Manchu, Hui, Korean, Mongolian, Xibe, Hezhe, Zhuang, Miao, Yi, Tujia, She nationality, ethnic Messina, Daur, Ewenki , Oroqen, and other 15 ethnic minority of the population of the city's total population of 1.33%, of which more than 1,000 minority groups Manchu, Hui, Mongolian and Korean.[Terrain] climate in Shuangyashan City, is located in high latitudes, is a cold temperate continental monsoon climate, the long winter, the cold and dry, short summer, warm and wet.[PC] resident Eagle's Nest Municipal People's Government in the area.Zip code: 155100.Administrative division code: 230500.Code: 0469.Pinyin: Shuangyashan Shi.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Administrative divisionExempted four City area (Eagle's Nest, Yeongdong, the Quartet Taiwan, Baoshan), four counties (Jixian, Bao-qing, friendship, and Raohe), 42 towns and townships.There are 12 state-owned farms, 40 state-owned tree farms.Shuangyashan City area of 26,483 square kilometres, population 1.49 million (2003).Eagle's Nest area of 118 square kilometres, population 210,000.ZIP code 155100.Yeongdong area of 908 square kilometres, population 90,000.ZIP code 155120.Quartet Taiwan area 169 square kilometres, population 70,000.ZIP code 155130.Baoshan area of 572 square kilometres, population 130,000.ZIP code 155131.Jixian Xian area of 2860 square kilometres, population 310,000.ZIP code 155900.County People's Government in the town.Friendship county area of 1800 square kilometres, population 120,000.ZIP code 155800.County People's Government in the town of friendship.Baoqing Xian area of 13,443 square km and population 420,000.ZIP code 155600.Bao-qing County People's Government in the town.Rao Hexian area of 6613 square kilometres, population 140,000.ZIP code 155700.County People's Government in Raohe town.* The above size, population data in accordance with "the People's Republic of administrative divisions booklet (2005)"-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------HistoryShuangyashan in the names of the two named after the mountain.This pair of ducks such as the two Yamagata, Gu Ming Shuangyashan.When a rule to take place names.Jixian Xian in 1954 to set up the Shuangyashan in Shuangyashan Mining Area, Songjiang Sheng Territory.Songjiang Province and Heilongjiang Province after the merger, from Heilongjiang Province Territory.1956 Shuangyashan Mining Area to set up Shuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province cities.1958 Shuangyashan City was placed under the leadership of Jiang agency.1966 Shuangyashan City to the provincial Crown.April 15, 1980, the Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government approved the establishment of Shuangyashan City, Eagle's Nest, Yeongdong, Western Ridge, the Quartet Taiwan, Baoshan District.December 5, 1984, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1984] 170) the establishment of friendship between the county and to consolidate the friendship between the original Ji Xianxian County, the county administrative region for the friendship between the administrative regions.County People's Government in the town of friendship.November 6, 1987 approval of the State Council (the letter [1997] 177): (1) of Jiamusi City Jixian Xian was placed under the jurisdiction of Shuangyashan City.(2) Shuangyashan City, Yeongdong, Lingxi two districts merged into the Yeongdong area.February 2, 1991, the State Council for approval (of the letter [1991] 4) to the city of Jiamusi Baoqing Xian, friendship County was placed under Shuangyashan City.July 5, 1993, the State Council approved the Jiamusi City Rao Hexian was placed under the jurisdiction of Shuangyashan City.-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------Urban Area ProfileShuangyashan City, Heilongjiang Province in northeast of the northern part of Wandashan clock Ampang River, the geographical coordinates of longitude 130 ° 54 'to 131 ° 46', latitude 46 ° 20 'to 46 ° 46', and from the southeast to east of the Bao-qing Border, north-east, north to the west and friendship Ji Xianxian County, and attached to the southwest and the Huanan Xian adjacent to the south.Total area of 1,767 square kilometres, of which: the forest area of 1192 square kilometres, accounting for 67.45 percent; waters of 4 square km, accounting for 0.23 percent; arable land area of 291 square kilometres, accounting for 16.47 percent; construction land area of 66 square kilometres , Accounting for 3.74 percent; other land area of 214 square kilometres, accounting for 12.11 percent.[Overview: Eagle's Nest area of 118 square kilometres, population 210,000 (2002).ZIP code 155100.Code 230502.Pinyin: Jianshan Qu.[Division] »The jurisdiction: the road eight road street street hub streets Chevalier streets kiln Ampang street to street铁西TownshipOverview: [Yeongdong area of 908 square kilometres, population 90,000 (2002).ZIP code 155120.Code 230503.Pinyin: Lingdong Qu.[Division] »The jurisdiction: Centre streets Beishan street Nanshan street street Xishan Dongshan Township, Zhongshan street street Chang-shengThe Quartet - the Taiwan Area [Overview of 169 square kilometres, population 70,000 (2002).ZIP code 155130.Code 230505.Pinyin: Sifangtai Qu.[Division] »The jurisdiction: the revitalization of the revitalization of East Road Road street street Jixian Road East-street town streets TaibaoBaoshan District Overview: [572 square km area, population 140,000 (2002).ZIP code 155131.Code 230506.Pinyin: Baoshan Qu.[Division] »The jurisdiction: the red flag streets leap forward in the upper reaches of the street as seven streets street Shuangyang streets to defend the Xin'an Street East street revitalization of the rural town of Seven Star

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